2009-04-28 New Found Friend


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Summary: Kael finds a new friend in the mansion. Video games and late hours between them.

Date: 04-08-2009

Log Title New Found Friend

Rating: G

Xavier Mansion - Living Room

Cream colored couches and chairs are placed among end tables and a coffee table. A large entertainment center covers one of the blue walls. The windows are set back a bit creating comfortable window seats for those who want to read.

At least late at night, Kael and look around the place without getting in too much trouble, or so he hopes really. The wind controller heads into the living room, spinning around as he walks to take in mostly everything as he munches on an candy bar that he brought from his room. Then his eyes fall upon the entertainment system and he blinks a bit. "Whoa."

In his night clothes, Max enters the space. His loungepants and t-shirt have a Green Lantern theme to them. The light brown haired kid looks to the newcomer as he looks at the system in there. "That's what I said when I first got here." He moves over to Kael and smiles. "Guess you can't sleep either?" He guesses. His blue eyes are definitely kind, and he extends a hand towards Kael. "I'm Max." He says.

Kael looks over at Max as he moves closer to him and he lets out a soft laugh. "Heh… I'm Kael." He takes the hand and shakes it for a moment before he looks back at the entertainment system. "It's like… a thousands times better than what I had at my house!" The boy's dressed in a more gaming themed outfit, tonight's game of choice? Assassin's Creed.

The icy mutants hand is cold, very cold. "Yeah! I know. They have the coolest stuff here. Only thing that suck is that when you don't do the homework, the teachers know it's cause of this thing." He's been caught a couple times, but usually he is a good student. "Dude! Assassin's Creed!"

Kael pulls his hand back after the handshake, rubbing it against his pant leg to warm it back up. "You're cold!" Good going with stating of the obvious. He looks down at his PJs and laughs slightly, "Yeah, I love this game. It was quite fun!" He looks up at Max and asks, "So… what's with the hands of freezing death."

"Oh yeah… sorry about that. I mind of do that." Once you get past the extremely chilly temperature, he's actually really cool(pardon the pun). Max's face gets a bit red when asked about his hand. "That's what I do… you know. I freeze things. And I'm a human air conditioner!" He says that last part with gusto, he likes being around for the summer in situations like that.

Kael laughs softly. "I guess that makes me a human fan then." He laughs brightly at that before he takes the last bite of his candy bar and looks outside, letting out a disappointed hum. After he swallows, he says, "Darn. Can't go outside. And I don't wanna try to do it inside."

Max looks to Kael with a little questioning look. "What do you mean?" He asks, looking at the wind manipulator. The chilly nuisance takes a seat on the couch in front of the entertainment center. "They normally don't bother us who sty up late. As long as we're not making a lot of noise.

Kael rubs the back of his head with a small laugh. "I'd show you what I can do… but…" He gnaws at his lip slightly before he lets out a sigh. "You showed me, so I guess I should show you." Such is the law of young teenagedom. He moves to stand in front of Max and says, "This is what I can do." Out of nowhere, a balst of wind rushes pats Max, knocking a stack of papers on the table behind him onto the ground.

As the wind rushes past Max and knocks down the stack of papers, Max gives a pleased smile. "Nice." He says with a little bit of a giggle. The cryokinetic likes this newcomer, nice demeanor, into video games, and keeps late hours.

Kael grins a bit as well. "I can also float." He grins wide, and lets out a small laugh of his own. The aerokinetic likes the cryo one, for mainly the same reasons as well. He looks around for a good sized pillow, and heads over towards it to grab it. "Wanna see?"

Max looks a bit interested in this guy's powers. He's never seen a aero before. "Yeah sure!" He says, a little excitedly. He's definitely hyper for someone his age, ADHD is one of his struggles. But he tries real hard to manage it.

Kael smiles brightly, letting out a stifled giggle of his own before he clears his throat. Confused this one is, about mainly everything at the moment. He exhales deeply, dropping the pillow behind him as he closes his eyes a bit after. "Here… goes." He laughs nervously and winds erupt around him before the center in on him and he starts to float up a good seven inches from the ground.

Max lets out an excited chuckle as the boy starts to float up. "You're doing it, man!" He says excitedly as he bears witness to the display of power, even if it is just a floating boy, he likes to be encouraging. "That's so cool!"

Kael smiles softly, opening his eyes a bit before he falters and flails in the air; falling backwards onto the pillow as the winds around him blast out around him. Knocking a good bit of movies and games down, and more papers are tossed off of tables.

Max winces as the aerokinetic falls back to the ground. "Ouch." Max says, looking down at Kael on the pillow. He holds out his cold hand to Kael, offering to pick him up. "That was real cool, while it lasted." He says, though it's not to poke fun, he really thought it was neat.

Kael lets out a grunt as he sits up; rubbing at the back of his head. "Oh man. I've gotta work on my landings." He lets out a soft laugh as he takes Max's hand and pulls himself up. "Is there any way to turn that off? Or are oyu always superduper cold."

"Naa, it comes with being me. I'm just real cold." It's only in the low forty degree range, but compared to others it's a large heat difference. Though to him, he's a perfectly normal temperature. "Why?" He asks, looking to Kael's eyes.

Kael rubs his hands together, that was a cold hand really. "Cause, that's still a shock to my system." He laughs a bit, looking back into Max's eyes for a moment before he looks back at the system behind him and lets out a small squeak. "Aw man!" The movies are mainly all on the ground. Were those alphabetized by chance?

"What's wrong?" Max asks the newcomer. "Oh those, don't worry they're always out of order. He moves over to help with the clean up. "Sorry, my skin just likes to cool the room, it changes with the temperature in the mansion." He says, finally getting to the first part.

Kael lets out a breath of relief as he moves to help pick up the movies that he knocked down. "Aaah, so the hotter the place gets the cooler you get? Or is it really strange and stuff." He looks back over at Max as he grins a bit, his hair streaking white for a moment as a gust of wind blows in from behind; pushing the movies that were pushed forward back on the shelf so the ones on the floor can fit.

"Kind of. It's like, the hotter it is outside, the more my body tries to cool the air, which means I get cooler." He says, grabbing a couple of comedies and one animated movie. "Oh hey! I didn't know we had the Ninja Turtles!" He reminds himself that he'll have to watch that later. The cryokinetic catches a look at Kael and gives a smile too.

Kael ohs and blinks a bit. "I think I get it. I just have a constant breeze follow me on a cool day." He shrugs a bit, picking up a good few mature movies and an animated movie himself. "Hm, the AniMatrix. I thought that was neat." He grins a bit, moving to put the movies back on the shelf. He looks back down at Max and asks, "Know any good places to hide away from people?" Playing games in peace is always nice.

"What do you mean hide away? Like go for peace and quiet, or like keeping something secret?" He asks, though only knowing one area anyways. Max continues to fix the movies on the lower levels.

Kael absently nods, walking back and forth to pick up movies and put them up on the higher shelves. "Mainly to hide away from things. When things get a bit… bad. And ya just wanna get away from things. That kinda hide away."

Max looks to Kael, thinking he knows where. "The woods. Or the island in the middle of the lake." He says, sure of that, he's never had to leave the mansion like that, but that's where he would go.

Kael blinks a bit, pausing as he's putting a movie back. "There's a lake?" He looks down at Max as he says that, and he blinks a bit more. "This place is awesome."

Continuing to look up at Kael, Max nods. "Yeah, we have a lake. It's huge. And sometimes Iceman and I go out and freeze it in the winter. So that people can skate on it." He informs. "This place /is/ cool." He says, still giving the same smile.

Kael looks down at Max, his eyes slightly wide. "You and who freeze the lake?" He has no clue about the X-men or any of the heroes really. All he knows that this is a school for mutants.

"Iceman, Mr. Drake. He's kind of like my mentor, having like powers and stuff." Max's a bit dumbfounded that someone doesn't know about Iceman, but then again, he's been here longer.

Kael laughs a bit. "I see." He rubs the back of his head, embarrassed to high heaven now. "I haven't met any of the teachers here yet. Save for the one who picked me up from the airport, and I already forgot his name." He hangs his head with a sigh.

"Don't worry, you'll get to remember everyone. It doesn't take that long to get the hang of things here." Max says, still looking to Kael, he thinks that he's found a new friend in the mansion.

Kael blinks softly as he looks down at Max. He tilts his head a bit before he lets out a soft laugh. "I'm nervous about meeting this Corsair team… I mean… I don't even know what it's about…" Nervous child is nervous.

"Corsairs? Oh, that's Owen's squad!" Max announces. "And it's also Cyclops' squad. Owen's really cool, he turns into this fuzzy bat thing, it's real cool looking!" Max seems to have many friends around the mansion.

Kael stops what he was doing and slowly brings back his hand. "Fuzzy… bat thing?" Oh, that's gonna give the poor kid nightmares.

"Yeah. He's alike a big tall muppet!" Well, the real thing is a bit scarier than that. Especially when he actually becomes the man bat rather than taking on it's looks. "He's really nice. I passed out in the woods one day, and he brought me back to my room."

Kael stifles a laugh. "A big tall muppet?" Okay, that's not as scary. He tilts his head a bit and asks, "Why were ya passed out in the woods?"
"Cause It was three in the morning and I couldn't stay up any longer." Quite honest this kid is. Max says right off the bat, as if it were nothing.

Kael glances over at a nearby clock, rubbing his eyes a bit as he says, "I think I burned off that candy bar I ate." He glances over at Max with a smile, "I think I should get to bed. Don't wanna pass out in the hallways." That and he might get lost…

"I'll go with you to the dorms." Max offers, he's quite tired too. The ice mutant gives a yawn to his new friend.

Kael smiles. "Thanks. That way, I won't get lost… again." He laughs softly as he then yawns once more; stretching above his head for a moment.

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