Nathaniel Miles Sheridan
Nathan Sheridan
Portrayed By David Fair
Gender Male
Date of Birth November 3rd, 1994.
Age 18
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Aliases Nate
Place of Birth Chicago, IL, USA
Current Location New York
Occupation Student, Graphic Designer, various other odd jobs.
Known Relatives Marie McCaulley (mother), George Sheridan (father), Sarah McCaulley (half-sister).
Significant Other Leo (Ex)
Identity Private
Known Abilities Empathy and Projected Empathy


Nathan is the only son of a couple who never wanted a child; his birth obligated them to get unhappily married. They took it out on him in different ways throughout his life and Nathan developed a bad attitude and hedonistic tendencies. His mutation came to the fore when he was found with another boy in his bedroom. His father threw him around the room, causing severe injuries, and his power exploded, rendering both of his parents insane. The institute took him in while he was still unconscious and, when his parents recovered enough to be discharged from the asylum they'd been placed in, they broke off all communication with their son.

After living at Xavier's for a couple years, Nathaniel began to develop actual social skills. He made friends and became involved with Leo Osborne, another student, but was also finally disowned by his parents completely. Gaining successful control of his powers was important to Nathan, which is why he was devastated when he was tricked into becoming corrupted by demonic influences and used his powers against his friends, causing untold emotional trauma. The incident caused Leo to leave him, after a heated argument, and later Leo's return to his parents', which Nate had cruelly encouraged, ultimately resolved in Leo's plane crashing, leaving Nate to assume he was dead. Despite a number of his friends trying to accept him and forgive him for what he did while corrupted, Nate was ultimately unable to forgive himself for both what he did and that he pushed Leo away, essentially blaming himself for all of it. He was persuaded to remain at Xavier's, but beyond training for better control, he has refused to use his powers to any real extent since.

Nathan is currently attending art school in New York, working jobs to pay for a small apartment, and typically avoiding most strong attachments to other people.

Powers and Skills

Empathy: Nathan's empathy began as wild and somewhat unstable, but he's gained control over it thanks to Xavier's. He now can control the range and the strength of his ability to absorb the emotions of others. He's capable of recognizing the emotions as not being his own and feeling the specifics of them - who or what they're directed at, for instance. His range is actually quite good and can cover a broad area such as the Institute, but such a wide range of people can easily confuse and disorient him and he loses his ability to track individual emotions. He can generally pinpoint a single person in a crowd, however, especially if he can see them or if they're sending off a specific sort of emotion or set of emotions. Touch is as clarifying as it gets and he has no problems at all reading the emotions of someone he's touching.
Projected Empathy: His projection hasn't been tested since the time he was turned into a demon, at least not to any great degree. His control on it has gotten much better as well, to the degree that he no longer "leaks" emotions into the people around him. He's capable of tracing a sensed line of feeling to its source and redirecting it without visual range, as well, but the worst part of this aspect of his ability is that he simply doesn't use it enough to keep it in good order. Beyond repressing it so that he doesn't affect people around him, he mostly leaves it alone. When he does use it, he has the capacity for either sneaking his own fabricated emotions into the natural thought processes of others or completely imprinting his own set over someone else's, pushing them out. In some ways, it can give him a semblance of mind control, as he influences a person's emotions and can do it to within a very specific level. Since doing this as a demon caused the falling out between Nate and most of his friends, as well as the one with Leo, he has avoided ever using it that way again.

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Nathan still expresses himself primarily through his art, but with his now withdrawn nature, it's almost only through his art. While he is still internally quite complex, he rarely shares it with others anymore and seems intent on whiling away his time without ever getting close to someone again. The gruffness is still there, but his avoidance has increased and his temper is now imperceptible, not nearly as quick and hot as it once was. It's true that he is still quick to help people, quicker than he may have even been in the past, but he will never linger if he has a good reason to leave.

Despite his best efforts to avoid emotional connects, he maintains his ability to empathize - he simply doesn't do it anymore, at least not verbally. He may have a touch of sympathy for the person down the hall, but he won't do anything until they decide to off themselves, and even then, he's more likely to nudge them in the other direction with his powers than try to actually talk them down.

When he can be drawn into conversation, his humor tends to be fatalistic and dry, his commentary either short and succinct or idle and deflecting. It's difficult to get a straight answer out of him about almost anything unless you ask him a 'yes' or 'no' question. The possessive, protective streak he had when he was younger has been replaced with a lack of worth in that regard. He may want to protect, and he will when needed, but he feels that he no longer deserves to act possessively towards other people. He's still an intelligent young man, still quite perceptive, but it's difficult to learn it in a single conversation with him.

A great deal of the anger and self-righteous frustration he felt over a year ago has been replaced with guilt and low self-esteem. The only thing keeping him from being emo would probably be the fact that he just doesn't share enough or wear eyeliner… or write bad poetry. He's still particularly anxious around large groups of people or other psychics, but one is a habit and the other is from experience.

One thing that hasn't changed is Nate's superstitious nature. He still carries at least one good luck charm on him at all times, maintaining that black cats are actually good luck, not bad.


  • "Idiot."


  • Nathan has a vaguely diagnosed emotional disorder that often effects how he views social situations.
  • Nathan is currently attending an art school in New York.
  • He avoids crowds and tends to often use smoking as a way to escape a tight situation.
  • He is highly allergic to blueberries and avoids them at all costs.



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