GEM #2 'Najji'
Portrayed By Jon Cossu
Gender Male
Date of Birth February 6th 2080
Age 18
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Aliases GEM #3, Najji
Place of Birth A government lab in the future
Current Location New York
Occupation Former soldier, currently none
Known Relatives GEMs #1, #3, #4, #5
Significant Other None
Identity Secret
Known Abilities GEM enhancements, Force Sheath and Constructs
First Appearance ???

Travelling back in time to rescue a lost brother, Najji strives to deal with the 21st century while protecting his siblings and trying to recover his memories.


As a part of the GEM program, #2 was raised to be a soldier and protector to the other GEM units. It was determined fairly early that the cadre needed a close-in fighter and person who could engage the enemy while leaving his siblings free to attack from stealth or range or mentally. That idea that his life was about the dual roles of protector and combatant was largely what shaped GEM #2's mind as he was being raised and trained.

GEM #2's creators had the same problem with him that would-be warlords have had for centuries. How do you train somebody to a killing machine but at the same time install in them a sense of loyalty and discipline? Especially in the case of a test subject who seemed to have a natural inclination towards being headstrong? In the end, they decided to kill two birds with one stone and assigned GEM #2 a person who acted as both mentor and primary trainer in hand to hand skills.

The man that GEM #2 knew as 'Sargent' and later 'Saul' literally reshaped his mind, perhaps in ways that those in charge of the program would have disallowed had they known of it. A retired special forces trainer, Sargent set about molding the child in front of him the way he would mold a new recruit with potential. With a lot of work, nearly mind-breaking stress and the occasional reward, such as giving him a name. Najji, Egyptian for 'second son'. The program worked and after initial resistance, Najji fell into line and discovered that he not only wanted to do well for his mentor but that he had a genuine passion and talent for his role. Under this one on one tutelage that was largely absent from his sibling's lives, the boy became a fearsomely skilled combatant (especially after his mutant powers manifested) and was installed with a warrior's code by the old soldier. Which is probably why he picked 'Buffalo Soldier' as a musical trigger that would shut down Najji's aggression and put him in a semi-hypnotic state that would prepare him for commands from the control personnel or GEM #1.

This was Saul's last chance to 'do it right', pass along the values of restraint, pride in one's skills, joy in the purity of self-discipline and the action and reaction of bodies in motion, but at the core of it, always a quiet soul. Never killing in anger, never letting fear rule. Just doing what needs to be done to protect and defend. In Najji's case, that protection was for his siblings. Which was why when GEM #4 recruited him to rescue their fallen brother, #3, he agreed instantly. It might not be regulation but it was what he was created to do.

When they traversed the portal back in time, most of Najji's memories were made unclear. He remembers his function. He remembers his siblings, including the fact that one of them is lost. He still has his combat and power-use skills but he finds the world of the early 21st century wildly unsettling. But everything else is blurred. Still, as long as he has his siblings, he has an anchor of sorts. Something to focus on and finding '#3' is a strong goal for him, as is reporting back to '#1'.


Najji was trained to have an almost zen-like quality of stillness and meditation when not in battle. Someone with his abilities and training could be absolutely terrifying to civilians and the research staff, but Saul made sure that the boy learned early and well that the only acceptable expressions of aggression were in training and battle. In all other things, he was to be 'like water'.

Having a strong person to person bond early in his life has left Najji a bit different than his siblings. He's invested in them as people as well as other members of the unit and his deep protective streak goes beyond getting between them and bullets. He also cares more (and from the standpoint of his designers, deeply inappropriately) about bystanders and civilians. His job, as he sees it, is to follow orders, guard his siblings and put down the enemy as quickly and efficiently as possible, using the minimum level of force he needs to get the job done. Something of a failing in a born and bred soldier.

He is deeply disturbed by the early 21st century. The chaos, noise, strife and general commotion are like being in combat all of the time and Najji is constantly on edge and alert when in public. Raised in environments where he went from stillness and order to chaos and war and the two didn't mix, he is finding it increasingly hard to find his center and be as still and placid as he believes a soldier should be.

It is also worth stressing how very loyal and steadfast he was trained to be. He follows orders from the proper chain of command by instinct and feels deeply conflicted if he feels he can't do that. Najji was trained and psychologically manipulated to be a good lieutenant and if he has the occasional flash of rebellion (like the one that brought him back in time), it is because he feels the orders are getting in the way of the mission. He is not, by inclination, a thinker or leader. His self-worth is largely tied into his function in the unit and in the skill and fidelity of his performance as judged by his superiors. Of all the GEMs, Najji is probably the most conflicted and disturbed at the idea of 'going rogue'.


  • "I said it!"


  • Najji is functionally uneducated. He is literate and has skills suitable for a soldier, but no actual grasp of or grounding in arts, sciences, music or anything else unrelated to his task.
  • His mentor/trainer in the GEM program picked his 'shut down' code in a somewhat ironic frame of mind.
  • Amazing thing!
  • Amazing thing!


Sight: GEM#2 can see with approximately double the standard clarity at distance than a normal human granting him approximately(20/10 vision. In addition, his eyes have been genetically modified to help him track motion even in lower-light conditions than a human. This isn't night vision, it just means that he's good at seeing and processing threats in his environment, even when he can barely see them. This motion sensitive vision is a blessing in combat but in non-hostile situations, he tends to be nervous and twitchy in crowds and near traffic.

Taste/Smell: While still acute enough to recognize other people by scent within ten yards or so, these senses are not as acute as some of his other siblings. In general, he uses them to supplement his sight in low-light conditions, as he can discriminate between targets by body scent. Unfortunately, this doesn't have the range to make him a good tracker. Related to scent, he has a very acute sense of taste, one that a wine critic would kill for. Strangely this acuity has left him with a serious affection for sour and tart foods and candies. It's essentially the taste equivalent of a dog sticking his nose out of the window of a moving car. A sensory blast.

Hearing: Najji's hearing is acute, allowing him to pick up even subtle noises in his environment and he's been trained to listen for things like the sound of boots scraping on concrete, weapons being prepared for use, whispering and such. His range is slightly higher and lower than a normal human, which has lead him to have an affection for music that has a lot of bass elements. He likes how It makes his head 'buzz'. Perhaps because his hearing is fairly limited compared to some of his other siblings and he's used to the loudness of combat, he's not as bothered by loud noises as some other GEMs.

Touch/Balance/Proprioception: Najji has enhanced senses of balance, touch and a very acute 'body sense'. He knows where he is in relationship with the environment (as related to him by his other senses) at all times. This enables him to have a very high level of precision and accuracy in hand to hand combat. In addition, he can touch a hand to the wall or floor to feel the vibrations caused by people talking or walking on that floor or on the other side of the wall. He won't be able to make out words or direction, only that the disturbance is there and tell the difference between similar textures and objects in complete darkness by differences that most humans can't sense.


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