2010-12-09: Mutants Stick Together


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Summary: Kage, Zoya and Bruce meet outside of Nowhere, opinions are on the same wavelength.

Date: December 9, 2010

Log Title: Mutants Stick Together

Rating: PG

NYC - Mutant Town

Mutant Town, also known as District X, has become a haven for mutants. This section of town doesn't care what you look like, accepting all mutants no matter what their appearance. Most of the businesses in this section of town are mutant run ranging from small convenience stores to clothing shops to restaurants to night clubs. The buildings here aren't the high rise buildings you might find in mid-town but most are about 5-6 stories high. Mutant Town might not be the most luxurious section of town, in fact it's fairly run down, but this section of where mutants are safe and welcomed regardless of race, religion and culture.

Despite the fact that Christmas is a few short weeks away, New York City has yet to see any substantial snowfall. That doesn't keep the people who live in the city from celebrating the season. And what's the best way to celebrate the holidays? Why by spending lots of money of course. The shoppes around this particular intersection have teamed up to try and pull in business. The intersection is decorrated well and the smell of cocoa and cookies is drifting out of a corner bakery. Part of the street has been temporarilly closed off and a man dressed as Santa sits in a chair waiting to see a line of children.

Bruce is currently frowning at a small child who is jumping around and screeching like a demon. He sighs and shakes his head, taking a drink of his coffee as he stands watch at the event. The man doubts that whoever's been shooting up mutant town would be stupid enough to kill a Santa and a bunch of children, but Lil was worried and insisted he go keep an eye out anyway. Bruce checks his watch and bounces up and down a little, trying to warm himself in the chilly night air. Being from Australia, he still hasn't become accustomed to the temperatures of this northern continent. The man is currently wearing jeans and a bomber jacket. He is also wearing his usual Australian hat and cowboy boots.
These days there may well be more than one shooter in the area. Happy Holidays, indeed. As one who's used to the frigid Siberian wind Zoya seems quite at home in what many would consider to be a lighter jacket, hands tucked into pockets as she strolls down the side of the street. She hasn't caused any trouble yet tonight, likely because she hasn't stepped outside of Mutant Town proper, but for her the night is always young. Besides, it's not causing trouble if someone else starts it for her. And, should a non-mutant happen to come into the area to cause trouble then she wants to be there to take care of it. Call it a personal favor for the rest of her kind.

Christmas is something that Kage celebrates, besides why does he actually need to buy anything. Though if he was actually going to spend money in a store it would be mutant town because the people who live here deserve better than the hovel they're given to live in. He's dressed with his hair in elaborate curls around his face with a long, form fitting, black coat with fur on the collar and sleeves to keep him warm. His heeled boots click on the pavement as he looks around the area. He sense the familiar life force of Bruce and starts to head in that direction.

"Oh don't be such a Grumpy Guss! It's almost Christmas!" Exclaims a rather plump woman in a terrible sweater as she prances up to Bruce. He just raises an eyebrow and does not move as the woman decorates his hat with tinsel. He shakes his head and growls at the woman, who then decides it is time to go and pester the next nearest individual. "Why hello ma'am! What a lovely coat! Would you like some holly!" The woman moves to place a sprig of holly behind Kage's ear, which causes Bruce to bust out laughing. "Really miss? Who tries to decorate someone with sharp pieces of foliage?" He's still got some tinsel hanging down from the brim of his hat, though he seems not to see it.

Zoya could have walked right past one of the only familiar individuals to her in the entire city if it wasn't for a sudden outburst of laughter. It's enough to give her pause in order to figure out what's going on. The next two thoughts through her mind are 'hey, I recognize that guy' and 'if that cheery little freak gets within ten paces of me it won't be a pleasant new year for her.' For a moment she stands there, watching with those pale hued eyes, left hand reaching around through the front of her jacket as though to scratch a hidden itch. Just as quickly as it began the mental conflict comes to a conclusion, her hand coming out to angrily claw an errant chunk of hair away from her face to pin it behind an ear. Just let the blissfully ignorant storm of that other femme pass, then she can make her approach without unwanted interruption.

Kage just gives the woman trying to put the holly behind his ear a look and grabs her wrist so she can't. "You touch my hair and you will not be decorating anyone with Holly." He looks at Bruce and nods. "Hello Bruce or should I call you Mr. Tinsel." The decorations are so tacky to him. "So, you're on Christmas duty here tonight? I've never been big on these celebrations, joy, family, it makes me all want to vomit if it wouldn't ruin my hair, my clothes and my breath."

Bruce shakes his head and waves a hand to shoo the pesky woman away. "Oh?" He tips his head down and shakes it a bit more, flinging the tinsel off to land on the ground. "Well you know, rather not see the children of Mutant Town get massacred if I can help it at all…No matter how loud and annoying they are. And I never really celebrated the holiday. Not sure if it's just bigger in America or maybe just has to do with the big city…" He turns slightly and sees Zoya standing a few yards behind him. "Ah! Yer that lady from Nowhere, ain't ya?"

Zoya's attention almost instantly snaps onto Bruce, any previous thoughts about murder and bloodshed erased within an instant. With recognition established she inclines her head an extra couple of degrees, quick to call back a "Da, was me." That Bruce seems happy to see her is almost surprising in its own right. It's enough to bring her closer, still keeping an eye on the merry woman with too much time on her hands. The other darkly dressed figure is a complete unknown to her as well, automatically placing it in the carefully watched category. They seem to have an attitude so they can't be all that bad.

"It's just bigger in America." Kage says as if he doesn't really care. What's the point of presents when you have everything you want, and if you want more, you just go out an take it. "I'd rather not see any mutants get massacred. So you working tonight or just playing body guard for the…..children." He says as he tries not to spit out a more distasteful nickname. Kage knows children are important for the future of mutant kind but he doesn't seem to want to be near them. They're sticky and loud. He turns in Zoya's direction and studies her for a bit before a small smile crosses his lips.

Bruce shakes his head at Kage. "Not really working. Lil just thought I should keep an eye on the area. She worries, ya know." He glances around the area again, checking for any signs of trouble before continuing to speak. "Been getting a lot of SHIELD folk at Nowhere recently. Could be trouble if they figure out who I am…" He turns back to Zoya and offers a smile. "Speaking of which, you were there the other night. Never caught yer name the other night. I'm Bruce. This is…Um…" He know's Kage's name, but isn't sure if the man wants to give out a real name or a pseudonym.

Zoya doesn't know if she should be suspicious or not. -Two- people smiling at her, now? Hmm. To Bruce she declares "Zoya. Might be are keepink close watch over me and followed me in that day. All I know is do not like them, patience is startink to wear very thin." Judging by the cringe on her face she's no fan of wailing youths, either. A moment of teeth-grinding aside she turns towards the yet-unnamed individual, her head slightly canting to the side as she regards them. She's never seen someone like this one before, assuming that it is what she's thinking that it is.

Kage holds out a hand to Zoya and gives her a slight head nod. "Kage." He says as he doesn't give anyone his real name as he doesn't use it for anything unless he has to. After all, it is the name the humans gave him. "I wonder if they should just stop letting that kind of…rubbish into the place. Defile the name of the establishment and the neighborhood with that kind of filth around here. But then again, they are dumb enough and easy enough to fool." He says with a bit of a yawn.

Bruce swirls his coffee in its cup and takes another swig. He narrows his eyes at Zoya, more with interest than anything else. "You think they've been following you? Not really a good sign." He frowns. "Luckilly whenever they try to tail me I can slip into a storm drain or something…Are you able to get away if you need to?" He tips his head toward Kage when he speaks. "Oh? Wouldn't that be nice? You try telling the guy who owns that place not to let SHIELD in." He chuckles. "More than that you try telling SHIELD to keep out of Nowhere. They'd have that place attacked in two shakes."

Zoya peers down at Kage's offered hand at first, but she doesn't let it pass without reciprocation, greeting it with one of her own. "No kiddink, act like they rule world. Will wait and see how they tink about that once they really get in my way." Back to Bruce there's the hint of a mischievous grin about her, "Gettink away will not be problem, if they are still able to run. Am new in town and already got tagged by one that was gettink in middle of last conversation, know he is watchink me. Should have gone with instinct and put one in back of head first time saw him."

"As much as I don't have any qualms with putting a bullet in someone, putting a bullet in a SHIELD agent would just make it worse for you." Kage says sounding bored, or is that just his normal way of speaking? "That's true, I guess that's why I try to stay off the radar as much as possible. Well if you need help…I might be able to aid you Zoya. I'm always willing to help a fellow mutant." Though Zoya never said she was one but it might not be that hard to assume it.

Bruce takes another swig of his coffee and chuckles. "Yeah I tend not to have too much trouble with SHIELD actually. Usually it's those damn Avengers, always getting in my way." He shakes his head. "Though I haven't seen the ones that cause me the most trouble recently. Luckily it seems that they get reassigned often enough that they don't have time to hunt us down."

Zoya half-heartedly rolls her shoulders with the thought of such an action having large consequences, though the fact that she hasn't attempted to act upon it on two occasions now means she probably won't without being provoked. The part about aid renews her interest in Kage, seeming to pick apart such an offer into ways in which it might most benefit her. "Two tinks," she starts in. "Need to know where is safe to run and where can get tinks people do not want you to have." Safe houses and black markets, the bread and butter of any criminal element. Yep, she's new here, alright. That she was accurately pegged as a mutant doesn't seem to bother her, usually her eyes cause people to be suspicious of her right off the bat.

"That's a broad statement and something I'll talk more with you about when we're not on the streets." Kage says as things people do not want you to have is quite a broad statement to the master thief. "Safe to run, well no where is safe to run when someone is following you but I might be able to help with something." He says as he's not going to direct her to his apartment, he's not going to take that chance at all. "The Avengers…they.." there's a huff from Kage as he fails to pick an adjective.

Bruce lets out a laugh at Kage when she brings up the Avengers. "Yeah yeah. You were there with Speedo there, I forgot about that." He tilts his head at the previous statment though, "Why would you tell her to run to Nowhere if she's being chased? That's a terrible idea." He shakes his head. "Yeah don't go there. If I'm working it would be bad for me. And if I wasn't working…It would still be bad probably."

Zoya didn't get the joke at first. When she does she isn't sure if she should chuckle or roll her eyes. "Only place lead tail is to dead end," she assures the bar owner. To Kage she corrects "Safe to run, place to catch breath when get away? Lie low for while, that sort of tink." Lucky for her she hasn't bumped into this Avenger crowd yet, likely to earn herself a very high profile if she did.

Kage lets out a little bit of a chuckle. "Magneto didn't like that but I couldn't just let the authorities stop you from taking something that was rightfully yours." Yes Kage knows Bruce stole the money but he's a mutant and if wants to take something from the humans, it's rightfully his. "And I was saying no where as in no place in particular. Not this bar as I think that would be a horrible idea." He looks at Zoya for a bit, almost sizing her up. "Well…do you have a place to stay right now?" He doesn't ask where though, respecting her privacy.

Bruce ponders for a moment. "A place to hang low?" He thinks as he listens to the two speak. "Ah yeah…Probably best not to shoot Speedo there…" He snaps his fingers. "What's the name of that crazy chick with the diamonds? She escaped from jail a few months back…" He nods. "She's gotta have a pretty good place to hide. She had that robot guy after her for a while there." He turns back to Zoya. "If you can find her she's probably got a few places. Hear she stays toward the East docks."

Zoya looks right back to Kage when the question, and the looking over, is presented. "Nyet, am stayink wherever can find shelter for the night." It's getting a bit cold even for her, she can't always count on finding other mutants that radiate heat. With Bruce's comment she passes a curious look in his direction, already wishing that he could remember this other woman's name. "East docks? Will have to look into dis, spasibo."

"Well if I knew he was Magneto's son I probably wouldn't have shot the little shit." Though Kage can't remember if he knew Quicksilver was at the time as even if he did know, he probably would have done it anyway. "Not like I was actually trying to kill him, just more stop him. Besides, the red on his costume added colour." He says with a dry tone. "I would recommend getting a second place if you can, away from where you life now Zoya. Leave no connections to yourself and that place that you set up on the other side of the city." Though she probably knows this stuff. "And…I'll set you up with a place here in mutant town." Kage doesn't mind paying for it, it's nothing to him.

With that last bit Kage then looks around. "Well Zoya, I will find you soon but I must be on my way now. Good night Zoya. Good night Bruce." With those parting words he walks off down the street disappearing, quite literally, into the crowd.

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