2009-06-08: New Fuzz In Town


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Summary: Owen and Chris hang out in the living room.

Date: June 8, 2009

Log Title: New Fuzz in Town

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Living Room

Cream colored couches and chairs are placed among end tables and a coffee table. A large entertainment center covers one of the blue walls. The windows are set back a bit creating comfortable window seats for those who want to read.

"And as the sayin' goes, there's never anythin' on TV," Owen Folger, currently telekinetic student of the Xavier Institute, mumbles. He's in the living room of the mansion this afternoon, dressed in shorts and a white t-shirt, just lounging on a couch and flicking through channels. It seems to be a lazy day.

There's something familar about the way Christopher enters the room, he teleports in all fuzzy. Lucky for Christopher he has great control over his powers so he's been able to control 'the bat', though finding Lorna for 'feeding' has been interesting. He stretches after entering and walks over and sits on the couch. "Anything intereting on the Food Network?"

Owen looks up slowly and his eyes go wide when Chris enters. "Food…Network?" he asks, staring. "Ya…oh man…" he says. "Ummm…guess Ah know who ended up with mah powers now…" he says quietly, holding the remote out to Chris.

"Yes, Food Network, channel about cooking? I am the Home Ec teacher after all." Christopher says with a smile and chuckle as takes the remote from Owen. "Yup, I got your powers Owen. I miss mine but I guess I have to make do with this while I still can. I'm really hating using chemicals in my salon."

Owen smiles slightly but looks away. "Sorry…ya'll got stuck with mah powers," he says. "Ah dunno who's Ah got," he adds with a shrug. "Wait…salon?"

Christopher shakes his head. "Don't be sorry, it could be worse." Christopher says as he's just trying to stay positive with the power swap and the fact that two of his sons are missing. "Yes, I own a Salon in Salem, David's. It's a small salon but I love the job. I used to use my powers their but now, I can't."

Owen frowns. "Ah…well…jus' feel bad that someone else has tah deal with somehin' like The Bar," he mutters. Shaking his head, he peers at the TV silently for a few moments. "So ya teach at the school an' run a hair-dressin' place?"

"It's not that bad Owen, Lorna's been helping and also with the power swap I seemed to know how to control it." Christopher says as the level of control with his old powers stayed the same with the new power. "It's hard to explain though. And yes, I teach at the school here, I run a salon, I'm a father and a husband too, I'm just Mr. Busybee."

Owen smiles a bit more as Lorna's mentioned, happy to hear she didn't go nuts and vibrate out of existence. "That does sound like it keeps ya busy," he chuckles a little. "Ya're umm…Jared's pa, right?" he pausses. "Haven' seem him 'round in awhile…" he frowns. He knows Jordan's missing but he dosn't know who the other four that went with him are.

"Sorta, I'm not really sure where I stand with Jared." Christopher says honestly. "I do love him like a son but I'm his father's husband. Dr. Parker-Mayfair, Jeri, is his biological father. We both adopted Eddie and I also have custody of another boy for another few months." It's weird to explain. "Yeah, Jared, Eddie and a few others went on a trip, they should be back soon." Here's to hoping.

Owen stares as Chris explains it all, brain trying to catch up. Eventually, things click and he nods. "Seems like a complicated way tah have a family," he remarks, smiling again. "Trip? THey go anywhere interestin'?"

"It's not as complicated as you think since there's just as much love, if not more, than a simple family." Christopher says with a chuckle as he is perfectly happy with his life. "Jared, Eddie and Daisuke decided to go on a trip together, I'm sure they're having a good time." He doesn't know how much he should tell one of the students so he's going keep being a vauge as possible.

Owen chuckles a bit. "That's what Ah meant. Sayin' all that complicated stuff 'bout who's blood tah who when all ya had tah say was that ya're family," he says, stretching out. "Did Jordan go with 'em or did he go somewhere else?" he asks, wondering if he can find out more for Robyn.

Christopher nods and shrugs. "I guess you're right, we're just one big family. But Jordan? I'm not really sure who he is." Christopher doesn't know many details but he's trying to answer the best he can. "What about you Owen, how are things over all? Any problems durning this power swap?"

Owen blinks. "Big guy, hot, sorta football playerish looks," he vaguely descrubes Jordan but shrugs. "Well," a pause for a deep breath. "Ah got telekinesis which Ah'm lovin' cause it lets me fly. But Ah also got this weird…link tah Mr. Anderson. We like…feel what eachother feels and know what the other's thinkin'. It's…weird," he admits. "An'…Ah dunno…sorta…bothered by not havin' mah ol' powers an' Ah can' figure out why."

Christopher can't help but laugh at something Owen says. "Owen, I'm sorry, but saying hot doesn't mean anything to me since I really can't look at someone whose sixteen and think that." He has trouble since they're so much younger and his mindset is 'student/teacher'. "Oh that is weird, I don't know if I'd want anyone to know what I'm feeling or thinking, the only person I'd be comfortable with that is Jeri. And about your own powers, it's because they're yours. You powers are your powers, believe me, I know what you mean. I loved my light and the ability to change colours, that was my thing and now, no offense, I'm fuzzy."

Owen smiles slightly. "Well, Ah'm not sure how old Jordan is but alright," he says. "It's…definitely weird. Specially when Ah end up with stuff like…peeks intah his dreams or he gets tah know about um…" he blushes a moment and makes a certain gesture with his hand. "private moments," he mutters. There's another long pause. "Yeah…they're mine but Ah dunno. Ah didn' like bein' fuzzy…used tah be that Ah woulda cheered and thrown a parade if mah powers went away but now Ah don' have 'em an'…Ah feel bad. Even worse now that someone else has tah put up with 'em and the Bat."

"We don't feel bad that someone else has to deal with them, I'm that someone else and it's not a problem for me." Christopher says. "Besides, it makes sneaking up on Jeri easy." He says with a chuckle. "Have you been getting used to your powers though? Since you came here?"

Owen smiles slighly but says nothing on the feeling bad issue. "Well, Ah was gettin' better with 'em. Was keepin' mah clothes more often, teleportin' farther, learnin' what it all actually was," he gestures vaguely. "Still workin' on the controllin' the Bat thin' but Leo was helpin' me."

"It takes a while to train and get better but once you do, you really get comfortable with your powers, like having a second skin." Christopher says running a hand through his hair. "And that's good that Leo was helping you, it explains why Lorna and I are kind of working off of eachother."

Owen chuckles. "Dark Force and Livin' Light go tahgether. We have tah keep one another from overloadin'," he explains. "Ah kept Leo from goin' Kaboom and he helped keep me from turnin' intah the Bat. Like that Cloak and Dagger couple Ah head about. They got the same set up of keepin' eachother settled."

Christopher nods as it makes a bit of sense to him. "Okay Owen, I have to take off, time for me to go to work at the Salon. I'll catch up with you later okay? Hang in there okay." Christopher says with a smile, ruffling the now telekinetics hair before teleporting out of the room.

Owen blinks when his hair is ruffled. "Bye…" he trails off. "Weird seein' that from the other side," he remarks quietly.

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