2010-05-10: Never a Dull Moment


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Summary: Things go all wrong on the Right Path. A new face intervenes.

Date: May 10, 2011

Log Title Never a Dull Moment

Rating: PG-13


A brick path off the courtyard cuts through the grass to lead to the other areas on the outside grounds of Xavier's. There are a few benches that line the path so students can sit and enjoy outside. Either side of the path the grass is well manicured and has enough room for students to have a picnic, play Frisbee, or relax and study. At night there are small lamps that raise three feet off the ground to provide light.

The sun is out making today look like there isn't that chill in the air, but it's there, the weather misleading for the cooler temperatures. But that doesn't stop Robyn being outside during his lunch. Laying in the grass in his black jeans and hoodie with a sandwich, some chips, a bottle of coke and his stack of cookies for that sweet tooth of his, Robyn is actually busy painting a sculputre and not paying attention to eating. The sculputre is of a leafish looking catucs, the leaves towards the center forming a beaky, fanged mouth, and the others lashing out towards a tiger, which seems to be fighting the catcus back. At the moment he's applying liberal amounts of green paint to the catcus as the rest is currently unpainted.

Parked on the lawn next to Robyn is the school’s resident mascot, James. Dressed per usual in black BDUs and a matching t-shirt, the Gnoll is laying in the grass, enjoying the sun and a temporary respite from classes. On his side, back to his friend, he seems caught up in his own things…or possibly just about to snooze off as there is very little movement coming from the large creature.

Back on the main path, a steady rhythm of feet can be heard by the better ears of the hyena… before rounding the bend from off the main courtyard is the form of Connor, dressed down in his usual sleeveless top and track pants for jogging… but looks uncharacteristically fatigued… red in the cheeks, sweat on his brow and dampening his short, neat-cut hair. As if the young man was on complete autopilot, he slows to stop at a bench, facing away from the others… and begins to use one of the benches to do a couple cooldown stretches, leg across the high back… earbuds in and loud enough that anyone coming within a couple feet would hear the tinny sounds of hard-thumping music in his ears.

Exiting the Garage, Proudstar seems to have been deceived by the sun himself. A short sleeved t-shirt, proclaiming either he is ready for summer or not yet acclimatized to New England spring, does little to stop the chill in the air from getting at him. As a swift breeze clips at his hair, one hand holding it back and over his shoulders for the moment. At first a glance in the direction of the music for a moment, and the man there, then his eyes go to lawn to see what others are up to. It rests on the tiger vs cactus installion work in progress on the lawn. He begins to make his way in that direction, intrigued more by the sculpture than anything else. The man's feet carry him directly over the lawn in that direction.

Robyn doesn't even look over at his friend, but he knows James is there. Sometimes silence isn't a bad thing. He eventually takes a break to eat some of his lunch, making sure not to get any crumbs on his project, but not making sure to see if he's getting paint on his food. Nom, green sammich. Eventually though he does speak. "Either I'm gonna end up skipping class to get this done or stay up all night, I dunno yet." When Robyn gets his mind on a project, it's hard to get it of of it. He takes another bite and after swallowing his second mouthful he spots Connor and waves. "Hey Connor!"

"How about you skip and stay up all night," James says from his laying position. He gives a sniff at the wind and tilts his head, and the thick neck it's attached, to towards the newcomer. He squints and turns onto his back as he raises up on his elbows. With a yawn he says, "I didn't do it." Then Robyn brings his attention to Connor. Shrugging it off, he changes his mind, "Well…maybe I did after all."

Robyn's pleasant hello is ignored… perhaps intentionally, or perhaps because of the fact that his music is so loud in his ear. Connor continues to stretch out his legs out, but they're shaky, enough that someone closer by could notice. Moving from one to the other, he bends to where his face practically touches his knee, looking away from the pair still, red-rimmed and fatigued eyes closed, the rings around them obvious that someone else has been lacking sleep too.

Nearing closer the duo on the lawn, Proudstar may have been more interested in the statue and the work there. May have until of course the other suggests he didn't do it - suspicion? Then the admittance, that maybe he did. Not so much looking back at the jogger with the shakey legs, Proudstar instead turns to the furry one. "Oh, you didn't do it, or you did?" Half a grin touches upon his lips, "Or does it depend on what's going to happen to however did it? Just that bored … I can always find one of the teachers to find something for you to do because of whatever it is you may have done."

Robyn looks up…then looks furtuer up, at James Proudstar as he speaks to James. "Hello Sir." He says as he doesn't answer for James about doing whatever or not doing it. Instead he looks back at Connor for a bit as he doesn't answer. "James…give me a sec." He says heading over to where Connor is. It's his face that causes Robyn to worry. Noticing the headphones, Robyn doesn't say anything but taps Connor on the shoulder.

James corrects the other James' last part by adding a neutral, "Or may 'not' have done. Depending on your perspective. And we are talking about mine, right?" He's unaware that the one in front of him has seen these style tricks before. Robyn gets a grunt and Proudstar gets a smile, "Who'r you?"

To hyena… this might seem deliberate or unthinking… to the native american warrior… it's a purely reflexive instinct. Robyn's tap is met by Connor's off-hand grasps the hand just as it leaves his shoulder, his other arm jabbing back right into the sculptor's solarplex. His movements run on automatic as Robyn goes from standing and tapping Connor's shoulder to on the cement with his cheek kissing the cold ground, that arm now in a painful lock behind his back, held firmly at the wrist…

A grin spread on the other James' face, "Well that depends … if you want to take some brasso and scrub down all the plaques or not. I'm sure Scott would love that sort of enthusiasm in a student - you might make the honor roll." Though even as he's explaining this, a smile growing and his mouth opening to offer more, perhaps a name even, then the headphone fellow is making friendly with the sculpter.
Proudstar is moving just as fast, a little faster than normal, such that's he's up in the business and moving one hand to unlock the wrist from the arm and pushing away on the other shoulder only to separate the two, not to make mexican stand off with everyone having each other in arm bars and such. All he offers to this is a loud "Stand down!" Directed at the shakey leg guy, it as if to get through the music.

The pain of being hit in the solar plexaus causes Robyn to not even register what happens until his arm is painfully behind him and he's on ground with the wind knocked out of him. He can't even get anything out at the moment as he just struggles to breath. Even if Proudstar manages to get Connor of him, Robyn still lays there for a moment trying to breath. "What…was that..Connor?" He asks as annoyance and maybe a bit of hurt crosses his face.

James is up and racing towards Connor as soon as he sees his friend on the ground, "Robyn!" The much more practiced adult makes it there long before the Hyena can, so all that he's left to do is stand and wait for the event to end—and to take a cheap shot when he has the chance. Suddenly the X Comm on the hyena's shirt beeps and tells the creature to stand down; that the 'other' James has it under control. "He's WHO?!" the 7' tall gnoll exclaims before he 'whohs' and takes a step back, forgetting all about the cheap shot. Yeah, Warpath has it.

Connor's reflexive action in this case… thanks to a month of Danger Room training… is to teleport free of being held in place. His eyes flash… and nothing happens. Again, the power signature intesifies, but the aura remains weak because Proudstar outmasses him by too much for him to shift. But for a moment, both are off the ground as the law of gravity seems to forget to exist where the pair are. A third try… a fourth… and then his hands fall limp… body shaking from fatigue… and gravity comes back to the norm once more, dropping them back to the ground again.

Lucky for Proudstar, Peter Wisdom found more about him than he imagined himself. His 'falling' to the ground is more a graceful return than anything else and, if the boy is within grasp, he's bringing him with him rather than letting slump like a sack of potatoes. Either the case once everyone is in the area, Proudstar holds up a finger, "No one make another move." Presumably the headphone guy is to tired now to talk, though Proudstar is scooping him up in his hands all the same. To the gnoll, "Give your friend a hand … this one needs some attention." Then between the two (sculptor and his friend from the lawn), "You two can help me figure this out on the way … he have some beef with you?" Question more directed at solar plexis injury lad, but as he may be catching breath and bruised in the diaphragm, its given over to the hyena lad all the same.

Robyn eventually gets up in a sitting position, curling up his legs cause rigth now his abdomin hurts from that jab he took. The skinny teen isn't exactly built for dealing with much psyical fighting. "What's wrong with you Connor?" Robyn asks mangaing to sound worried and annoyed at the same time. "No…Connor and I don't have any problems, we're friends." Robyn says which is part of why he's so confused, but the he knows Connor has problems with his powers and his mental disorder so maybe this is some how connected to that.

James parks himself next to Robyn and makes an attempt to comfort, which is kinda a sight since the beast hulks over the much smaller lad, "You okay?" Arm over his friends back, he glares a little at Connor, "Seriously…you gonna behave like an asshat because of last night?" He keeps his eyes off the X'er for now, responding with, "We had some words last night sir. But, it was nothing that should have caused this."

Connor can't hear anyone… the earbuds are still in, practically white noise at the volume playing in his ears, the tinny sounds reverberating as he hangs there in Warpath's grip limply, panting for breath like some kind of wild child. About the only response that comes is an attempt to dig his heel of his running shoe into Warpath's shin and rake down hard… which on someone who wasn't physically enhanced might actually cause some discomfort. Instead, unfocused eyes slowly come up and pan around, as if finally it's enough to make him pay attention to his surrounding…

Calming down himself, Proudstar shakes his head to both the sculptor and his friend. "It was instinctive … I don't think he did this because of whatever happened last night." Then he reaches over for said headphones, distracting to his own sense of hearing. He removes him from the boys head and pulls them from his device. Continuing to explain, "That's between the two of you still." Then towards the man in his arms, "What's going on Connor?" He does follow the clues, "Do you hear me?" He tests the more direct obvious even. Then to the others, "Seriously, help the starving artist to his feet and come with me. Someone's going to need to look after your friend here." He lifts the boy slightly, "I ain't qualified to give medical attention."

Robyn starts to relax a bit at The Hyena puts his arm around him, though his eyes don't leave Connor. He doesn't say much except for one comment to James Proudstar. "I'm not starving." He does though push himself up to his feet and his expression is definately a mix of things including annoyance, confusion and a bit of frustration as a part of him does want to punch Connor back right now. Over all though, he's not really sure if he trusts himself to speak so he's not saying anything.

James gives Proudstar a look, teeth bared as he point, "That BS 'instincts' excuse never worked with anyone around here when it pertained to me, so I ain't buying it today." Hmph! He stands up when Robyn does, arm still draped over the boy's back, expression turning friendly again, "You okay to stand here a moment? I'll get your stuff." Not so much a question as a statement since he leaves Robyn before he answers. Figuring he's out of earshot, the hyena grumbles as he carefully retrieves the art supplies and more, "Someone's gonna need medical attention…alright. Just you wait."

Connor's voice finally comes out dry, his eyes meeting Robyn's as he seems suddenly confused, "I wanted to take a shower when I got back, but the showers were dirty, you can't take a shower in a dirty shower, Robyn… so I got them all cleaned up, but then it was morning outside and I forgot I needed a morning run before classes, so I could shower… but the showers were still dirty and… I…" The nearly hypnotic cycle breaking as he asks, "Did I miss morning cla-…" Stopping midsentence as he spots James' back, and turns his head away, wincing his eyes closed as if something loud had gone off in his head.

"No one said the BS excuse is working for Connor here either," responds Proudstar, non-the-pulsed by the teeth it would seem. To the young man beginning to stand, "Bad timing on the comment … but until I know you're name, I have no reference for you." Turning to call back over his shoulder towards the gnoll fellow, he pauses at the expression by the lad in his arms. "Calm down Connor - What's going on in there?" He asks more quietly, realizing he might not get through all this with the first James and this one in his arms together. He does take a few steps away from the other two for the moment, moving towards the school but his focus on the one in his arms.

Robyn finally tears his gaze off of Connor and walks over to James and speaks in a quietish sort of voice. "I can get my stuff too, don't worry about it." He says but James also has gathered most of his stuff. "I should probably just go anyway, finish my lunch inside." He says as doesn't know how to confront Connor about what he just did. Robyn just needs something to take his mind off of it as it's easier to get beat up by a 'bad guy' than it is a friend for what seems like no reason.

James puts his ears sideways and hands Robyn his stuff, "Okay…I'll come find you later? I wanted to do that mall thing. But, maybe it's best left for tomorrow." Attention back on Warpath, "If you don't need me, I gotta go report this." He points to the little lapel X-COMM, "I'm on the security team here." He skips over the whole 'X-Force' mention since it's kinda embarrassing to compare his JROTC status to someone who was the real thing. "I'm James, that was Robyn, and this idiot here is Connor."

Connor bites back the urge to yell at something… or the last comment made, and just mumbles to Warpath, "Please put me down… please…" His breathing coming back under control, but his pulse is still racing and hard. Looking up and finally seeing the person who has him held securely, he blinks a few times, "Did… something happen?"

First to Robyn, Proudstar nods, "Or you should get someone to look at your chest, if you got a bruise in there you'll have a hell of a time sleeping - assuming there's not fracture of the cartiledge." Then to the first James, "Thanks, I appreciate it … we should talk, later." Then finally as the one in his arms is more cognitive, he does indeed set him down. "Something did happen, you attacked your friend here." As if that explains it all away, but then, "We should get you looked at all the same Connor … especially if you don't remember anything that just happened."

At Connor's statement Robyn turns and walks right up to Connor. "Did something happen? You just hit me in the stomach, knocked the wind out of me, then threw me to the ground." His voice is definately one of annoyance and anger. "I was just coming up to say hi and you decided it was a good idea to use your instincts and throw me to the ground. And thanks sir but I'm fine, I think I'll be okay." His voice is filled with annoyance though, even as he answers Warpath. He's still a little sore but nothing major.

James smiles, at Warpath, "Sure! Anytime." Eyes fall on Connor, then Robyn as he berates. Grinning, he fuzzes out a little. It's probably not seen by the two boys, but the adult might catch the body language nonetheless, the show is being enjoyed. "You forgot levitate, he did try to levitate you…or teleport you. Something" Slight show of teeth there as The Instigator looks at the other James, "Whaaaat..?"

Connor stops… blinks… and looks up into Robyn's eyes for several moments, and then his head hangs as he finally slumps to a bench, "I… I didn't even realize it was you, Robyn.. but that's no excuse…" The tinny sound of the music from the player in his pockets, the dangling earbuds… stops… then starts on the same track once more… the words or anything barely audible from the distortion level from the device at this volume. A couple more breaths are taken before he then says, "Robyn, I'm sorry… please tell me there's some way I can make it up to you… please… something…" Breathing uptempoing once more until he starts mouthing something to himself as he takes in breaths through his nose, and out his mouth, attempting to regulate himself once more.

Letting the young man stand on his own rather the continuing to carry him in his arms, Proudstar nods to all as he listens. "Apparently he did I suppose … and I suppose I wasn't in the mood for being taken for a ride." He's had enough of teleporting or levitating for the now it would seem. "The kiss and make up works at home fellows, but I imagine Scott takes this stuff more seriously on his grounds. Besides, if that was me, I don't think I'd be ready to forgive you just like that." He's still sure the other needs to get some attention, not merely for medical purposes, but he does step away a moment. Eyes moving between the three of them, he does turn more towards the tall hyena fellow, "They always like this?" Just something to keep the gnoll focused away from the other two boys as he currently observes for the moment perhaps.

"No it's not an excuse cause if it was me, or anyone else, it's bad." Robyn points a finger inbetween Connor's eyes. “Start thinking with this instead of just attacking next time. Noone's gonna sneak up on you and attack you here…well okay it might happen but it's less likely. Stop being on guard when you're listening to music or you're gonna end up using your reflexes to seriously hurt someone who isn't going to be forgiving about it." Is Robyn saying that he is being forgiving? "I know you have issues but you have to work on being aware of what you're doing, just work on it and we'll be okay." Robyn says giving him a small smile, maybe a bit forced, but it is a smile.

"No…this is actually a first," James admits, watching the other two talk. He crosses his arms and shrugs, looking back and the X'er, "So…what brings you into town? It's kinda cool to see some real talent come through here now and again." He grins toothfully, ears swiveling backwards for a moment, "And thanks."

Another few calming breaths before Connor shakily tries standing up, looking up and over at Warpath, and then back at Robyn before he gulps once and licks his dried lips. Reaching back for some water, where it should be, he'd gone out without his usual water bottle holder. A sigh and then he coughs once before saying, "You're right… I'm just… I wanted to explained but… it all…" His eyes flick towards where James is, and then all he says is, "That."

"I'm in from India, figured this was closer to home," a grin, "Besides, its a chance to make right by the Hellions now, why not take the opportunity I figure." Then he looks over towards Connor, pondering a moment, "Are you uncomfortable around James here, or am I missing something in all this?" Then moving towards the lad again, "I think you're exhausted, have you had any rest yet between cleaning and running. I don't even think you took that shower yet."

Robyn puts a hand on Connor's shoulder and a lot of the annoyance from before has faded quite a bit. "Just work on it, okay, and we're cool Connor." He says, as if there's one friend someone could punch on accident and get away with, it's Robyn. He looks back at the Hyena and smiles. "James, I'm good to go to the mall today if you want, just let me know when." He says as he's not going to let this ruin anything else. He doesn't say anything in regards to James in Connor, he knows about Connor's feelings but he doesn't know he told James so right now, Robyn's determined to keep quiet about it. "I probably should go get checked out, just to be sure."

James curls his lips a little bit, exposing his front teeth, at Connor's statement, "Yeah. 'That,' A funny thing, 'that.'" He shrugs his shoulders at Warpath, "Phhtt…half the student body is uncomfortable around me. The other half runs. Him and I? We had a recent historical event. But it's nothing to write in the books. I have a feeling he's taking it harder than he needs to be." This coming from the teen that shrugged off nearly killing a teacher last month, "He'll get over it."

Shoulders immediately tense as that voice is heard, and the rather blunt commentary… and the final damning comment creates a nearly palpable aura of anger around the one who normally comes off as nervous, or unsure… many other emotions, but anger is one he rarely seems to evince. His eyes blaze, and then nothing… literally nothing… the hand on his shoulder feeling that now-familiar lurch of shifting gravities around Connor before there's a sudden inward rush of air as the spot he was sitting in is now… vacant… the only tell-tales he was ever really there the is the hard feelings and the tang of his scent and sweat in the atmosphere around where he was a moment ago.

Starting, Proudstar respond, "As much as I'd say he does need to get over it, you should …" Then the other is gone, unexpectadely. He's not familiar with the boy either, he'd only done his homework on the Hellions. "He's too exhausted to keep that up," looking at the sculptor, "Robyn — you seem to be more friendly with him, do you know where he went?" He's almost hesitant there to throw in a when and where, but doesn't make that assumption yet. "If he keeps this up he might attack some of the other students as well."

"Probably his room?" Robyn says as he knows that's a comfortable spot for Connor, and familiar, but then Quenton is there. "That's what I'm worried about Sir." He says in response to Warpath's last statement. He runs a hand through his hair and sighs. "I'm gonna head to the medbay. Nice to meet you sir." He says turning to head back inside, pausing to put a hand on James's arm and smiles up again, again that same smile forced smile. "Thanks, just grab me when you wanna go to the mall, I don't have any plans." He then continues to head back to the school to hit the medbay and then maybe shower and sleep for a bit to just let this issue pass.

James snaps his jaw shut with a *thunk* "Then again, maybe he won't." He raises his paws and gives Robyn a look, "And people think 'I'm' a problem." Arms are re-crossed, "Naaa, not his room. Not with the trouble he has with his roommate. Probably the attic. He's got a little meditation station built up there while he's waiting for the room reassignment to go through." For someone who was just displaying a little aggression at the other kid, the hyena sure does know an awful lot about him. "Worse comes to worse, I'll find him with the security system and his phone." A deft nod follows, "We'll talk, we'll laugh, things will be fine. Then I'll give him detention." That last part is said as if the hyena thinks he can.

"Yes," responds Proudstar, "I see where talking has gotten everyone in this." Running a hand through his hair again, getting all the strands back and over his shoulders, he ponders. "Tell you what, whose heading up room assignments, I'll see what we can do for him - worst case, I shake up somewhere else and he takes my bed." There is a nod to Robyn as he makes to leave, but his attention given to the other James, "You find him on security, let others know what's going on with the kid … you know, those who are better at this sort of stuff. Let me help you track him, he might not be ready to face reality with you just yet James."

James grins at the mention of tracking with the X'er, "It'd be an honor, sir" But to the rest, he sorta lets slide, a sure sign that, he'll try to do it alone, get caught, and end up taking Warpath along anyways. "He's…having a rough time right now. I was gonna offer crash space. But, I think that would be inappropriate for me to do right now." No reason given as to why, just that the hyena thinks it is. "But that's really awesome for you to offer! I'm sure he'll appreciate it."

A hesitant chuckle from Proudstar, "The more I hear, the more I think somethings going. Doesn't matter, just that Connor needs to learn some control and I figure its my job now to help out where I can." A grin then, "Besides, I'm trying to see if I can get the Hellions out for a little field trip, not like I'll need my bed then anyways. And James," he says to the other, a slight pause. "Drop the sir stuff, I'm not in the military, James is fine."

James nods, "Not really, but I'm abiding," the hyena says in regards to 'him' being fine, "So, what should I call you then?" The smile that follows leaves some doubt as to if the creature actually knows that Warpath is also known as James, and he's just being screwed with. He kinda inhales and clicks his tongue, unsure if he should 'really' involve the new guy in Teen drama, "Well…just to be honest and blunt…he likes me. Like, likes me likes me. And I'm…well…just not interested?" He shrugs, "Didn't take it well."

A pause, then a shrug from Proudstar, "Then it's probably not best you talk to him about it, you being not interest isn't going to change his interest." As if from personal experience even, and a smile then. "Doesn't matter what you call me - just not sir … oh and don't try Chief either, its outdated." Perhaps even not amusing to the human styled James. As to ignoring of the refernce to him being James as well and the other not taking it, accidentally or on purpose, is overlooked. "I'm heading for this attic hideaway your friend has, hopefully I don't get lost." As if that may end it, but he pauses a moment to see if the security James does security stuff over this irked student situation.

James smiles, "You know…this is going to get confusing with three of us around here." Logan no doubt being the third. He shoves his hands in his pockets and heads towards the mansion, "Well, I got an incident to report with Julian…so if I'm needed, call me. And..Thanks." The hyena offers a genuine smile…or a great attempt at one considering his feral appearance. "See ya around!"

A grin from the other, "I'm sure we will." James back steps in the direction he's going to face the hyena-James, "If its easier, call me Warpath or Thunderbird if you like, avoid all the confusion. We can blame our parents later for chosing such a popular name." Then he's off, heading back into the mansion instead of enjoying the cool spring air that he had intended too.

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