2010-02-21: Need Of Fresh Air


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Summary: Christopher catches Jono sneaking out of the medbay.

Date: February 21, 2010

Log Title Need of Fresh Air

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Kitchen

This kitchen was designed to feed large numbers of people, and looks it with its bright white walls and stainless steel appliances. The stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher are all larger than normal. There is an island with stools around it for people to sit and eat around along with a table for twelve by the windows in back. Along the wall is a hole in the wall looking into the dining room so food can be passed back and fourth. Anything you want to cook or eat in the kitchen you will find the food and supplies to do so.

Baking, baking, baking, that's what Christopher is up to tonight. He's got the kitchen to himself and he's testing out something for his class tonight. The smell of chocolate, lemon, raspberry and pastashio fill the air as he's making various flavours of macarons. On the counter is are also mint leaves, vanilla extract and hazelnut flavouring. He's in there singing to himself as he cooks. Chrisotpher doesn't have a great voice but he can decently carry a tune.

Now if only Jonothon had a sense of smell. He moves slowly into the room, head hanging and a hand to any surface that will support him. Might be the only sign that he's there in that the man knocks about some of your little bottles as he loses his balance. Figures that the pain would hit right when he's about to get outside. Elevator to Kitchen is the quickest route. The black clad one says nothing as he forces himself up straight and resumes walking. Damned and determined to get outside for at least a little while. He doesn't realize that his pupils have turned to fire, and his hair is floating a little. Sorry for disturbing your cooking.

Christopher looks up as some of his stuff is knocked over and then spotting the state of Jono, he doesn't care. "Woah there." He says putting an arm out to try to support him. "You okay there?" He doesn't say way he's thinking 'you look like shit'. "You should sit down, relax. Your eyes are looking kind of…firey too there." He says about to offer Jono something to drink then he remembers he can't drink.

Startled, Jonothon winces away, but doesn't actually fight that helping hand. Woah.. Oh! Christopher. He can actually straighten with the help, but stubbornly motions to the door outside. «Out.» That one word is rich in pain, and those fiery eyes are strangely apologetic. Of course Jono can't really fight you. If it's a chair you demand on he will glower a little and sink into it. Otherwise he just wants to sit on the deck a bit, even if it's in the snow. «Sorry.»

As Jono says out, Christopher looks over at the stove and sees he still has plenty of time before what he's cooking is done. "Okay." He says leading him to the deck outside. "But I'm staying with you. I don't want to be the one to explain that you collapsed outside and why no one was there with you." He's worried about Jono, looking at him, how could you not be? "I'd ask if you were okay but it's obvious that you're not."

Grateful, his emotions can be felt as he leeks due to the stress, and once outside he sinks down to the deck. It's just outside the door, and in easy reach of being pulled in. Jonothon doesn't say anything for a couple of minutes. During that time his hair settles down and eyes return to brown. «Thanks.» Offered after this. He looks up and over, the pain already fading. Doesn't last as long now. Just spurts of it now and again. «Had to get out of the medical bay.» The words are back to their normal British. No more pain. «You don't have to stay if you don't want.»

"No, I don't have to but I want to make sure you're okay." Christopher does notice the hair and eyes and sees it as a good sign. "I understand that. I can't say I've never snuck out of the medbay before." He did a while back but he hasn't had to be in the medbay in a long time. "It's just so cooped up feeling in there after a while. And argh! I keep forgetting you can't eat. Sorry. I keep wanting to offer you a drink or something to eat."

Sure he's getting his clothing wet, but Jonothon doesn't care. He can feel the cold and that is good. «Was going mad listening to both Doc and Hank yabber on.» Shifting over carefully, the man leans against the wall of the building. Oh yes, this is so much better than being down stairs. Jono looks away for the offer of food and drink. «It's alright.» How could one not offer that? It's built into every culture. «I appreciate you helping.» The pain fades and his ability to speak properly grows. «There's nothing they can do for me anyway but give pain meds. No point in being there all the time.»

"There really isn't, they should at least let you sleep in your room and be comfortable. The beds down there aren't exactly as good as the ones they have upstairs." Christopher says with a grin as he always finds the comfort of his own bed to be the best. "Oh man, I can just imagine them going on and on as if you're not there, just making it feel even more awkward. Honestly, if you want help making it up to your room later, let me know. What's the worst Hank or Doc can say if you're up there for the night?"

«Might wake up and find myself back in the medbay.» Jonothon says in a weak attempt at humor. «But it'd be worth it.» So agrees about one's own bed being most comfortable. With hair in his eyes, and not a bit concerned over it, he glances back to the kitchen. «What about your husband? Why are you cooking here?» Very curious! After all that talk of being married and what not.. And yes, Jono is still jealous. Still very single with no possibilities. The school's one adult female is dating someone else, and the men aren't interested. Woe! (Not really.)

"Jeri's got a session with a student tonight and I wanted to test this recipe before doing it for my cooking class here tomorrow." Christopher says leaning against the door. "Sometimes it's also easier to test stuff out on the equipment you'll be teaching the kids on so you know exactly what to expect. Each stove does work a bit different. And Jeri and I will probably be heading home together later. We're both fairly invested in the school."

Psh, logic. Jonothon certainly can't find fault in it though. «What are you making?» What is he disrupting by stumbling through the kitchen, and keeping you distracted here? «You guys live in Salem?» Isn't sure if that's been stated. Jono kind of thinks it has, but he's been feeling like crap, and his memory suffers for it. «Sorry, I'm pretty buggered tonight.» Apologetic there. Trains of thoughts all over the place.

Christopher waves his hand. "Don't worry about it, to answer your first question, I'm making Macarons. They're a french pastry and I think would be a fun challenge for my more advanced class." Christopher has three levels of cooking classes, beginner, intermediate and advanced. It also helps him keep his classes smaller with having limited equipment. "And yes, we live in Salem Center. I was living here when we met but eventually we decided to get our own place and move out of here."

«Mike keeps trying to cook for your class.» There go those stray thoughts again. «Made brownies a few weeks ago, and kept trying to get someone to taste them.» Since Mike obviously can't eat. «At least, I think he's in your class.» Just said cooking class and not who was teaching. «I wonder if living in Salem might be an option.» Musing a little, but not with any real consideration. «Heh, who am I fooling?» An amused eye is turned to you. «I get into too much trouble.» Needs the danger room way, way too much.

"Oi, Mike, he's an…interesting student." Christopher leaves it at that for now. He just doesn't really understand why he's in his class. "Yeah, I was not around for those brownies, I was…well you know, off being my evil demon twin." At least he can be in good spirits about what happened. "Well if you ever want to get away for a weekend, let me or Jeri know. We do have a comfortable couch." After all Jono's a fellow co-worker. He wouldn't offer that to a student but to someone like Jono, sure. "And I should get back inside to make sure I don't burn anything. Come back in when you're ready and when you want, I'll help you upstairs."

Jonothon doesn't get it either, and since Christopher drops it, so does he. «Thanks, mate. Might take you up on that sometime. This place gets to me on occasion.» The offer is well appreciated. Does wonder about you being a demon though. Being possessed isn't a lot of fun. Not at all. Left outside, not minding that the door is left open, Jonothon sits and watches the trees. It's a wonderful, quiet, way to get some rest.

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