Character Name
Portrayed By ??
Gender Female
Date of Birth ??
Age Physical: 16 Actual: 33
Aliases ??
Place of Birth Africa
Current Location NYC
Occupation P.E. Instructor at Xavier's school for gifted youngsters
Known Relatives Mother, Father, Siblings (NPCs)
Significant Other Probably..not..
Identity Unknown
Known Abilities Agelessness, Nanomachines, technology absorbtion, enhanced strength, agility, endurance.
First Appearance ???

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The Fitzgearld family name goes back to the days of familial noble times. A duke whom moved to Africa to mine diamonds, over the generations the family has come to own several different mines. A family raised with british traditions, Francis Peter Fitzgearld. Francis went to school in the United States, and met Deborah Maggie MacAlister. The two married not long after Francis's father passed away, making him the head of the family. The two had a girl, an energetic little baby they named Nazca. Following her were 4 brothers and 3 sisters. Nazca was a curious child. She was spoiled, and seemed always to be in perpetual trouble. Freindly, she was a favorite of most of the mansion's staff.

Nazca grew up in a roughly British household, most of the staff being imported to Africa from Britian. Privately tutored she grew up in her own little world. What she could have never imagined is meeting a mutant, much less becoming one herself. She grew up in an 'old world' type of enviornment. Classic, stuffy dressers. Televisions that were rarely turned on. Books were the way to escape into other realities. Nazca often walked amoung the many people whom helped make the mine rn, and was one of the more recognizable faces to the people of her community. A playful silly little girl turned into a freindly, cheerful young woman. Kind-hearted and caring she became the patron for the people around her, working to improve the conditions they lived and worked in. When she was 12 she began assisting her mother in pulling in the children of mine workers into their mansion and teach them how to read and write in english. Mathematics, and some general studies. Optimistic, she worked as a tutor while her mother worked as a teacher.

Nazca often visited the mines, and was a welcome visitor. Her father was one whom would employ various types of new equipment. Laser-power drills, sonic cannons, if someone had a prototype peice of equipment, chances are that he would be willing to test it. Some worked, often however most did not. Nazca was 17 when she visited the closest mine on one fateful day. She was welcomed in with excitement, as they were planning on using a new peice of equipment that her father had procured for them. Nanotechnology. The test was to see if the nanotechnology could be used in a limited extent across stone at the mine, and eat away at the stone leaving only diamonds behind. Nazca only saw a box with a rock and some diamond sticking out of it. Somewhat in disbeleif, she decided to stay and watch the test. The nanites, small cellular level machines were deactive. However once they became active they came to live, eroding away the rock to leave the sparkling diamond behind. She reached in and touched the machines when the experiment was over, and the all clear had been given. When she did so, she felt a little spark. Not thinking too much of it, she removed the diamond She didn't see anything wrong with it, so they went on with the preperations. There was excitement from the management of the camp, however this was short lived. That night Nazca developed a nasty fever, and local doctors could not find the root of the cause. While Nazca did not know was that she was a mutant. She had never really experienced any mutants first hand. She had no knowledge of them. Her power activated when she touched the nanites. Her ability was to be able to absorb technology into herself, and her touch activated the nanites that clung to her. In doing so, several infiltrated her skin, then her cellular structure. The nanites looked at every peice of her body, even her dress she wore at the time. They made a blueprint of this, and then attacked her body. Quickly, it would attack the living tissue, and replaced it with the new 'enhanced' nanites, replacing her body cell by cell. This process was over in a matter of days, however was intensly painful.

Nazca fell unconcious, and when she awoke there was news of what had happened to her. Her body's cells had been replaced by the nanites cells, rewritten for her body specifically. They still contained her DNA profile, everything that made her whom she was. However now they were more. They were robotic, and now so was she to a large extent, a living robotic organism. It was theorized that she would not be able to bear children, her body has a blueprint of what it was before the nanites took over, and that is what she had become. It would not allow anything outside of that blueprint to ever impact her. By doing so, she would not age. However her body would attack a child if one were ever to be conceived. It was not very long before Nazca was up on her feet again. She seemed the same. She didn't feel robotic, everything still had a feel, a smell to it. She did seem to find that she was a little better cordinated than she was previously however. She tested this theory by trying to walk a rope strung out tightly, and found she could balance herself well upon it, and walk along it whereas she would have fallen off of this rope quite easily before. Her body did not seem to tire out easily. She decided to try testing her new body, and found she could outrun any of the other people who lived around her. She could keep running, and she seemed stronger. She was able to pick up heavy objects with ease where others struggled witth intensity. She began to realize that her body was different now. She was different. The doctors, they had told her this. But it didn't really sink in when they told her.

Nanotechnology was deemed far too dangerous to work with, and was removed from the mine. Nazca spent several years as she continued to help her mother tutor youth, and while they grew, she found she did not. On the cusp of becoming a woman, her body never matured into one. Nazca found this disconcerting to her. She wanted to meet a man, be whisked away on some romantic adventure, and start a family of her own. This however would not be her fate, and this chafed her. What was the point of having strange powers beyond normal reason, if you cannot create a family?

Nazca continued to spend time at the mines, and became involved in the diplomacy of keeping the mines going with the various armed rebel groups in the area. A steady stream of money, goods, and kind words was needed. During a confrontation, Nazca was shot. She was whisked away to the mansion, however when they expected to find a dying woman they found that Nazca was fine, her body healed the viscious wound. She walked amoung the community that lived around her, and was afforded a certain respect. She was considered somewhat of a saint, able to cheat certain death, with her thoughts of that of helping those around her. As her brothers and sisters grew up around her, she went from being the oldest sister, to being treated as the youngest one. Everyone else seemed to have careers in mind. Going off to different lands for colleges. Britain, America, to top schools. Nazca however did not seem to have a drive for higher education Nazca did not feel smart. She did not feel confident. She was a superpowered clumbsy little teen that would never grow up, never have a family, she would be denied the things that she desired the most. Sure, she could lift cars, she could walk tightropes when she put her mind to it, however she usually did not put her mind to it, and would end up walking into things by not paying horribly much attention. She did not feel like she could take on the world. So she hid in her African paradise, her heart going out to those around her.

Uninterested in guns or weaponry, those around her in negotiation sessions often had them. Sometimes big, sometimes small, some sort of firearm was bound to be there. Nazca had become used to having an enhanced body, and the benefits it provided to her. However she was not prepared for when her ability manifested itself again. When handling an advanced M16 rifle weapon, with a custom-made electronic targeting system, her body absorbed the blueprint into her system. Her arm transformed into the weapon. At first she freaked out, yelling for it to be cut off. However, as she calmed while many different guns were pointed at her the owner of the gun inspected her arm. He had her test it. She was able to shoot from it. The grenade launcher, and even the targeting system worked. After about an hour, her arm transformed itself back into a regular arm. They tested this ability with her with several weapons. RPG's, other rifles, pistols, shotguns. Nothing seemed to work, nothing that did not have advanced electronics within it at least.

Disoriented by her ability, Nazca returned home. She tested this ability more. She could take the focused mining laser and create a far smaller version of it. In fact, she could take most anything that was fairly fancy and electronic and use it. She felt that she was some kind of weapon. And that she would bring more peril to those around her if she stayed, as she knew that the area around her had the potential to become very violent, very quickly. She decided to go off to school, eventually breaking down to her parents insistence. Both of them were thrilled, and talk of Yale, Harvard, or whatever her top school choice was. Money was no object. She decided to head off to somewhere smaller. She spun a globe, put her finger on it without looking, and it landed on Texas in the United States. She puzzled her parents, somewhat vexing them when she announced to them that she will attend community college there. Her mother made the comment that 'perhaps she just needs to start small?'. Eventually she overheard her saying 'Well, at least she's trying to do /something/ finally!'.

So Nazca packed her things for this strange land called America. New to her, there were people everywhere. Instead of open nature there was huge cities of people. This wasn't the type of setting she had grown up in. Her mother came with her for a few days, a native of the US. Showing her some of the new sights available to her, she was tucked away into a dorm for the first year. Afterwards she moved to her own apartment. She studied physical education, and after 3 years she received her associate's degree. Unaware of too many mutants besides herself, she was approached by a representative of Xavier's school. Curious at a school for mutants, she decided to accept a position there, and begin her official teaching career at the school.


  • What's happened since you've been approved?


  • "I said it!"


  • Has a very strong british accent.
  • Really rich! Her parents own several diamond mines in Africa.
  • Despite having enhanced reflexes, is terribly clumbsy.
  • Even though she is a mutant-robot and her powers deal with technology, she is not very tech-savy.
  • She dislikes the color green. Her favorite color is yellow.
  • Her body has a 'blueprint' and it will stick to it. She cannot wear different clothing, makeup, or accessories without the nanotechnology within her trying to attack/eat such accessories.


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