2010-10-26: Need A Tutor

Players: Drew Daniels and Kael

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Summary: Drew Daniels offers to tutor Kael in his wind powers.

Date: October 26, 2010

Log Title: Need a Tutor

Rating: PG

NYC - Central Park

Central Park is a large public park in upper Manhattan, largest areas of green with people reading, having a picnic, or playing Frisbee. Walking paths can be found all around the park. In-between the large area's of grass, the park is shadier with many trees. A large road circles the park where joggers, bicyclists, and inline skaters are commonly found.

Walking through the park, the Texan SHIELD agent needs a moment to relax. The weather is nice and he has been very tired dealing with the students at Barnes and the SHIELD assignments that he gets. While most people love New York, he misses his home. Making his way to a bench, Drew sits and lights up a cigarette. He summons a small breeze to relax a bit as he relaxes on the bench.

If there's a time that's mroe stressful for a teen, it's the Senior year of high school. Real life baring down upon him, so Kael goes for a walk. But really, he's flying into the park. The coast is clear anyway. The aerokinetic lands in a tree, a soft blast of wind erupting from the whirlwind he was using to fly being dismissed. The aerokinetic lets out a soft sigh as he lays on the branch.

Sensing the change in the wind, Drew sighs a moment and looks around to see where the aerokinetic is. He looks up and spots the the youth in the tree. Looking around and spotting no one, Drew flies up on the air carried by the wind and hovers by the branch, "Hello there."

Kael's eyes shoot open, and he nearly falls off of the branch; only to catch himself with a gust of air and float down to the ground. "God damn, you scared me!" He blinks a bit before he says, "… Well… it's nice to see that there're others with my powers." He tilts his head, opening his mouth a bit before he says, "I… I'd rather not say where I saw you. But… yeah."

Tex flies down as well, "It was fighting those costumed…or not so costumed weirdos." He tips his hat, "Texas Twister is the name I go by. And you?" He leans against the tree and finishes the cigarette and then uses a small breeze to toss the butt in the trash can a few yards away.

Kael puts his hands in his coat pockets and he says, "I've heard of you. I'm from Texas as well." He smirks a bit and says, "I go by the name Gale." He looks around, looking for others before he says, "Well, I've heard things about you. But they weren't nice."

Tex blinks, "Well, I guess it is a good thing to be heard about at least." He ponders what bad things could have been said, "So how long have you been using your powers and did you get them like me or are you a mutant?"

Kael wouldn't want to repeat what the old codgers of his neighborhood said, but instead he says, "Eh… Probably… Oh how long has it been. About 5 years or so." He shrugs a bit before he says, "I'm a mutant." He smirks a bit, he's proud to be one. It gives him something interesting to deal with, but he's not overly prideful of it.

Tex nods his head and grins, "Well you lucked out on the mutant powers, then. Are you a solo act or part of a team? He asks as he takes hat off and holds it to his side and wipes his forehead.

Kael sucks in a breath before he bites his lower lip. "Eh…" Here's where the teen's torn, he's gone this far. Surely, Tex is able to guess from how he's acting.

Tex smirks, "Well, is your boyfriend a mutant too?" He smiles, "I heard you mention your sexuality when fighting Boobs McGee." He laughs and thinks, "You were pretty good with your powers, but I figure you're young and haven't reached your potential yet….what do you think?" He puts his hat back on.

Kael blushes slightly as he nods. "Eh, yeah. He is." He laughs nervously, rubbing at the back of his head before he blinks. "… Thanks, but you're right. I… really haven't scratched the surface I think. But I really don't have that steady of a teacher… for what I can do."

Tex nods his head as he listens, "Well, I can help you there." He pulls out a card from his jacket and passes it to Kael, It reads Drew Daniels, SHIELD, and has a number. "I'm a teacher..specifically working with powered people. I went to a school after I got my powers and I am pretty good. If you need a hand, Gale….Maybe we can make you from a Gale to a Tornado or something." He laughs a bit.

Kael takes the card with a blink before he chuckles a bit. "Oh… I think my senior year just got a good bit more interesting." He looks up at Tex with a smirk, "The name's Kael. Kael Langford. Now ya see how Gale's easy for me to go by." He looks at the card a bit more before putting it back into his pocket. "Since you're SHIELD and all… I'm guessing you know about Xavier's then… don't you."

Tex grins, "Yes, I am familiar with Xaviers. Some of the students I work with did their high school years there. I know it well. Professor Xavier is a great teacher. And Storm is pretty nice to look at and would probably be a better teacher than I am." He leans, "I met the X-Men during the Contest of Champions." He sighs about that adventure, "Well, Kael, It's nice to meet you, but I would think Xavier's would be a good school for you."

Kael smirks. "Ororo did help me in my first year there, she taught me the basics of floating. Then she went off to do something, and I haven't heard from her since." He smirks a bit. "Then another aeronkinetic pushed me off of a cliff to teach me how to fly. I wouldn't recommend that to anyone really… was rather frightening." He smirks, "And it was nice to meet you as well. And I agree, Xavier's is an amazing school. Though… I'm worried about what to do after high school." He rubs at the back of his neck.

Tex nods his head as he listens to the stories, "Well, the X-Men are pretty busy. I have to admit sometimes missions can take us away from our students. It's something those of us who are heroes and teachers need to work on. I'm sorry about your experiences. I can promise I won't do that and having the same powers, it helps." He grins, "Do you know Mike Drakos or Rashmi Franklin? I believe they went to Xavier's. Actually I believe Rashmi is there now actually. they are students at the school I teach at. It might be a good place for you to earn college credits."

Kael snickers. "Yeah, I know those two. Rashmi was someone I got along with rather well. Mike, I never really talked to." He hms a bit before he says, "There's another thing. I don't know what to go for in college." He shrugs and then drops his arms, "I'm really just lost on what to do after school. I can't think of much of anything."

Tex hmmmmns, "Well, you were pretty impressive when we fought those costumed college kids. Heroing is a full-time job no matter how much we would think otherwise. There's always SHIELD, or hell, I know Xavier's has lots of students, but the X-Men, I assume is always an option too. I don't suggest solo heroing though. It was tough when I first started. You have powers for a reason, Kael. And while you are more than your powers, they are still an important part of you and that might be a way to go. Have you ever thought about it?"

Kael lets out a laugh. "My powers need fine tuning." He looks up at Tex and quirks a brow. "And I really couldn't do anything in that fight. Leg still hurts too…" He shrugs a bit with a slight smirk, "I could go into heroing, and I was thinking about trying to get into the X-men. But, I guess I'm just waiting for that right path to go down."

Tex shrugs, "Well, Kael, you have time to decide. You still have college still. I'm sure there are guidance counselors at Xavier's, but if you haven't completed your powers training then I suggest contacting me. And if you want, I can try contacting Xavier's maybe you can get extra credit or private tutoring or something? If you want." He smirks, "Either way the path will find you."

Kael blinks a bit, and lets out a laugh. "Oh, I would love the private tutoring. Anything to help with my powers." He chuckles a bit himself, "I've talked to a teacher or two, and they were a good help. I guess, I just need to find a goal."

Tex nods his head, "Then I am your tutor." He extends his hand, "I''l check with my people, if you run it by your people. I might not be able to help you choose a life path, but I can at least help you develop some of those powers of yours. I got a good sense of what you could do. Throwing their 'air balls' was pretty impressive."

Kael smirks. "I figure it was like baseball." Then he smiles. "Thanks, I appreciate the help. I'll… try and run it by the headmasters when I can." When they get back from the alternate dimensional hell of Halloween Town.

Tex quirks one eyebrow, "Yes, I heard something weird was happening there. Two of our group were there and it's been nearly a month." He shrugs and having had his own experiences with the not so explainable he merely nods. "Things ok up there?"

Kael just shrugs with a helpless look on his face. "I've no clue what happened. People just up and vanished without a trace. It's scary quiet at the school at times. Saves for the random mutants having fits with their powers."

Tex sighs, "Well, SHIELD is looking into it too. But I am sure the X-Men have something planned and this will be solved." He just wished it wouldn't take too long. "But I think this is the beginning of a beautiful partnership, Kael. We'll make you more than a Gale."

Kael smirks. "While I'm sure that I'll become more than a Gale. I kinda like the name." he lifts himself up off of the ground with a swirl of wind and he says, "But it's getting late. I'll give ya a text or a call when I get the chance to talk to the headmasters. But, we can still probably meet up somewhere to see what I can do?" Least he's eye level now.

Tex tips his hat, "Alright then, Kael Langford. You have a way to reach me. Give me a call and we can meet up. I know a few spots around the city where we can practice in peace."

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