Natasha "Black Widow" Romanova
Natalia Alianovna Romanova
Portrayed By Scarlett Johansson
Gender Female
Date of Birth ??
Age ??
Zodiac Sign ??
Aliases Black Widow, Natasha Romanoff, Madame Natasha, Nancy Rushman, Laura Matthers, Nadine Roman, "Oktober"
Place of Birth Stalingrad, Russia
Current Location Avenger's Mansion, NY
Occupation S.H.I.E.L.D agent, Avenger
Known Relatives Alexi Shostakov (aka The Red Guardian, ex-husband), Vindiktor (brother, deceased)
Significant Other None
Identity Secret, Known to some, Many know her by an alias
Known Abilities Weapons Expert, Skilled Spy and Martial Artist
First Appearance Tales of Suspense #52

In this theater of pain, love and hate's the same,
To the Black Widow…


Natasha Romanoff was born to parents she never got a chance to know. During World War 2, in Stalingrad, Natalia and her parents were in a building that was attacked by a group of Nazi's. Doing the only thing she could to protect her daughter, Natasha's mother through her from a building window into the arms of Ivan Petrovich, a Russian soldier who would take Natasha under his wing, protecting her against all of her enemies. It seems their family had many, thanks to the rumor that she was the last descendant of the ruling Czars of Russia. Both mother and father were consumed by the flames that quickly took over the building she's been thrown from.

Though Ivan protected the girl time and time again he couldn't stop One Nazi from finally getting his hands on her. Baron Strucker, kidnapped the girl, only to turn her over to the group of ninja assassins called The Hand. They believe that this child could be trained to eventually become their master assassin. She wasn't there long; Ivan, ever the protective pseudo-father, with the help of Logan and Captain America, saved the girl from The Hand returning her to Ivan's care.

He was a doting man, allowing her dream of being a ballerina to flourish. Using her prowess and Ivan's money, they arranged for her to study under a famous instructor named Oksana Bolishinko. She led a happy life, growing up safe under Ivan's watchful eye. As she grew, she learned of love from Alexi Shostakov, a Soviet test pilot. But not long after they met and realized their feelings for each other, she learned the heartbreak of losing love when she learned that he apparently died during a test for a new rocket.

It was then that she decided to give up her dreams of the ballet in order to honor his memory. She decided to become an intelligence operative. Little did she know that it was exactly as the K.G.B (The Soviet's Committee for State Security) has expected her to do, when they told her about Alexi's death. She was a quick learner, And everything they had hoped for, and she was quickly sent to their infamous Red Room Academy. She trained hard and quickly become their most skilled operative in all the ways that counted. The K.G.B were p leased to appoint her the name 'The Black Widow' before finally sending her into the field.

One of her first assignments was to rescue the man known as Logan, who wouldn't remember her thanks to his now, lack of memories. She managed to rescue him from a group of HYDRA assassins. But that wouldn't be their last run in. Shortly after, Logan, Carol Danvers And Ben Grimm, stole the Red Storm Project from Russia, putting Black Widow in bad standing with her supervisors. They were reluctant to give her another mission, but did anyway, sending her to America to kill Anton Vanko, the creator of the Soviet Crimson Dynamo armor. He'd recently escaped to America for safety. Finding an enemy in Tony Stark, Natasha attempted to distract him, using her womanly ways to romance him, as her partner at the time, Boris Turgenov, used the Crimson Dynamo armor to destroy Tony's buildings. But things didn't go as planned And though Vanko died, as he was supposed to, so did Turgenov. Despite the failure, Natasha decided to stay in America And continue to romance Stark while she tried to figure out a way to get back in the K.G.B's good graces.

Tony, still unaware of who Natasha worked for, allowed the romance to continue. Eventually Natasha's chance came in the guise of Stark's new anti-gravity device. After stealing it, she used it to sabotage many of his building. Going so far as to lift one right off the ground. Ironman was able to nullify the invention, And though Natasha managed to escape she could no longer pull the wool over his eyes. And he wasn't the first man she'd use in order to get what she needed to get back into the good graces of K.G.B. She was quick to use Hawkeye to attempt to steal some of Stark's designs. His first And second attempt failed. Once because of Ironman, the second time thanks to the intervention of Spiderman. Though he'd already begun to expect her true intentions, he went out to attempt it again at her request. But while he was gone the K.G.B had decided it was time for her to return home, so kidnapped her And shipped her back to Russia. They added the 'widow bite and the 'widow's line' to her costume so she could have a chance of winning against Tony Stark. She returned to Hawkeye's side. They lost the battle again, And K.G.B, once more abducted her back to Russia. This time they took no chances, brainwashing her to be entirely loyal to their country. Once more returned to battle, she found herself fighting side by side with Hawkeye once more. Only now, she realized how much she loved him, that love helped her resist the brainwashing eff ects. Aghast at what they did to her, Natasha joined u p with the Avengers.

On assignment from S.H.I.E.L.D Natasha learned that her first love, Alexi Shostakov was still, actually, alive.The K.G.B had transformed him into a costumed hero going by the name of Red Guardian. The Avengers ended up having to fight both Red Guardian and those that controlled him, but this time, Alexi did perish; Forcing Natasha to relive the pain over again. She broke off her relationship with Hawkeye, And gave up the identity of Black Widow to try and live a normal life. Little did she know, that when she gave it all up, the Avengers were just about to make her an official member.

Only recently has she taken up the costume again, deciding this time, that she would work for herself, not with a team. Though she does still have S.H.I.E.L.D clearance, and isn't opposed to working for them when they need her. She tends to be very picky about which of their missions she goes on.


Equipment -

Uniform - Black Widow's costume is made of a Nomex fire-resistant, triple-weave Kevlar-lined material that gives her a higher level of protection against physical and energy attacks. A knife isn't capable of piercing this protection, though something like Wolverine's claws would cut through it like a hot knife through butter. It can take shots from normal guns, shot guns, high powered rifles Sub-machine gun fire will eventually break through the protection. It's also fire resistant.

Blending – Her costume can blend into any shadowed environment, causing her to be nearly invisible. Only those with a keen sense of sight or telepathy would know she was there in the light. And even a keen sense of sight wouldn't find her if it's in a dark room, or during night.

Widow's Bite (A pair of bracelets that can take up to fifty tons with of pressure before becoming damaged – They also have certain abilities) -
Abilities of the Widow's Bite -

Electro Blast – A powered energy discharge, shot from the Widow's Bite, that inflict enough damage to punch a hole through a car. It will easily render a human unconscious and can reach up to forty feet.

Gas-Launchers – She can fire a small jet st ream of gas from the bracelet. It is, very simply, a knockout gas. It'll almost immediately knock out a normal0Ahuman. A superhero-like individual would be slowed down assuming that they need to breath. (If that superhero-like individual has a heightened endurance. If they don't, it'll effect them just like it would a normal human).

Cable-Launcher – A cable that shoots out from the bracelet's with a grapple line attached, allowing her to swing around similar to a hero like Spiderman. The cable And hook are retractable And will rewind into the Widow's Bite. It can withstand forty tons worth of weight And can shoot 30 feet out at a time. There is one in each bracelet.

Radio – A simple radio that allowed her to tap into police, newspaper and S.H.I.E.L.D frequencies. It can be used as a two way radio.

Wall Craw ling (Gloves and Boots) – The glove and boot portion of her costume are covered in microscopic suction cups that allow her to adhere to any surface And even, if necessary hang upside down. With a simple gesture she can detach her gloves or boots at anytime so they no longer stick. She can crawl at the speed of a normal human running. She can't cling to any frictionless surface, or surfaces coated in oils.

Explosive Belt – This is the least used of her gadgets. She carries numerous small disks tucked into her belt, that when thrown, or set on a timer explode with enough for to blow out a wall. She's loathe to use these where anyone innocent might be because it has the power to kill a normal human outright. And at the very least, remove a limb. She can also, if needed, trigger the entire belt at once. When this happens, it explodes with enough for that would destroy a tank. It would take all of her disks, and is a one shot thing until she can replace the disks.

Having been injected with a variant of the Super-Soldier Serum, Natasha is able to maintain her level of peak human physiology for many many decades. It also makes her a little longer lived than most other humans. She'll age about a year, where other might age five. She isn't in any way immortal or bullet proof. She can be killed just like any other human.


She is a master of numerous martial arts, able to render up to five human men unconscious without any harm to herself. She is a skilled detective and is highly skilled in espionage. She knows her way around the military and speaks fluent Russian, English, German and French. She is also a skilled battle leader able to take care of multiple people at once while dishing out orders. She is a master marksmen, with an in depth knowledge of guns.


  • Jessica and Natasha fight Hyrda and come across one of Natasha's old friends, James Barnes.


  • Natasha loves to dance and is a trained ballerina.
  • It's rumored that Natasha is the last of Anastasia Romanov's royal line.


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