2010-04-26: Nanobots Assemble


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Summary: Nazca's first day at Xaviers, Alex is less than polite.

Date: April 26, 2010

Log Title Nanobots Assemble!

Rating: R

Xavier Mansion - Professors' Wing

A red and blue carpet with a complex pattern stretches down the hall and meets with the wooden walls. Wooden doors run up and down both sides of the hallway as entrances to the staff's dorms. There is a sign on the wall when you first enter the hallway stating, "No students permitted without permission, Professors' Wing."

Nazca steps into the Professors' Wing, glancing about. Her age seems to indicate she is a student, nonetheless the girl seems to be walking in and glancing about with a touch of uncertainty. a bit of 'I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be here' bleeding into the expression upon her face. She has her hands resting behind her back as she peeks around. "Professors only, huh?" she comments lightly to herself.

Exiting the room he's been allowed to stay in, Alex has on a plain white t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans, wearing a pair of white socks. His hair's a bit messy, obviously having just woken up, and spots the young-looking girl entering the area. "Hey, kids aren't allowed up her." he idly says while heading down the hall, seemingly looking for something. "You'd think this place would have a vending machine…"

Just finishing up with his music class for the morning, Kenta is walking back to his room to relax for a bit. His accoustic guitar is on his back and there is bag in his other hand that's filled with papers and sheet music. Grading or playtime, Kenta hasn't decided what he's going to do inbetween classes. The Japanese man is wearing a pair of ripped jeans and a black sleeveless shirt and something about him screams 'rock-n-roll'. His eyes are solid black orbs and there are black tattoo looking markings all up and down his arms and chest. "Yup, Professors Only, this is where we live." Kenta replies to Nazca's rhetorical question and then he answers Alex. "Why do you need a vending machine when you can get all the food you want for free here?"

Nazca looks to Alex "Oh, it's alright. I'll be teaching here. As for vending peripherials, well I think there would be naught need of one really. There is a full kitchen, as well as staff that prepares meals for the students for when the demand has arisen, is there not? Though, I could be incorrect in my assumptions I do beleive that I heard something about a very large kitchen area.". She looks to Kenta, eyeing over the guitar. Americans with thier music, always rebelling through thier music. Then there's tattoos..this one must be really rebellious. And then there's the black orb eyes..okay, those probably aren't rebellious, he probably just cant help that. Though she finds herself staring at them. She wants to reach over and poke at one, but resists the urge.

"A vending machine's just got a certain flavor to it." Alex states with a slight shrug, then leans against the wall, staring down at the girl with a raised eyebrow. "You're teaching here? What, are you like some girl genius or something?" Pushing from the wall, he begins to walk toward her for closer inspection.

"Teacher, well I'm the music teacher here. Kenta Gilpatrick." Kenta says holding out a cold hand for Nazca to take, his body temperature much lower than most peoples due to his powers. "So I take it you're finding something interesting to stare at?" Kenta teases with a wink at Nazca. He just likes being a pain in the ass sometimes. "And we don't have a kitchen staff, we have one teacher that sometimes cooks, the cooking teacher, a few students that do but it's open for anyone who wants to cook. I mean there's always something there for the kids." He looks over at Alex and offers a hand to him as well. "Yeah, but it's not really necessary and why would they want to get someone to keep coming to a secret mutant school to refill them? It doesn't make sense."

Nazca shakes her head gently from side to side. "Not really..it's just your eyes look a might bit strange.". Her attention is torn back to Alex as she reaches out to take the hand Kenta offers. "Well, a bit of the opposite if anything really, I'm not really the smartest person by any means. Now my brothers and sisters, they went off to the best schools. They really hav…AUUUUGH!" She blinks, and looks to Kenta suddenly. "Your so cold! Are you alright? You'd better put some extra layers of clothing on.."

"So now it's a secret school? And all those kids I keep seeing with powers are mutants?" Alex looks from him, then to her, backing up a little. Mutants, he has to register that a bit. "I mean, nothing against mutants, but I'm not gonna… catch it or anything, right?"

"Well that's cause they don't look normal and I'm cold for the same reason my eyes are the way they are, Ms. New Teacher." Since Nazca didn't give her name, Kenta is calling ther that. "It's my powers, they make my body temperature colder than normal and give me all the black marks. Just the way the cookie crumbled for me." He says with a smile and shrug before turning to Alex. "Yes, you're going to catch it. By being in proximity of us you'll catch the awful and deadly mutant disease and die in the next 48-hours." Unfortunately the eye roll goes unseen. "No, you can't catch it. It's like catching blue eyes or red hair."

Nazca shakes her head gently, retracting her hand back slowly. "Oh, I didn't know. And Nazca will do..or, well, perhaps I'll have the students call me Ms. Fitzgearld? Though that makes me sound like an old hat. Maybe Miss Nazca would do?". Looking to Alex, she reaches over and pokes at Kenta in a soft 'stabby' motion in the arm. "Stop that, he's obviously not been told. Your just being mean.". She gives a smile and looks to Alex, as if he was a 5 year old. "Okay, it's alright. you can't get mutantcy from contact with people.." Much softer, barely audible is added "I'm pretty sure..". She then switches back to her normal volume "Noone is going to hurt you here..but, if you dont know about this school…well, what are you doing in the teacher's area? Someone didn't pull a funny on you, did they?"

"They've got me staying here, and I'm only allowed to go to the first floor. They're trying to see what to do with me. I've got my skin and soul merged with a robot body, so, here I am." Alex holds his arms out, as if to present himself to the audience. "And alright, as long as it's not contageous, I'm cool. But you still didn't explain why a little girl is a teacher."

To the little girl is a teacher comment, Kenta responds, "Dude, this is a school for mutants, you learn it's better just not to ask as nothing is what it seems here. And you're a guy stuck in a robot body and you're worried about catching 'mutantistis'?" Kenta says raising an eyebrow and giving an amused smile. "And Nazca, nice too meet you. I don't let the kids call me Mr. anything, I hate it. I'm just Kenta here. Some people like the Mr. or Ms, others don't. It's all preference."

Nazca hmmns. She gives a soft chuckle "Actually, I'm 33. I have a condition where my body remains ageless. I have not aged since I was 16, nor will I. It's kind of part of a whole early nanotechnology robot, mutant thing that I kind of just pretend to understand. I am accredited though. I happen to have my degree..but, just not with me.". She considers a moment. "Now that you mention it Kenta..if someone had metal arms and stuff out on the street, people would probably not take it well. It sounds like you might have just a little mutant in you..or, maybe a whole bunch..or magic..or something.". She finds herself looking up into Kenta's eyes…they're just so weird-looking! "Isn't that right, Kenta?"

"I'm definitely not a mutant, some crazy magic technology scientist did this to me." Alex is quick to point out, apparently not entirely comfortable with mutants yet, mostly due to lack of exposure and education on them. But he's looking at Kenta's eyes again, thinking. "You sure you're not a shark? I think you're a shark. You try to breathe in water yet?"

Kenta stares back at Nazca for a bit, since she's staring at his eyes, he figured he'd make it a bit uncomfortable. Eventually though, he does speak. "Ya know Nazca, there are many kids in the school who aren't as comfortable looking odd cause of a mutation. What are you gonna do when you meet a kid who has to constantly wear gloves to conceal his power, or another who looks like a Hyena? Just…I don't care if you stare, the kids, might." Kenta says trying to give her a fair enough warning. "And a shark? HA! No, if I breath underwater I drown. No, I control something called Dark Force. It's from another dimension, it's like Nazca said, I just kind of pretend to understand it." He looks back at Nazca and nods. "33? No shit. You look like you're sixteen." Not like Kenta looks his age of 31.

Nazca blinks a moment. "Um..yes…shit, indeed? Apparently I have the ability to integrate technology into my body. My father owns some mines in Africa and was playing with the idea of using Nanomachines, itty bitty little robots, to help the mining force uncover diamonds. Well, I touched them and they integrated into my body. I was 16 when it happened, and I will always be 16 because of that.". She pouts a moment. "I'll always have these little hips, and this small chest. You should see my sister, Rachele. Now she knows how to have children like a professional! She has two little ones already, you know? Oh! That's right!". She takes her attention off of Kenta to look back to Alex. "Maybe it's not so bad being a magical robot superguy? Hmm? I mean, look at the pluses..I wont get old, so I don't have to buy things like denture cream. Um..Kenta here doesn't get cold..and you, um..could probably do things like shoot lazerbeams out of your eyes? And..maybe you could fly or something? Well…that's just examples anyway.."

"Dark Force, what the hell? Are you a jedi or something?" Alex lacks some tact at times, still very used to the lessons taught by his father. Talk like you belong where ever you are and they'll respect you. But now Nazca has his attention again, and he's looking her over. "I know I can fly, accidentally at least. I can't control the things I can do at all, and I'm not even sure what I can do. But shit, thirty-three in a sixteen year old body forever. Where do I sign up for a piece of that action?"

"No, that's the Dark /side/ of the Force. This is Dark Force. It's a black energy from another dimension." Kenta says as he doesn't go into the weird details such as the ability to drain life force. "Well you're a robot now Alex, who knows, you might be stuck at that age forever." He's hoping that Alex doesn't mean 'piece of that action' in the way he thinks he does, dirty old man. "Yeah, I have a six year old myself. He's at school right now but you'll probably get to see Armande at some point. He's here with me enough." Kenta says in regards to kids, though, no wedding band on his figner. "And honestly I don't know what a professional kid-haver is like so I wouldn't know how to have 'kids like a pro'."

Nazca smiles brightly "Oh? That sounds lovely! Does he attend school here?". Looking to Alex, shaking her head "It's not as lovely as it sounds. People around you grow up, they have families. I cannot have one of my own, because I can't have children. When you look like this, people wont even consider going out with you, so it's really not as glamourous as it sounds. If you ask real nice, without any of the swears, perhaps Kenta here will show us to the kitchen, where you could have something to eat?". She looks to Kenta "Do you think that's a possibility? I don't think you have to be a Jedai, or whatever it was, to get a nice peanut butter sandwich, hmm?"

"Hey, as long as I know you're legal, I'm all over that." Alex shamelessly announces as he starts heading down the hall at the mention of the kitchen. "I've already been there, I was just hoping for a vending machine. Let's go, I think I'll eat a salad. And I probably don't age either, I've got nanobots in my skin."

Kenta raises an eyebrow at Nazca and shakes his head. "Alright, first off, you don't need to talk to someone like their tweleve. And no, my son is six, he's too young to go to school here. He's a public school in this town." He says as for some reason the way Nazca talks to Alex just grates him. "You to can go off to the kitchen, I got papers I gotta grade, not like it's much for music class but I can't procrastinate on them."

Nazca shakes her head "Actually, theres other things to worry about too. Um..I would suggest not taking on amarous adventures, especially till you know what your limits are, and what exactly you can do. You don't know at this point if you kiss someone, if you'll electrocute them or not..or maybe you do. But…well, humans and machines aren't really supposed to be compatible that way.". She looks up to Kenta, shaking her head. "Well…I haven't dealt with it very much, but when people are in situations where they just are figuring out what they are, I've read that it's best to go very easy, nice and slow.." . She begins following Alex, waving to Kenta "Can't wait to see your boy! I bet he's a real cute!"

Alex doesn't seem to mind, giving Kenta a nod as he continues walking off. "This is definitely my skin, and I'm anatomically correct, and as far as I can tell, I don't seem to have super strength, so I'm fine on the boning front." He's heading for the elevator, though waits for Nazca on his way. "I'm a cyborg, not a robot."

Nazca wags a finger at Alex for a moment. "Young man, that is not how you should be talking about such things. And just because you have the equipment does not mean you should use it. Such things should be made purposefully vague to remain tasteful and polite." She follows after, narrowing her eyes a little.

"I don't get it." Alex raises an eyebrow, looking down at her after pushing the elevator button. "I wasn't trying to be tasteful, and hell, if I thought I stood a chance with a 33 year old teacher, I might have made more of an effort. My father always said to keep your goals realistic, and someone with the body of a sixteen year old and the experience of a 30 year old is way out of the bounds of realistic."

Nazca shakes her head, and holds up a finger. "1..I do not want to hear or see you making advances like that, crude or not, towards any of the teachers or students. and 2…" she holds up a second finger "It isn't appropriate. If you need a man to talk to you about the kinds of feelings your experiencing, then I can arrange that, but there will be no talk of boning amoungst the female staff or students, do I make myself quite clear young man?"

"I'm twenty-four!" Alex defends, stepping on to the elevator to lean against the wall. "Besides, I'm getting out of here soon. Can't stand how… sanitary this place is. All the rules and no beer and it's just, man. Besides, the students mention that stuff more than I do. And I don't work here, but I do know that the teachers are hot, so what's a guy to do?"

Nazca steps into the elevator "If you are twenty-four, then you should know better. The teachers are not hot, they are respectable. Some women just happen to be a bit shaplier than others. As for leaving..well, it sounds like that is up to you. I'm not involved in that decision, but if this whole..cyborg magic thing is new to you, well, perhaps you should see what this school could offer you before you completely dismiss it."

"I wasn't supposed to stay here permanently, besides, this is a mutant school, not cyborg school. I think they're sending me somewhere." Alex steps off the elevator, then starts walking in the opposite direction of the kitchen. "Kitchen's that way, all the self-righteousness in the air made me lose my appetite."

Nazca steps off, shaking her head "Actually it might be that you need electricity instead of food. Be careful, when you kiss people and stuff, you might shock them…it's why you need to be very careful."

"I know what I need!" Alex exclaims back at her, dismissively waving her off before he turns a corner, and he's gone.

Nazca rubs at her arms gently. "I didn't know what I needed when I changed…I would have given anything for someone to help me back then.". She gives a soft sigh, as she heads towards the kitchen, letting Alex head along on his own way.

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