2012-12-28: My Little Pony And Yoga


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Summary: Jill and Nicholas exchange Christmas presents and Sophie returns from Mutant Town.

Date: December 28, 2012

Log Title: My Little Pony and Yoga

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Ramsey Dormitories - Jill and Sophie's Room

The door opens up to a small hallway with a bathroom on one side and a closet on the other side, similar to a hotel room. The bathroom has a sink with a mirror behind it and counter space on either side, a toilet and a large standing shower against the far wall. The closet has a sliding door for and is extra storage space to be shared. Past the hallway the room has one window in the middle of the far wall to let in light. The walls match the hallway with wood panel four feet up and meeting with tan walls to the ceiling. On each of the walls is a wooden loft bed with a desk and chair that takes up two thirds of the space under the bed. The other third is for a row of drawers and a set of shelves at the foot of the bed.

Against the wall next to the bed is a shelf to serve as end table with a lamp. A second set of narrow drawers sits against the wall across from the foot of the bed and a long set of drawers to be shared sits against the wall separating the room and the bathroom.

The room is half empty, or at least, only half-occupied. One bed is clearly inhabited, on its recessed desk are a little white netbook (new), a little black handheld gaming system (new), and a battered and abused heavy Braille bible (obviously not new, but carefully cleaned). The walls are all freshly painted, not wet but still curing. Two framed Alphonse Mucha prints have been nailed up, a discount from the previous four seasons to only two. Winter and Summer were lost.

"No, Nana," Jill says idly, leaning against the window frame and peering outside at the evening sky. Her phone is cradled against her shoulder to leave her hand free to fidget. "No, I think the protests absolutely had an effect and I'm glad you had fun. I don't listen to NPR, Nana. Really? How'd the interview go? Mm-hmm." Jill turns a hand over, eyeing her fingernails and beginning to chew on one. They should all have been chewed to the quick, but vampiric regeneration has some unexpected benefits. "Of course I didn't go, I was wanted by the police at the time. No, I don't think it would have been empowering, Nana! I don't need empowerment. I'm empowered enough!" The girl rolls her ruby red eyes in long-suffering exasperation.

Since Nick did all his Christmas shopping online, after the holiday, he's a bit late on delivering his Christmas gifts to everyone. Besides, he's also not the cheerful and celebrating type around the holiday. But here he is now with an unwrapped cardboard box in under his arm, knocking softly with the other hand. "Hey Jill, it's Nick."

The door to the room is neither locked nor fully closed. Jill sweeps away from the window and nudges it open with her foot, distractedly waving at Nick to come on in and that she'll be with him in just a minute. "I don't know if I want to," she says into the phone pinned between her cheek and shoulder, backing into the room to let Nick follow her in. "I mean, I'm not *really* a mutant anymore, y'know? And what exactly is 'emotional compensation' anyway?" A pause before her eyebrows shoot up. "Really? That's a lot of money." The expression slackens a bit with a dose of reality based information from the other side of the conversation. "Oh, so not necessarily." Jill puts a palm over the handset and turns to finally beam a smile at Nick and wave for him to sit down at her desk. The computer is already on, logged into Facebook.

Nicholas takes a few steps into the room, shutting the door behind him. He looks around the room trying to figure out where to sit down but not really finding a good spot, mainly because he doesn't want to put his box down and can't find a good spot. He nods once to Jill as if to say 'take your time'. He doesn't usually like listening in on people's phone conversations so it's a bit awkward for him since he can't hear it. Instead his eyes dart around the room while he waits.

The room looks like it's only been recently moved into, which strictly speaking is true. Jill's bed's shelves are more sparse than her old bookshelves, many of the volumes having been damaged and not truly worth the bother of replacing. The other bed is completely bare, not even sheets on the mattress. "Well, I don't know," the girl says into the phone, patience clearly stretching thin. "You're the one with all the friends in the ACLU. Ask *them* what I should do." Jill shoots an apologetic look to Nick. "Listen Nana, I'll talk to you later, okay? I've got some friends over." After a hushed and slightly embarrassed 'I love you too', Jill plops the phone into her pocket and exhales. "You can pull up the other computer chair," she offers before tilting her head to the side. "What's in the box?"

"Your Christmas present. I hope you're Nana is doing well." Nicholas says smiling now that Jill's off the phone. "I know it's late but..you know with everything that's going on. Leaving the place isn't exactly an option for me." He says shrugging. "I hope you like it, I figured it'd be something useful with the old dorms being destroyed."

"Yeah, she's fine, being all politcal activist and lovin' it." Jill's face brightens and a smile blossoms. "Aww, Nick," she coos and comes up closer to put a hand on his upper arm. "You didn't have to do that. I don't care if it's late, it's still sweet of you." She goes up on tiptoes to give the boy a quick kiss on the cheek. "Hang on, let me get yours then we can open 'em together." From the bottom of the closet comes a box wrapped in black paper with brightly colored Christmas ornaments printed on it, all tied with a ribbon in a bright, familiar shade of blue. "Merry Christmas. There's a bit more, but I didn't know how to wrap it. Just act surprised anyway, okay?"

"Sorry, I didn't wrap mine." Nicholas says as he takes the wrapped box from her. He turns his head so he can also give Jill a kiss on the cheek. "Thanks. And I don't know what you're talking about so it's going to be easy to act surprised. There won't be any acting about it probably." He starts to open his present and sees the book on yoga and the jade Buddha. "Is this you suggesting I should start meditating?" He says grinning. He doesn't really know much about yoga.

"It's kind of selfish, but I want you to try it with me. It's really therapeutic, physically and mentally! I mean, you don't have to if it turns out you don't like it, but I think it's worth trying. The little Buddha's just for inspiration, but if you look in the book, you can see he's in the meditation pose. The Dhyana Mudra." Jill demonstrates, folding her hands just so, flat with palms up, one on top of the other. "Ooh, that's right. I forgot the other thing." A quick return trip to the closet turns up a rubbery, slightly squishy floormat rolled into a tight tube. It's in a manly navy blue. "And a yoga mat too," she explains, handing it over. The vampire can barely suppress a squee as she pulls open the flaps of her own present. "Ohmygosh!" She truly does squee, drawing out a full bed set of My Little Pony sheets, comforter, and fleece blanket, a positive explosion of pink and purple girliness. "I love them!"

Nicholas looks at the yoga mat and smiles at Jill. "Thanks, so..couples yoga huh?" He's trying his best to hide the fact that this isn't up his alley at all. "Actually I used to know some meditation tricks. When my powers first developed, Ms. Zimmer….her and her husband ran the gas station, car repair, food market in town. She helped me figure out how to control my powers through it. That's how Kirsten and I became friends, it was her Mom who helped." He feels a bit weird mentioning his old girlfriend around Jill. His grin grows even brighter at Jill's enthusiasm at the gifts he got her. "Good, I'm glad. I figured with the dorms getting blown up, having something that makes the room as un-hotelish as possible is always a good thing."

"You'll enjoy it," Jill promises in that hopeful sort of way. Putting the bedding up onto her bunk, she draws out the computer chair and plops into it. "There's a lot of lying down, so it's not like it's hard work. And see? So you already know it helps. Luke Skywalker meditated all the time." At mention of the room, she leans back slightly and looks displeased at the mostly bare walls. "I know. I need more posters or somethin'. Maybe a rug, y'think?"

Nicholas can't help but laugh at that. "Okay okay, if Luke Skywalker did it, it must be cool." He's not being rude when he says it though, since the reference does work. "Posters and a rug always works. I am not looking forward to having to rebuy everything…again. I have the coat Shane made me and a few DVDs but not much else survived. It feels like it's going to be a long time before all this crap is truly over."

"Stuff is just stuff. As long as you *can* rebuy it, it's not such a big loss, right?" Jill gives her hair a little toss. "I mean, not that you still shouldn't be pissed or anything. It's a huge pain in the butt." She opens her mouth to say something else but stops, getting a faraway look as her eyes wander to the room's door. She sniffs the air, nostrils flaring. "I think-" she starts to say, but a knock sounds and interrupts her. "Huh." The girl seems surprised that she was apparently right, levering herself out of the computer chair and tottering toward the door. "I'll get it."

"Well it's not as bad this time since a year really isn't too much to get attached to things. It just is annoying having to go through it all again. And this time my face has been plastered all over the media as a mutant terrorist then not a mutant terrorist, I know I'm going to get too much unwanted attention." Nicholas says shrugging. "Though on a good note, no more cast on my leg or bruised ribs." He gives grin that turns to a look with brows furrowed. "Huh?"

When Jill opens the door, standing on the other side of it is on Sophie DeCosta. The blind girl looks… gaunt, for lack of a better word; she has certainly lost weight, leaving her cheek bones more emphasized than they were before. She's wearing clothes that look to be in need of a wash, or perhaps replacement might be better; and she seems to be entirely lacking in a cane (she left with her spare one, but it seems she isn't returning with it.) Seconds after the door opens, however, she straightens, and manages an upward turn of the lips. "Hello, Jill," she murmurs, in a tired sounding tone of voice.

Jill is just about to joke, "Man, I'm popular today." but the words fade out after only "I'm". She freezes. "Oh my God," she says in a breathless whisper. After that she's less restrained. "Sophie!" All but throwing herself at the blind girl, Jill wraps her arms around Sophie in a desperate hug. "You're back! You're okay!" Though using a looser definition of 'okay', the sentiment is there. The vampire girl squeezes with perhaps just a little too much strength. There's a pause in the pressure and Jill stiffens a bit. "Ow. And you're wearing a cross." Jill doesn't let go, though. "And… you kinda smell."

Nicholas stands up as Sophie enters the room and gives a wave. "Hey there Sophie, good to see you back. Hope things weren't to horrible in Mutant Town for you." He says trying not to state the obvious about showering or clothes or anything. "You're going to have to get used to new dorms and room layouts, things kind of got…destroyed while you were gone."

Sophie oomphs upon being siezed by Jill, and after a moment, puts her arms up around the vampire's back. "Si, I am back," she replies, as she gives her roommate a light squeeze. "Doing things like… washing your clothes became a luxury we couldn't always afford," she admits, as her cheeks turn a light red. "Hello, Nicholas," she adds, still standing in Jill's embrace. "I… I hope both of you have been well, the last while? Did you have a good Christmas?" She swallows audibly, and sucks in a deep breath. "I'm sorry I've been gone for so long," she mumbles.

Reluctantly, it seems, Jill loosens her grip and takes Sophie's hand to guide her into the unfamiliar territory of their new room. "I'll show you around. Bathroom left, closet right," She navigates aloud, brushing a hand on each of the doors as they pass them. "Bed is over here, let met get you a chair." So saying, she pulls out the empty loft bed's computer chair and situates it where Sophie can find it. "It's been… um… interesting. Our old closet kind of got exploded, so most of your clothes are gone. Mine too. But I can get you something to wear, if you wanna use the shower?" Jill is briefly afraid she's being too insistent about bathing. "I mean, later, if you want to."

"Yeah a lot of people lost a lot of stuff. Shane lost all her clothes, she was pretty upset by it but she's been doing a lot of sewing instead. I'm glad she got to go home for the holiday though." Nicholas says moving to sit on the floor so the two girls can sit in their desk/computer chairs. "Don't be sorry about being gone Sophie, just be glad you're home. And my Christmas was…well I tried to hide from it. It worked pretty well."

The blind girl listens carefully to the information about what's where, and when a chair is offered, she takes it gratefully. "Thank you," she whispers. "I'll have a shower in a few minutes, Jill." She pauses, and clasps her hands over her lap, and bobs her head. "I am glad to hear that Shane is managing." She pauses, and glances in Nick's direction. "I /am/ glad to be home, it is such a relief you have no idea. And…" She pauses, and bows her head. "Jill, I am very sorry for leaving as I did. I just… it was something I *had* to do, and I was afraid you would talk me out of it, si? I was so scared already, it… it would have been easy, I think."

Coming up behind Sophie, Jill rests her hands on the blind girl's shoulders and gives them a far more gentle squeeze. "I certainly woulda *tried* to talk you out of it," the vampire admits. Her mouth twists, looking vaguely troubled. "How… how was it? In there? Were you able to… y'know… do what you wanted to do?" She chews on her bottom lip, glancing around the room and trying to catch Nick's eye. Pointing, up at her own bed. Mouthing a word over and over. Blanket.

Nicholas nods to Jill and grabs the blanket off of her bed and hands it to Jill so that she can drape it over Sophie. "Oh I think I have a vague idea what it's like to return home after a horrible ordeal." He says with a slight shrug before leaning against one of the beds. "You did what you thought was important Sophie, you don't have to feel bad about it."

Sophie opens her mouth, and then shuts it again. "Si, you do," she murmurs, blushing heatedly. "I did not mean to imply otherwise." She pauses, and sucks in a deep breath. "I would honestly have preferred to be kidnapped by Count Dracula a second time," she murmurs. "He at least treated us with respect, si? In Mutant Town they made no pretense. They treated us as animals… they took away my cane, and my rosary. To them I was just 'Solar Radiation Absorption, Regenerative Emission, Coherent Thermal Projection, Potential Lethal Threat,' and nothing more." She pauses, and bobs her head. "I spent most of my time either healing people at the Embassy, or recharging my powers," she murmurs. "I have never worked so hard in my life. Nor have I ever been so afraid in my life. …They tried to kill Rashmi while she was standing right beside me."

Jill takes the blanket and gently shakes it out to make some noise before sliding it over Sophie's feet and legs. Briefly she looks at Nick with concerned eyes. They've all been through horrible ordeals. "You're home now," she soothes in a soft motherly tone, pulling at the blanket to raise it higher. "And… and some of your stuff didn't even get destroyed. So that's good too, right? I found your Bible afterwards. Some of the pages were all kinda bent up, and I tried to straighten them, then I thought about using a warm iron but ironing the pages of a book in Braille probably woulda been dumb." As she talks, she fetches the book from her own desk, guiding one of Sophie's hands to be ready to receive it.

For the most part Nicholas stays quiet, just listening to the two girls. "She came to see me…Rashmi that is. Talk about what happened and such. I guess it's good to see she's doing okay since I'm assuming they tried to kill her before everything went down in Mutant Town."

Sophie bobs her head, "Si, she was shot by a sniper just after they hit us with grenades to destroy everything electronic," she replies. "Fortunately Travis and I were there to heal her. I—" Sophie stops as her Bible is put back in her hands, and she gasps softly, hugging the weighty tome to her chest. "Oh! Jill, thank you, this means a great deal to me, thank you! And… si, ironing hte pages might not have helped." She smiles pleasantly, though the expression only lasts for a few moments. "It is not my stuff I was truely concerned about, but my friends. …We had to fight Sentinels to get out. I was there… it was *war*. Or at least it may as well have been. I don't know how many, but I know people were killed."

"We had to deal with Sentinels too." Jill neglects to mention that she wasn't involved in that fight, being underground in the med bay at the time. And truth be told, she probably would have just run away. Her combat record is less than stellar. "I was… worried one of them might have been you. Or Rashmi. Or somebody else I knew." The vampire looks ashamed at the admission that she would have cared less if a stranger had died.

"That's what destroyed a good chunk of the school, these human looking Sentinels. They were pretty rough, most of us fighting them were injured. I don' think I've ever seen the medbay so full. Though if you were one of the injured you were lucky in that you got to sleep in a bed and not a cot." Nicholas says frowning a bit. "At least it looks like it's coming near an end and at least you're out of Mutant Town now Sophie."

Sophie sighs heavily, "I don't know if it's near an end just yet," she murmurs. "Just because the Church of Humanity has lost a battle does not mean they will give up the war, I think." She lowers her Bible back down to her lap, and keeps her hands rested atop it, and the blanket Jill has draped over her. "I've gotten so used to being afraid I'm not sure how to stop," she admits. "I haven't been able to stop worrying about my friends, about Hosea, about… about even the people I know in Spain. Is that silly?" She reaches up to dab at her eyes, through her blindfold. "It is very good to be back. And it is very good to hear both of you again. I have missed you."

Jill's fingertips trail off Sophie's shoulders as she moves over to Nick and takes up his hand instead, squeezing it reassuringly. "It's safe here," the vampire assures both Sophie *and* Nick, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Maybe if she belives it enough, it'll be true. "So you don't have to worry or be afraid. Not now. We were worried about you, too. The Sentinels even had the airspace over Mutant Town under lock and key. I couldn't just fly in to see anybody." More shame and regret over something Jill had no control over.

Nicholas squeezes Jill's hand in return and smiles at her reassuringly. "No it's not silly, when in a life or death situation you tend to just think about everything. Especially when you have time to reflect. I constantly think of my friends and people I know back home." He says continuing to hold onto Jill's hand. "And Jill, this is the only place I feel really safe much anymore so, she's right Sophie. It's safe here."

Sophie bobs her head once. "I know," she murmurs. "The teachers here would not let anything happen to us. Since I've discovered my powers it *is* the only place I've truely felt… safe." She drops her fingertips down to the top of her Bible, and sucks in a deep breath. "I can't believe it is over, yet. I wish I could see, so I could… see the room, and not keep imagining purifiers and sentinels." She pauses, shifting her arms to hug about herself, and sighs softly. "I may cry," she warns, quietly.

"It's not much to look at yet," Jill admits, frowning at the room and how barren it still seems. They were just talking about it, even. "But… it's really nice. It has wood panelling, so you could feel it." The blonde vampire glances aside to Nick for support as Sophie delivers her warning. "Oh, honey, don't cry. You're gonna make me do it too." Truth, as she seems to be trying to fight them back already.

Nicholas stands up and looks at the two girls. "Um…I think I'm gonna get going, let you two talk. I'm not sure how helpful I can be right now." He says grabbing his Christmas gifts from Jill. He gives Sophie a hug then gives a hug and quick kiss to Jill. "I'll be in my room if you need anything and Sophie, it's okay to cry." He knows he's done enough of it. "Glad you're home."

Sophie clasps the blanket and Bible to herself as she stands up, just in time to receive a hug from Nicholas; she clasps her free arm around him, returning the gesture. "Thank you," she whispers. "Thank you, Nicholas, that means a lot to me." She steps back again, and pats in the air until she finds her bunk, upon which she reverently sets her Bible. "Jill, thank you for not… not being angry," she murmurs. "I was worried that leaving you the note might have hurt you. I… I am grateful that you understand, si?"

A faint pink blush rises in Jill's cheeks at Nick's quick and fleeting kiss, even if the only person who saw was Sophie. She flaps a hand after the boy's already left the room, reminding him before the door can close, "Don't forget to read the book!" It's not goodnight yet, since they'll probably speak again on their computers anyway. When her boyfriend has successfully escaped the awkward atmosphere of teenage girls crying and "having feelings", Jill draws a deep breath and manages to force herself not to cry. For now. "Here," she offers, moving slowly up to Sophie. "You can use my bed tonight. It's already made up and everything, and I just got some new sheets so I can use those on the empty… I mean, on *your* bed." It's taking her a while to sort out how she wants to answer the original question, and is deflecting to buy some time.

"Alright," Sophie murmurs, once Nicholas has left and the offer of a bed-trade has been made. She pauses, and ohs softly. "I'll move my Bible," she murmurs, feeling for the book and holding it while she uses her free hand to feel about, finding somewhere suitable to put it that isn't bed-related. "It didn't… hurt you to hold it, did it? I know crucifixes bother you," she adds. "I…" She trails off, and turns to face Jill. Her cheeks glisten now, with twin trails of moisture and a couple of small damp spots on her blindfold. "I've missed you," she whispers.

"No, it doesn't burn or anything," Jill answers slowly and without looking up from opening the package on her new sheets to start preparing the empty bed. If only Sophie could see them, she would be jealous. The vampire girl's focus starts to slip when she notices her roommate crying. It's enough to put a crack in the dam holding back her own tears. Gently, she brushes a finger across Sophie's cheek to wipe away a tear. Her voice a little choked, she replies, "I missed you too, you idiot. I wasn't angry, not really. I was surprised, and worried, and scared, and… and I really hoped you knew what you were doing." Jill swallows, looking up toward the ceiling in a vain attempt to keep tears from rolling down her own cheeks. "And I covered for you. A little bit. I lied about the note and gave you a headstart. Maybe if I hadn't, the teachers would've found you before you got there. I still don't know if I did the wrong thing for the right reasons or what."

Sophie takes the words almost as if she's been physically struck, at least some of it; her own armor breaks down further, and she steps forwards, throwing her arms around Jill. "I never… meant for you to lie for me," she replies, "And I don't… don't think I ever really knew what I was doing, I just… trusted in God not to lead me astray. I…" She pauses, sucking in a deep breath, "I had to go. I had to go, I couldn't… couldn't live with myself if I didn't go." She sighs softly, and slowly lets her hands drops back to her sides. "Did… did my cane survive the destruction of the old dorm? I have been without one since the purifiers took my spare."

Jill waffles, her expression uncertain as Sophie loops her arms around her. "Well… it wasn't a big lie or anything." The vampire sniffs, hugging back and sighing a soft room-temperature breath into Sophie's shoulder before they slip apart again. "I'm sorry, I know… that… umm…" Words are difficult and slow in the finding. Again she is visibly relieved to have the subject slightly changed as she goes to the room's shared closet. "There was a box with a dress in it. The one you wore home from Dracula's castle. It got dirty, the box did, but the dress is like… amazingly fine. Aaaaand-" Jill stretches the word out to give her a fraction of a second more to search. "This." Snap goes a familiar sound of a telescoped cane extending. Tap tap tap goes a cane on the floor. Jill carefully takes the blind girl's hand and passes it over. It is a little scratched, which can be felt, but is otherwise functional. "Tada."

"Oh! Thank you!" Sophie gratefully clasps the cane with both hands, ebfore sweeping it in a circle around herself. "I always feel a little less… in the dark, when I have my cane, I suppose? It is hard to explain." She reaches up to dab her fingers over her cheeks; she still looks like she's holding back full-blown sobbing, but the dam is holding, at least for the moment. "It is good to hear that the dress is fine, too. …Did any of my other clothes survive, or… just… that?" She reaches up to scratch the back of her head lightly. "Honestly, it could all have gone, and even though I would be for the loss of them… It would not dminish my joy that my *friends* are alright."

"Umm…" Jill sounds embarrassed, folding her hands tightly behind her back. "I'm sorry. Really, that's about all that survived. My old fish tank, the beds, the closet… all trashed. Some of my clothes were in the laundry room, so I mean… we're about the same size," she hints. Or they were before Sophie apparently went on a mandatory starvation diet. "I know we never really traded clothes before, but if you don't mind wearing t-shirts and jeans? It's all clean. Some of it's still got the tags on. There's even some underwear still in the packaging." Slowly she pads up touches Soph on the shoulder. "We're glad *you're* alright too. I was scared for you and there wasn't really anythin' I could do."

Sophie smiles softly, "Si, if you do not mind me borrowing some of your clothes, then… well, then I won't have to keep wearing this," she replies, indicating the rather not-washed set of clothes she's currently clad in. "Jill… if anything *had* happened to me, my soul would have gone into God's keeping, si? I believe this. I *know* this. I would not be anywhere but Heaven. But… I am exceedingly glad, not to be there yet, si?" She reaches up to rest one hand on Jill's, over her shoulder. "If I ever feel… called upon, again, I will try to speak to you about it… better, si?" She lets her cane dangle by the loop around her wrists as she scratches the back of her head lightly. "I am sorry about your fish," she adds. "Is the school doing anything to help people who lost possessions?"

"I am exceedingly glad you're not there too," replies Jill with a smile. "I don't know if they let vampires into Heaven or not, so I didn't wanna risk not seein' you again. And I'd appreciate a quick word before you answer your calling again." It's lighthearted, almost joking, but a soft telltale sniffle lets the blind girl know her roommate is still on shaky emotional ground. "It's okay, I didn't have any fish. It used to be my old bed, remember? I was just… keeping it around. Dunno why." She nods, a useless gesture. "They gave out clothes and little Playstation handheld things to keep people entertained. Food and a place to sleep were the real problems for a while. Especially for me, y'know? But yeah, the school's going through, trying to replace as much as they can. I got a new computer already. Other stuff would be nice but I don't need it to live or anything." Not nearly as much as she needs the internet to live.

Sophie's brow furrows, "Well, then… perhaps it is a good opportunity for me to get new clothes, si?" She manages to smile, and shifts her arms to clasp her hands behind her back. "Nicholas, he told me that I dress like a grandmother. Truely, I did not think so, but he assures me it is the truth. Perhaps I can try soemthing new?" She shrugs her shoulders lightly. "Jill… I do not think that Heaven is a matter or human or vampire; I think it is a question of purity of the soul, and right action. I know that you will enter, si?"

"Maybe your wardrobe could stand a little jazzing up," Jill agrees with delicate diplomacy, starting to pull the bright pink and purple sheets that Nick gave her onto the empty mattress. "Let's not start an actual theological debate about salvation right now, okay? I went to Catholic school. I know generally how the arguments go." Though the bed is only half-made (and the fitted sheet looks a little wonky), Jill pauses. "Why don't I show you the bathroom and go get you something to eat? There's a little kitchen area with a microwave and a fridge and stuff. That's one thing I'm really glad they added in the rebuild. And private bathrooms. Oh." She gives a comedic shiver of ecstasy. "No more shower sandals."

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