2009-05-23: New Power News


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Summary: Lorna's taking a walk in the woods when Owen drops in.

Date: May 23, 2009

Log Title: New Power News

Rating: PG-13

Woods - Xavier Mansion

"YAAAAAAAHOOOOOOOOOO!" comes a rather enthused young voice with a southern accent. It's followed by the sounds of breaking and creaking branches as several twigs and leaves fall from the trees above this nice evening in the woods outside the Xavier Institute. There's a pause before Owen Folger, in baggy shorts and tank-top comes slowly falling from the green above only to tumble onto the path. He ends up sprawled there on the dirt, breathing heavily and looking like he's had the time of his life. "WOOO!" he lets out, just grinning upwards.

She didn't startle by the abrupt entrance from above, but Lorna did stop in her tracks. In the shade of the trees, which were now heavy with the fresh green leaves of coming summer, the likewise verdant-haired woman stood upon a well hiked path with round, curious eyes. "Oh, for heaven's— Are you alright?" She said, high pitched with concern. As she stepped close to him, a hand extended to help him up, it was hard not to notice the glimmer she emitted in the wavering shade. Her eyes glanced upward, as though inspecting for a cause or another to follow his crash.

Owen blinks a few times, looking up at Lorna. "All thin's considered, Ah'm excellent, Ma'am!" he exclaims. "Flyin' is freakin' AWESOME!" he laughs. There's a blink when he notices the glimmer. "So…ya'll got Leo's powers or Mr. Glowy-Chef's?" he inquires. "Can' figure out who's Ah ended up with but Ah gotta thank 'em for lettin' me borrow 'em!"

There's a twitch at the corner of Lorna's eye; a brief stiffening of shoulders. Then she relaxes, chuckling and smiling faintly. "Flyin', huh? For the first time?" She cocks a brow, and eyes her bare arm and the faint glitter of light that follows it. "Who's?" She asks, uncertainly. Concern leaks into her voice, but she eases it. "I'm not sure. You know someone else that does this?" Lorna observes him a moment. "You can fly; anything else you've noticed?"

Owen nods enthusiastically. "Yeah! Been up there all day," he replies with a grin. He watches the glittering and thinks for a moment. "Well…that looks an awful lot like what Leo could do before that Green Punk got him," he says. "Livin' Light, counter tah mah old Dark Force," he frowns for a moment. "Well, Ah can move stuff with mah mind all telekinetically…and there's this," he frowns as he struggles with the words. "Well…it's like there's this pull towards someone or somethin' back at the school," he says, looking towards the mansion. "Helped me find mah way back here when Ah got lost but still weird."

That brow stays raised when these things are explained. "Ah, hm. Living light. That makes a little more sense, I guess!" There's an odd energy to her voice. "Well, Leo? I should find him. Is he a student, or…" For a moment, Lorna appears to be speaking to herself, until she interjects the verbal thought. "Nevermind it! I'll have to figure this out once I get in contact with… Oh, a pull? That sounds unfamiliar. Telekinesis. Interesting. Don't know. Too many with that sort of thing." She straightens her back and stares past the trees for a thoughtfully catatonic moment, then looks back at Owen. "The others; students, professors, whatever—anyone had any particularly distressing problems, that you've heard of, from all this?"

Owen nods. "Yeah. Leo's a student over in that New Mutants Squad. Talkin' tah him's definitely a good idea, specially so he can warm ya 'bout overloadin' and stuff if ya've got powers like his now," he goes on, dusting himself off. "Ah dunno. Ah woke up with everythin' in mah room floatin', heard some poeple yellin' about powers that weren' theirs, figured out Ah could fly, got dressed, and took off tah enjoy the sky," he admits sheepishly. "Ah shouldn' have jus' gone off but Ah couldn' resist…" he sighs, "Ah know some people were takin' not havin' powers pretty hard but Ah dunno how they're all adjustin' now."

"I didn't sleep," Lorna interjects quite abruptly. "I mean, I did. But not long. Not even an hour. And I can't seem to get more; I am awake, though. As though I had. So— Yes, I was up; when it began." She frowns, but the expression is fleeting, glossed lips turning a quick smile back upon Owen. "I am glad you are at least enjoying yourself. Who knows how long it will take to revert. Or," then, she hesitates briefly. "If it will." She presses her head with a hand and sighs sharply. "Overloading, huh? What does that involve? It doesn't sound like my cup of tea. This sensation is an odd one; yet, better than nothing at all, somehow."

Owen nods. "YEah…back before the green thin', me an' Leo never got much sleep. Man. Sleepin' so much was weird," he admist. A guilty expression comes to Owen's face and he looks away from Lorna. "Ah…Ah'm not sure Ah wanna revert. Ah was mostly jus' annoyed Ah'd have tah move back home without powers…but Ah sorta like not turnin' fuzzy or worryin' about turnin' intah the Bat," he's quieter than usual when he says this. "For Leo…overloadin' is explodin' and lettin' out A LOT of light. Dunno if it'll be the same for you though, Ma'am."

Lorna stays quiet after Owen's admission. She's not sure of her feelings on that. She'd never had the issue of a socially detrimental or terribly cursed power. "I miss the hum," she says, in reference to her true power. "The knowing; the feel of fields around things. I had never thought about it. Just assumed it'd always be there, and now— this is not terribly bad, though. I don't like the overloading thing." Her brow pops up again. "People around me aren't in danger for it, are they? If that is what happens to me. What happens?"

Owen takes a deep breath. "Now…Ah'm not one hundred percent sure on this but," he pauses a beat. "Leo told me that it makes a huge, bright light that'll stun anyone it hits for awhile, heal 'em up, and make 'em all hyper. It'll really mess up anyone usin' DarkForce though unless they can match the output."

"I guess that's not too terrible, huh. I mean, really. Healing and such; that's good, right? And, I mean.. How many people use Dark Force? Not many, I'd wager." Lorna eyes him after that, lips pursed. Her words remain jumbled; words lagging behind her thoughts as they complete and turn. "But, still. No harm done, right? How about… well, I guess I better save some of these for whatshis— Leo. Is that his real name? Leo? Maybe I can check with… Oh, dear. I wonder how Scott is doing." Her brows knit. "Hmm…" She fidgets her fingers, then places her hands upon either hip and cocks herself aside to glance back towards the mansion. "I hope things don't become a total warzone by this. Summers or not; ya gotta pity the guy. Sometimes. … Hmm, family karma."

Owen nods. "Way better than mah overloads…Ah turned intah a giant, homicidal bat monster that tried tah eat everyone," he mutters, once more looking away. "And yeah. Ah dunno what his spandex-name is," he chimes. When Scott's mentioned, Owen gets that guilty look again. "Ah haven' seen Mr. Summers since he stopped by the medical bay after that thin' attacked," he chimes.

"Bat thing?" Lorna looks at him dubiously. "I don't mind bats. As long as they don't attempt to eat me, anyway. Have you seen the little ones with giant ears?" Then she claps, "Oh, but, yes. I saw Scott briefly, prior to this. Prior to…" A finger curls tightly into the green locks, and halts. "Oh, I wonder… Yes, I must find the Leo; and check on… others." Eyes go from Owen to the sky. "I do miss flying, myself."

Owen nods. "Yeah…ask Mr. Gambit or Mr….uh…Mr. Parker-Mayfair. They saw it…saw the damage it can do," he sighs. "He could be in his room or in Nathaniel's room," the currently telekinetic teen chimes. "Ah can see why someone'd miss it."

An unusual gleam sparkles emerald in Lorna's eyes, like a glimmer of light had ignited behind their irises. "Christopher; Jeri? Hm. Yes. Will you come back, or are you… going to, you know… 'Hang' around?" Another smile; genuine, and oddly bright. It sparks across her face as she takes a step backwards.

Owen smiles and shrugs. "Ah guess a probably should get back and hit the showers. Kinda hungry too," he admits.

Lorna nods. "Alright then. Sounds good. I bet they have some dinner out. Is the specialty today Sloppy Joes, or tacos? I forget. I do like tacos. Mmmm."

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