2009-03-13: New Family


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Summary: Christopher and Eddie spend some time getting to know Jared.

Date: March 13, 2009

Log Title New Family

Rating: PG

Westchester - Parker-Mayfair Home - Living Room

While it's not an excessively decorated living room, it does have all the necessities. There is a large comfy-looking blue sofa with a matching loveseat and chair next to it. The three are all angled around a nice large-screen TV with all the accoutrements. The excess decorating has not been done… for a reason. The owner apparently knows someone else will want to do that.

Jared nods at Eddie, bites his lower lip again, a certain sign that he is feeling nervouse and about to do something he is not sure of. At the mention of where Eddie used to live Jared realizes that even with the hell he has been through in the last month, some people have had it worse, and just reaches out with his left arm and hugs Eddie. "I'm sorry." After a second Eddie's question hits him and Jared grins, "I am a gymnast, well was one. After what happened with Jean Paul Bebier no chance I am getting that slot on the 2012 team."

Eddie squeaks again as he's pulled over into a hug, both teens in the living room since apparently no one else was around (Nova's sleeping, curled up on Eddie's bed). He blinks and returns the hug. "It's okay. Dads found me and now I don't have to live there. And I'm even stronger now for it," he says, remembering what Julian told him the other night. "Gymnastics? Like flipping around and stuff? I should introduce you to Leo sometime…" he trails off. "Jean-Paul Beubier? I have his book…"

The sound of the door unlocking can be heard before Christopher walks in looking tired. He's about to do his usual routine of throwing his keys down on the table and heading into the kitchen when he spots Jared and Eddie there. "Oh, hello, good to see the two of you finally met." He says with a smile as he runs a hand through his hair. He's wearing a pair of black slacks and a black button down shirt, the top few buttons left undone. He doesn't realize that he still has the small apron of pouches around his waist that he holds his scissors, combs and such in.

Jared sounds like Eddie as he hears the voice of Christopher jumping back from Eddie just a little. He is going to have to get used to being in the house with a lot of people instead of being alone most of the time. At the moment he is wearing a tight form fitting black shirt with small sweat rings aroudn the armpits, and a pair of jeans that are wet around the cuffs still since he had only recently gotten back from doing some running. "High sir, Sorry I kinda passed out just after dinner, it was a bit of a long day." Jared gives Eddie a small smile and nods at him, "Something like that, I did my best on the uneven bars and witht he rings. My friend Leo was a lot better at it before he got shipped off to some private school his parents refused to tell me the name of…" Jared was kind of just letting himself talk when his ears decided to point out Eddie mentioning a friend named Leo. Naw, can't be, those kinds of coincidences only happen in comic books.

Eddie jumps and squeaks as well, stumbling and falling back onto his backside. He blinks when Jared mentions his friend was named Leo as well. "Leo…Osborne?" he asks. Looking over to Chris, Eddie smiles as he gets up. "Dad, you forgot to take off your work apron…" he trails off with a little laugh.

Christopher plops down on the couch, ruffling Eddie's hair on the way. "Oh please, don't call me sir, call me Christopher." He says with a warm smile. "And don't worry about it Jared. I made three kind of cookies earlier today, peanut butter, chocolate chip and oatmeal craisin, feel free to help yourself." He says as he smiles at Eddie and can't resist chuckling. "Huh, oh I did, it's been a long night. My last client, I swear, she was a bitch." He says taking it off and balling it up next to him. "Oh Leo, he's the student with the light powers but different light than mine."

Jared just stares at Eddie like he grew a second head for the second time since they met. "No way, no way do things like that happen in real life. This is unreal, only friend I have in the workd gets whisked away to some private school with no way to contact him for three months…and it turns out to be the school my new family is connected to." Jared jsut shakes his head and then nods at Christopher. "Ok si…Christopher. Or how about I call you Satan instead? Tempting me with that many cookies while I am trying to stay in shape? Evil, your just plain evil."

Eddie moves to sit down next to Chris and hug him, squeaking when ruffled. "Leo's a friend of mine and he uses the Living Light. It's sorta a semisentient light from another dimension," he explains. Jared then gets frowned at. "Dad's not evil."

Christopher can't help but chuckle. "Oh I'm not Satan, I'm not powerful enough. And you know Leo Osborne?" Christopher asks sounding surprised. "Sometimes things just have strange ways of working out. And new family? So you thinking about sticking around Jared?" He says as he looks to Eddie and puts an arm around him to cuddle. "And I swear kiddo, I hear you talk about superheroes nonstop but I still can't believe how much you know."

Jared nods and shakes his head at Eddie before finding himself a decent place to sit as well. "Kinda like Dagger? If it is the same Leo Osborne I know then it fits him, guy was always the nicest brightest person around. Hell he even put up with my grumpy ass when I was at my worst. Heh, given the altered laws of probability I am running into here I am not even gonna ask if there are any cute guys at the school with Darkforce powers." Jared bites his lower lip at Christopher's question about him staying, and pulls his feet up so he can hug his legs, which makes it a good thing he left his shoes by the door. "Well it's that or go back to the group home they put me in back in Cali. Besides, Mister mayfair….Jericho sounded like it was gonna be a hell of a fight if I tried not staying after all that talk about building on another room…" Not to mention Jared really does want to get to know his Dad, even if he can't quite call him that.

Eddie blushes. "I do a lot of studying," he says. "And with my powers its useful knowing about superheroes and different powers," he says. When Jared mentions DarkForce, Eddie looks up. "Umm…Mr. Glitpatrick is kinda cute for an older guy…" he admits, turning several new shades of red. He then looks towards Jared and takes a deep breath. "If you're really Dad's son that means we're brothers and…you should stay here with us…please?"

"One of the teachers has Darkforce powers. If you want to go the hot for teacher route, it's not uncommon. I'm married but I'll admit, he is a beautiful man." Christopher teases, but he doesn't think that'll help Jared out any. "Well Jeri and I are perfectly willing to have another room added on and we'd love for you to stay here. And Leo, he's definately a bright kid, he glows." He says chuckling. "And Eddie here was worried the two of you wouldn't get along, we really would love for you to stay and maybe over time find a family with us."

Jared nods at Eddie, and kinda blushes at him ending the request to stay with a please. At the mention of the hot for teacher thing he turns a bright red and looks up eyes wide beofre shaking his head. "No, no, Just thinking aobut the whole Cloak and Dagger thing and Leo's….well who Leo is. Never been one to fall for a teacher…or anyone else." Jared coughs a little and looks at Edie and Christopher, "Even without the supporting evidence in Mom's diary, and the physical simmilarities, the simmilarities in powers and how he feels through mine…well we are certainly related."

Eddie turns redder s well. Before he got serious with Ricky, Eddie had a few crushes on some of his teachers. Just guess which ones. He frowns for a moment as Cloak and Dagger are brought up in relation to Leo, remembering the otherworlders but shakes it off. The teen remains otherwise quiet though.

"You two do look a like and after Jeri shared powers with you and confirmed it, I can't deny it either. But, Jeri's my husband and you're his son so you're always welcome in our family." Christopher doesn't expect Jared to call him Dad like Eddie does, but just accept that he's his father's significant other. "So how'd you end up getting from California to here Jared?" Christopher asks curiously.

Jared nods at Christopher, and has kinda tryied to be out of his way since it can;t be easy to have your husband's son from a random fling when he was a kid show up. "Mostly it was by Greyhound, till there was an accident. I had stayed away from the others on the buss to keep them from noticing cuts and things healing, but a guy got hurt and…well long story short I got stabbed and ended up hitchiking the rest of the way."

Eddie winces. "Getting stabbed hurts…" he murmurs. He's got the scars to prove it too.

Christopher winces as Jared says he got stabbed. "Well I'm glad you're okay. Jeri, Eddie and I are going to have to give you our contact information just in case." He leans back on the couch and yawns. "Where's Nova kiddo?" He asks realizing he hasn't seen the puppy around. "And if you have any questions about anything Jared feel free to ask. I know this must be horribly awkward for you."

Jared nods at Eddie biting his lower lip. "Tell me about it, but the bus that hit me was worse, broke half a dozen bones at least…and those actually hurt when healing in fast forwards. Could be worse though, thanks to my powers no scars or marks of any kind." At the mention of contact info, and asking questions Jared only nods. "Awkward is a good word for it, Really I think I am still in shock from actaully meeting my…from meeting my father and everything else. Not really sure about how to feel about any of it you know?" Jared sighs, and lets go of his legs long enough to pop open his bottle of cranberry juice and take a long drink.

Eddie winces again, shuddering against Chris. When Jared brings up scars, Eddie reaches up to rub the one above his eye. "Lucky…" he murmurs. He then goes back to being quiet, knowing Chris is better at this sort of thing.

Christopher raises an eyebrow at the cranberry juice and shakes his head in amsuement. "You are Jeri's son." He says with a chuckle. "Sorry, Jeri /loves/ anything with cranberry in it. Anyway, at least you have someone like Jeri as a father, I know I'm biased, but he's great guy and I know he would have made an effort to be in your life if he knew. The four of us should go out to dinner sometime just so we can sit around, talk, and get to know eachother. I'm not going to try to be another Dad to you on top of Jeri, I just want you to know that, but you are my husbands son so I do consider you family even if you decide not to stay here, though I hope you do."

Jared nods at Christopher and looks at Eddie as he rubs the one over his eye. "Yeah, I guess I am kinda lucky. Although…given my powers there is always a chance if I can learn to actually control them or just hand around enough that scar and others might end up disapearing…" One of many things that has passed through Jared's mind as he has realized just what his powers could do. "Its not like I have anywhere else to live, and…I would like to get to know you. I know he would have tried to be part of my life, thats kinda why mom never told him to keep him from being burdened with having baby before he was out of highschool…"

"Nova's in my room curled up on my bed, Dad," Eddie answers, slightly delayed. "Dad is great," Eddie agrees. He squirms on the spot for a moment before shrugging. "Think Jared could enroll up at the school, Dad?" he asks quietly.

"Well that's a good point Eddie." And Christopher was already figuring that would happen if Jared decided to stay. "I'm pretty sure Jeri's going to talk to Scott about it, if you're interested Jared. Jeri and I work at a school for gifted kids like you and Eddie, other words, mutants. We're all mutants there and Xavier's specializes in regular classes along with classes that cater towards learning how to control your powers. " (re)

Jared bites his lower lip again as he thinks about things, "That sounds cool, and Jericho did say that the two of you worked for a school for mutants. I haven't really thought about school much, not exactly the first thing on my mind. Ugh, and having truent for a good month is not going to help my math scores in the least either."

Eddie blinks a few times. "I was truent for two years and I'm doing okay with some tutoring…" he trails off. "But really, it's a great place, Jared. Better than any school I'd ever imagined!"

"Actually that's how Jeri and I met." Christopher says running a hand through his hair. "I'm not surprised and there a plenty of students who are behind so you don't have to worry too much. So Jared, is there anything you need since I didn't see you come in with much more than just the backpack? Well I shouldn't say is there anything, I should more say, what is it you need?"

Jared shrugs at Christopher, "Well I could probably do with being shown where the washer is, my clothes are not exactly at thier freshest." Jared sighs as he watches the other two not really sure what else he could say that he needs. "I havem y kindel, and DS, not much I really need."

Eddie tilts his head to the side. "You…have stuff to start a fire with? We…have heat in the house. Don't have to start a fire. I mean if you're really cold I'll go get you a blanket…" he says, confused. "You can borrow some of my clothes while yours are in the wash. And maybe we could all go out to the hot tub for a little while?"

Christopher is confused by what Eddie's talking about until it clicks. "Oh no honey, a Kindle as an electronic book, it holds books electronically that you can read. Not kindling, what you start a fire with." He pulls Eddie close and ruffles his hair. "Well you need a toothbrush, conditioner and shampoo I have more than enough of so you can use some of mine unless you have a prefernce, or you can come down to the salon and see if there is something you like. I can show you were the wash is and we can go get you more clothes if you like." Christopher and Jeri are not financially hurting in the least. "The hot tub sounds like it could be nice and I promise I won't go naked." He says knowing Eddie might get flustered.

Jared just looks at Eddie confused at him talking about starting fires. He is about to wonder if maybe he should be staying here until Christopher figures out whats going on. "Oh, yeah its an E-book reader. I have the compleat works of Terry Pratchett, Issac Assamov, and H.P. Lovecraft on there, and a few other things I like to read. Um…about the hot tub….I kinda left by board shorts in Cali…."

Eddie squeaks and blushes as he's pulled in for the ruffle-hug. "Oh…" he trails off, embarrassed now. "Daaaaad!" he yelps, blushing even more and covering his face with his hands for a moment. "I can lend ya a pair, Jared…"

Christopher laughs. "I'm not familar with those authors but it's good that you read. And out of curiosity Jared, how old are you?" He's just wondering how close in age him and Eddie are. "I'd offer a pair of mine but I don't know how well they'd fit."

Jared nods and looks Eddie over a bit, "I am not sure I would fit, kind of on the tall and skinny side here." Jared looks over at Chris and shrugs, "I turned fifteen in november."

Eddie pauses when he hears how old Jared is. "Man…younger than me and taller…" he says with a pout. "Don't worry, I'm skinny too…I think it'll fit," he says, starting to get up.

"Well we're the same height so mine might work for you Jared." Thought Christopher's might be a bit large in the waist but they can always try. He gets up with Eddie then yawns. "Actually you two go into the hot tub, I'm getting sleepy so I think I'm going to start getting ready for bed. You can try either his or mine." He says as he gives Eddie a kiss on the top of the head good night and Jared gers a shoulder squeeze. He doesn't think he should be that affectionate with Jared yet.

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