2009-06-03: New Avenger Assembled


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Summary: Living Lightning goes to join the ranks of the Avengers.

Date: June 3, 2009

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Rating: PG

NYC - The Avenger Mansion (Foyer)

The foyer is a simple room, a warm rug on the floor, a place to hang your coat and hat, and a door leading to the mansion proper. Basically a greeting room, and not meant for much beside that. Except maybe to make sure to get a good look at anyone coming in and out on the mansion's security camera.

About six seconds ago, what probably registered as lightning striking the mansion's front lawn was detected by the Avenger Mansion securtiy grid. This would be weird due to it being a very clear and sunny day and the lightning bolt coming with a signal to ID it as a friendly to the security grid. Now, the front door is opening and someone's stepping into the Foyer. Miguel Santos, also known as the Living Lightning, is smiling and in costume. Closing the door behind him, the man from California looks around. "Well, just as nice as the one we had…" he trails off with a small, amused expression.

With the recent going ons, one sucessful attempt and one not so successfull attempt, Spider-Woman flys down to the foyer and costume to meet who ever is there. She's was told someone was coming but not the specifics so she's ready for the worst. In fact Spider-Woman stops flying when she hits two rooms before the foyer and takes to the ceiling, wall crawling her way into the foyer. Staying on the ceiling, she looks down at Miguel. "A lot nicer than the what who had?"

Miguel jumps, looking up. For a moment, it looks like recognition flashes across his face but he realizes he's mistaken. "The headquarters the Avengers had on the other coast," he answers, smiling. "You're Spider-Woman?" he guesses, basing it on the whole sticking to the ceiling thing.

Jessica looks down at Miguel and nods. "Yes, I'm Spider-Woman." She answers, if he knows because of her work out in L.A. or her work as an Avenger who knows. "And who might you be?" She asks not recognizing the hero, still clining to the ceiling in her red and yellow costume.

Miguel smiles again, reaching down to his belt to remove something from it. "Night the same Spider-Woman I worked with but still nice to meet you," he says. The man lifts an IdentiCard and holds it up towards Spider-Woman. It's an older model but still works just as well. "I'm the Living Lightning, reserve Avenger hoping to return to the active roster."

"I'm the orginal Spider-Woman." She says droping to the ground as Juila Carpenter and Mattie Franklin came after her. If there wasn't a mask on her face there'd be a visible look of relief. "I heard someone was coming but I wasn't told who, sorry if I jumped a bit there's been a lot going on with few people. And I don't think there would be a problem with you returning to the active roster."

Miguel files away this knowledge, having not known the order of the Spider-Women. "Don't worry about it. Hawkeye and Iron Man have done the same atleast once each in the past," he says, remembering the old days for a moment. "What's been going on?" he asks, putting the card away.

"AIM troubles, none of the Avengers are involved but several others are including Freedom Force, the X-Men and this new gentlemen I've been watching to possible recruit him into the Avengers." Spider-Woman says. "So shall I give you the grand tour of the place and get you set up with a room?" She offers to Living Lighting. "Oh and outside of the uniform you can call me Jessica. I should probably introduce you to Jarvis as well."

Miguel frowns. "AIM, been awhile since I've heard about anything they were involved with," he says. He nods and then looks around. "Sure, I guess. Wouldn't due to get lost in this mansion like I did the other," he chuckles. "I'm rarely actually out of my uniform but you can call me Miguel. It'll be nice to finally meet Jarvis. I've heard the tea he makes is the best any of the Avengers have ever had."

"I was in England for a bit doing the Superhero thing, it's definately on par with some of the tea I had there." Actually Jessica Drew was born in England but it's something not many people know about her since she was born there in 1931. "I'll have Jarvis put the kettle on while I show you to your room."

Miguel smiles and nods. "Thank you," he says. Adjusting the device on the silver portion of his uniform, Miguel lets out a thoughtful noise. "So, who else is currently on the team?" he asks, wondering if any of his friends will be around.

"We have She-Hulk on the reserves right now." Jessica says and that's about it. "Steve and Tony are off taking care of a few things, Janet went somewhere, she didn't tell me." They weren't really friends. "And then I'm looking at this one gentlemen on the NYPD as a recruit so if you see someone using the training facility whose not an Avenger, that's him."

Miguel pauses for just a moment at the 'Hulk' part but it passes quickly when he brain connects the 'She-' part to it. "So it's just us and the cop? Then it's a good thing I cam back when I did if there's AIM trouble."

"Well I'm more counting on Freedom Force and the X-Men to deal with AIM since with just me here I can't." Spider-Woman says, also they're the ones mainly effected about it. "The Cops name is Officer Simmons aka Green Man, I'll introduce you two when he's around. He's been effected by what's going on."

Miguel nods. "Right," he pauses a beat. "What's going on actually?"

"Oh AIM just stole Super Adaptoid that Captain America defeated they did somethign too and it and it's been running around stealing peoples superpowers. It seems it exploded and the powers it absorbed got switched around." Jessica explains with an exasperated tone to her voice like she's almost annoyed by it.

Miguel pauses again, processing this information. "Well…they've been busy," he mutters. "Atleast that one exploded," he offers. Miguel did want to get back into the heroic lifestyle and it looks like it's raring and ready for him.

"Who knows if that was good or bad." Jessica explains as she leads Miguel towards his room. "Well this is room, I'll let you get settled for now. If you want to come down in a bit, I'll have Jarvis put on the tea." JEssica says as right now she does want to get out of her costume and into a t-shirt and a pair of jeans.

Miguel peeks at the room and smiles. "Right. Thanks for the tour," he says. "I think I will come down in a bit," he says. The man from otu west nods as he enters his new room. "Just good to be back."

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