2009-02-27: New Music


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Summary: Addison goes for a morning stroll, and meets Kenta.

Date: February 27, 2009

New Music

Rating: G

Xavier Mansion - Spuyer Devil Cove

This little cove leads off to Breakstone Lake. Students can go fishing, boating, and swimming in the fresh water. There is a small beach off to the side of the dock where students can also go sunbathing.

After what happened yesterday, it seems Pallaton wanted to put some distance between him and the school, but he didn't really go far. Just to the lake. It even seems like he kipped outside for the night, as he's curled up in a make-shift lean-to. Or rather, kipping. He's still asleep, curled up like a dog would be in the shelter, his tail occasionally waving just a little bit. It's probably a bit of a jarring difference from the stereotypical wolf-man image to see one sleeping like a household pet.

Not to far from where Pallaton sleeps so music from an accoustic guitar can be heard. Kenta Gilpatrick sits on the sand playing music and smoking. He's been up the last two nights and pratcially chain smoking as his son is trapped on Manhattan still. After Scott came back, he heard what happened their and knows his powers won't do much to break through the barrier so he's just got to play the waiting game, choosing to pass the time, and relax himself, by playing guitar and killing himself with cancer sticks.

The doctors have released him for regular movement. Though, it still hurts to put too much pressure on his lower back. For that, Addison is walking, using a telekinetic cane, appearing as a flaming stick beneath his hand. However, it doesn't catch anything else on fire, it's just an after effect. He walks slowly, looking over the area with… rather a bit of wonder. His own world is hardly like this one. There's too much scorched earth, and very little wildlife left…

The sound of the music causes Pallaton to stir a bit, before he slowly comes back from the land of nod. He watches Kenta, before shifting himself around so he's facing away from him. The wolf-man is moody, it seems…

If the wolf-man wants to be left alone, Kenta will let him be alone. He continues to play, pausing occasionally to take the cigarette out of his mouth. He's not playing any real tune just what's coming to his head. He looks up at the red-headed man and gives him a nod, his black eyes and black markings on his arms fully visible.

The new arrival nods to Kenta as he listens to the music. He smiles softly. "It's been years since I've heard anyone play anything in person." Addison says, flaming walking stick stopping as he gets closer. His hair is brushed neatly, but left to hang free, so depending on the wind, it may change at any moment. He's wearing just a pair of generic clothes right now, until he can earn his own.

Pallaton just lies in his little hut, curled up, trying his best to ignore the other two. And failing, but he doesn't seem to want to move. He had his lean-to here first, after all. But still, he just lies there.

Kenta looks at up at Addison and puts out his cigarette. "I'd go nuts if I didn't have a guitar, actually when I was without one for a few years I did go crazy, at least my voice can never be taken away though." He says as he goes back to play. "It just helps relax me a bit. I'm Kenta Gilpatrick by the way." He says offering a small smile.

"There weren't many instruments left over there. They knew a lack of music would crush spirits." Addison says with a soft nod. "And Shadow King kept that going for the most part." He rolls his neck lightly as he glances in the direction of the little hut, feeling the waves of irritation flowing from it. He shakes his head softly. "Addison. Falk."

"Nice to meet you Addison, care for a smoke?" Kenta says noding towards the pack of cigarettes next to him. "Well you can crush all the instruments there are still ways to make music either it be singing, or using pots and pants, a plastic bucket or trash can. You see some pretty creative stuff in the Subways of Manhattan and fuck, why did Armande have to be with my parents that day."

"No, thank you." Addison says with a wave of his hand. "I know it sounds outdated, but if I smoke, I prefer a pipe." He chuckles softly. Then the mention of Manhattan and he winces slightly. "Armande?" He tilts his head as he hopes it's not something really bad.

"Hey, nothing wrong with a pipe, I prefer to roll my own cigarettes." Kenta says with a shrug. "Armande, he's my son, he's five. He was with my parents for the day when Manhattan was sealed off. I'm sure he's fine but I just hate not knowing. I guess it's part of being a single father, you worry more."

Addison nods. "I… apologize." He says, looking down. Though he knows it's not his fault, he was controlled, he can't help but feel bad for things done by his body without his permission. A wave of fire rides up his arm from the walking stick before it gets shunted away by a glare.

Kenta looks up at Addison and shakes his head. "No worries, I know I can't break through so I'm not going to try right now. Maybe if Scott takes another team out there I'll jump on that but right now, just gotta sit tight." Noticing the fire shunt up his arms, Kaden looks at the red head curious. "You alright man?"

"Just annoyance. Annoyance that I let my guard down when I thought we had won." Addison says, shaking his head softly. "I'll be there as well. If I can be protected, I can block some of their access to their powers. Which would make it much easier all around."

Kenta shakes his head. "Don't worry about it, you can beat yourself up all you want be we all have moments where we lose our guard, trust me. This isn't the first invasion I've faced and granted it didn't go well for me but I'm glad to hear you're willing to help us."

"My main thing is I want to prevent death. On either side. Most of the people that are out there… they're not in control of themselves. A few are… they're just plain crazy. But most of them are simply under someone else's influence." Addison says with a nod. "They don't realize it. When we broke free from one slavery, we were immediately thrust into another." Of course, Addison himself missed most of the first slavery, having been a fighter fromthe time his powers manifested.

"Well, I can use my powers easily to incapacitate and not kill." Kenta says. "And I know what you mean, I hate killing. The first time I was forced to kill someone, it was awful. I'm glad I'm away from that life. And sorry but it sounds like your world was hell."

"That's an understatement. The past seven years have been under one ruler or another, whether people know it or not. and those of us who KNEW it were taunted and teased mentally. We were allowed out for short periods but stopped before we could do anything stupid." Addison shakes his head. "I'm… considering staying here when it's over, to make amends for what they've done."

Kenta stands up and looks at Addison with a sad sort of smile, placing a hand on the taller man's shoulder. "I think I kind of understand more than you realize. And if you want to stay here, that's fine. There's nothing wrong with wanting a better life and to make amends but I think just being willing to help us out is good enough."

"I know Emma will go back. There's already an Emma here, and she feels strange enough being in a building and seeing…" Addison blinks, looking into the air and laughing. "Sorry, she just told me that she wonders if the other Emma's a slut with the way she dresses. And she's making sure people know that it's a boob job."

"Oh she is a total skank, TOTAL SKANK." Kenta says as he's always viewed Emma as a fun object of jokes. He doesn't hate her but he doesn't like her either. He can't help but chuckle at the mention of a boob job. "Makes me wonder what else she's had done, maybe I'll take a picture of your Emma and compare. Maybe that's why she wears so little, to show off what she paid to have done."

"Have you seen my Emma yet?" Addison asks. "She's wandering around, glad to have her freedom, but she's trying to stay out of the way. She's… quiet. And Shy. Except with those of us who know her… secrets." He says the last part softly. "We've been sharing minds for two years. Us and the other four. We all know each other implicitly."

"No I haven't and I think anyone would be glad to have their freedom. I had it taken from me for five and a half years." Kenta says running a hand through his hair. "Emma fucking Frost quiet and shy, bitchy, moody and condisending now that is the Emma I know. Though as a student it was really easy to make boob jokes at her expense, though after the note about the boob job, it might be easier…so who are these other four?"

He listed them to Sam last night. Won't hurt to tell another, he supposes. "Oh, Charles, Elisabeth, Dante, and Jean." He says with a nod. "The hardest ones for him to control. But we also added to his power. The telepaths and telekinetics."

Kenta shakes his head as none of the names right a bell at first until…"Charles? Charles Xavier? I've always heard about that guy but he left before I was ever a student here. Was he as….legendary among mutants there as he is here?" Kenta asks curiously.

"At one point, yes. At one point he had his school. His students. Scott. Yes, like ours. Only he didn't wear that silly headpiece. Jean. Ayame. Roberto. Wanda. Those were his first five." Addison nods softly as he considers things. "But that was before my powers ever awakened. I never knew them."

"Scott, if you say he's easy going and laid back, I'll be shocked." Kenta admits with a chuckle. "The first five here were Scott, Jean, Warren, Bobby and Hank, Bobby's really cool and I don't mean that as a joke. I know a few of them cause they're still around but I was a student here…two or three years ago?"

"I don't know a Bobby. Well, other than that's what some of them called Roberto." Addison says with a shrug. "Actually Scott was a prankster. His brother ended up with them a little later. Worshipped Scott and the ground he walked on. Course, that was probably his dad's fault." He says with another shrug. "I wouldn't know."

Lucky Kenta doesn't know much about Scott's family life or he'd be shocked out of his gourd. "Bobby, Iceman, he's the prankster. I don't know much about Scott's brother but I do know /of/ him. I should probably get inside soon, I know classes are cancelled for now but if I say out here any longer I'll end up smoking myself to death."

"It's understandable." Addison nods softly as he lets himself stand for a moment without the flaming stick. "Gotta try to keep some health." He says with a soft chuckle as he looks back at the building. "He'll be fine. We'll make sure of it."

Kenta nods and starts to head off with his guitar. "Hey, nice chatting with you Addison, and anytime you wanna hear some live music just find me. I like playing for an audience." He gives a grin as he walks off towards the school to spend some solitude in the music room.

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