2009-03-23: My Hero


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Summary: Local bullies team up on Cid until he gets a well-timed rescue.

Date: March 23, 2009

My Hero

Rating: PG

NYC - Empire State University

Empire State University, the prestigious Alma Mater of many of the world's foremost authorities. The campus is small on the ground level, but extends into the air. Different buildings are scattered about. The main area, however, is simply the quad. A large grassy area with a central concreted seating field for students to study or simply relax.

With classes out for the evening, Cid is sitting on some of the bleachers out by the fields. He's got his notepad in hand, writing something down in German. It's really been a pleasant day, for the most part, except for the guys staring at him from down the way. He's currently ignoring them as he continues to add notes to his list. The notes, are clear and concise… to those that can read them. If they're notes at all…

It is a lovely day be out drawing the student populous, as Kaji finds out first hand. The mutant sitting on the bleachers, at the far end away from Cid; though he doesn't notice him at the moment. His attention, though apathetic, is on the cheerleaders at the track; practicing their moves. His pencil scrawling over ihs sketchpad as he does some life drawings.

Too bad for both, the jerks decide to make that moment to move. There are only three of them, but they're big and dumb. Hey, even colleges have them. They have to pull the football team from SOMEwhere. Cid sits there, still writing away as they begin to move in his direction. "Hey, Amish boy." Of course, he mispronounces it horribly. Ay-mish. "What do you think of this new-fangled E-Lec-Trici-Tee." The other two start laughing like the rednecks they spawned from. Cid simply tries to ignore them for the moment.

Enhanced hearing is a blessing. And a curse sometimes. AT the moment, it's the former as Kaji glances over down the way. Only hearing a faint echo of what the jocks were spewing at the moment. His pencil stops moving though, not just hovering over the pad as he focuses his attention on the four.

One thing that's fairly obvious though, even with his amulet working, Kaji will now see Cid in his natural form. The trio begin to heckle him and his ignoring. "What? Cain't speak? What are ya, mute?" One of the trio pounds the bleachers beneath him, causing him to drop his notepad. He scrambles to grab it, but they start tossing it back and forth.

"Please. That's important to me." Cid says softly, biting his lip. "I'd really like to have that back."

Kaji puts his sketchbook down into his backpack, dropping the pencil back down in there as the mutant gets up. Moving down the bleachers to a level lower than what the jocks are on. His hands slip into his pockets as he growls under his breath. He would going to have a little fun.

"You'll get it back when we're done." The black-haired jock laughs, holding it up high and trying to read it. "What the hell kinda language is this? Damn Ay-mish tryina speak another language." The blond and brown-haired jocks continue to laugh.

Cid makes an attempt to jump up at the notebook, only to be elbowed and knocked down. The jock responds, "I told you, when WE'RE done."

They don't notice Kaji at the moment.

Kaji looks up at the jocks, only a railing and a good distance of bleacher between them and him. He looks around him; he's well shielded enough from the public eye where he was standing as he shucks off his shirts. Fur flows over his skin as he leaps up onto the railing; perching atop the metal bar letting out a loud growl. His hackles rising up as a snarl flows from his maw. Those hazel eyes have never burned brighter.

Cid startles for a moment before he realizes just who the growling wolf is. However, after he does realize, he heaves a sigh of relief. He turns to the jocks. "I would pray thee, turn thy other cheek and leave me with mine writings. I fear, though I am not a fighter, that there may be those here that are." However, that light begins to waver near him, as if something's trying to come out.

The black haired jock. "Awshit, looks like we got a mutie AND the Ay-mish boy." He stuffs the notepad into the back of his pants as he cracks his knuckles. "We don't appreciate people messin' with our fun."

The brownhaired one tugs a chain out of his backpack. The blond himself simply laughs, shaking his head. "Y'all ain't gonna know what hit ya." He darts down the bleachers to grab something from down below. What it is can't quite be seen yet.

Kaji's claws pierce the metal of the railing as the snarl turns into the low growl. "I'd suggest heeding his warning. Else you might get hurt." He hops down from the railing, planting a foot onto a bleacher as his hands flex and pops slightly.

Kaji will see it clearly. Everyone will hear it. A maniacal laughter comes from the air around all of them as a small being jumps from Cid's chest, giggling like a little madman. He leaps up onto the chain and begins chewing at it. While it's not apparent what's happening, something definitely is. Cid simply stares. He's not seen this one before.

The black-haired jock just stares. "Yeah, and?" He reaches out a hand to grab at Cid, who's just too slow to avoid it.

The brown-haired one begins to twirl the chain, which suddenly snaps apart after the first twirl, sending the links flying, to land on the ground under the bleachers. It looks chewed apart. The blond brings up a piece of pipe that he found from down there. He laughs at the chain wielder before coming back up. "You might wanna get outta here, puppy."

Kaji lets out a dark chuckle as he slides his foot back; his hands in loose fists as he keeps his eye on the pipe wielder. "You've thought this through, right?" A wolfish grin forms on his muzzle. The little gremlin is noticed, but not commented upon as Kaji quirks a brow, a smirk adding to the grin.

Cid just hangs there, unable to get out of the grip, because he doesn't know how to struggle. It's not something he was ever taught. His people are very anti-violence, even though he understands (in theory) protecting oneself.

"That we have." The ringleader chuckles as he pulls a hand back to throw a punch at the immobiles Cid. "And if you got a mutie protectin' ya, then you're no better than they are. And even if we can't hurt YOU." He says this to Kaji, "We can sure beat the shit out of Ay-mish boy before you can stop us."

The other two begin runnings towards Kaji, over the bleachers. The one with the bit of chain just wraps it around his fist, while the other comes wielding his pipe. Of course, Kaji's speed is much greater than their own.

Kaji growls loudly as he leaps backwards onto the metal railing and presses off of it; with enough strength to leap over the two running for him. He's going right for the leader as he aims to either grab the fist before he throws it or to throw his hand in the way of the punch when he lands.

The hand barely catches the punch before it hit's Cid's face. Of course, Cid is shaken. "I tell thee, turn the other cheek and leave. Before things get worse. I have done nothing to thee, except ask for my notes and letters." Not that the jock can understand them, being in german. He doesn't say Kaji's name, but tries to turn to the side. "Thank ye."

The jock with the trapped hand growls at Kaji, though it's not nearly as intimidating. "Aww shit. Am I gonna be a mutie now, since I touched one?" He asks, dropping Cid to the ground. The other two come up from behind, attempting to slug him from the rear in their own ways.

Kaji flicks his eyes to the side as he then looks back at the jock who's in Kaji's grasp. "If only that were the case." He grips tighter and spin on a foot; lifting up the jock off of his feet to spin him into the other two. His other hand reaching up to grab at the same arm to help with it.

Cid gasps as he witnesses the action around him. But there's another sound of maniacal laughter as something leaps out of him and ducks under the bleachers. Nothing seems to be happening yet. "Please, do not get yourself injured on my account." He says to Kaji, but moves to get out of his way.

The grabbed and spun jock does indeed bowl the other two over. However, they ARE used to regular head injury in football games. Gotta clunk'em a little harder than that. The one with the pipe gets up first, aiming to slam it down quickly, while the other two are still rising.

Kaji's hands leave the arm quickly as his training comes into play at the moment. His hands come up; catching the pipe between both hands before he presses hard and pulls it down to the left; aiming to yank it out of the jock's hands. It's hard to go against a guy who can probably bench three times what these jocks weigh. At least double.

Though it didn't seem to be happening at first, or rather, nothing visible was, the laughter has continued. And now, the bleachers are beginning to shiver and shake. While they're distracted, Cid grabs his notebook out of the one guy's pants and moves down to the ground.

The pipe is easily grabbed and tossed to the side and under the bleachers. As it's thrown, there's a menacing clang as another huge vibration travels through the entire set. The black-haired jock curses under his breath. "This shit feels like it's gonna fall." He says, trying to get up, but remaining tangled in the chain-holding jock for the moment. The one that was weilding the pipe glares and attempts a punch in response. He's too irritated to notice what's going on.

Kaji, on the other hand, does notice the vibrations and he looks back at the jock; leaning to the side as a palm comes up to deflect the punch. "Have a nice fall," muttered Kaji as his brings his other palm to slam into the jock's chest; to make him fall back down onto the other two.

The jocks go stumbling into each other again as the bleachers begin to fall down. Fortunately, it's a slow fall and easy enough to get away from, though the lurching is going to cause a lot of stumbling for the jocks involved. "Come. Let us get away from these." Cid says, biting his lip in a tentative smile at Kaji.

The jocks are still awake, but they'r emore interested in keeping themselves whole than continuing their Aymish vendetta.

Kaji looks down at the jocks as he hops down onto the ground; moving quickly to the spot where he had forsaken his shirts and backpack. A few seconds later, Kaji walks out as a human; glancing up at the bleachers where the jocks lay, pulling his shirt down. He glances over at Cid and smiles, "Well, that was entertaining."

"Thank you." Cid says quickly moving to give a hug to the shifter. "Really. I didn't know what to do." He's obviously NOT a fighter, but apparently, his powers have ideas of their own. He doesn't really know what else to say, being so unused to this sort of thing.

Kaji hoists his backpack up onto a shoulder, using his free arm to hug Cid as he smiles, "You're welcome. And my master would be furious if he saw that." He let out a small laugh before he ruffled Cid's hair. "And what was with that gremlin that hopped off of you."

"I really have no idea. They just… acted. Without me knowing they were doing it. The first one got the chain, and the second got the bleachers… I think." Cid says, smiling at the response, though not knowing why. "What would he be mad about? Them?"

Kaji shakes his head. "I leaped into that without thinking for the first part of it. Then I went back into my training. But .. meh." He shrugs softly before he looks back down at Cid and says, "Well, whatever they were. They were looking out for the both of us."

"Aye." Cid nods as he looks back. They're just now trying to figure out what happened. "I don't know why they started it. Unless they were just looking for problems. I… I fear I probably would have been thrashed rather soundly had you not come along." He reaches up to run a hand through the purple hair with a grin. "I really don't know how to thank you properly."

Kaji shakes his head with a laugh. "Some people can't accept people who're different. Thankfully I should a bit different as a wolf than I do as a human… I think." He shrugs once more as he says, "Thanking me? You don't have to." He let out a soft laugh before he put a hand to his stomach. "Though dinner might be good."

"Oooh, that, I can do!" Cid nods quickly. "What are you in the mood for?" He asks, looking up and offering a quick smile. Of course, those eyes almost got blackened a few minutes ago, but didn't thanks to the shifter.

Kaji shrugs once more. "I dunno. What're you in the mood for." THe mutant starts to walk a bit faster though, to get away from the bleachers and out of sight of the jocks so they'd be at least a bit safer. He looks down at Cid and smiles back at him, happy at least Cid wasn't hurt.

"I can eat just about anything. I haven't found anything I don't like, yet. Though, I still occasionally have my cravings for the foods my mother made." Cid chuckles, beaming as they go along. "It's your call. Completely."

Kaji hms a bit, looking up at the sky for a moment before he looks back at Cid. "What's your take on seafood?" He grins a bit and then says, "It's been a while since I had that kind of treat."

"Well, I've had a few things. Not a whole lot, yet." Cid offers. "Still a little new to a lot of things. Back home, we just had catfish, because it was so plentiful in the streams. I've caught a few, scaled a few, and cooked a few." He admits. Hey, he's more self-sufficient than a lot of New Yorkers.

Kaji raises his eyebrows at that and he says, "WEll now. Guess you do know a few tricks that you can't learn in the city." He smiles softly and nods. "Then I suggest we have some catfish. Never had any before, and I can't say that it's hard for me not to like fish."

"Well, I could actually…" Cid starts and then snickers. "I don't know where there's a good place for it around here." He blushes. "New Yorkers have such different tastes in food. It's all good, though. I admit, I like trying everything."

Kaji quirks a brow with a grin. "You could what. And there's a market near the apartments. Though I'm not sure they'd have catfish. I think they're more of a general one." He hms a bit, trying to think.

"Well, I'm sure that most light fish might work the same way for cooking." Cid says, pondering things. "If we find some, I can cook it up. It's really not hard. I have most of the things at home already." Of course, he doesn't yet realize that he can change thing into other forms yet. "If… you'd like." He offers, bashfully again.

Kaji laughs. "Alright then. Let's go on a walk then, shall we? My classes are over for today and I have most of the night free. How about yourself?" That and walking home along is as boring as watching paint dry.

"I don't have anything else to do. I was just writing notes before I forgot them. Of course, nobody else can read my notes around here, anyway." Cid tugs the pad out of his back pocket. "It's all in Mudertongue."

Kaji lets out a soft ah before he nods. "That's always a good idea. Shame I can't do that, though most of my notes are pictures instead of works. Gotta love art." He let out a soft laugh as he looks back down at Cid. "By the way, did you ever get that letter written to your parents?"

"I did." Cid nods quickly. "But I'm always planning more. THough, there are certain things I must not mention, of course. Because some things are not for the eyes and ears of the Amish." He nods succinctly as he walks along. "Though, I'm sure she'll be happy that I have something in common with her after all."

Kaji laughs. "Like how one of your schoolmates is a mutant?" He chuckles a bit and looks back ahead. "We better hurry if we want to get the bus in time, Cid." His pace picks up a bit before he looks back him.

"No, I don't think that would bother them. After all, Mutants are simply natural Hexenmeisters. But, I don't think she'd want to know of some of my confusion." Cid says, shaking his head and picking up his pace as well.

Kaji laughs a bit at the confusion part as he says, "I'm guessing that's true. Don't want to disclose almost everything to your mother." He readjusts his backpack on his shoulder before he looks back down at Cid.

"Well, there are certain things beginning to… certain things I'm starting to feel about myself that I don't truly understand, and… would forbid me from ever talking to them again." Cid offers, shrugging. All Cid was carrying for now was his notepad.

Kaji nods a bit. "I wouldn't discuss most thing with my parents that I've been experiencing out here. Specially since I know that my mom would become very protective." He let out a soft laugh and put his free hand into his pocket. "Being an only child kinda has it's perks. Yet its downfalls."

"Exactly. Well, lets get to the bus and go get something to eat. Then we can talk about things. We need to hurry if we're going to get there in time." Cid laughs, scratching the back of his head. After all, fresh fish markets don't stay open very late.

Kaji nods. "Good thinking." He looks around, spotting the bus stop a bit of a ways away before he grins. "I'll have the bus wait for ya if ya can't keep up." A soft grin before the mutant take off running across campus to the bus stop.

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