2011-07-25: My Heart Will Go On


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Summary: Sophie watches Titanic. Robin and Hosea come in and join her and they talk about the missing students.

Date: Monday, July 25, 10:45pm.

Log Title: My Heart Will Go On

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Recreation Room

What was once the Parlor has been turned into a Recreation Room for the students. A nice plush carpet meets the light blue walls giving it a homey feel. A pool table at one end, a foos ball table at the other, and entertainment center with video game systems, movies, and of course, cable TV. Big comfy chairs and couches surround a coffee table for comfortable loafing. Long glass windows with a pair of French doors line one side of the room bringing in plenty of light during the day. The main rule in here is to clean up after yourself.

It's late at night; well, maybe not hideously late, but the hours are ticking on. The Red Room in the Xavier Mansion is only barely populated; a single girl sits on the sofa facing towardsthe television. Sophie isn't watching the televion, certainly, but she is listening; a copy of 'Titanic' is in the DVD player, and the movie has progressed to the part where the heroine wants DiCaprio's character to draw her wearing a necklace, and nothing else.

Robin walks into the rec room, glancing towards the television when she hears the sound, and she approaches the back of the couch to lean on it. "I love this movie," she whispers conspiratorially. She says little more than that, not wanting to interrupt the blind girl's experience too much except by letting her presence be known. Her eyes stay on the screen as she watches the film with a smile.

Hosea has been trying to study. He works so hard at trying to catch up on his education, and summer classes have been the best way to gain ground. Still, given his childhood, it isn't something that comes naturally to him. The discipline to study, yes, but the strategy to study effectively, no. The young man is trying to take a break, and he knows that Sophie has been watching some form of movie out in the Rec Room, so he decides to make his way into the room. He spots the TV, but the nudity doesn't bother him in that context. "Sophie, is your movie still on?" he calls out as he passes through the doorway, immediately realizing that it is. "Hello Robin!" He announces, not being quite as discrete about his entrance.

The blind girl giggles in the most girly manner possible. "I know," she whispers back. "It is a wonderful movie, si? I love it too. I am very glad that I got to see it." She bites her lip as she listens, focusing on the TV once more until Hosea makes his entrance. "Oh! Hello, Hosea!" She giggles once more, and bobs her head. "Si, it is a long movie."

Robin smiles at Sophie's response and says, "I love it. It's so romantic…" She then nods at Hosea and says, "Ahh, hello, Hosea! How are you doing today?" She adjusts her glasses lightly and shrugs, glancing between Sophie and Hosea, asking the latter, "Were you here earlier?"

Hosea shakes his head. "No, Sophie had told me dat she was toing to watch da movie. I said dat I had to study, so dat I would not be able to watch it with her. But my brain is full I think! I need to rest from studying." He chuckles and makes his way to the front of the couch, sitting down next to Sophie. Very next to Sophie, so that he is touching her.

Sophie grins as Hosea sits down beside her, and reaches up to rest her arm over his shoulder. 'Your brain is not full," she replies, with an aire of mirth about her voice. "You are just tired from filling it, si? It is hard work." She bobs her head, and glances up in Robin's direction. "Si, it is romantic; though it is sad what happens to Jack. But very heroic."

Nodding at Sophie, as well as adding an audible, "Indeed," for the other girl's benefit, Robin watches the interactions between Sophie and Hosea and seems to make a mental note. She stands up straight again and says to Hosea, "Are you taking summer classes, too? Yeah, sometimes studying can get a bit tiring…"

"Who is Jack?" Hosea asks, not familiar with the movie. "Is he in dis story?" he asks. He puts an arm around the girl's waist to hold her close. "Yes, Robin, I have to catch up, I am many years behind in my schooling, and most students would graduate when dey turn 18, but I will have to be here anotha yeah."

Sophie nods her head quickly. "Si, Jack is the main character," she explains. "He is the one drawing the girl. But." She pats the seat beside her until she finds the remote, and pauses the movie. "You must watch from the beginning. Then it will all make sense." She pauses, and blushes softly. "It seems I am the only one not taking summer courses," she notes.

"Oh," says Robin, scratching her head, "I've been taking summer classes in order to graduate at the same age as my peers. I should be done by the time summer's up. I lost about a year of schooling before coming here. Otherwise, I'd be taking the summer off and working or something… Well. Hm. If I got some things sorted out."

"I am glad dat I am heah," Hosea adds. "Because dere have been attacks on da school, and it is good dat I be heah to help protect against those who would hurt da people heah. I would not want anything to happen to eitha of you. With da evil people who have kidnapped da students." He peers at the screen briefly, and then back to the girls. "I did not think it was traditional in America for women to go without clothes," he observes.

Sophie giggles, and blushes softly. "Well, there are some beaches in Europe where… clothes are not so necessary," she replies. "But, usually… clothes are required, in public." She points in the general direction of the television. "She is just being, uhm, romantic," she continues. "Perhaps… Robin might explain it better than I?"

Robin blushes slightly as it's passed off to her, and she notes, "Well… in this scene, Jack's, umm, doing a painting of her, a nude portrait, where it's okay, but ummm, there's some underlying sexual tension too, it's, yeah, like Sophie said, a romantic sort of thing!" Her puppet looks a bit sheepish.

Hosea arches his brow. "I suppose," he says, not looking back at the screen. "I do think dat most men would agree, but it could be a great temptation, yes? Perhaps not a good idea to put such things in da movies."

Sophie shrugs her shoulders lightly. "Well… from what I've heard, this is pretty tame," she replies. "Apparently there are other movies that… I… well, I don't wish to do more than hear about them, and not even that if I don't have to. …I don't mind if it's romantic, though."

"Well, I guess I think it's more about the building passionate relationship. I mean, this is a story of love at first sight, sorta, and… this is a vehicle for the movie to get that across, ummm," says Robin, biting her lip lightly, "And yeah, it's pretty tame and stuff relative, but they can put whatever they want in movies, really… It's our choice whether or not to watch them, y'know?"

Hosea nods. "I suppose we do, yes," Hosea states. He gives Sophie a bit of a squeeze. "I think dat I will try to be romantic in otha ways though," he says to Sophie. "He looks back up to Robin. "I feel strange dat we are talking of dis though, since we have so many people in da school who have been missing. I wonda how da search for Mindbenda and Upgrade is going."

Sophie gives Hosea a light squeeze in return, and leans over sideways to rest against the Nigerian. "Si," she affirms. "I do not think I am ready to take off my clothes for a picture." She chuckles softly, as a soft blush creeps over her cheeks, though the mirth slowly fades. "I am sure it is continuing… the search, I mean. I pray that they are found, soon, so our classmates can be saved; but in the meantime, we should maintain the mansion as a happy place, si? So it will be good to come back to."

Nodding, Robin says, "I've been looking for the others, but… I haven't found them yet. They'll be back, though, and we're doing all we can… I've been using Blank to scout things out, and it's pretty exhausting work. I really can't do it for any longer, which is why I came down… But we can't mourn something we haven't yet lost, and… I'm not sure what else to talk about."

"I am sorray," Hosea says, "I did not mean to upset you, Sophie," he tells the girl. "I have not seen a sign of dem eitha. If I could find dem, I would have to knock dem out, because dey have had deir thoughts changed. It is a terrible thing. It is hard not knowing what will happen next. But God shall provide, yes? He will make da way out."

Sophie's smile returns, and she shakes her head. "You did not upset me, Hosea," she replies. "What you said was important, si? As are our friends and classmates. And you are right; God shall provide, in his wisdom." She glances up over her shoulder, and nods in the other girl's general direction. "He has already provided Robin, si?" She shows her teeth as she flashes a grin.

"Mmhmm," says Robin, in response to the statements of God's provision, quite non-committed. She continues, "Well, we've taken on worse villains than them… I mean, I'm still worried for their safety, but I'm hopeful that they'll be returned. And yeah, Hosea, if I see any of them, I plan on knocking them out… Shane or Robyn at least. I'm not sure what I'd do if I came across one of the other two… I'd try, anyway."

"Hah, you just call on me, yes?" Hosea says. "I am vedy good at fighting, and will help. But if I see da enemies…hmm. I do not know what I shall do, I would want to be vedy wicked to dem." He huffs, shaking his head. "I must control myself now before dat happens."

Sophie shifts her arm lower, to squeeze Hosea around his middle. "Just don't let them hurt you," she murmurs. "Okay? Promise? And you too, Robin." She nods her head, and shifts her other hand, the one still in a cast, to rest in her lap. "Why not the other two, Robin? Heather… and the other girl?"

"I dunno, the other girl seems to absorb powers and she may or may not be invulnerable or whatever," says Robin, shrugging at Sophie's question, "Heather, ummm, I guess I just don't think I can hit her fast enough. Isn't she super speedy?" She looks over to Hosea and then nods, "I'll let you know if I find them, but I'll probably let staff know first."

Hosea nods, "Da staff could be vedy helpful for dis too, I do not think dey would like it if we tried to handle it ourselves!" He chuckles a little. "But I think dat I must work on my studies some more," he announces. He pats the cast arm of Sophie. "But you can both enjoy your movie, yes?" he says. "And I hope dat it has a happy ending." He starts to get up so that he can head back to the library.

"It has a good ending." Sophie smiles softly, and doesn't elaborate on the difference between a happy ending and a good ending. "I am going to go to sleep afterwards, I think; I am tired. I hope your studies go well, Hosea! And your search, Robin… I will pray for both of you to succeed at what you do, before I sleep."

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