2010-04-07: Nerves Abound


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Summary: On Jeremy's first day he's a bit overwhelmed by Misha and Angelo.

Date: April 7, 2010

Nerves Abound

Rating: PG

Barnes Academy - Cafeteria

A large open space with dozens of tables is attached to a kitchen module and a few freezer bays. Trained chefs prepare nutritionally balanced meals for staff and students here that is usually actually pretty tasty and after hours, there is an a la carte fridge with glass doors open to all. The cafeteria is even equipped to handle non-traditional metabolisms and there is even a small private dining module towards the back for staff dinners, guests of the teachers or for use by students with dietary requirements that might disturb others. The entire ceiling is a dome of transparent material and full-spectrum lighting gives the whole space a pleasant, sunny atmosphere, bolstered by the video monitors on the walls showing various live land and sea scapes.

It's getting to be lunch time but it appears someone is still in the cafeteria eating breakfast. Jeremy is slowly eating some cereal and toast, with a cup of coffee, as he looks over his class schedule. He hasn't been in a classroom in about two years, maybe a little more, but he's a bit excited and nervous, even if his face is fairly deadpan right now. He's wearing a longsleeved shirt over a pair of jeans, they look like they were handed down and that he doesn't have much of a sense of style, and on his hands he wears a pair of black leather gloves.

Never one to judge about appearances thanks to his own brief time on the streets, Mikhail arrives with a cell phone to his ear. There's a slight frown as he listens to a message he got, but that's about it. Passing behind Jeremy, thumbing the phone to delete and get out of voice mail, he slows and then stops as he notes the new schedule. "Needing help?" His voice is harsh. Distinctly unpleasant to listen to. "I am being some weeks new too. Mikhail." The gloves mean he doesn't offer his hand, for there have been others he's met who do similar things. His own attire is the Barnes camo pants and tshirt. Shoves the phone into one of those pockets.

Another fine day in the bottom of a hole under the french woman with the lamp. Angelo has une faim de loup, speaking of french. (That's what the poncy Norman-players called it back in his days on the ren faire circuit.) Ergo, he has come to see how Chef Zwingli is doing today.
Something to do with fish, this particular meal. Salmon, Alaskan, and rather aggressively fresh, at that. Quinoa, red white and black mixed together and served with a side of pico de gallo, because for some reason quinoa demands tomatoes. And a mysterious heap of green things that have all been slivered out, apparently a mixture of asparagus, long green beans, garlic sprouts (!) and broccolini.
Angelo is in his usual work-garb, a set of dark blue SHIELD standard medical scrubs, and wearing distinctly non-uniform footgear, something that looks like it has separated toes. He's missed a few trips to the barber and looks a bit scruffy from hair not closely trimmed and missing shaving this morning. When he hears Mikhail he winces. Still remembers the few choice words that the Headmaster had for his teaching style with that kid. But how does one make up for traumatizing the spies of tomorrow?

Jeremy jumps slightly at the voice, partly because he didn't expect anyone behind him and also that gravely voice isn't exaclty reassuring sounding. He looks up and offers Mikhail a small smile. "Um..yeah, I just got here today. Jeremy. Still haven't gotten the uniform yet." He says as he doesn't really care if he's going to have to have the uniform look, it's clothes, that are clean. "Just looking over my classes." It's a lot of Freshmen and Sophomore level classes since he missed a few years of school.

A glance to Angelo that brings a tiny bit of smirk, but Mikhail keeps his main attention on Jeremy. "You wanting help?" Steps over a little, but without trying to invade space. The teen motions to the sheet, "Is lots of skipping here. You been away long time? Uh, from school. Sorry, English is third language. Still learning." Apologetic that. "I have something like too, because of schooling in Poland and bad English. Is not being same as here." He knows about having to catch up and learn a new means. Should Angelo approach, he straightens and nods, "Sir." Seems amused over all, not upset. Was weird, nothing to be angry about.

Angelo does indeed approach, carrying his tray. He could hide in the staff lounge with the beleaguered teachers and that friendly guard, but he kinda finds the attitude out here in the general cafeteria area more "real" in some important way.
"Good morning, Mikhail, hi, uhm…" and he pauses to go over the email, "would you be Jeremy? I'm Angelo diLucci, what passes for primary medical contact for most of the students and staff here."
He doesn't offer to shake hands with Jeremy; there was a note saying "don't touch this one unless absolutely necessary" on the new-student file.

Jeremy does though offer a gloved hand to Angelo, as with the gloves on he can't 'see' anything. He was raised to have manners. "Yes, I'm Jeremy. Nice to meet your sir." He says and doesn't add much more to that. "I..missed a few years of school so Andres figured this would be a good place for me to come and catch up. To be around other people, like me." He says a bit quitely and it's obvious that he's quite shy from his body language. "I also kind of know three languages but English is my first."

Many of his questioned ignored, Mikhail eyes Jeremy a moment and then shrugs. Just takes it as being turned down and with the motion of a hand he heads off to get the lunch that he came here for. Takes him a couple of minutes for trying to decide what he wants. At least this food is better than what his last school had! Then again this school seems to have a great deal more funding. Once he's gathered his meal, he returns to the table. If only to not have to eat alone. No one else he knows is in the room at the moment.

The kid offered, so Angelo does shake hands, without dropping or spilling his tray of food somehow. His grip isn't as rock-crushing as it looks like it should be. "So sometime this week you'll find an appointment in my office. It's my job to get a baseline medical status, which is actually less invasive than it sounds. No probes or blood draws required unless you have something nasty. Also, in the office, I'm Mr. diLucci, not doctor, yet. And in here, I'm Angelo or Ange, if you feel comfortable with that."
He sits at the table with Jeremy, since cafeteria seating is generally catch-as-can, and looks at the greenery on his plate. "OK, that's entirely too healthy."

Jeremy watches Mikhail get up and leave and figure he somehow did something wrong, but then once he comes back, it eases a bit. After all, he doesn't know anyone here and is just awkward at the moment. "So what are classes here like, like regular school?" He asks before Angelo's words just make Jeremy tense up. He finds his cereal really interesting right now as he doesn't really want any doctors to be poking around, no matter how 'simple' it is. "Okay." He says to him not looking up at the moment.

Setting his tray down, the teen doesn't sit immediately, for he heard Angelo's comment on healthy. Picking up his fork, he leans over and tries to 'steal' some of the greenery with his fork. Not remotely stealthy as he reaches over and stabs something (Carefully avoiding hands, or parts that could hurt). "Then you should be getting junk food." Mikhail claims in a cheeky manner. No, that isn't anything Jeremy needs to be tensing up over.
And should Misha claim some of Angelo's lunch, he pops it in his mouth as he sits down. "What languages?" Didn't miss that comment, even if he left without replying before. "Eh. Am not sure I am knowing to explain. Never been to American school before. Seems normal enough to me." His English is at least getting better. The daily speech coach helps. "Lots more hands on I am noticing. Classes are smaller, better help." And yes, he manages to talk around his mouthful. "Costumes are awful though."

Ange catches that sudden tension and the body language of "no doctors" … he takes a bite of the green stuff and chews thoughtfully, apparently not noticing that Misha has "borrowed" some of it. Not bad. But the new kid… a bit too thin, a bit too worn. The don't-see-me look that was way too frequent on some of the street kids who would come into the Chelsea clinic on the two nights a week where they did free medical, clean needles, and STD exam and treatment. If he is in fact a former homeless kid… Angelo's eyes light up, that near-platinum hair and the ink inside his wrists begin to glow with a light like early dawn. It lasts a full second before going dim; everything he needs to know about the boy's medical condition will be there in his head.
If he seems distracted, it'll be obvious to some of the people here why that's the case.

"Costumes?" Jeremy asks Mikhail sounding a bit perplexed. "What do you mean by costumes?" He heard about the uniforms but…"Languages, I speak a little Spanish and Japanese but the Japanese is really rusty. Spanish, I'm okay with." He's had to use it on the streets a few times so he actually has used it to keep it fresh in his mind. "I used to go to a normal school, but…I'm glad I'm back. How long have you been here Mikhail?"

As the glow starts, Mikhail's attention is draw to Angelo, but there's no concern for it. Merely a curious look. The teen knows what Angelo is doing, and thinks it's a good thing. Saves Jeremy having to be in the infirmary. With this in mind he helps keep the other distracted. "…Mmmm." A bit of consternation as he thinks. "Am not knowing word." That's the problem, nothing else. "Power training uniform. Is tight." In an uncomfortable manner. A motion to Angelo, "Unlike Mr here, I am not being buff to be looking good in one." Still, there's a smile for it.
How long as he been here? "Three weeks? Month maybe." Thinks on it and then shrugs. "Not long. Has been nice. Costumes aside, is far better than other options. School, well fed, place to sleep.. yes, is being good." A firm nod ends that.

Distracted by the information he's holding, the short-but-wide guy pulls a smartphone out of the pocket of his scrub pants and keys some information into it on the fake keyboard. This process is slower than it ever needed to be, so he misses out on the conversation part of things for a moment, but when he's done, he looks over at Jeremy and says, "Hey, Jeremy, I was checking to see when you were scheduled, and I just found a note on your file, you're cleared from having to do the full medical exam. So no worries. Stop by if you get injured or if you want to chat. It's usually pretty quiet."
Of course the reason he's cleared is that Angelo just cleared him, having done the part of the exam that's actually necessary.
At Angelo's words, there's a bit of relief, and suspicion, from Jeremy but he doesn't vocalize it. "That's what I thought when you said costume. I'm not a superhero…my powers…aren't like that." He says shaking his head. "And yeah, this place is better than the other options." He says agreeing all to well in the food, place to sleep and schooling. "Okay…thanks Mr…Angelo." Jeremy says.

"Am not superhero either, but they are liking to try." Misha seems amused at it though, and pauses a little to eat. "Do not be worrying.." There's a motion to Angelo with his fork as he attempts to assure Jeremy. "He was doing medical exam. That is what he would have done in infirmary. Is easy for him. A look and done. Had to be doing that too." See, it wasn't so bad, was it? "My powers are not being good for heroes either, but they like to be getting me to try, so watch out." The warning comes with a smile, showing that he doesn't really think it requires a warning. And yes, Mikhail's lunch is about as healthy as Angelo's. He needs the weight too much to skimp.

"This place is, um, what is word.. big? Too big?" Motions about his head. "Can't take in all in one?" Struggling with language there again. "But do not be putting off. If you are saying no they will no do."

"No prob," Angelo says and tries not to grin knowingly. Salmon is good for remedying the "knowing grin" so he takes a mouthful of that … while he chews and swallows he catches up on the conversation. Of course, Mikhail rats him out for having already done the exam, so he raises an eyebrow at him. Rar, eyebrow threat. Was trying to be subtle, rar.
"And that's a great change of topic," Ange says, "Costume or uniform. This place has a couple of goals. One's to provide a safe place for powered kids to grow up — or the children of people with superpowers who might otherwise be in danger from their parents' being superheroes. Or supervillains, I guess; some of them would also want their kids to be safe and to grow up without the problems they faced. The other is to train people to control and use their powers in positive ways. So, whether it's a costume or a uniform depends on whether you think of this as a school with uniforms, or a training base for future heroes, and whether you think heroes wear costumes or uniforms, I guess."
He pauses to take a bite of the quinoa. Yes, the tomatoes were necessary.
"Anyway, yeah, not very many people here can make spandex look as good as I do. But I'm a bit of a freak," Ange says, smiling at 'freak'. "And Mikhail? Nobody says you have to be a superhero. What do YOU want to do?"

Jeremy doesn't say anything once Mikhail 'rats' Angelo out, instead he looks around and contemplates running away. He is a decent runner and he is good at running away. He just stays really quiet for now, and lets the two talk. Almost embarassed what Angelo might know, it's never easy dealing with a drug addiction, even if you've been clean for almost two months. The problem with Jeremy is two years on the streets has left him a very tightly wound spring combined with making him nervous, awkward and shy. "My power is just a power, there's not postive or negative way to use it. It just is." He half mutters.

Eyebrow threat! Ohnoes! Misha doesn't seem threatened at all, but he does motion to Jeremy and mildly protest, "He was already being nervous over it! You should have told." So there. He's smiling in the aftermath, and lets Angelo use proper English to explain. Gives the teen a moment to scarf down a good portion of his lunch. Yum. And then the questioning drops back to him. Uh.. "Is not freak." Nuh-huh. "You make uniform look good." So there. Again. "And they have been trying to make super hero of me. Teddy and I were used to test idea, then told we would be used in real field work. I said no."
As for what he wants to do, he shrugs. "I am thinking of accepting offer to be SHIELD agent, but only after I finish college." Said as his eyes track to Jeremy, taking in details about the other's mood. "No need to escape." Said as gently as that voice can allow. "Mr diLucci never tells what he sees, and does only to help." There's a little lie in that, for Angelo will add it to medical records, but those are kept secure. "Is not mattering where you come from, only that you are being here. Yes? I was being homeless before here. Now I have many options. Stay and you get too."

Ange nods to Jeremy, "I'm your physician. Everything I know about my patients is confidential."
He doesn't go further into it than that, hoping that Jeremy gets the message that his secret is completely safe. Not even the Headmaster can read medical files without a need-to-know override. He may already know of course.
"SHIELD agent? Well, ask someone about stealth gear and put that on your career plan and the hero-squadders will stop pushing at you."
MAN this is good salmon. Angelo focusses on lunch. Remember to pay attention to what you eat while you eat it and you won't be so hungry, right?

Jeremy nods and relaxes, a bit and looks at his schedule before looking at Misha. "You in any of these classes?" Probably not since he doesn't think Misha is as behind as he is. "I…I was homeless too. Since I was fifteen." He responds as he's not that uncomfortable about admiting that. "What is a SHIELD agent?" Yes, he's a bit clueless as he's been trying to processes everything thrown at him in a day.

Misha snorts about the stealth gear. "I was saying I wanted time to be thinking of it. Still am. Will decide soon." A firm nod about that, and then holds out a hand for that schedule. "Is nothing to be shamed of." The being homeless, and he holds his gaze on Jeremy a time. Yeah, he gets a little focused. It can be weird. "I was much shamed when arrived. Had nothing more than was wearing, and am going to have to be eating special diet for months." Motions at his lack of weight with that schedule. "You being fine." Then he looks at the schedule. "We are. English, and even some powers training. Little else. I missed only small amount of school, so am more advanced in some ways. You want help, I be glad to."

In offering the schedule back, he thinks about how to answer. "..Mr diLucci? Am not sure of words. Could you tell?" What a SHIELD agent is?

Angelo struggles with this one, because he's not entirely sure … "SHIELD is a … you know, I still don't know who-all they report to. They're a sort of United Nations trouble-shooting agency. I'm not sure what-all they do, but they tend to come in when there are terrorist groups and agencies of super-powered nutcases and they deal with rogue governments and such. That's all been in the news over the years. You'll probably get an orientation packet sometime soon, or it's waiting in your room."
How do you explain "super secret spy agency that everyone knows about like the NSA but they're not really US Government but they also ARE?" to a kid who probably doesn't have any reason to trust the government.

Jeremy listens and pulls his gloves down a bit tighter unconsciously. "Okay..I might have to read that." Just where is he goign to school? "Good." As Misha says they have at least one or two classes together, he'll know someone. "I just have a small bag with cloths and not much more. I was in a half way house for a few months." Which is why he doesn't look completely horrible and is somewhat healthy. "Powers training…I don't really want to train with mine."

Misha finds himself smiling as Angelo stumbles over what he would have. That isn't exactly easy to explain. "Thank you." For the attempt. "You will get more." Of not having much. "Get allowance here." He already had some money, so could afford some nice things, but it's nice to know that if he didn't, he still could get a thing or two. "Think instead of training to make power not hurt you, or someone else? I am not very serious of super heroes, for all they ask me. I have training whole life, so am knowing more than most. Many here train only to be safe, not wear costume."

Ange looks curiously at Jeremy. "No training? May I ask why? No pressure, just curiosity."
He knows a few kids here who have really tricky powers, and at least one that's highly embarrassing, and besides if he needed to know for health reasons he'd have seen the nature of the power when he did the quick look earlier.
He reaches over and takes a french-fry from Misha's plate, unless that fork comes down to stop him. Hey, the kid DID say he should've gotten junk food if he wanted it.

Sometimes trying to just beat around the bush doesn't work so Jeremy just comes out and says it. "My power. it doesn't hurt others, it doesn't hurt me. It's just…overwhelming at times. I can see the past of anything I touch. It's not something I can train with. I just see it." Then at the allowance comment he nods. "They told me that, I just want to save up for a violin." He's wanted one since he he left home. "But that's why I wear the gloves, so I'm not accidentally touching things."

The fry is allowed, for he did steal from Angelo's tray. It's Misha's strange little way of saying there's no resentment over what happened. Things are okay. "How are you knowing there is no training?" Asked in curiosity. "Have you been trying? Or only trying to be avoiding it?" Brows arch, but they are not the threatening eyebrows of Angelo. "They are different." Fork is motioned, but not to stab at fry stealing. "When was small I kept moving things. People got angry, so had to learn even though was scared. Mind needs to learn too, and powers are mostly in head."
Angelo makes the YUCK face at the thought of seeing the past of some of the things and people he's touched. "That's … I hope someone can figure out a way for you to get control of that. It would be really useful for you if it wasn't involuntary."
And he stops for a second and makes a very odd face. Right. No touching. Falcon, you REALLY know how to rub it in, don't you?

"It was really hard on the streets to avoid skin contact with things, but as long as it's not skin touching, I'm fine." Jeremy says as it's not just hands, it's any skin contact. "How do you train a power that just lets you see things? It's not like I'm Captain America or Ironman where I can do anything in a fight, I'm just…see the past lad." Jeremy says finally smiling faintly as he did make a joke, he thinks. "What do you mean by kept moving things? What is it you can do Mikhail?"

Misha eyes Angelo's look, but doesn't mention it. Yeah, just picking up on that, huh? "Is not being easy. Never is. But you try. Small things. Pencil, pen, and such. Begin small, work up. Maybe you be finding way to not see. Is all in head." And he taps his temple as he says it. "Not needing to be super special to learn, Jeremy." There's a smile for that. And his own power? "Dimensional teleportation." Said with a rueful smile. "I was making things disappear but good. Found them much later, but was no help then." A roll of eyes at himself. "See, my power has no attack part either, but I still needed learning. Really, is no matter what anyone else thinks.. only what you want and are being comfortable with." Another of those firm nods. And yes, he totally lied about the no attack aspect. He hasn't told anyone that. Only Teddy had a chance to see it.

Angelo finishes the last bite of salmon, and his quinoa, while Misha explains his vanishing trick. Some of what's been said here today has him wondering if there might be a bit more pressure on these kids than he thought initially. One thought does hit him… "Jeremy, would you like to study music? I believe if you're taking classes, they'll provide you with an instrument. It might not be a Stradivarius but it'll be serviceable. You could practice at any rate, without having to wait to buy your own."

"Wow, that power sounds like it'd come in really helpfu." Jeremy says as he can think of so many instances where hiding things, or himself, would come in handy. "I've been seeing the past for quite a few years now. It's quick though, it's like watching a movie on really fast, fast foward and somehow I'm able to understand it." He looks at Angelo and nods. "Well, I know how to play, I just miss being able to. I wasn't able to take mine with me wh…it wasn't easy to be homeless and have a violin." There, the better answer.

A shrug about the power being helpful. "Is. Saved life more than once. More than only me too." Misha knows very well how useful it can be, and so does SHIELD. His expression shifts to rueful as he looks to Angelo, "I saved Magneto other night. Was not knowing was him until Teddy told me. Acts like grumpy old man on walker." The things he gets into. Instruments have him brightening a little. "Danny has piano in suite, so am having no doubts violin can be given too." Never mind that the piano is Danny's. "Am not musically gifted." A roll of those muddy hazel eyes. No, he's many other gifts.

The word "gobsmacked" described adequately the expression Angelo takes on at this news. Saved Magneto? Whiskey Tango the Hockeysticks Foxtrot?
"Saved Magneto? What from?"
The matter of Jeremy's violin-free status is forgotten for the moment as the man shudders a bit at the memory of bridges uprooted, the UN held hostage, and more than a few explosive situations, and that's just here in New York.

"What…that mutant guy whose known for being a terriorst?" Jeremy asks caustiously as that's what he thinks he's heard about the guy. After all not many people use the name to say 'Oh I bet he's a charming chap underneath that helmet'. "How did you save him and why did someone like that need saving? I mean, he's powerful right?" He doesn't even want to imagine the horror of what Magneto would need saving from.

The teen has the grace to look sheepish. Yes, he really does grasp what's all going on by admitting this. "I am not doing well in not being super hero, huh?" And what was it he saved Magneto from? "Super Skrulls." Said calmly as he downs the last of his water. "Teddy was fighting them. I was grabbing old man about to die. Was brief." Looking to Jeremy he says, "Teddy /is/ being super hero. Proper one too. He is enjoying it." There's a brief look like he thinks Teddy is insane, but then puts down his glass. Lunch is done and he rests back in his seat.
Idly rubbing at the scar over his eye, he thinks of how to explain to Jeremy. "Am not being sure. Only know three Skrulls had Magneto on ground. There was no fighting back. Not until after I shifted him to where was being safe. Was snappish, rude.. seemed dazed. Only after I put back did he show powers. I ran to shift Teddy before all metal got pulled out of him. We watched Magneto kill Skrulls, least I am thinking they dead, and fly off." His demeanor is very serious, for he doesn't think that funny. "Teddy told me was Magneto then."

"Skrulls," Angelo mutters. "Great. After Magneto."
He's heard about skrulls too, the alien shapeshifters who have such a mixed reputation. And of course Teddy Altman, one of those kids he got NO information about when he looked at him. Utterly nothing he needed to know, apparently. Nice kid though, if a bit of a geek under the jock attitude.
Angelo adds "skrulls! Magneto!" to his list of stuff to talk to the Headmaster about at the next staff meeting, along with "violin lessons for Jeremy if that's possible. Can we get an orchestra going here?" … also something in that description makes Angelo think someone needs a more detailed report, if it hasn't been made. Didn't show powers? Magneto? Incredible!

At the risk of sounding stupid, Jemery asks the question. "What's a Skrull…or a super Skrull?" He's not sure at all as this is all new to him. He didn't even know SHIELD existed before today. "And is that what it's going to be like here? Fighting stuff? Cause…" He's not exactly keen on that idea right now.

Misha didn't see the device that Teddy managed to take away from the Skrulls, so he's no idea what prevented Magneto from using his powers. Only knows that something strange was going on. "They were seeking him out. Was knowing who he was in civilian clothes." Which the teen finds troubling. Oh, he did make a report about it. Mikhail tries to keep the headmaster informed of the weirdness going on. Or at least the parts people would have seen. "Skrulls are aliens. Big, green, and change shape." Mikhail explains to Jeremy. "Super Skrulls having more powers too. And no, none of this is happening here at school. Only happens when I am exploring city." He sounds a bit exasperated about it. "School is being safe." At least for now.

Angelo shakes his head as well, "Fighting stuff? No, you don't have to do that, Jeremy. You'll be offered self defense classes if and when you want them and not before. There's no requirement. You've got a lot of regular school to catch up on, right? So don't worry about the other stuff. Just think of it as having a lot of people who will do the best they can to protect the students here. And some of them are superheroes."
And some of them have codenames. Angelo not so much — his first thought was already taken by his new acquaintance Gabriel and there is apparently some sort of registry. SuperName Trademarks or somesuch. Another thought strikes him, and he grins.
"Hey, Mikhail, it might be safer if you just stopped going in to explore the city. You seem to have a trouble magnet."

Jeremy nods and takes in all of what's said. "Aliens? Big Green Shapeshifting Aliens?" Maybe he should just go home, now. You know, where there are no powers training and no big green aliens that shapeshift. He nods at Angelo's words and yup, he'll be trying to mainly focus on school work.

The teen laughs for being teased, but sadly it's not a pleasant sound even though he means it to be. "I am being doomed, I know. Bank robberies, Magneto.. I am always stumbling over trouble. I was meeting Avenger too for robbery." Mikhail is good at finding trouble, and he's grinning back at Angelo. At least until Jeremy asks. That earns the other a look of surprise. "This is being New York. Is always being like this. Even in Poland I was hearing of this. Aliens in New York is being normal." No, he's honestly shocked that Jeremy doesn't know.

Angelo barks out a short laugh, at that. "Yeah, I think there's an apartment building on the south side of Mutant Town that rents specially to aliens. Although that might just be advertising. Anyway I think there's too much fear of the different in this town sometimes, especially since it went to so much trouble to attract people and beings from all over."
He stretches, and sighs, "And, my lunch hour is about done, I'm afraid. I gotta be getting back to the med center. They actually invent paperwork for me to do if nobody's there, so please feel free to stop by."
He gathers his brunch debris together onto his plate and stands.

"I lived in the streets of New York for two years, I never met an alien." That Jeremy knows about. "I did see the demons though, that was.." A bad day for the teen. "Most trouble I've seen though has been on a basic level, like street crimes." Drug related mostly. He probably won't stop by Angelo's office, he's still not fully comfortable around him, or Mikhail for that part, but Misha's easier since they're about the same age. "Umm…I met a guy that got turned into a talking cat? But that's not really aliens or trouble."

"Good-bye, Mr diLucci." Misha waves to the man, only to return his attention to Jeremy. "That you are knowing of. Many aliens look like us." Said in all seriousness. "I am thinking you were being lucky in not having alien trouble. Or super villain trouble. For all street crime is being more than bad enough." He has experienced it first hand, just not as badly, or for as long. "Talking cat? Now that is being weird." A smile there. "I am not wanting this weird, but what to do? Life is life." A shrug, and he seems not too concerned over it. "Want to go be playing video games? We have much in suite." An offer to do something very mundane.

Angelo salutes both kids and heads off to the chore of sitting in the medical center waiting for people to hurt themselves. And doing paperwork. And maybe a little bit playing bejeweled.

"Good bye Mr. Angelo." Jeremy says before turning to Mikhail. "I'm horrible at video games, I haven't played one in years but…that sounds good." Jeremy says smiling again, and that smile is a rare thing at the moment. "Let me just get something to drink…actually do you mind if I go up to the surface first and have a cigarette?" No he's not old enough to start buying them yet, but yet he manages.

"We are having drinks in our kitchen, but whatever you are wanting." Misha doesn't care. "I am also bad at games. We will managed." He rises to his feet, gathering his own lunch mess up. Gives Jeremy the suit number. "Join when ready." Tray in hands he heads off to drop things in the trash, and return the tray to the proper spot. There's no hurry. He can afford to blow off a class for the new guy.

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