2011-06-29: Need For Space


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Summary: Tony finally is able to be in the same place as Kaji as they've not seen each other in some time due to circumstances keeping them busy. Tony requests that his friend move back to the apartment that Kaji kept active during the past year though doesn't go into his reasoning for making the request.

Date: June 29, 2011

Log Title: Need for Space

Rating: PG

NYC- Stark Towers Personal Residence

This residence encompasses the entirety of the 93rd floor. To gain access one must enter via the elevator having called up to be verified and place their hand upon the palm scanner. The walls, and carpeting of the apartment are done in Earth tones, with the expansive living room housing several pieces of black leather furniture, a long glass coffee table, and a trio of flat screen televisions. Near the large windows in the living space resides a black grand piano that occasionally dubs as a catch all for things. There is a spacious modern kitchen that houses a fully stocked bar, and a guest bedroom and bath down the right hallway. Down the left hall there is a set of double doors that lead into the master bedroom.

It's early in the afternoon on a fairly typical day. The sun is out, people are baking on the streets, and no surprise at all Tony Stark has been face first on his mattress for the better part of four hours before showing signs of life. Upon waking he stretches in such a way that his body sounds like the snap, crackle and pop of Rice Krispies. A quick shower then a thin t-shirt and pants are pulled on before he enters the main part of the apartment on autopilot to the kitchen where he'll make a pot of coffee.

With the trials and tribulations of the life that comes with living even near Tony Stark, one of the residents of the tower has grown used to the hero just staying passed out for most of the morning, and into the afternoon. Kaji is sitting at one on of the chairs in the kitchen; a spoon speared in a massive half of a watermelon; a good third of it already devoured. As Tony enters the kitchen, the mutant looks up and quirks a brow before he takes another bite out of his fruit. After a moment or so, all he says is, "Mornin'."

Grumble grumble shuffle grunt. That's about as intelligible an answer as Kaji is going to get until at least a cup of coffee has been had. The wild haired inventor searches through cabinets until he finds the box of mini rice cakes and starts eating those slowly while glancing Kaji's way noticing the spoon in a rather large watermelon or what was left of it. The coffee is done soon enough and poured into an overly large coffee mug that is immediately sipped at. A few silent moments pass before the wolf gets a, "Good morning." Even though it's 3pm.

A smirk spreads over Kaji's lips before he takes another hunk of watermelon and takes a bite out of that before he motions down to the fruit, "If ya want, there's still a half of it within the fridge. In case you're hungry for something other than coffee and rice cakes." He looks out of one of the windows for a second before he looks back at Tony, "Sleep well?"

Passing on the watermelon Tony leans back against the counter sipping at his coffee then crunching another mini rice cake. "No, I did not." Not after having been up for a considerably long time then getting into a skirmish with Tabitha. Hours after helping to get things functional again on the Brooklyn Bridge he returned to the Towers to spam reports out to various people then to spend some time thinking long and hard about a great many things. "I've not seen you for awhile. Been meaning to not only catchup to see how you're doing but I needed to talk to you about something."

The mutant waves a hand for a moment before Kaji answers with, "I took a bit of a vacation. AS well, as I've been spending a bit of time with Taskmaster to get some more stuff beaten into me." He shrugs a bit before he takes another bite out of his watermelon. He looks up at Tony before he quirks a brow once more, swallowing his mouthful before he asks, "About what?"

"A vacation?" This has the man baffled. It's of no consequence the why or the where. "Taskmaster is looking to hook up with the Avengers if you can believe that. Glad you're still managing to survive the training." Tony knows that being under Task's watch is far from being a walk in the park. Turning back to the counter he pours himself another cup of coffee then faces his friend again. "There's no need to muck about nor really a need to. I need you to move back into your apartment you've held for about a year but haven't lived in. Meant to talk to you about this sooner but with the recent developments I've been kept busy."

With the man's mention of having to move back to the apartment makes Kaji blinks a bit in surprise before he looks around for a moment. Thinking to himself before he says, "I guess I can't really argue with your choice. I'm sure that it'd be in need of cleaning anyway." He hms a bit before he rubs his chin and takes another bite of his fruit. "And for Tasky's training? Try a walk through World War Two."

Tony nods about Taskmasters methods. Kaji already knew that he was learning from one of the best combatants on Earth so there was no need to rehash that. "This has nothing to do with your other half. I want you to know that. I've got a lot going on and I need to have space to myself for awhile. Doesn't mean I'm not going to annoy the hell out of you at all hours at random it's just a separation of living spaces."

The wolf smirks slightly, curling his hands under his chin; the spoon sticking out of his mouth before he takes it out and spins it in his fingers for a second before he says, "He's been cooperating as of late. But, I know what you mean. I have been here for a while." Not really going anywhere with that before he sinks the silverware back into the fruit and says, "Make sure you at least text before coming over. Or call."

Tony snorts, "Me? Communicate in advance? You have known me for over a year right?" The likelihood of Tony announcing his presence in advance or his plans is slim to none. Kaji should prepare for random knocks on the door at the crack of dawn or earlier and phone calls that have no real purpose to them other than to keep the poor anthro awake at all hours. It's part of the training! "Least you're not too upset about it. Though you should probably take ninety percent of the food that's here when you do go as I won't touch it and it'll all go bad. Raise myself a buncha fungus life forms in the fridge."

Kaji snickers a bit, "Aye, I kind of figured that Tony." He takes another bite of his fruit as he listens to the man speak and he snerks at the food comment. "I'll be sure to take some of it, but I'm sure others will want to come by and have something to eat." He starts to eat some more of his watermelon, getting through it a good bit.

"Perhaps," The man comments as he drains that second cup of coffee dry and pours his third. Starting to feel remotely human Stark runs a hand through his hair then grips the edge of the counter behind him. "It might be awhile before things settle down. Even after the super villains are nabbed and things set back to normal there will be fall out that needs to be dealt with." Not to mention how busy he is on top of the Avenger related business. "I think you'll be safe from me for awhile. Thanks for being understanding about all of this."

Kaji lets out a chuckle. "Me? Safe from you? Could be. Depends on how often you come and visit me." He smirks slightly before he stands up and brings the uneaten half over to the counter near the sink; cutting it in half soon after before he looks over at Tony. "I do have a few questions for you about this." He wraps the untouched part of the fruit in saran wrap and asks, "First off, will you still need me to accompany you? As in, being your body guard when you're out in the public eye. And secondly, will I be able to secure some tech from here in order to keep in touch while at my apartment."

Tony slowly waves his arms out to the side so the coffee doesn't slosh out of the mug onto the floor or himself. "Is anyone safe? Really?" No. As his friend comes into the kitchen to use the sink area he scoots into a corner to give more room. "I do not need you to to accompany me out as I'm rarely going out these days as it is. Should I go out and want a friend to come with I'll call." Offers a half smile for that. "I'll set you up with what you need tech wise. That's not a problem at all."

Kaji chuckles a bit, offering a side glance Tony before the mutant puts the fruit back into the fridge and pulls out a bottle of juice for himself. "This is true, and I would appreciate that." At the tech, he smirks a bit and says, "And I thank you for that as well; I'm not too sure what I would need. But I'm betting that you have at least some idea." He opens up the bottle and downs a good bit of it before he says, "Tis going be a big quiet over there. Without your usual routine."

"You mean coming in at some strange hour? Blasting music when I am around? I've not been around all that much lately except sporadically." Tony finishes the third cup of coffee then takes the mug to the sink to rinse out and set aside for the moment. "I'll have what you need put in the room some time today before I head back over to the mansion. It's not all that complicated. Same system that runs in this building will run on the laptop."

Kaji smirks. "Well, there have been some times where you've left the music going all day. It made for some nice white noise once I got used to it." He waits for Tony to move away from the sink before he moves in to wash his hands free of fruit juice. "Reminds me that I might have to hit up some stores for some more up to date furnishings in my apartment."

Tony nods, "Considering you were on the poor college student budget back then. I'm sure you can upgrade a few things here and there." Pats Kaji on the shoulder before wandering over to grab a bottle of water off the counter to pour into Athena's dog bowl. "My advice? Throw on classic rock station and enjoy the space. Least over there you won't have to worry about crazy crystal chicks storming the place."

Kaji lets out a laugh before he says, "Who knows. She might come for me now that I'm not living with you." He takes another drink of his water after he dries his hands off and says, "I might just toss on some Skrillex and just go on a redecorating spree. Hit up Ikea or something like that and upgrade what I can."

"I doubt Envy will come knocking but if she should you've always got a solid insurance policy in your phone. Got to love speed dial; am I right?" Tony grins as he passes Athena in the living room rubbing the top of her head and seeking out where he threw his sandals when he got home last night, earlier this morning, hours ago. "I've got to get back to tracking individuals. See you when I see you?" As trying to track down where Tony is at any given moment is more of a challenge than trying to find where a sock disappeared in a dryer.

The mutant smiles and shrugs with a smirk, "This is true. Since day one, you've been Speed dial 1 on my phone. If I could, I'd override nine one one to just dial you." When he watches Tony search for his sandals, he speaks up with, "One's on top of the coffee table and the other is in Athena's bed." He pushes off of the counter, grabbing his coat before he starts to head off to his room. "I shall see you when I see ya, Tony. I need to start moving."

Tony tips his head to the side and finds one shoe atop the table and indeed the other had been taken by his dog. "Thanks!" It's a wonder the apartment is as clean as it is with how he throws things around willy nilly. "If you need help call Pepper and she'll have someone come work with you." Pulls a shoe on then heads for the elevator hopping into the last shoe just as the metal doors slide open. "Stay out of trouble!" He calls out stumbling into the elevator then the doors close behind him.

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