2011-05-23: Mutants In The Streets


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Summary: What starts as a casual run-in turns into lunch.

Date: May 23, 2011

Log Title: Mutants In The Streets

Rating: PG

NYC - Greenwich Village

The lower West Side of Manhattan is known as the Bohemian Greenwich Village or just The Village. Unlike most of Manhattan, the streets here are not in the usual gird that the rest of the island is. Most the streets here are named rather than numbered as well. The buildings here aren't as tall as high rises of Manhattan as they are the 19th century row houses and occasional one-family walk up apartments.

Walking out of a Rickys NYC carrying a bright blue and pink plastic bag is Aiden. He's dressed in his usually style wearing a black kilt with red and black stripped stockings and black boots with pently of buckles and a black button down t-shirt with a red tie. His blue wings are tucked up against his back as he tries his best not to hit people with them. He stops at a cross walk and looks around before deciding to wait for the WALK to appear instead of just chancing it.

Having been at the Institute for just a few days after having arrived from an extended leave of absence, David jumped at the opportunity to take some students out for some volunteer outreach in Mutant Town. Still unnerved at having returned to the school and feeling confused about the happenings in Nigeria, he has decided to make amends. And Mutant Town seems the best place for that. After a morning spent with some of the students at the shelter there, some students wanted to take some out to eat and shop in Greenwich Village. Ever one to oblige he has escorted some of them here and given them a time to meet back up with him by the Village Music store. He then takes the time to go for a small stroll allowing any student to join him. Making his way near the same intersection as Aiden, David, dressed in jeans and a blue sweat shirt, cannot help but notice the gothically trendy man and offers a compliment, "Nice kilt."

Dressed in his usual loose t-shirt and black cargos, the flatcap and sweater jacket left behind since it's a little bit warm today. He's enjoying the town as best he can. Truth be told he still gets a bit overwhelmed here. However, he does recognize Aiden while he's moving and waves towards the winged mutant casually and decides to actually approach him,"Hey." The blonde teen calls out in typical teen fashion, hands thrusting into the pockets of his cargos.

Aiden grins at David and looks down. "Thanks, it's a Utilikilt, they're insanely comfortable." Then he spots Kieran waving and gives a wave back of his own. "Hey, Kieran right? I think you're the only person whose name I've remembered since I got to the city." He's not the greatest with names. "How've you been at the bording school of yours?"

Looking over the entire ensemble, David nods impressed, but looks over his own outfit. While he likes Aiden's outfit, there is no way he could pull it off. "Utilitkilt?" He grins, "I guess it is useful for all occasions." When Kieran appears, David nods to the Xaviers student and smiles, "You two know each other, then. Literally a small world in a big city." David extends his hand out in greeting to Aiden, "I'm David, an assistant at Kieran's school."

"They're kilts but they're not the tartan kilts." Kieran says shrugging a little bit at the reference to Utilikilts,"We met awhile back. I guess since I have a name that's a little different it's easy for folks to remember." He says absently, not really sure why. "It's been interesting. Lots of rather cool people there." He says smiling a bit,"Some folks are really awesome, and some are mediocre to annoying."

Aiden takes David's hand. "I'm Aiden…um..a Freak in Coney Island's Freakshow." He's says uncertain if that's how he should introduce himself but since David gave a title he decides to as well. "No, it's not a traditional kilt. And I remember your name cause I have a brother with the same name so it sticks in the head. That's cool well glad to see that it sounds like you're enjoying it."

Smiling while he shakes Aiden's hand, he quirks his brow at the title of freak. Mulling it over in his head, "Maybe I'll check out the show then. Been ages since I've been to Coney Island." Looking to Kieran, "What do you think? Field trip to the show?" David wonders if Ms. Frost would even allow it then asks Aiden, "What is your act in the show?"

"Maybe as long as it isn't kind of badly done…" Kieran says shifting his weight a little bit as he talks to David, before looking at Aiden,"That's cool. He's got a good name then. It helps when you have a sibling that shares a name with someone when trying to remember the name. Since you can mentally reference them when trying to remember."

Aiden raises a drawn on eyebrow at Kieran. "As long as what isn't badly done?" He's not really sure if he's talking about the show or something else as his green tattoo like markings start to take on a bit of orange. "Yeah but you're older then what I remember my brother looking like so it's an old mental picture." He says with a chuckle. "At the show I do mostly fire dancing, fire breathing and sword swallowing. Sometimes I do escape artist work."

Raising an eyebrow at Kieran's comment about 'being badly done,' David would ask, but Aiden has so he dismisses it and smiles, "Wow. That's pretty impressive." Gleaning Aiden's skillset, David understands that Aiden is quite good at those skills and smiles wider, "Well I will definitely attend the show then. Even if it is by myself. I gotta wonder how someone learns something like that. I would normally be afraid to even attempt to swallow a sword or get near fire unless around someone like yourself."

"Well some freakshows I've heard of are kind of not so nice to watch. There's also a connotation to the word that implies that it is negative and using the people involved." Kieran says shrugging a little bit at the stares. "That sounds pretty cool though!" He says cheerfully,"I think I might actually like to see it. Sounds rather interesting. I don't think I could do fire stuff or sword swallowing." He says laughing a bit.

"It takes a lot of practice and discipline. With sword swallowing I started practicing with hangers and other thinner objects. It helps that my teacher was pretty much a master in the trade. I didn't go to school, I learned other things." Aiden says as he nods at Kieran. "A lot of people think that, it is kind of insulting in some ways but it is also a way for you to accept what you are. I'm not ashamed of being part of a human oddities show or calling myself a freak. Actually it helped a lot with learning to accept the fact that I was a mutant."

"Good point, Kieran. And Aiden that is great that you have taken ownership of the word. While, some may call us freaks, embrace it." David smiles and then sighs, "At the same time, there are some words, I will always abhor and will never understand how some people feel comfortable using them. Not so much mutants owning the word freak, but in other ways." David exhales an looks at his reflection in the mirror an shrugs, "However, to each his own, I suppose."

"Well I think it's because 'freak show' has been used as a nasty term for so long, so it's the first way people think." Kieran says laughing a little bit,"But it's good that you're able to get things the way you want." He says absently rocking a little bit from heel to toe and back,"I don't think I care to use the word freak for myself since it is such a negative mood."

Standing on a corner of the street Aiden, Kieran and David are presently chatting. "The first Freakshow I was in we were all mutants and all of us had some sort of physical mutation for the most part. It's kinda hard to hide what you are when you have a twenty foot wing span." Aiden says with a chuckle. David gets a raised eyebrow as the orange comes back into his tattoos. He picked up on the word 'us'. "You're going to get hateful slurs where ever you are, a few days ago I was jumped for being a mutant." Makeup sure helps hide the brusing on his face now that the swellings gone down.

"Very true. And while my mutancy is far from obvious. My skin color makes me stand out to bigots and racists. At the end of the day, any difference that is not part of the majority will always get hateful slurs. You're right, Aiden. And I am sorry to hear you were attacked. Um, not that you may need it, but the school that Kieran and I are apart of. Should you need any assistance or anything like that, at least I can try to help out. And the rest of the staff are cool too." He then looks to Kieran "Have you eaten yet?" He notes the time, "There is a great place spots up that serves schwarmas. We can all grab something there. The owner is really cool. And the prices are cheap. Great food for inexpensive price." The invitation is also open to Aiden.

"I guess there I'm fairly lucky since people don't know I'm a mutant, but if I go into certain areas then I stand out badly." Kieran says casually, relaxing a little bit,"Course anyone who touches me would probably figure it out pretty fast." He says absently,"Nope. I haven't eaten a thing yet since breakfast." He says casually and considers that,"What's a schwarmas?" He asks curiously.

Dashenka is out walking about on her almost neverending tour of the city. No matter how much she explores, there's always so much more to see. Such a fascinating place. It's during this travel that she sees a bewinged mutant that she's met before, and so without any kind of ado, or awareness of social protocol, she walks up to him and calls out, "Privet , krylatogo cheloveka!"

The tattoo like markings grow even more orange as David mentions a school. "What are you talking about with school? I'm twenty-six years old and I don't really fancy going back to school at this age." He's kind of confused. "I also didn't realize you were a mutant also, or you David. I guess it is kinda a small world in some regards." He says as he doesn't assume anyone is a mutant, actually he assumes most people aren't. He turns as he hears someone calling out in Russian, more out of curiosity then actually thinking someone is calling to him and is surprised when he sees Dashenka. "Hey there!" He calls back knowing he's seen her face somewehre.

"Well that's because I try not to broadcast it too often." Kieran says shrugging a little bit,"Sure. Those sound decent enough." He says pausing a minute. As Dashenka approaches the teen looks up towards the woman's face and blinking slightly as she speaks in a language that he doesn't even have a clue about what it is. "Those of us who are less obvious do manage to avoid the attention of those who hate us."

Dashenka waves a hand at David as he speaks to her in Russian. "Tsk," she says, reverting back to English. "I must remember to practice my English, yes?" Her accent is almost comically thick, more like a charactature of what a Russian would sound like. "I am still learning. It is good to meet you, David and Kieran."

"That sounds really good, I haven't had one before. I tend to eat to many hot dogs and ramen noddles then what's healthy for you." Aiden says. "And thanks for the offer but I got a home in Mutant Town and I'm doing fine there so far. And the other night someone I know helped me out." He then shrugs a shoulder at Kieran and sighs. "Well some of us can't really help to avoid it. Sometimes they're less inclined to act if you just don't give a damn."

Bowing his head to Dashenka, "Nice to meet you as well. And your English sounds ok." David offers a smile to the Russian mutant, "And we were just about to grab some shawarmas. They are Arabic sandwiches." Looking between the other male mutants, "I'm sure we would be blessed with your company if you were to join us."

"Yeah." Kieran says shifting his weight a little bit. "That's good to hear that they were able to help you out." He says shifting his weight a little bit again,"Sometimes having confidence in oneself does make those who are looking to prey on the week take pause since that might mean you're too much for them to be able to handle." He says before glancing towards Dashenka,"Yes, you're more than welcome to join us, and it's a pleasure meeting you."

"Good!" says Dashenka loudly. "I am hungry, and I have not yet had this 'Shzwaaarma.'" She turns to walk in step with the other three when she asks, "So! We are talking about things other than food, yes?"

"Yes we were." Aiden says to Dashenka. "We were talking about me being a mutant." He doesn't tell her that David and Kieran are also mutants, that's up to them. "To each their own Kieran." He says with a grin. "Yeah, Vinny seems like a good guy, I was glad he came around when he did. It would have taken forever for me to work my powers on them to get them to lay off of me. And it's also hard to use your powers when you're practically shitting a brick." He says chuckling.

Chuckling at the shitting a brick comment, David leads the way across the street t Ali Baba's. "This is one of the best kept secrets in the Village. Best Syrian cuisine. There is a fancier spot up there called Mahmoud's also good, but no place to eat and overly crowded. He stops outside the restaurant and holds the door open for his new found friends, "And it's on me, so go ahead and eat up. I can never have just one."

"Yeah…. I don't have to try to use mine… I have to focus on /not/ using them and most humans probably wouldn't like what happened if I did." Kieran says with a weak laugh,"Well let's go so that we can get a bit of food. Not sure about the rest of you but food is generally considered something very very good if you ask me." He says laughing softly.

Dashenka shakes her head sadly at David. "You will… what is word…. regret that. I eat like bear." She nods at Aiden. "I, too, am mutant. It is very surprising how many mutants there are in New York." She laughs lightly, "In Russia I am sure there is more, but we try not to be obvious about it."

Aiden snaps his fingers and points at Dashkena. "That's why you looked familar..but how did I recognize you not in bear form..at least I thought I did." He says making a bit of a 'whoops' face. "Well I'm also an empathy I can feel what people are feeling and I can try to influence what they're feeling." He then looks at David. "There's a great Bistro in Mutant Town for sandwiches and such too. And I'm not biased just because I work there, swear."

Making a playful look of regret, David then smiles "Well, we tend to find each other I guess. At least we are a friendly bunch and not having some big battle." Looking over his friends, "So a winged empath and a bear shifter. My powers are never that cool. I, myself, am a psychomimetic." Once inside, he walks over to the store owner and speaking in perfect Arabic ordering a variety of different shawarmas and other goodies, falafels and kebabs. A young employee leads the other three to a table in the back. "Well, we'll check it out. Kieran and I will be meeting the other students who came on the trip in a few hours. Around dinner time, so I'll check out the bistro. What's it called?" David makes his way to the table.

"Le Bistro Bestial. It's a small place, definately has the Bestial aspect to it but it's really good and the families that run it are really nice." Aiden says as he looks at one of the menus curiously. "And I have no idea what a psycho-metric is. I've been around others with powers most my life but it was the same group of us so I didn't really get to know that many others. Or anyone whoe didn't have a physical mutation for the most part." He then looks to Kieran and nods. "Yes, food is a good thing. I always like trying different things since it's kinda rare for me. Also I'm not a picky eater."

As Dashenka excuses herself to attend to a personal matter, David waves goodbye and then smiles as the food is brought over and he immediately reaches for a lamb shawarma, "A psychomimetic is basically someone who can copy other's skills. So for example, when Dashenka came by I was able to respond to her in Russian, though I am not a Russian speaker. Whenever I am near someone, I am able to know certain things about them and can copy it the same way they do. So your skills with fire and swords, if it is not power-based then I should be able to replicate it." He looks to Kieran, "You're a good soccer player. I can copy that too." He sips some water that the waiter has brought over, "It is useful as a way to instantly know and assess people, but compared to flying or turning into a bear. Not as flashy, I guess."

"That's pretty interesting but I don't know if I'd like that. Cause I odn't know if I'd trust the skill coming from another person rather then what I've worked years on." Aiden says. "And even if you know how to swallow swords and fire breath from me I wouldn't recommend trying it. There's so much safety involved cause even me, I could easily injure myself or worse. Also it took quite a while to work down my gag reflex to the point where I was able to even try a sword." He then looks at DAvid curiously. "So you know certain things about them, is that beside what they can do?"

"Well, yeah I'm not a fan of fire. So I won't be trying that stuff anytime soon." David chuckles as he continues to knosh away on the food before him. "I don't really just copy things that are potentially dangerous unless I need to. Though, I will know a person's skill level, when doing the skill. Kieran here is an average, if that French speaker. So unless another more fluent French speaker walks in, I'll be at his level." He leans back and orders some Turkish coffee for himself and looks around if anyone else wants some, "No, that's pretty much it. I can't read minds or anything like that."

"So can you copy my guitar and piano playing as well?" Kieran asks curiously, tilting his head a bit. He's not sure what the extent David can copy himself. He's not familiar with the teacher assistant's powers, or the assistant himself. "I could shock you or hurl things at you of metal but that's about as useful as my powers get." He says laughing weakly, eyes flickering a little bit as he looks at Aiden and David intently.

Aiden shakes his head at coffee and just sticks with water for the time being. "I don't mind fire but then it's something I use every day. I hate to sound all weird and stuff but it's something that you really have to respect and know how you're using it. I can easily ignite myself from the inside when fire breathing but then I learned from a great man." He starts to eat and nods. "I don't know if you should judge powers based on being useful or not. It's like judging hair colour…wait that can be changed but…I think you get what I'm saying."

"Yes, I can copy your musical abilities." David grins, "And electricity manipulation is a pretty powerful. You are young, but with training, age and experience you will come into your own, Kieran. Aiden is right. We shouldn't judge powers. I have subtle abilities, but they have proven very useful… at times." He gets his coffee and sips, "We make do with what we have. "

"Electromagnetic control." Kieran says nodding his head a bit,"It's useful and dangerous. My powers are more dangerous to others than myself." He says absently,"And in the right circumstances are really useful because a lot of things run on electricity or can be affected by magnets." He adds with a bit of a frown.

Inbetween bites Aiden looks over at Kieran. "Why are you frowning? Do you not like having that ability? Sorry if I'm being overly curious. It just seems like that might be helpful in some situations. There are also a lot of powers that can be harmful to others out there. Anything when used the wrong way can be dangerous, which includes powers."

"It's true, Kieran. Aiden know of what he speaks." David stands up and goes to pay the bill quickly with a nice tip for the waiter and as he returns, "So, Aiden, how long have you been in New York and with the Coney Island Freakshow?" He sits back down and sips on the coffee again, "Damn this is strong."

"Well it would be nice not to have to focus all the time on keep the energy in check." Kieran says shrugging a bit,"I like it and dislike it at the same time." He adds casually, his eyes flickering a little bit for a moment,"It's ok. Imagine not being able to touch someone without wondering if you'll release a burst of electricity that could kill someone."

Aiden nods in understanding to Kieran. "Well when my powers first came about I couldn't stop reading other peoples emotions. Eventually I had to work on so it was something I could turn off and on but it's not the same as holding in energy all the time I guess." He takes a bit to think about David's question. "About seven months I think. For both cases. I'm still learning my way here and it's the longest I've lived in one place in a long time."

"You know there is a specific teacher you should talk to Kieran. Seek her out. She has different powers, but your situation sounds so similar to hers. That I think it would be great to talk to her. And again with training we'll help you out." David consoles the student and then turning to Aiden, "Seven months. Where are you originally from and do you like it here?"

"Well I've had over a year where I've been trying to fix it. Before I couldn't control it at all and was shocking all the time. Now though I can shake hands occasionally." Kieran says casually and shrugging just a little bit,"Powers are stronger now so it's harder to control. That's the thing. When you constantly practice something it tends to get stronger." He says laughing weakly,"But in time all things are possible, right?"

"Well I was born in a small town in Nova Scotia up in Canada but I joined up with Howard and his show when I was tweleve so for the last thirteen? fourteen years? I've just been traveling all over the US and Canada. For the longest time my home was the Winnebago." Aiden says as the tattoo like markings start to fade to a blueish colour. "Yeah, I like it here enough. It's certainly the biggest city I've been in." He says before looking to Kieran. "I like to believe that Kieran, in time all things are possible."

Smiling at the two, "Trust me, in the world we live in where people can fly and go to other dimensions and heroes fight the good fight. Anything and I mean anything is possible." David is cheering up from the funk he had been in the last few months, "So Canada. And a lot of travel. That is kina cool. You must have seen a lot of places, then."

"I've been to canada once or twice but not since they made us start needing passports." Kieran says smiling a bit,"And yeah. I believe things are possible because if I don't then the world gets a whole lot more depressing."

Aiden blinks at Kieran a few times. "You need a passport to get into Canada now?" Shows how much he is on the times. "I've seen a lot of fairgrounds across the country. We traveled and preformed for who ever would hire us. I miss it." He admits. "And exactly why I say that Kieran. I want to believe that some day I'll meet up with my friends who I got seperated from two years ago."

Tilting his head to the side as Aiden mentions being separated from friends, "What happened that you got separate from your friends?" David finishes sipping his coffee when the waiter returns with some Arabic candy for the trio.

"Last I heard." Kieran says shrugging a bit, but he doesn't say anything else just takes a bite of his schwarma and chews it carefully. He doesn't know what else to say about the separation.

Aiden takes a few moments before he answers and at this point the markings are practically glowing blue. "Well..we were down in Texas and we ran into some people who didn't like us being there and made a show of it. We all went our own ways to get away and I've been on my own since." There's a lot that's unsaid but he figures that's the general story.

"Oh wow. Sorry to hear that." David understands and sympathizes with Aiden and he pats the man's shoulder, "Well, I hope they are well and you find them. And if I can help, please contact me." Reaching for a card in his pocket and passing him his Xavier's business card. "Email me or call me anytime. I am good at research and well, really good at with access to information, maybe we can find something out."

"Well I'm sure that there are people who could help you." Kieran says nodding his head a bit,"Given a little bit of knowledge they're pretty good at finding things." He says casually as he stretches a little bit,"As for me, I'm not very good at that kind of thing. It's not something I have every had experience handling."

Aiden takes the business card and nods. "Okay but I don't have a phone and I kinda have email so I'll keep this handy." He says. "I've had someone try to help and that's why I'm staying here. After looking for a year and a half I figured I'd get my name out with the Coney Island Freakshow and maybe one of them could find me off of that. And I don't have much experience with looking around either. Everyone says computers but I'm so computere illererate that I haven't found much at the Libary Computer."

"Well, when you get the chance and when you are by a computer again. Send me an email with some information and I'll see what I can get from there. No promises, but I would think any help would be a good thing. The more people looking. The better the chance that they will be found." David smiles a bit. "So how did you, guys, like the food?"

"It's not bad." Kieran says shrugging a little bit,"And even if you knew how sometimes finding information's a bit like searching for a needle in a haystack. I mean think about it. All those websites out there and each one is run by someone else. So you might hit thousands of links before you find the one bit of information that you're looking for."

"Well it is a needle in a haystack except I don't know where the haystack is." Aiden says. "The food was good, thanks a lot." He says taking out some money and leaving it dispite David saying he was going to pay. "I gotta run though I got some things I gotta do before I work tonight. It was nice meeting you David and good to see you again Kieran. Both you have a good day." He says as he heads out of the resturant.

Waving to Aiden "What a nice guy." He says to Kieran. "Where did you meet him?" David looks at the money that Aiden left and decides to give it as tip to the waiter.

"Nice to see you again." Kieran says towards Aiden as he leaves, before turning to David and shrugging slightly,"It was on a trip I made to the city one night for some sheet music. Around here I think actually. I didn't tell him I was a mutant or anything since well… I was told not to talk to anyone about the school that doesn't know about it unless it's an emergency and he seemed to be doing fine then."

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