2010-04-12: New Kid Smell


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Summary: Connor and Robyn meet for the first time.

Date: April 12, 2010

New Kid Smell


Xavier Mansion - Ramsey Dormitories Lobby

The lobby of Ramsey Dormitories has two elevators at one end of the wall along with the entrance to a cafeteria. On the wall are three pictures that say 'In memory of'. One is of Douglas Ramsey, another of John Proudstar and the last one is of Jean Grey. There are several couches and tables down here for students to relax. Large windows in the front and sides allow for a lot of light in the room.

After getting back late last night, Robyn's spent most of the day sleeping. He's just now woken up and it's past lunch time. He's just grabed a can of coke and a plate of cookies and is now sitting in the lobby of the dorms in kind of a 'I just woke up in the last hour' haze. He's dressed in a pair of black jeans and a Nightmare Before Christmas t-shirt, looking every bit the stero-typical emo kid.

Either there's a 'new student' smell about him, or something that still marks him as 'new kid' as Connor steps back into the dorms. Shoulder pack on, books in hand from some of his newly assigned classes, and earbud in one ear, leaving the other free in case someone says something to him. His hands tap along the books, beating almost tunelessly to whatever's stuck in his head as he looks around the main dorm area, noting the emo kid with the cookies and coke… which promptshim to pass by and drop his stuff in a spot before taking to the vending machines here.

Robyn finishes eating one of his oatmeal craisin cookies, he had quite the addiction to oatmeal anything cookies. He'd live off of them if he could. He looks up at Connor as he swallows and waves a hand. "Hey, I don't think we've met before, I'm Robyn." He says with a friendly smile. Either Connor just came in while he was on vacation or Connor is just someone he hasn't gotten the chance to meet yet. He chances the first of the two. "So did you get here last week?" There is a hint of uncertainity to his voice.

Connor gets some water from the vendor, and cracks it open, turning around to face the voice speaking to him. An easy smile spreads on his lips as he replies, "Yeah… fresh meat, new kid, never seen before… well… at least by you." Coming back over, he flops next to his stuff, staring at the books in front of him, "Connor Blake. Nice to meet you, Robyn. So… before you ask… I'm with the Excelsiors, I've already been warned about James, and my powers are weird and required this…" Holding up the basic physics book, "To understand then." Smirking the entire time.

Robyn can't help but laught as he pushes his hair out of his face, which flops right back. "Well nice to meet you Connor, and I'm Robyn Larkin." He says as he knows he already gave his name but since Connor gave his full name, Robyn figured he'd do the same. "I'm not really one for team stuff, and James, he's probably not as bad as what you've heard about him. He's one of my good friends." Robyn admits with a shrug. "Cookie?"

Connor chuckles back, and reaches forward for the cookie that's offered, "Sorry man… it's not your fault. It seems like I've gotten the canned questions from everyone… sorta comes with the territory it seems. But a cookie is never to be refused." Sitting back once he has obtained said cookie, he sighs, "Finally… someone who has something nice to say about him. I knew he couldn't be all bad… even if I've never met him."

Robyn shrugs in regards to James. "I dunno, him and I are just good friends. I think it's his mutation and..well…he tends to speak before he thinks and likes pranks." But James isn't bad. Not in Robyn's opinion. "Yeah, the questions tend to ask about squads and powers mainly. I'm on Alpha Squadron and my powers are all mental based. But what do you think of Mutant High so far?"

Connor scratches the back of his neck a moment as he leans in thought, then comes back forwards to get a drink after munching down a bit of the fresh oatmeal raisin cookie he was proffered, "It's a lot like normal high school… just upping the ante in the drama department. But… I couldn't fit in any place back home… and I somehow fit in here. So it's all good so far… but I haven't had all the experiences other had. I heard about the attack last month, and that sometimes things get weird around here… but still… it sounds like those kinds of incidences aren't the norm around here."

"Yeah, I know what you mean about the fitting in part. The best thing about this place is the friends I've made." Robyn admits as it's the main thing that keeps him from wanting to go running from Xavier's. At the mention about the attacks, Robyn tenses, for just a second. "Yeah…those…it's over now." Kinda. "And yeah, we're mutants, I don't want to scare you or anything, but because of what we are we've got a permant target for weird shit on us." Robyn's not going to say that incidences are the norm.

Connor shakes his head as he watches the other young man, a slight frown playing on his face before he replies, "I was talking with Mike last night… and to be honest… people will always find a reason to hate. I accept this. The ones who choose to hate me because I was born with a genetic quirk that gives me these abilities… well… I can't stop them, or make them like me. I don't have the right to. If they come at me… I'll defend myself… but I'll try not to prove their fears right."

"Mike's cool. Once you get past the whole robot thing." Robyn says with a slight smile. "I know, it just sucks that you can't have a normal life because you were born with a genetic quirk that allows you to do the various things we can." Like jump into someone elses mind and take over their body. "I'm the same way, I'll use my powers if necessary but I'm not about to go off and become an X-Men.

Connor blinks a few times, "An X-what?" He stops and then takes another drink, "Sorry… I really never paid much attention to the whole superhero thing beyond the stuff that was on the news from time to time… I mean… I know from my friend there's groups out there and things.. but…" And he seems a bit abashed about it, "I guess I'm still trying to catch up…" His smile returning somewhat as he looks back up at Robyn again.

Robyn chuckles at the inital question. "Sorry, X-Men, they're a super hero group based out of the school here. Like Mr. Summers, he's the leader of the X-Men. I guess growing up in New York you just think everyone has ten million superheroes everywhere." Since they're like a fungus around New York City, it just keeps spreading. "But your on the Excelsiors? Your leader, Dr. McCoy is on the X-Men too."

Connor shrugs once, "Well… then it would stand to reason why they'd be teachers… and run this place… but it's not a recruiting center… my parents wanted a garuntee on that before signing any documents. Anything I do after eighteen though, is my own choice." Tilting his head to one side, he then adds, "I'm from Seattle… not much in the way of supertypes out there… just the occasional report when someone tries to kidnap Bill Gates or Paul Allen… and usually the Avengers show up to stop them."

"Yeah, my Mom wasn't exactly happy I was coming here at first but she got used to it. Still, I don't tell here half of what goes on here." Yeah right, if Robyn told his Mom about the superhero attacks here, he'd get yanked home in a second. "I've never been to the west coast. Actually last week was my first time in Florida. It was a lot of fun. My family doesn't travel a lot so it was a nice change. And it was cool going on vacation without your family."

Connor's eyes seem to glimmer for a moment and then settle again, "Florida? I'd love to have gone… we don't have water that warm or clear where I come from… you have to get all the way down to southern California for the good stuff. Anything in Washington or Oregon is green and cool." Sitting forwards now, his elbows perch on his kneecaps as his hands press together, "Sounds like this place has been good to you… despite any bitterness that might have come from everything else. Still something positive to consider… like the friends you've made."

"This place has been good in someways, I mean, I wouldn't have met Jordan." Robyn says with a slight smile to his face along with a blush. "He's who I went to Florida with, to visit his family, but yeah, I've made some really great friends here. I never had many friends in my old school. I was the weird art kid." Robyn says not really caring if that was his title. He's fine with being the art kid, he likes it enough. "And green and cool is better than lost of pavement and cars. Where I live in Brooklyn is a lot of apartment buildings."

Connor looks sideways towards the statues of the fallen, saying, "Weird is nice… weird people often times are judged on what they do, not who they are… and surprise people with their attitudes and insights. You're the art kid, I'm the one who was always in the background everywhere. You know the one… everybody knows them, but no one can say much about them?" Tapping his thumb to his chest, "Well… here I am, in all my socially invisibly glory."

"Well it's just being yourself is what's nice. Don't try to be anyone but you." Robyn says as that's what his parents taught him. Not to change himself for anyone and always accept people for what they are. Everyone is different in a good way. "I don't know if things work here like the old schools, I mean, people here…we kind of stick together."

Connor once more nods thoughtfully, before finishing off his water, and then stepping up to take the bottle to the recycling bin, "Nice attitude to have, to be honest… a lot nicer than most. So… what kind of art? I'm a writer myself… mostly short stories right now, but when I get the chance, I want to do scriptwriting… or even push for a novel…"

"I've never been good at writing, but my Mom..well she's not a writer but she works with books. She's an illustrator for children's boosk." Robyn says as he was raised in a very artistic house hold. "Me, I sculpt. that's my favourite. I love it. I want to go to Hollywood someday and become one of those people that sculpts the design for monsters and weird creatures for movies." That's his desire in life. "What kind of short stories?"

Connor smirks a bit, "Horror-style stuff… kinda like HP Lovecraft, but with more of a Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin… mostly it's normal people forced into strange circumstances, and how they deal with it… and sometimes the consequences of it." Fishing into his bag, he pulls out a small pin drive and holds it up, "I've got a lot of my stuff stored on here, including some rough sketches of the monsters and beings I worked on in the stories if you want to see."

When Connor metions horror and goes on about monsters and stuff, Robyn grins. "I'd love to check it out. I always loved Monster stuff, the old monster movies not the newer stuff." Robyn says as most modern horror lacks imagination to him. "Tim Burton is kind of my personal idol, I just think he creates the coolest creatures and I always love his movies." Robyn admits since it's not big surprise he's a fan boy.

Connor hmphs once, "I go for the old school Harryhausen Clash of the Titans kind of stuff… or the people who do the work for Gojira or Mothra… the monster suits, the tentacles… the really creepy monster stuff…" Then adds a grin, "Nothing's wrong with Burton… just his tendency to re-use the same people over and over…"

"Clash of the Titans is great." Robyn says as he just shrugs. "I know, but I still like it. I never got into the suits as much as the claymation and such. I just like to sculpt. I have a ton of stuff I've done upstairs in my room. I still have to think about what I want to make for James.." Robyn says pondering it as he likes to make little things to give to his friends.

Connor nods a couple more times, and then stands up, and moves around a bit, shifting as he seems to be the type not to want to sit still often, "Cool… can I see your stuff sometime? See how you interpret the world through your sculpture… in return for reading over and critiquing what I've done. I've got stuff on there going back to elementary. One of the perks of living where I did was we almost always had a computer available." Patting his shoulder pack with one foot, where his laptop is now stashed.

"Yeah, unfortunately I can't right now, I have to go find my teachers and figure out what I have to make up with school work." There's a face there from Robyn. "But definately, and there's a computer lab in the main building that anyone can use." He says standing up and streching. "It was great meeting you Connor and I look forward to reading your stuff." He says with a grin before going to head out to the main building.

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