2013-05-16: Mutual Disagreement


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Summary: Weapon X isn't fond of little vampires. Little vampires aren't fond of him, either.

Date: May 16, 2013

Log Title: Mutual Disagreement

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Woods

Pine, Oak, Birch, and many other trees can be found in these woods. Paths lead all through out them for students to take walks. The occasional bench can be found along the paths. Students shouldn't worry about wandering too deep in these woods as its almost impossible for them to get lost here.

Darkness begins to claim the countryside around Westchester. The last dying rays cast long, thin shadows, and in only a few minutes, no shadows at all. One oddity may be that there are no sounds of birds from the forest just near the student dormitory. Twenty feet off the ground, a blonde girl reclines against the trunk of the tree, arms folded and earphones plugged into her iPod. The North American broody vampire in her natural habitat. Up there, in the shadows of the trees canopy and the encroaching darkness, no-one can see her mope.

For a three hundred pound man, Logan's footsteps can be surprisingly quite, especially walking through the woods. He hasn't been seen around the school for the last few days but he's now making his way back via the woods. There's a six pack in one of hands indicating that he stopped at a liquor store prior to coming home. He stops as soon as he catches Jill's scent, an easy one to recognize from that dead smell. He looks up and sees her in the trees. Before saying anything, Logan cracks open one of his cans and takes a long drink from it. "Whatcha doin' hidin' in the trees Fangs?"

O mighty supernatural hunter, highest of the predators, top of the food chain… gets startled and drops her iPod. "Waa!" The little white device bobbles from hand to hand as Jill scrabbles to catch it when gravity finally decides it has had enough of this little game. She has the earphones by the cord, stopping a good twenty foot fall. The girl looks annoyed, but technically Logan hasn't done anything. "Waitin' for my bo-.. my friend," she says, reeling up the white cord like a fisherman.

Logan takes a long, slurpy drink from his can of beer, letting out a belch before speaking again. "Whatdya know, ya still got pheromones Fangs. So this boy, whose a friend o' yours, he gonna try t' start a fight with me too?" He really doesn't care and he is trying to antagonize the Vampire a bit.

"No," Jill snarks back emphatically. "He won't." Her lips purse and she tucks the music player away in her pocket, leaning forward on the branch to rest her elbows on it and look down on the teacher. "I have a name, y'know."

"Good, I ain't itchin' for a half-assed fight." Logan takes another long drink from his can of Molson. "You kids are all so sensitive, I guess y'all don't use nicknames anymore. I know your name, I know every kids name here I just don't care enough to use 'em. You gotta a problem with that Fangs?"

Jill's mouth opens to retort but there's no sound for a full second. "No…" she acquieses after a moment, lowering her eyes. "I mean, we have 'em, but nobody really uses 'em. It seemed like a good idea, using codenames an' stuff, but we all still got our pictures taken by the government anyway. So didn't do us much good after all."

"It is a good idea. Most governments know who I am, still go by Wolverine." Logan feels like he's just as much Wolverine as he is Logan. He finishes up the first can of beer and crushes it one handed before pulling out a cigar to light up and enjoy with the rest of his beer. "And that's more of a reason you lot need to toughen up and not let little things get your underwear ina bunch, so you can protect yourselves instead of whine."

Jill's face screws up at the smell of the cigar wafting up from near directly below her. She exhales through her nose to try to make the smell go away, but damn these vampire senses. "You don't think we're tough?" she asks, waving a hand in front of her nose. Doesn't help. "Talk to any kid here and they'll tell you what we've had to go through already. And we're not tough enough?" Despite her usual wallflower attitude, Jill's getting worked up. Offended, even.

"Ain't a matter of thinkin' it's a matter of knowin'." Logan says to Jill not giving a darn about what his cigar smoke might be doing to her senses. "Ain't always 'bout what ya've been through, I know what ya've been through. I love how you kids all think I'm stupid and don't know shit 'bout what you've been through. So yeah, y'all ain't tough enough. 'Specially seein' how I'm pissin' ya off just by sayin' it, ya ain't even ready t' let a criticism let alone a nickname roll off your back. Am I right Fangs?" The way he says Fangs it's almost like Logan is trying to push her buttons.

The vampire girl slides off the branch with the grating sound of denim on tree bark. She drops to the ground heavily, apparently not bothering to slow herself down any. Jill points a finger at Logan as if it were loaded. "Y'can say what you want about me. I don't care. But I *dare* you to find anybody braver than the kids at this school." Then, as if she'd forgotten she was mouthing off to a teacher, Jill's accusing finger lowers and she looks away.

Logan lets out a laugh before slipping a beer off of the pack and cracks it open to start on his second. He has to drop the beers to the ground so he can drink and smoke at the same time easier. "Brave ain't Tough darlin' and did I ever say y'all ain't brave?"

Sulkily, Jill folds her arms. Partially ashamed of letting her temper out and mostly out of good debate material, she doesn't look back at Logan. Hands tucked tightly in her armpits, she just shuffles in a slow circle to move upwind of the cigar smoke. "We're not soldiers," her quiet voice comments after a moment.

"Neither are the X-Men, nor the Avengers. Only few of us have any real trainin' with Military and Government." Wolverine says shaking his head. "Problem is you kids all have your heads so far up your asses that you ain't seein' the way they really are, just the way t' see 'em so you're a victim. Guess what, it ain't like that. I read 'bout those things you were talkin' 'bout. You got kidnapped by Dracula, couple o' other kids got taken by that Church group. Lemme ask ya, how'd ya do in defendin' yerself from not gettin' taken? I say pretty shitty."

"Okay, whoa, whoa," Jill warns, untucking one hand but remembering herself before she gives Logan the finger again. Not the middle one. Damn if he isn't good at pushing her buttons, though. "Are we really gonna get into 'blame the victim' here? 'Cause if-" The blonde girl cuts off the words, drawing in a slow breath. "… Our… our track record isn't great," she agrees reluctantly without making eye contact.

"There ya go again, tryin' ta make it like I'm sayin' somethin' else. I ain't blamin' ya for what happened. Wish I wasn't out in Madripoor or Breakworld so it wouldn' a happened t' y'all but it did and ain't nothin' gonna change that." Logan says taking a long inhale of his cigar, turning his head to blow the smoke in a different direction then Jill. "I ain't here t' be your friend but I do wanna make sure that if it happens again, y'all can keep a level head. Find ways to do stuff so we can track ya if need be, work better as a team so if it's you and one or two others, ya know how t' work t'gether. So I ain't tryin' to turn ya into soldiers but tryin' t' increase your chances of survival and if that makes me the bad guy, so be it."

"Doesn't have t'make you an asshole," Jill breathes almost soundlessly into the air. Almost.

"You're sayin' that as if I care if people think I'm an asshole or not." Logan says. "Lemme tell ya' I don't." He grins as his eyes glance upwards at Jill. "I ain't a nice guy, never claimed t' be one and I ain't gonna change that now just 'cause a buncha kids don't like me."

"I *don't* like you," says Jill softly as if it's a great revelation and a weight off her shoulders. Her red eyes blink, fixing on the teacher after briefly flicking to his beer cans and smoldering cigar. Then offering a compromise, "But I can listen. You're like a teacher, I mean."

Logan lets out an amused laugh and finishes up his second beer. He reaches down to pull off another and holds it out to Jill to see if she wants one. "Good, glad you don't like me Fangs. I don't trust ya cause you're a Vampire but ya should use that dislike ya have for me t' prove t' me I'm wrong in what I think about ya."

Unsure if refusing the beer might be impolite, Jill takes it gingerly, as if it were a bomb. She takes the time to turn the can around fully to read it before she pops the top, takes a whiff, and recoils briefly like a cat sniffing a candle flame. "I guess I don't blame you. I've only met… five other vampires. And four of them were jerks." She tips back the can and tries to hide her reaction to the taste.

Logan takes a long drink from his beer, savoring the beverage for a bit before speaking. "Though we killed Dracula. Even was bitten and turned by him for a bit but my healin' factor fixed that. I woulda hoped that any of the X-Men woulda killed me if it stuck. So I ain't gotta high opinion of Vampires." He conveniently leaves out the fact that he killed Rachel Van Helsing after she was turned.

Holding the beer in both hands like she's afraid it will get away, Jill nods sadly. "Well, he came back. And then we killed him again. So… maybe it's not over, huh." She says it in a resigned tone, like she's considered the issue long and often. Another ginger sip at the beer so as not to appear ungrateful. "I'm glad no-one staked *me*, though. No offense."

"I'm still keepin' my eye on you Fangs." Logan warns her and finishes off his cigar. "Well I'll leave ya t' wait for your not boyfriend boyfriend. I got some stuff I gotta take care of. Enjoy the beer and if Emma gives ya shit, direct her t' me." He says and with that he starts to make his way, with his remaining beers, back towards the school.

Jill's hands are still clamped around the can, not releasing it to wave goodnight to the professor. Slowly she sinks down to sit where he had, holding it between her kness. Momentarily she considers pouring it out, but settles back against the tree and nurses it quietly until Nick shows up.

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