2010-05-07: New Roommates


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Summary: Hosea and Six meet for the first time. Hi Roomie!

Date: May 7, 2010.

Log Title New Roommates

Rating: G

Xavier Mansion - Hosea and Six's Room

//Slightly bigger than the old room, the new rooms fit two students comfortably. Each room has off white walls with a dark brown carpet. There is one window in the middle of the wall that looks out over the grounds. Each room has two beds, two dressers, two desks and two closets, one for each student. //

Hosea's side of the room has remained mainly unpacked. All he seems to own is carried in a large, old suitcase that rests at the foot of the bed. It's been a hard time for Hosea to meet his roommate since he arrived the previous night. Whenever one had seen the other, they had either not been in the room, or the other had been asleep.
The tall African is still on Nigerian time. But what's this? He's just getting back from his first daytime encounter with the school. The door opens slowly, as he peers in side, not certain whether his new roommate is sleeping again. When he sees that Six is awake, a broad smile crosses his face.
"Hello!" comes the booming bass voice from Hosea. He ducks as he comes through the doorway. Standing 6'7" tall, he's rather impressive to look at, especially since he isn't giant because of his powers. He's just a really big guy. "You ah my roommate! Yes?" he says, though he's of course seen him already, he was just sleeping at the time. His voice carries a thick African accent. "Eet is good to meet you. I think we both must say 'He sleep all the time, yes?'"

Wings lift as that voice startles him slightly, and Six immediately looks over. Woah, tall. He blinks, but then a smile spreads. "Oh, hi!" Six can't put the game on hold, but neither does he seem all that concerned about it. It's left to finish what ever it was doing as he gives Hosea his full attention. Rising from his stool, and absently moving it with a wing-arm, the teen rises to his feet and offers a normal hand. It's only polite. "Yeah, seems that way. I'm Six. It's nice to meet you too. Hour change, right? You doing okay with that?" Six himself isn't all that impressive. Neither in height, nor in build, for all he's a nice swimmer's musculature going on. That hand shake is also very careful. Might even seem weak. His strength isn't all that much, but he can still break bone if he's not careful.

Hosea's handshake, on the other hand, meets his voice's authority. It's strong, and his hand dwarf's six. "Ahh," he starts, his teeth showing their contrast of white against his dark skin. "I think it is vedy hahd," he answers. "And vedy quiet heah." He looks around, indicating with his free hand as he continues to shake for a time that's a bit longer than most people would continue a handshake. "I am Hosea Ikbuku," he announces himself. His eyes seem to be irresistably drawn to the sight of the wings.

Six kind of blinks as the shake goes on longer than most. While still smiling, it shifts just a little and he attempts to pull away. Those wings sure give a good show too. They are seldom still, and droop down as he pulls his hand free. Don't lift upwards as people think of angel wings either. That second set of arms that hang to either side and have long fingers not quite brushing the floor. Very hard to make smaller, for they don't get small. "Give it a couple weeks and you'll settle into the sleep pattern here." Said with warm assurance. "You've come a long way for school here. What brought you to Xavier's?"

Hosea's broad smile doesn't drop, but fortunately, he does let Six's hand go. "I came heah so that I could be wid my mot-her," he says. "She cannot pay foh me to be heah, but deh school, they say that I should come heah and learn. Nevah have I thought that there could be so many cahs in one place. And you buildings, they ah like mountains!" He raises his hands above him dramatically, reaching the ceiling unintentionally. He seems quite impressed.

"I have a special powah, dey say dat I should be heah, to learn more. I do not know why, but it get me to come and see dis country. So I say yes. My mot-her, she live now in dis city, she grow up in America, but I have nevah seen it befoh now."

Six clearly doesn't understand everything being said. That accent is way too thick. There's a smile for it all though and he noddles. "Same with my parents. They couldn't afford this place, but I get to go anyway. It's amazing here. Just wait until you see the Danger Room. Wow." And of course there's the standard new person question. "What is your power? Mine is obvious." Those wings lift and spread a little to show off. "That's it. I have wings." Such a let down that he's smiling. No, Six isn't the kind of angst, and loves that he can fly.

Hosea seems to be quite cheerful himself. "They ah vedy beautiful," he compliments. "I show you what I do." He spreads his arms out to the sides, and crouches. It looks like he's going to pounce on Six. Which is exactly what he does. With a wingspan like his, it'll probably be hard for the winged teen to evade him. But just as he reaches him, he passes through as if he weren't there. Though Six might get a whif of his scent. He doesn't smell dirty, but…it doesn't seem that he uses deodorant either.
"Look at that!" he exclaims, turning around to face Six again. "God has blessed me vedy much. I can do that at anytime." His pearly white smile is still fixed on his face. He's standing a little closer to Six now, though. If the winged teen notices such things, there is a thin scar that runs along the line of his left jaw, down his throat. Probably a brush with death from somewhere in his history.
"But you," The African says, "You must be vedy happy. You can fly, do the birds like to fly with you?" he asks. "What is the Dangah Room?" he queries. He apparently hasn't heard about it yet.

"Hey!" Exclaimed in surprise as he's passed through entirely. Wings spread, for no dodging on the ground isn't something Six is good at. In the air is another matter. Poor guy knows something over on his desk, which has him whirling to try and save it, only to start knocking over other things. Thankfully it wasn't his drink on his keyboard, and the teen pulls the wings in damn close as he tries to calm himself. Six is a little dangerous inside, and not in good ways. "Uh, I asked. That means explain?" Looking a little sheepish, but clearly he gets it. Birds? "Not often. Birds still know I'm human, so avoid me." A shrug that echoes in the wings.
The smile returns for the Danger Room. "This place that can look like anything and anywhere. Seriously. You'll be there for team practice once you get settled in. That's where we practice our powers."

"I am sorry," Hosea apologizes, still smiling, but a bit sheepishly now. "I did not mean to scare you." He listens as Six explains the Danger Room. "I think… you are making it sound big. Look like anything? Maybe look like inside of a room, or outside of room?" he asks, trying to understand what exactly Six is telling him. He sounds as if he believes he misunderstands him. He moves to sit down on his bed, and unties the old combat boots on his feet.

"It's okay." The scaring. "I'm sorry too. I just don't do well in tight places." Six smiles apologetically. How to explain the danger room? "Have you ever watched Star Trek, the Next Generation? Think of the Danger room like a holodeck. No exaggeration either. The teachers program it to look like all kinds of places and we do stuff in them. It's the best part of the school!" Yes, he clearly loves it. Six also begins to carefully put things back in order. This allows his wings to more comfortably drape down again too.

Hosea furrows his dark brow, and echoes. "Stah Trek?" He shakes his head. "I do not know any stah trek, or a holodeck." He thinks he is better understanding the basic concept. "You say, they make it just look like places. They put up fake buildings? Or dey move in grass to make these places?" he asks, not understanding how someone would make the room appear to be different locations. "Why would dey do all that? We could go outside, yes?"

Six has to laugh, sorry. "Failed point of reference, go!" With things cleaned he settles onto his stool again. "Guess you'll have to see it to believe it. Trust me, it's amazing. I'd show you, but only teachers can turn it on." And he's a good kid who doesn't break those kind of rules. Other kinds, sure, but not that one. "You'll get a costume too, if you already haven't. They aren't great, but you can change them to something you like. More or less." He pities the team with orange. Really, he does.

Hosea smiles, but clearly a smile that doesn't know what Six is talking about. "I suppose I will," he says. He reaches down and pulls off his size 19 shoe. His feet are enormous. And then the other. "I do not need a costume," he says. "I heah about all the supaheroes." he laughs, and makes a pfft sound with his mouth as he gives a dismissive wave with his large hand. "That cost money. The school must need much money to feed so many people. Though there is much heah. The school must be vedy rich."

"It's mandatory." Six says about the costume. "We're not superheros. The costumes are to protect us. They are special, and also to allow us to do some crazy stuff in practice without destroying our clothing. That part I appreciate." Even if he isn't horribly comfortable in the skin tight stuff. "This place is rich. It's insane the stuff they have." With that the teen decides to change the subject a little. Hosea will learn for himself the rules here. "Have you met many people here yet?"

Hosea's own clothes look like they've seen better days. His reddish brown polo is of thin fabric, and it is highly frayed around the edges. The shorts that he wears have stains and are also frayed, and his boots look like they've already seen a couple of wars.
"I have not," he says. "I say, I think I meet one girl, Heather." He holds an invisible thing in his hand up next to his head. "Have tape recordah," he illustrates, "She talk with the tape recordah. It was vedy strange, but she is a good person. Do not tell her I say it was strange." He shrugs. "I see many people heah, but they look vedy busy. So I have not talked to them yet," he admits.

( Heather talks to what? Six looks confused, then laughs. "Cell phone?" Stands briefly to pull his cell phone from where he tucked it. This is then offered to Hosea. "It's a phone. We all get those too. I'd never have gotten one at home." Too expensive. Hasn't said anything about Hosea's clothing for that will change soon enough. Just as it did for him. "So she was talking on a phone, and not crazy." That has the teen grinning and his wings shiver for the laughter. "I haven't met Heather though. Normally I'm so busy here I can't get out much." Which is sad. )

Hosea gives an incredulous look back to Six, and laughs. "I know what a phone is," he laughs, dismissing it as a joke. At least he's not offended. "Do not be silly," he chides back. "It was a big tape recordah, she does not move her mouth, she say it was because she move in 'fast time'," he offers a shrug of his shoulders. "I do not know what that is meaning."

"That's weird." Six says with a shrug that the wings echo. He gently tosses his phone back where it was. "I've no idea either." What fast time is. "There are a lot of weird powers here though. One guy is even made out of a motorcycle. No kidding. He's all machine parts and what not." Yeah, he still thinks Mike is the neatest thing ever, even if Mike probably finds him annoying.

"No!" Hosea contests, his smile growing even wider, which seems somehow impossible. Maybe it's his other superpower. "There is no man made like a motorcycle. You make fun of me not knowing America." He shakes his head, still smiling, his long hair bouncing as he does.

Six shakes his head right back at Hosea. "Nope! His name is Mike. You'll see. Just like the danger room." He's grinning there. "We also have a guy who looks like a hyena, James. Mutants come in all shapes and sizes. It's neat." To Six this is the best place ever. Wing hands pushing, he idly turns circles on his chair. Uses all four arms just as well really.

Hosea just shakes his head. "This is a vedy strange place," he agrees. "I must get accustomed to it, yes? Perhaps there are many things to learn." He settles himself into his bed, still fully clothed, but he's tired, and suddenly, he's asleep, without warning.

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