2010-06-18: New Faces


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Summary: A few residents of the Xavier institute happen upon each other in the Recreation Room.

Log Title: New Faces

Rating: PG (L)

Xavier Mansion - Recreation Room

What was once the Parlor has been turned into a Recreation Room for the students. A nice plush carpet meets the light blue walls giving it a homey feel. A pool table at one end, a foos ball table at the other, and entertainment center with video game systems, movies, and of course, cable TV. Big comfy chairs and couches surround a coffee table for comfortable loafing. Long glass windows with a pair of French doors line one side of the room bringing in plenty of light during the day. The main rule in here is to clean up after yourself.


Early evening on a summer day finds Star at the foosball table by herself. A cloud of irritation, worry, and a hint of fear hangs around her as she tries to play both sides at once and manages to pinch her fingers on one of the handles, "Holy crap!" She jerks her hand away from the offending table and takes a step back, swinging her injured hand as though that will make the pain go away, "Shit, that hurt." No, she's not very happy at the moment, and that just made her day even better. Or not. She sighs gustily and moves away from her little solo game to flop bonelessly into one of the chairs and tucks her feet up under her to settle in for a nice long sulk. Apparently one of her favorite past times.

A blue, glowing, humanoid being walks into the room, its faceless expression seeming to survey the contends thereof before Robin slips in afterwards. She adjusts her glasses slightly, brushing off the clear lens of her glasses and rubbing lightly beneath the painted lens over her left eye. As she walks in, the blue being seems to follow her naturally, like a gosling to its mother. She blinks a few times at seeing the end of Star's game against herself, and she asks, "Are you alright, there?"

There is a loud thudding noise coming from the hallway. It sounds as though someone or something very large is approaching the Recreation Room. A few moments Later Hildegarde walks into the room, looking for all intents and purposes as a completely average woman. When she takes a step and her metal boots clang out loudly however, one may suspect she is perhaps not so average. The woman is currently wearing a black corset over a white blouse and skirt. Her hair is pulled back in an intricate braid pattern and she has her nose in a book. The title appears to be in some foreign language.
Hildegarde looks up as though confused as to where her feet have taken her. She surveys the room for a quick moment and pokes her head back into the hall to see where exactly she is. The woman turns back and offers a friendly smile to the people in the room. "Hello there. Seems I still don't know my way around in here." She has not met many of the students here yet. "So do many of the students remain in the summer?" Her accent is funny. It sounds like a mix between German and British.

Carrying possibly the largest hoagie in the history of hoagies, - every kind of lunch me you can imagine with several different cheeses and all the fixings on top - Laura strides on silent feet into the rec room. Sporting her usual palette of dark colors for her clothing, she's donning a charcoal gray tank, that clings to her like a second skin, hip hugging cargo pants, and black worn combat boots. A red welt fading on her right cheek, her healing factor had the swelling nearly down completely by now. She was actually in a semi good mood as she walked into the rec room, munching on her dinner. The sparring session with Chloe had been more pleasant then s he would have thought training possible to be. Lifting a hand up in a vague wave to all those in the room, before looking up from her snack. Laura mumbled a quiet "Hello." around a mouthful of sandwich.
Finally Laura's eyes break away from the heavenly hoagie in her hands, to take a survey of who all was present. "Ughh…" she groaned outloud, unable to control the sound of displeasure, as she first saw that Professor she pissed off yesterday, and then the moody Star - who's mood hadn't seemed to improved much. Contemplating turning around and walking right back out for a moment, green eyes past over the girl she didn't recognize giving her a slight nod, before she thought better of leaving. Hilde would probably just follow her anyway. Laura shuffles to a far corner, pulling a chair to her and slinking down into it, trying to make herself look extremely busy with her sandwich.

Hildegarde frowns when Laura appears, snapping her book shut and placing her hands on her hips in an annoyed fashion. "THERE you are. What were you thinking running off like that? You could have been hurt. When I see the Headmaster you can be assured that I will be mentioning this to him." Meaning that she probably still hasn't spoken to him directly. She shakes her head and makes a "Tsk Tsk" noise. "What is this? Did you harm your face on the last night?" I told you to let adults handle things." Her English is slipping slightly, sounding more German.

Robin and the blue humanoid both wave at the newcomers, somehow completely in synch with each other, and Robin answers Hildegarde's question: "Oh, hi. Um, well, I kind of live here, so I stay over the summer. There's some people in the same boat, and others who are staying 'cause they are taking summer classes." She blinks a few times at Laura's reaction to the people in the room, so she resolves not to say anything lest she catch the other girl in the throes of a bad mood. She brushes some of her shoulder-length dark brown hair out of her face and adds, "Um, I'm Robin, by the way. Robin Keen."

Hildegarde taps her foot impatiently at Laura as the girl speaks, but when Robin chimes in the woman turns her attention to her. The woman's expression softens slightly, that's right. Other students in the room. She points to Laura. "We'll talk about this later." Not wanting to drag out all the details in front of the girl's fellow students. She nods to Robin now. "Nice to meet you Robin. I am Hildegarde VonReginleif, but you can call me Professor Hilde. I'll be starting the history classes next semester." She casts a weary glance at Laura before continuing. "Are you taking any summer classes? I may offer one if it seems there is interest."

"Hildegarde VonReginleif," Robin pronounces carefully, trying to remember the name better by repeating it. She pauses for a moment and says, "Oh, and this is Blank. She's my puppet." This time, only the blue humanoid offers a wave to the others and Robin bites her bottom lip for a moment, "I'm not taking any summer classes, no, but I guess I wouldn't mind taking any. It's not like I have an awful lot to do on my summer holidays."

With a sullen roll of her eyes from the corner, Laura mumbled something akin to: "Looking forward to miss that little chat.." before taking another large bite of her dinner. Drawing one leg up to her chest and wrapping her left arm around it as she fixed her attention on Robin and her puppet. Her head tilting to one side with interest, Laura's nostrils flare out, experimentally, trying to pull in Robin's scent. Another bite, and pause for chewing and swallowing, her sandwich nearly consumed now. "That's interesting." she murmurs, only slightly louder then her muttered back talk, her attention solely focused on the blue humanoid now. Green eyes narrowed as she studied Blank, her lips pursing together and her meal momentarily forgotten.

Hildegarde nods to Robin, "Yes. It is perhaps difficult to pronounce, so Hilde works fine." She nods to the puppet as well, "Nice to meet you, Blank." She is unsure if this 'Puppet' has it's own consciousness, so she decides to be polite just in case. "Yes, I need to see what kind of rooms are available and what interest the students have, but I may teach something fun like dance or cooking." She glances back toward Laura for a moment, almost as though checking to make sure the girl is still there. "I did not catch your name, I believe."

The strange thing about Blank is that the puppet doesn't seem to give off any odors or even make any sounds, but still seems to interact with physical objects. Robin, however, simply smells like a teenage girl who is likely into baking and art, by the subtle smells of cookies and paint that she seems to exude for a sensitive nose to take in. Blank gives Hilde an incline of the head at being greeted, but doesn't say anything. The being doesn't appear to have a mouth. Robin adjusts her glasses slightly and notes, "I've never done dancing. I'd love to try it out."

Laura was still there, alright. Mostly ignoring the conversation at hand and staring at the blue humanoid. She found it very interesting, indeed. "that's because you didn't ask for it and I didn't feel the need to give it, at the time." she replied blandly to Professor Hilde, her eyes still averted and focused on the puppet. A few moments passed as Laura mentally calculated the amount of grief she'd get for refusing to give her name, and decided it just wasn't worth it. "Laura Kinney." she finally answered Hilde, her emerald orbs shifting to the professor for a moment before moving back to Blank. the lack of scent perplexed Laura, and she leaned forward in her seat some and blatantly sniffed at the air this time. Nothing.
Letting the quandary go for the moment, Laura slowly stood from her place in the corner. Popping the last oversized bite of her sandwich into her mouth, she started heading towards the doors that led out towards the basketball courts. The tension between her and the professor was pretty apparent, and it was making her uncomfortable. In the back of her mind, she was fairly certain she wouldn't be able to make an exit that easily, but a portion of her clung to the hope that Hilde wouldn't notice… maybe.

Hilde smiles at Laura, "Oh? Well I can teach social dances well enough. Waltz and Merengue and Swing…Unfortunately the trick is to get boys interested in taking the class too. It is difficult to teach dance if there are no dance partners." She chuckles slightly and shoots a glance toward Laura. "Laura? Thank you. I hope you know I only have your safety in mind when I seem irritated with you. You should not do things to endanger yourself because that in turn endangers others…" She glances for a moment at Robin and Blank. "But I digress. I do want to speak to you later though. Perhaps I can help if you are having troubles." She will not stop the girl from sneaking past her. She has a name and a face, that's all she needs for now.

Laura gave a derisive snort at the "your safety in mind" mini-speech, and pushed the door open. Her attention flickered to Blank and Robin once more, catching the dual stair from them. She stared right back for a moment, then gave them both a single nod before stepping outside. Laura kicks off her combat boots, as she shuts the door quietly behind her. Pulling one leg up behind her at the knee, and stretching some, she begins jogging towards the courts, and then past them to the pool.

Hilde sighs as Laura exits the room, shaking her head slightly. She gives Robin and Blank an apologetic smile, "Sorry about all that. Small incident from yesterday is all." She waves a hand dismissively, "I'll take care of it a little later." She nods at the mention of someone else who might be interested in the course, "Yes well I just got here yesterday. I'll take a week or two to get settled in and I may offer a workshop. I'd like to speak with some of the other professors first and see if they have any ideas or scheduling conflicts."

Robin nods at Hilde and says, "Don't worry about it… there's always tons of drama going on here, so I try not to think too much of it." She smiles slightly and paces over to one of the seats slowly, her puppet soundlessly following her. "I'd love to get Skyler to learn how to dance with me. I think he used to be into theatre, so it's possible he already knows some things. I would /love/ to take a drama class."

Hilde walks a little closer herself, choosing to kneel on the floor near one of the couches as opposed to sitting on any of the furniture. "I am sure I will get used to the drama here." At the mention of Skyler's theatre background Hilde chuckles slightly. "Well he may know some of the dances, but perhaps only parts of them if he used them in plays. I am not one to teach drama though, that is more my sister's cup of tea." There is the faintest tone of harshness at the mention of her sister. "I am the sister who enjoys digging in the dirt and reading books more than acting on a stage."

Robin smiles and says, "I really like reading, too. English is my best subject." She says that only because it is her favourite subject: She is a straight A perfectionist-type student, so her English grade looks much the same as any other class. She pulls her legs up close to herself on her seat and shrugs, "So you teach history? I wonder if I'll have you in the next semester."

Hilde nods. "It is likely you will see me at some point. I teach different periods of history, I also teach German and Classical Mythology. I will need to speak to a man named 'Hank' before I decide where to start though. I hear he has been teaching many classes by himself. Because he used to teach History I should see what has already been taught to the students." She smiles, "And if you enjoy English perhaps you should pick up my Mythology class, it will be an elective class for anyone interested. You may enjoy it."

Robin nods at Hilde and says, "Oh, that would be pretty neat. I think mythology is really neat…" It's possible that she just has varied interests. She and Blank both tilt their heads in synch with each other and she adds, "How long have you been a teacher? What made you interested in teaching here? It's a kind've weird place to teach, that's for sure."

Hilde waves a hand, "I shall try to make the course interesting. It is what I studdied before I came here, so it will probably be my easiest class." When questioned about the teaching position she shakes her head, "Oh I have not taught in a class like this before, I have only given college level lectures and done some teaching for my grad school. I worked at the British Museum for a while as an Archaeologist. I wrote some books about mutants and the people at the school apparently thought I would be a good fit here. They contacted me…Probably about three months ago now."

Robin blinks a few times and says, sliding her glasses back up her nose slightly, "Lots of the professors here seem like they are well able to teach university courses. It's kind've awesome to get this level of education in high school, but I always wonder what motivates people to take the job. It's probably got to do with teaching young mutants, though, huh? Just wanting to help?" She crosses her arms and shrugs, "If I ever become educated enough to be a professor, I'd probably want to teach here."

Hilde nods, "Yes. For me at least, when I was a child I had no one to talk to about being a mutant. I was very confused by the whole situation. Also with my ability…Well it can be destructive at times." She nods in agreement with herself. "I took the job because I am qualified to teach here and I can understand what the students are going through." Hilde smiles at the girl, "I think that would be a very good goal to have, to teach at a place like this. But if you decide to I suggest traveling a bit first. See the world after you graduate so that you can be better rounded when you come back.

Robin nods and says, "I'd like to go to Europe, I think, most of all. Just tour it and see all the historical sights and everything that's there to see." She smiles slightly at the very thought of it and shrugs, "I'm an obvious mutant, though, so I get kind've worried when I think about traveling. I mean, sure, I look normal. But Blank never leaves me." She rubs underneath the painted lens of her glasses for a moment and then adds, "I still think I'd go, though."

Hilde looks at the puppet and nods, "Well I think that in time the world will learn to accept us. I really didn't have too much trouble when they found out that I am a mutant." Granted Hilde went very public after saving some people. She does get some nasty letters sometimes in response to her books, but for the most part people seem ok with her. She stands and stretches slightly, nodding to the girl. "Well I suppose I should try to find the Headmaster. Hopefully I will see you in one of my classes next semester."

Robin nods at Hilde and says, "It would be my pleasure to be a part of one!" She smiles and nods, "And I hope that things take a turn for the better so that I don't have to worry at all about taking flights and stuff." She and her puppet both wave their hand at Hilde in farewell.

Hilde nods to the girl reassuringly. "I am sure things will get better eventually." She offers a short wave and heads out of the room. She will try to track down Laura at first and then will try to locate the Headmaster. She still has not had a chance to see him about the incident the other day.

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