2009-03-18: New Dorm Building


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Summary: Daisuke, Eddie and Julian check out the new dorms.

Date: March 18, 2009

Log Title New Dorm Building

Rating: G

Xavier Mansion - Ramsey Dormitories Lobby

The lobby of Ramsey Dormitories has two elevators at one end of the wall along with the entrance to a cafeteria. On the wall are three pictures that say 'In memory of'. One is of Douglas Ramsey, another of John Proudstar and the last one is of Jean Grey. There are several couches and tables down here for students to relax. Large windows in the front and sides allow for a lot of light in the room.

This is the first time Daisuke's had the chance to check out the new doors. Carrying two bags full of clothes, the only clothes he owns at the moment, he steps through the doors and looks around. It's strange to him since he's not going to be living in the mansion anymore but yet it feels like a place away from the class rooms and teachers as well. "Where is my new room." He mutters as he looks around to see if anything is posted.

Julian follows in, not because he's moving to a room here, since he is in X-Force, he's been moved to the professor's wing in the mansion proper. He was just checking out the new digs. He recognizes Daisuke and raises his head in greeting. "Hey man, need some help with that?" He asks the sonic user.

The elevator doors open…and…THUD. "Ow," Eddie Parker-Mayfair falls out. Dressed in jeans and a Cannonball t-shirt, he'd just been exploring this new building. Something apparenrly caused him to trip though. "Man…oh! Hey, Julian and Dai!" he greets as he gets up.

Daisuke smiles at Julian and shakes his head. "Oh hey Julian, and no, thanks though. I just have to figure out which room is mine." He says as he notices a posting on the wall and as he start to walk over, Eddie falls out of the elevator. He puts down his stuff and heads over to give his friend a hug. "Heya Eddie."

Julian gives a nod to Daisuke, "Alright then." He watches Eddie fall down and gives a small chuckle. "You alright there, Faith?" The telekinetic looks around and gives a nod. "Those guys sure work fast in a pinch."

Eddie returns the hug and seems embarassed about the fall. "I'm okay. Takes a lot more than a little fall to do much to me, Hellion," he says, stretching slightly and looking around. "Yeah. I'm kinda surprised at it all…"

"Maybe the school was getting too crowded with us being there?" Daisuke suggests as he looks through the list of rooms and whose with who. "I'm with your brother Eddie and whose Vincent?" He asks not sure about who Eddie's been stuck with. "I swear I don't understand these room pairings." He says shaking his head but he shrugs anyway.

"Isn't Vincent that guy who was waiting outside of the medbay that one time?" He says, seeing if he got it right. "The X-Force has individual rooms. I don't even stay out here, just wanted to see what it was all about." Julian takes a look at the list. "Hmm."

Eddie nods. "Pryce's twin brother," he says. "You're rooming with Jared, Dai?" he asks, just to make sure. "I don't think the school was getting crowded…" he pauses. "This may just be so they can do crazy training stuff with us squad people without waking up the other students," he says, blinking several times. "You're gonna be in X-force?" he asks Julian, smiling still.

"Pryce?" Daisuke asks as he doesn't know who he is. "Yeah, I guess I am. Oh, I'm still curious ab out these squads. I wish we were in a team together." Dai says to Eddie as he walks over to one of the couches and plops down to sit. Definately brand new couches. "X-Force, is that another team or something?"

"Yeah, I'm on X-Force. Looks like all the training paid off." Julian looks to Daisuke, moving over to the couch and takes a seat. "X-Force is like, reserve X-Men." He explains, though he's sure Eddie can explain more, perhaps.

"Pryce and Vincent are technopathic and cyberpathic twins from Latveria," Eddie explains. "They're sorta newish. Showed up at the school just as everything out there started…" he trails off, gesturing vaguely towards outside. "Me too," he admits. "I got Leo and Max on my squad and they're great but I have no clue who this Nathaniel guy or this Neveah girl are and I've never really worked with any of them," he sighs, moving to a couch to sit down. He nods to what Julian says and launches right into explaining the history of X-force and things like major battles and purposes in the past.

"Latveria? Isn't that the place where that guy Doctor Doom rules?" Daisuke knows this more because he knows history and those sorts of things rather than superheroes and villains. "Oh wow Julian, congratuations on that." He smiles not surprised he's still with the training squads, he needs them. "I'm with Cryus, James, Pallaton and oh yeah, I think your roomate and his brother! Weird Eddie, I'm in a team with your roomate and father, Big Dad, and I'm a roomate with your half brother."

"Thanks." He says at Daisuke. "And one of them made one of those howling noises at me. It was…weird." He doesn't dislike homosexuals, just never thought that a guy would be hitting on him. "You're squads with the shrink?" Julian asks the sonic user.

Eddie nods. "Yeah. It's umm…probably not a good idea to bring Doctor Doom or the Fantastic Four up around Pryce and Vincent," he says, looking down a moment. He blinks at Dai and tilts his head to the side. "That is kinda weird," he agrees. There's a slight laugh next. "He just whistled at you Julian. Why's it weird though? You're umm…" he blushes furiously and looks away. "Very good looking."

Daisuke shrugs at Eddie's words. "He's right." He says as he can acknowlege when a another male is good looking. "Don't worry, I won't Eddie. Oh Eddie, I have to talk to you about something later, right now though, I have to head upstaris and start getting everything unpacked. You two have a good night, okay?" He says smiling and giving Eddie a big hug.

"I dunno… it's just I normally do those things." To girls of course. THe telekinetic looks to Daisuke. "Take it easy Dai." Julian looks to Eddie again. "It's just different, having the shoe on the other foot."

Eddie blinks. "Sure thing, Dai. I'll come up later on tonight," he says, returning the hug. "Have fun setting stuff up…" he trails off. The booster turns back to Julian and tilts his head to the side. "You mean no one's …ever flirted with you before?"

"Umm… yeah…" Eddie's one of Julian's trusted friends, so he's comfy talking with him. "Or at least not by a guy." Not to mention a lot of times girls disliked the way he used to be. Even if he's still somewhat the same.

"Wow," Eddie says. "I mean…I was too nervous…and too me…to before but I thought you'd be getting hit on from both sides," he says. Of course he's blushing as he says this.

"Well, there wasn't a lot of openly gay students before you showed up. So I never knew." He was hit on from the girls side, but it was mainly when they look at you and then they look to their friend real fast and whisper 'he's cute!' to each other. Julian looks to Eddie. "So that was the first time it was outright."

"Oh. That makes sense, I guess," Eddie trails off. "Well, I guess now you know it won't be the last time?" he shrugs.

Julian gives a nod to Eddie. "Yeah." He just has to get used to it. "You probably want to get to your dorm or something." He says as he stands up. "You said Max was in your squad, and Nathaniel too. Well, looks like they are in the same room." He says, pointing to the dorm list for the boys. "They've probably already met."

Eddie shrugs. "I was just exploring. Didn't bring any stuff yet," he says. Glancing at the list, he nods. "Yeah. I'll have to ask Max about him if I run into him before I meet this Nathaniel guy first," he chuckles a little. "Who's on X-Force with you?" he asks, planning something.

"Umm, Kenta, Addison, and Brian." Julian says to the booster. "Why?""

Eddie nods and does his best to memorize this. "Well, I've gotta make a new X-Force t-shirt since there's going to be a new team," he says, blushing again. "It sounds like a good team. Powerful telekinesis, telepathy, DarkForce, Brain's smarts, and energy blasts…"

Julian takes a moment to laugh. "A new t-shirt. Nice." He does like the idea of being on a t-shirt. "Yeah, it will be a good team." He also likes the fact it's almost an X-Man position.

Eddie smiles. "Yeah. Hellion, Grey King, Darkstar, and Impulse…the brand new X-Force!" he declares a touch overdramatically. Taking a moment to clear his throat, the booster looks over at the telekinetic. "Gonna ask for a new costume or keep using the one you wore on the rescue mission?"

"Depends on what colors we go with, really. I like my costume and the way it looks." Julian says bluntly. "But who knows."

Eddie nods. "It is a good costume," he replies. "Mr. Guthrie's old X-force costume was purple and black…" he supplies the information while looking at Julian thoughtfully. Shaking it off, he grins. "Well, I'm gonna get going. See what Dai wanted to talk about. See ya later, Julian," he says, stretching quickly as he stands.

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