2010-06-24: New Headmistress


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Summary: Emma decides the school needs some….changes

Date: June 24, 2010

New Headmistress

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Cafeteria

//There is a large cafeteria for the students. Blue and white tiled floor lines the floor and there are large windows that let in a lot of light. Six sturdy blue plastic chairs sit around each white table. There are a few snack and soda machines along with a few microwaves and refrigerators sit along one wall. //

It's a rainy day out so staying inside has been the best choice. Robyn's decided to set up shop, so to speak, in the cafeteria today so that he can work on sculpting his new project. He's just started it today and he's in the middle of carefully building up a base that seems to be kind of bowl shaped but the sides of the bowl forming folieage. He's got a bottle of water in front of him and an half eaten hamburger, now cold, and his ear buds in as he seems deep into his work.

Hefting a painfully dry looking novel on cryptography Chloe enters the Cafeteria at a brisk walk, pushing a lazy forty miles an hour down the corridoor. At least it's brisk for her anyway…. "Word games and puzzles are the most evil things in the universe," she declares loudly to anyone who'll listen as she sits and puts the book down with a thwump. "Riddles especially. And /honestly/ when will I find the time to teach myself watchmaking? Some best friend she is going to be. She'll end up never thinking about anyone but herself."

A mere handful of seconds behind Chloe, the door is pushed open by a woman in white clothes that in some ways leave little to the imagination, and in others, tease what imagination won't offer. Which might be lost on the current occupants of the almost-empty Cafeteria. Striding with purpose and being followed by a man in workman's clothing she immediately stops in front of the drink and snack machine, "First note… get rid of these. Update them with a daily replaced snack food bar, and open drink dispensory… get some sliding door refrigerators and restock supply. Also.. note to Mister Mayfair-Parker that we will begin stocking more juice and bottled water. There are too many soda drinks present for the younger ones."

Robyn looks up at Chloe as she's talking to herself, hands gray from the clay he's been handling. "Hey Chloe, watchmaking…sounds…not fun." He says as he picks up a tool to start adding some details to the 'bowl'. Eyes do glane up to Emma as she walks in and starts…demanding things be replaced. He can't help but say to Chloe "Too much soda? That's…there's no such thing. And who is that lady? Some crazy health inspector? Feng Shui expert?"

"Actually if you drink enough caffeinated soda you can get some weird side effects," Chloe offers distractedly, flicking through pages at a quite unnatural rate. "I only need to learn how to dismantle and rebuild a single type of watch, but still it's /far/ more trouble than it's worth. But I guess it's better than… uhm… I don't know. But it involves evil time travellers."

Spinning on her heel after saying, "Second note, ensure that at all times snacks for those with specialized dietary requirements are available. Good… moving on…" Emma stops in front of one of the tables and plucks at a chair, murmuring to herself, "I leave for a year… and I come back to Ikea furniture. We are a school for children of special needs and merits, not a swedish cafeteria. I will have words Scott…" Stopping in mid-tirade as the student's voices carry over, "Emma Frost, actually… and by the looks of you… I would say you are Robyn Larkin… and you are Miss Chloe McMillan."

"Yeah it's called not sleeping." Robyn jokes with Chloe about the weird side effects of caffiene. "Why do you need to rebuild a watch? Did yours break…wait..evil time travelers? Is this another prelude to the shit hitting the fan again?" He almost sounds afraid. Then Emma Frost comes over, a name Robyn has heard before in association with the school and telepaths, and he stands up. "It's nice to meet you Ms. Frost, I'm Robyn. I'd offer you my hand but they're kind of dirty."

"Prelude? No that was Cam getting kidnapped and Cloud… being himself," Chloe explains briskly, pausing on a chapter about letter codes. "Why am I a Miss but Robyn isn't a Mister? And… I'm forgetting to say hello. Hi, sorry if I seem distracted. I've got a lot of stuff on my mind right now what with all the impending doom."

Crossing her arms under her bosom, Emma replies softly, "No worries children, no worries… it's all a matter of priorities. A lady, even a young one such as yourself, should always understand and be properly addressed. It's nothing a few courses in etiquette could not resolve." Then she pauses and looks back and forth, "Your roommate young Mister Larkin has told you he's seen two versions of a student here, one from a rather dark future, working for a man called Ahab. Dear me… I think I may be yelling at Scott before the end of tonight… and… this Heather… gave you a watch that is a puzzle she cannot explain. Well then… it seems my return was well-timed. The missing students would be Cameron Phillips and Cloud Rosen, of course?" The thin smile spreads, "You both are wearing your thoughts on your sleeves. It does your friends credit."

Robyn blinks at the wearing his thoughts on his sleeve. "Well I've been working with Addison to block my thoughts, just..I didn't think I'd have to be doing that right now." Robyn says as he can only do it when trying, it's not automatic yet but the metal defense training is there, if not that strong yet. "Yeah, Cam the Cook is missing and Connor mentioned something about Heather when James got impaled by that guy…Ahab."

"I think I'd rather be treated as an equal and not rely upon outdated social conventions," Chloe replies, trying her best not to laugh at the idea of herself sitting through an etiquette lesson. "She didn't give me the watch as such. I grabbed her arm to make her let go and it came off in my hand. The message inside is the puzzle, but I've only got myself to blame. Because I told Heather what happened so she could plan against the whole thing. After all if she can eventually be anywhen she can set all kinds of stuff going to save herself, get caputred and be okay. Trouble is nothing in the next ten years stops her being so /awkward/."

Sighing once, and giving Chloe a rather long-suffering look, her comments on the situation cause another arch of a perfectly manicured eyebrow. Turning to the workman, "Go in the kitchen please, and catalogue the current equipment for updating. Thank you." The man silently nods, and then heads off into the prep area to work. Only then does Emma continue, "Chloe… if I may be so bold as to presume to tell you anything… it would be that learning the mannered arts will do you much in good stead in life, as manners will impress anyone. From executives, to your father. And as for the situation you seem to be embroiled in… why have you NOT had the prescience to bring this to one of the staff? I understand that you're fond of your friend… but we…" Motioning to herself, "Can neither help, support, or protect you without knowing."

Robyn looks between the two blonds and starts to clean up his stuff, he does /not/ want to be in the middle of this. He stays quiet until both are done and eventually does say one thing though. "I dunno, with my father as long as I succeed in being happy, he'll be impressed. My parents aren't hard to please in that field." As Robyn does come from a very artsy household. Though he does opt for a conversation change? Maybe? "So..um..Ms. Frost…what will you be teaching here?" Apparently he hasn't gotten The Memo. (not a lowercase memo but one with a capital T and M)

Chloe lets out a sigh, intentionally drawn out so it's as long as a normal sigh. "I did say about Cloud being kidnapped," she replies solemnly. "And I told Daisuke /and/ Quicksilver! But I figured the staff would already be after Ahab and including you on what is an entirely hypothetical clue didn't seem productive. After all I've got no idea 'good' future Heather left this message for any of us, infact she might not even have written it. Could have been 'evil' future Heather or someone else entirely. The only solid fact is the battery has the date twenty nineteen on it."

"Yes… definately stern words…" But then Emma relents a little bit, "I am actually Co-Headmistress of the School with Mister Summers, a position I had to temporarily vacate in order to address a personal matter. But now that life has seen fit to resolve things to my satisfaction, I have returned to find that this school has been lacking a woman's touch for far too long. IF…" She pauses, "And I stress the word, if I decide to take up a class, there are several to choose from. Including the aforementioned etiquette."

Robyn nods and finishes packing up. "Well I think I'm gonna go get a shower and talk to my parents. Umm…it was nice meeting you Ms. Frost." He looks over at Chloe and gives her an apologetic smile. "I'll see you later Chloe and twenty nineen…2019 maybe? You said time travel, or a time as in miltary time so 8:19? Maybe soemthign weird like February 19, at 8:19 in 2019…I dunno, just ideas since you said time travel. But I gotta run, take care Ms. Frost, Chloe." And with that Robyn is off.

"I mean it was made in the year twenty nineteen," Chloe explains, waving at Robyn. "No doubt I'll cya around laters. Which I guess means the battery is better than the ones on sale now. Kinda wish I could bring myself to sell it to a watch manufacturer, but it's a clue /and/ I might ruin the timeline. Although I'm not sure how better watch batteries could leave us in evil bondage costume world…"

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