2012-11-30: New Student And Lasagna


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Summary: Amunet gets to know her way around the school.

Date: November 30, 2012

Log Title: New Student and Lasagna

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Kitchen

This kitchen was designed to feed large numbers of people, and looks it with its bright white walls and stainless steel appliances. The stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher are all larger than normal. There is an island with stools around it for people to sit and eat around along with a table for twelve by the windows in back. Along the wall is a hole in the wall looking into the dining room so food can be passed back and fourth. Anything you want to cook or eat in the kitchen you will find the food and supplies to do so.

Dinner at Xavier's means that the students have two options, the standard cafeteria food offered in the dorms (which is pretty good food) or the home cooked meals Christopher decides to put together in the kitchen. He usually cooks for an army and today is no exception. Garlic, cheese, sauce and other Italian spices fill the air of the kitchen as Christopher is in the process of baking garlic bread to go with the large trays of Lasagna he's baked for the school, five large trays to be exact. The culinary teacher hums to himself as he goes to the fridge to get what he needs to start making a vinaigrette one of the three large trays of identical salads.

Having finally been let out of the medical bay once her temperature returned to normal. Still carrying around her two duffels, she makes her way into the kitchen slowly. Hugging a small journal like book to her chest she steps to the side of the doorway so she's not in the way but can't help but follow her nose faintly. Fingers itching faintly as she sees baking supplies, cooking supplies, and even more, her eyes widening a fraction as she whispers softly, "oh my."

However, the culinary instructor for the school does not work alone in this. With elbow-length latex gloves on to keep his accented fur from getting into things, one of the school's two resident feline mutations is busily at work washing some of the previous day's dishes while keeping one eye out on the oven timer. Unlike most days and situations, his hood is not turned up, which means his snow leopard-like muzzle and ears are in full view, and his ever-present tail makes busy work resting in an almost snake-like coil around one leg, tapping the opposite shoe every so often.

From behind Amunet, a muffled *clomp* *clomp* *clomp* is heard, before the doorway is knocked open. Through the door stomps a tiny, rail-thin young girl, wearing what could almost be considered a superhero outfit; black, sleeveless bodysuit, belted at the waist with an X on the buckle, crimson scarf wrapped around her neck and pulled up past her nose, and what look to be sleek, armored ski-boots, colored to match the scarf. By contrast, her shaggy mop of hair in dyed a bright, bilious green, and the cups of large noise-canceling earphones cover her ears, trailing into a modified iPod clipped to her belt. Tipping her chin upward at the teacher and the feline in turn, she clumps toward the table off to one side, pulling a laptop from under her arm and unfolding it, apparently not even having noticed the timid Amunet.

"You know my salon has been closed for weeks now because of all this. I imagine my clients are having kittens but I can't risk my staff or my store getting caught up in all this if it's discovered I'm a mutant." Christopher says to Ahmed. Honey, dijon mustard, balsamic, olive oil, apple cider vinegar, chopped garlic and soy sauce all sit on the island in front of him as he starts to mix up three different vinaigrettes. "Ahmed how neat is your handwriting?" He asks his sous chef shortly before noticing Amunet and Shane standing there. "Hello Shane, how are you doing today. And hello, you must be the new student Amunet, that Rashmi brought by. I'm the culinary teacher here, Christopher Parker-Mayfair, but you can call me Mr. Parker since Parker-Mayfair is a bit of a mouthful."

Swallowing a small bit, Amunet nods and she says, "Nice to meet you Mr. Parker." Watching not him so much as what he's putting together for the dressing. "Have you thought of chopping up fresh basil and tossing it in with the greens? Adds a little bit of bite and goes good… with… pasta." Her voice trailing off as her foot scuffs a small bit. "Is it ok if I come in here tonight to eat?"

Ahmed replies, "It's okay… nothing to write home about." Making the Drum 'Ba-DUM TISH!' motion and giving a slightly fanged grin that falls off just as suddenly as the new face appears. For a moment he almost goes to pull his hood up and obscure his looks so as not to scare someone else, but then… he just lets the gloved hands fall away, and he shrugs once in greeting before saying, "Table's free, grab a seat while they're there." Going back to the dishes though, he adds, "I'll get the bread."

Shane flips up her laptop screen, then pulls down her earphones. Apparently, the girl listens to her music at a level that would deafen most people, because the blast of skirling guitars and atonal, yet somehow melodic voices can be heard clearly from across the room, a burst of AND THE HILLS OF LOS ANGELES ARE BURNING! PALM TREES ARE CANDLES IN THE MURDER WI— before the iPod is shut off. Her eyes flick to Amunet, one toxic-colored eyebrow rising at the mention of a 'new student.' "….Sup," is all she says, scooting her chair in and turning her attention to the laptop.

"Of course you can come in here and eat." Christopher says to Amunet as if it shouldn't even be a question. "I've already added the fresh basil, it goes nicely with the fresh mozzarella balls in the salad as well. And Ahmed, no worries, I'll write out on cards what everything is then so people can know. Just make sure we didn't burn the cheese on the breads that had it." He looks over to Shane and gives her nod in greeting that looks awkward on the older man. "Sup?" He says back to her in a slightly joking in a friendly more than a mocking manor. "Have things been going better Shane, I know things are tough but just wondering if you're feeling better since the last time we talked when you an Ahmed stopped by. Anyway, are either of you hungry? I have a vegan, vegetarian, two of them are sausage and ground beef, one with just cheese." He knows Ahmed made a small one to fit his dietary needs, but doesn't want to offer it to the students on Ahmed.

Moving over to one of the open seats, Amunet places her duffels where they won't get in the way, though she does keep her book with her and one hand on it. Her gloved fingers tracing over the top rather unconsciously while keeping herself a rather respectful distance from anyone else. Watching the goings on she can't stop the rather loud sudden rumble of her stomach, apparently such wonderful smells are reminding her she's hungry finally. The loud sound making her turn red in embarrassment.

All of the breads with cheese are brought out to rest, and the others are checked for a moment with a toothpick instead of hands by the tailed young man. When Ahmed stands back up, he brings out his own 'lasagna' Which is cheeseless, and made with… of all things… ground lamb, and whole wheat pasta. It adds and interesting mediterranean spice to the air as the steam rises from it. Settling it to one side to cool, he looks at the others, and then comes over to where Amunet is, saying, "Welcome to Hogwarts for mutants. You want something to tide you over for the meal? I can dig a snack out from the fridge, or something to drink. We just made some pomegranate jasmine iced tea earlier."

Shane's head rises as Christopher asks after her, looking from teacher to newbie and back again. "….Fine," she grunts after a moment, shrugging. "Trainin' more. Q's back. Good enough, I guess." And her attention goes back to her laptop for the moment.

"Ahmed, everything is pretty much made, she can have any of the lasagnas that she wishes." Christopher says with a smile. "If you're hungry hon, all you have to do let me know and we'll fix you up a plate. Don't worry, I don't bite. I'm a gentle as a declawed kitten." He says with a friendly smile. He writes out labels for all the lasagnas and then for the three salad dressings, honey dijon balsamic vinaigrette, honey balsamic vinaigrette and honey garlic vinaigrette. Honey is the salad theme for the night. "Well Shane, if you need a good salon session, let me know. I would love to be able to do hair since my salon's been closed."

It's not the breads that get Amunet's attention. The sudden smell of the mediterranean spice makes her eyes close and she sighs softly, "Anise… you used anise… mmm a… and.. and ginger root?" Then blinks and blushes a bit, "I.. I'd love some of the iced tea, ummm thanks. Mr. Parker? Is.. is there… is there anything I can do to help? I'm not the best with… well.. non-desserts but I'd love to help?… " Rubbing her gloved hands together as her attention isn't on the other lasanga's brought out but on the cheeseless one reminiscent of home. Shane is giving a rather interesting look, and her eyes keep drifting to the laptop, but oddly enough she keeps her hands on her book and in her lap. Still her eyes keep trailing back to that one brought out by Ahmed.

Have you ever seen a cat realizing that someone else wants it's food? Well… the feline young man's eyes dart back and forth, and then he gets an almost petulant look on his face, added with the classical ears back and tail held close of an unhappy puss. Ahmed replies after a few moments, "…yeah… I kinda have to make mine Halal, and watch the dairy. Cow and goat milk do a number on me." As he turns to go the fridge and get the iced tea, he adds, "Those who do not cook, clean. Those who do not clean get dirty looks." Two glasses are poured, and first Shane, and then Amunet are served as he says towards the toxic-haired girl, "I was rooting through some of the Danger Room stuff, and I found some stuff that looks like old black and white pirate movies… I was wondering if you wanted to check them out sometime?"

"…Sure," Shane says in answer to Christopher, lifting a shoulder. "Sunday work?" A dirty look is thrown Ahmed's way as he recites the proverb, as if to get the second half out of the way before dinner, and her inevitable dish conscription. Once served, she gives her tea an experimental sip, wrinkles her nose, and reaches for the sugar bowl. Five spoonfuls later, the drink seems to meet with her approval. "Sh—" She trails off, glancing at Christopher, and clears her throat. "…Crappy pirate movie night? Sure."

"Those would be Kurt's old programs. From what I understand, he's quite the Errol Flynn, Swashbuckler fan." Christopher says. He waves a hand at Amunet and shakes his head. "No, right now the only thing you can do to help is eat. Everything is already cooked and ready to go. Do you have an interest in the art of the culinary?" That friendly smile never seems to leave his face. "A lot of students here have dietary restrictions with their mutants and/or backgrounds, Ahmed is one of them. Do you have any dietary restrictions that I should keep in mind?" He walks over to Shane and squeezes her shoulder. "Sunday sounds wonderful."

Amunet shakes her head and says, "No… other than strawberries. I can work with em, but I can't eat em. I turn puffy and splotchy." Rubbing her nose as she tries to tear her attention away from the rather temperamental cat's food. "I'll help clean up when we're all done if you like." Then she shrugs and says, "I like baking… Well I'm better at baking then I am just normal cooking. I can do simple things, I was just working on cobbler's when… well." Shrugging faintly as she pulls the cup of tea to her and sips from her own cup. Nodding a bit and giving a smile, "Mmm I love pomegranate." Pausing a moment she asks, "Mr. Parker? Do you think at some point I … I could talk to you about some things? Umm … Mr. Connor and Miss Rashmi both said you'd be good to … to talk to. Umm… later?"

"Mister Connor?" Ahmed replies to that with a quizzical look, "Oh… you must mean Mister Blake. Dude's a little intense, but he's been helping out some of my friends with self-defense here and there." With everything out and set, he plates some of his lasagna… and then takes the other half and puts it on another small plate for the new comer. From there, he takes a hefty portion of greens, with the soy-ginger, and moves to a spot to sit himself, "Hey Mister Parker… next time you make a food order, can you get some clams or mussels? We haven't tried those yet."

"Cool," Shane says, sliding out from under Christopher's hand and clumping toward the lasagna. Once plate and silverware are collected, she cuts out a good chunk of corner, scraping away as much of the crisped cheese as she can manage. Then, enough of the greens to be able to say that she ate them, drizzled with the honey dijon. Thumping back into her seat, she pulls her scarf down in order to be able to actually eat… which is about the time that her face is recognizable as having been plastered all over SMOX News, some weeks ago; across from Amunet, poking at sausage lasagna, is the mutant terrorist said to have attacked the Salem Center Mall, Kiloton.

"Of course sweetie, anything you need to talk about, just let me know. Connor and Rashmi were wonderful students and I miss them quite a bit. Is Connor doing okay? I haven't seen or talked to him in a while." Christopher says with a hint of concern. "As for mussels and clams, that's something we can do together, not really for the school. I'm not sure how many students here are interested in eating shellfish like that." Even he thinks they can look a little unappetizing. "I don't just cook Amunet, I also bake so anytime you wish to bake, or if you want to talk and bake at the same time, just let me know!" He tries to make the students feel as comfortable as possible. "The crispy cheese is the best part." He says to Shane once she sits back down.

Shane is looked at rather curiously by Amunet but her gaze shows no hint of recognition. Instead she just smiles to the other girl and then to the cat as well. Her blue eyes brightening as she says, "Oh thank you!" Even the small serving makes her obviously happy, picking up a fork and digging into a bite before looking to Christopher. Practically melting out of her seat at the combination of flavors for that first explosive bite before swallowing and then shrugs and says, "I dunno him very well… I just saw him the one time. Him and Robyn and Miss Rashmi thought I'd be safer here.. given…. well.. it'd be safer here for me." Listening then to everything about the seafood before then smiling a bit, "You know… cobbler only takes about 10 minutes to throw together and about 20 minutes to bake if you're doing a small batch?" Scuffing a foot across the floor as she keeps eating. "I was hoping to be able to maybe bake something to send off with mister Conner for next time he goes to see Miss Rashmi. She doesn't get a lot of treats and such over there, and I know Sophie would like it. I just… I… " And then trails off and goes back to eating again after asking, "Is there a room I can go to now that the doctor has let me go from the infirmary?""

"Depends on if he's goin' back," Shane notes, poking sullenly at her lasagna. "Prolly not. Those Sentinel things're fu— really damn scary," she says, correcting herself. "Be smarter 'f he didn't bother. 'N 'f he took you out, guess that means y'won th' mutant lottery." These last words, while they could be a lot more hurtful, are said without accusation or rancor, which robs them of much of their sting.

Christopher walks over and sits down next to Amunet. "Amunet, honey, just take a deep breath and relax. I know exactly how to make a cobbler and how long it takes." He says smiling kindly. "I am the culinary teacher here so I'd like to believe that I know a think or two about cooking." He chuckles. "As for Rashmi and Sophie, I understand you're worried about them and that you wish to repay their kindness. You may wish to speak to Connor to make sure if, and when, he's going into Mutant Town again. Like Shane just said, it's quite dangerous for him to do so. If he's willing to deliver it, then you might want to bake it as a thank you. Right now worry about filling that belly of yours." He says kindly. "I'm surprised they haven't shown you your room yet, usually that's one of the first things they do. I'm sure there is a room made up for you in the girls dormitory."

Amunet can't really help it as she says, "He talked about working with these… umm… you know the … holes he makes what brought me here? He said he… he was going to try and get supplies to them cause now without power they were running really low on a lot of stuff." Her tone not so much sounding argumentative, but that this is what she was told and she's not willing to believe otherwise. Glancing to Shane at the mention of the mutant lottery and she mutters, "Not really…. I'm sorry other's couldn't he… he said it was shaky getting me out but I couldn't be kept there." Blushing a bit at Christopher and looking down at her plate as she murmurs a soft apology, picking at her food a small bit. "I wasn't in … I umm… I had to warm up first… the doctor wanted me to stay in the infirmary till my temperature evened out again. I had a umm… well.. one of my powers hit and it has a bit of a umm.. effect." Struggling for an explanation that will do the job before then saying, "This lasagna is good, it reminds me of when I went to visit my grandmother in Egypt. Is this fig in the middle? It's sweet." Still half babbling as her nervousness has her talking more than eating."

Something about Amunet's manner seems to puncture Shane's bubble of sullen apathy, and her shoulders slump a bit. "…Sorry," she murmurs, taking up a large forkful of lasagna, and filling her mouth. All the better to keep a clearly fragile girl from breaking entirely.

"You'd have to ask Ahmed. When it comes to his dietary needs, it's best to let him cook." Christopher says but it's more than just that. He knows that it's something that Ahmed has a passion for. "Connor is a teleporter, but just because he can go in and out doesn't mean his powers can't be traced or tracked. He was brave taking you out of there and bringing you here." He waves a hand at her explanation and smiles. "No worries, fully understandable." He doesn't ask her to explain more. "I'll check to see if they've assigned you with a roommate or if you're going to be by yourself for a while."

Giving Christopher a thankful nod, Amunet concentrates on eating for a long while, before then glancing to Shane at her slump. Seeming to just listen to their forks clanking on the plates. After a minute Amunet glances to Shane and asks rather sheepishly, "Could you… maybe help me… understand computers a little bit?… I.. I'll trade you for the help?" Even only a couple of weeks at mutant town and some things stuck with her, seeming hopeful maybe?

Shane blinks, looking from Christopher to Amunet, raising an eyebrow. "….Dafuq? Trade what?" Shrugging, she spins her laptop around, revealing a densely-packed series of windows, all of them apparently pictures taken from various anime and video games. "…Less y'never had a computer, ain't much to it. This one's mine, but school'll give y'one, 'n a phone. Lappy y'do what you want… phone y'keep. On you. Alla time. Keep it charged. Don't ever, *ever* lose y'phone, 'specially not now. Reason why's cos' phone's got a special button on it. Push th' button, 'n security here knows you're way up shit creek."

Ahmed finishes up his meal… strangely not one to talk while devouring it seems. Only once his plate is clean does he reply, "Fig? Ummm… no… I think it's the spices with the tomato or something. I dunno. It just makes it taste sweet." Tilting his head to one side, and then the other, he looks back and forth between the other three as he licks at his chops a moment, "The security feature is actually pretty cool… you put your thumb on the logo on the back, press, and just think real hard. It does the rest. Supposed to be, Miss Frost, the headmistress here designed it herself."

"It also sends alerts to us teachers as well, just in case Ms. Frost isn't able to get it." Christopher says since, especially right now, Emma can't always be alert twenty four/seven. "Amunet, there are also computer classes here at the school as well. I'm not trying to say Shane isn't a good teacher, just if Shane is too busy with school work or training." He's trying to give the anti-social girl an out on being social. "Like Shane said, you'll get a school phone, a school laptop. You're probably at one of the most high tech high schools in the world."

Amunet shakes her head, "I've never been too good at anything technological… I could watch a movie but beyond that I just can't seem to get it." She admits shyly, "It never seemed a good idea to get one if i couldn't get my email to work without it changing my email to weird stuff all the time." Looking a bit sheepish at the admission. "I.. I have this thing I used to use but… well.. I remade it while i was in mutant town and I don't really think it fits me since I remade it… " Reaching behind her for her bag she starts rifling through it, dinner forgot for a moment till she pulls out a simple made soft headband like thing she must have sewn together out of stretchy material that used to be a sparkly shirt that had sparkles of just about any color depending on what way the light hit it. Setting it on the table and then pushing it over towards Shane a bit. " Then she glances to Ahmed and nods a small bit, "Well long as I don't have to log on or anything to call for help I can do that. It sounds helpful that's for sure." She says with a hint of a smile. Nodding a bit to Christopher as she says, "Yes Mr. Parker…" Biting her lip and saying, "High tech? Oh boy." Now most kids would be chomping at the bit, but instead Amunet just seems a bit nervous about this part."

Shane stares at the headband for a moment, blinking owlishly, then shakes her head. "Nu-uh. Thanks, but ain't somethin' I'd wear. Show ya how t'git on Amazon, though, buy whatever clothes y'want. 'F you make'm, got all sortsa sewin' gear in th' Art Room. Guess I could find some tutorials t'hand you. Videos, like, run y'through step by step how t'do stuff onna computer."

Ahmed watches the two girls, and as the conversation turns to clothes, he goes towards the sink with his dishes, getting what's left of the lasagna he made and putting it on top of more greens. Walking back over, he gulps once and sits down next to Christopher, "The phones are really easy to use… My roomie has problems getting around, for some reason his sense of direction is messed up… so he uses it to guide himself around. Before that, I was playing seeing eye cat."

"Don't worry about it, it's not that high tech…well I mean not in the sense where it's something you have to deal with everyday. For a small private High School we probably offer more opportunities on a one on one basis, also with the technology we have things that people believe are quite impossible, are possible." Christopher doesn't go into too much detail at the moment since there is a lot of it to go through. He eyes the headband and he doesn't want to give his opinion on it. "Most of the kids here are very helpful Amunet, not all of them but most of them. So if you have any questions you can ask any of them, or if you're not comfortable with that you can ask any of the staff. Myself included. My number is in all the cellphones issued."

Amunet carefully slips the head back over her hair. It's not the best but then again from the way the fabric looks old it's obviously just a way to remake something into something useful. Once it's actually in her hair it actually doesn't look that bad really, a couple of stitches are facing the wrong way and some are straining but it's not bad. Oddly enough though the stitching is similar to the dress she wears. Nodding though and says, "Thank you… umm…" Glancing to Shane and trying to remember her name… "Ummm thanks… yeah that'd be helpful." Before then nodding to Ahmed again before finally letting her gaze flick to Christopher. Now and again her thumb brushing over the front of the journal sshe keeps so close to her plate. Starting to chew on the inside of her top lip for a moment before finally finishing her dinner and smiling a bit, "Thanks."

"Shane," the 'terrorist' supplies, turning her laptop back around and returning her attention, in large part, to her food. "Hey Goo Lantern. This pirate shit's in th' Danger Room, yeah?"

Ahmed nods once as he was about to spear his 'lasagna' salad, and replies, "Yeah… it's all in the Danger Room. There's a whole bunch of things in there that aren't training material. I even found someone's complete reproduction of the Enterprise." Grinning a bit in that feline manner that leaves his teeth exposed for a moment, and then he starts petting his tail out of some kind nervous habit, "So… what's your deal? I mean… what to you do?"

Christopher silently wishes that none of the kids find some of his early training videos in the archives, he's pretty certain they are still there. "The Danger Room is where all the training takes place. It's a room that sets up simulations that are realistic on almost every level. I should say it's mainly used for training, once in a while it's used as an escape for those that require it. There's a lot of landscapes programmed in there." He looks over at Ahmed and shakes his head with amusement. "That's always one of the first questions you'll get here when you meet new folks Amunet, what are your powers. Instead of being on the spot, I'll say what mine are as well. I have the ability to manipulate light and control it into constructs and energy blasts and such. I can also manipulate light to such a degree where I can change the colour of anything I touch. If you wanted your pasta to be purple, I could easily do that." He grins.

Though she can't see the screen, now and again Amunet flicks a gaze over to Shane watching her curiously. Though at Ahmed's question she just puts her attention down on her plate. "Umm I… can't talk about it." Giving a nervous glance to Christopher. Looking about to say something else when a popping sound is heard along with a loud rumbling purr as a cat tail is suddenly sticking out the top of her open duffel. Blinking a bit she laughs, a full on smile is brought on, "Bamf… what are you doing in there? Come on.. come on out.. you shouldn't be in the kitchen." Giving the teacher an apologetic glance. "Mister Connor gave me his coat he was wearing… i still have it in my bag… I forgot Bamf likes the coat." And apparently she likes the cat as she just pets the cat while he's buried himself inside the duffel where the coat is folded up. Looking back to the others and then back down, "I'm not… not trying to be mean or anything I'm really not. I just… really /can't/ talk about it. I just can't." Looking down to between her journal and the bag where the cat's tail still weaves back and forth.

Shane lifts a shoulder in a negligible half-shrug, as Amunet shies from displaying her powers. "S'fine," she says. "Y'ain't got super-bleeding, so, ain't none of our business 'less y'wanna make it." She's about to display her own power, just so she doesn't feel left out, when the sudden appearance of a cat stops her. "….The hell?" Her head whips around, the sullen teen glaring at Christopher. "Thought we weren't s'posed to have pets!"

"Ummm… okay, she got a cat in. A big cat… I mean wow… how much does he weigh?" Ahmed says as he leans in close, causing the fuzzy tabby beast to rear back a bit, swipe at his paw, and then in a *POP* and a little cloud of sulfury smoke… Bamf is under the island and peeking out as a pair of eyes. Drawing his hand once more, he makes an apologetic gesture, complete with tail curled close and ears going flat, "Okay… sooooo… ummm… I can sorta show mine off, but I might scare the mini Chewbacca you got down there."

"No, we aren't supposed to have pets here, which I always found irritating but I know why they do that." Christopher explains. He knows that if one student had a pet, they'd all want a pet. "Let's see if the little guy…Bamf you said? is hungry." He goes to the cabinets to get a can of tuna fish, opening it and putting it on a plate before offering it to the cat. "Amunet, don't worry about it, noone is pressuring you to tell us what your powers are. Noone needs to know but you." And the few higher ups at the school but that isn't important.

Amunet turns a deep red and says, "He's not mine… not really." Watching the cat end up going into hiding she pulls out the jacket and just drapes it over her lap. Drumming her fingers lightly and patting, "Bamf… come on… come say hello to Mr. Parker… if you're going to visit the jacket you gotta say hello." Pending down to try and get the cat coaxed out, "Come on.. come sit on Mr. Conner's coat with me. I'm so sorry I didn't know bout the rule they just told me to take him for Mr. Conner."

Shane subsides, poking at her lasagna and muttering something under her breath. "Anyway. Was gonna show it, but, don't feel like scarin' th' cat. So… I blow up. 'S my power." With another offhanded shrug, she gathers up a forkful of lasagna, returning to her eating.

Ahmed looks over at Christopher for a moment as he tries to tempt the cat out from under the island, and then the girl's efforts to get him to settle on her lap. He just sighs, and moves off and away enough so that his presence and scent isn't bothering the feline in question, saying with a flick of his ears, "Look… ummm… this might be weird coming from me… as in common sense… but why can't you go with Mister Parker back to his place? I mean… that way you can keep the cat, and sort of get acclimated to things here? Since you're not really on the school's rosters or anything, it's not like they'll know who you are… and Salem Center's pretty safe… right?"

Bamf in the meantime continues to stare and sniff at the outside world. The tuna is given its due consideration, but following that is another *BAMF* in a much familiar fashion to the older X-person, and that almost fifteen pounds of feline muscle is now back on Amunet's lap, kneading and rumbling, and staring at the tuna rather… interestedly.

Amunet ooofs as she suddenly has a large cat on her lap, but she just responds by stroking his head and back of his neck lightly. She's got a happy little smile on her face as she whispers to Bamf, "I bet you knew the rule and just didn't care did you." Unable to stop the light chuckle as her thumb strokes the side of his furry face. "His place? Why would I do that?" Glancing to the teacher in question and then to Ahmed, obviously confused though she does lean down briefly to rub her cheek atop the cats head, whispering something to him. For those closest she's thanking him for visiting her in the infirmary and keeping her warm, apparently she had more company under her blanket than she let the doctor know at least at one point. "You know it's ok if you have the tuna… Mr. Parker did offer it to you… you just gotta be careful where you come visit me at."

Christopher doesn't move the tuna from where it is, just leaving it in case the cat would like it later. "Well I have no problems taking Bamf home to take care of him for a bit, but if Rashmi and Connor brought Amunet here…it might be best for her to stay here. Also I don't want you to force her to stay at a complete stranger's house. Salem Center….it's become less safe Ahmed. I hate to say that but that's why I haven't opened my Salon since the relocation act and I've been spending more and more time in my old room here." He goes over to make himself a cup of coffee and while it's brewing he gets himself a piece of the vegetarian lasagna and some salad. "I can bring some cat food for Bamf but…" He frowns a bit. "It's a hard time to be a mutant right now. I'm sorry I didn't want to turn the conversation dark but I don't wish to lie either. I don't want to sugar coat things, you deserve honesty."

"Yeah, uh," Shane says, giving Ahmed a fairly clear WTF look. "Salem Center, th' place where Nick'n'Q'n'Connor'n'Lock got like, *kidnapped from?* That's *like* safe, 'cept without bein' anythin' like safe at all. 'N then here y'got psychics'n'X-Men'n'oh yeah the entire goddamn front yard'll tase the *shit* outta anythin' that ain't been okayed."

Ahmed puts his hands up in surrender, "It was just an idea! Spending a couple weeks at Mr. Parker's house did me a lot of good! I was just saying…" And then he looks away, and with a sigh, he pushes his paws into his pockets and curls his tail back around over one leg, "I know things are bad right now… I was just…" Looking back and forth, he then looks down and away.

Christopher walks up behind Ahmed and wraps his arms around him in a hug very much like an older brother would give a younger brother. "It's okay Ahmed, it wasn't a bad suggestion. You were just trying to help." He breaks the hug and squeezes Ahmed's shoulder before shaking his head. "In any other circumstance it probably would have been a good idea. Right now though, I'm sure there are a bunch of exceptions to pets at the school with what's going on. Also this is more than likely the safest place you can be. Even if the school does get attacked, we have state of the art security measures."

Amunet just gives a small smile and says, "Thank you for the thought… I'm ok though… Bamf here… well… him and his cohorts have minds of their own. I appreciate the thought though." Her fingers going back to stroking at the large cat and she asks the feline on her lap, 'You want the new cloth ball I made for you, Zero and Dex? You gotta share though."

"….So wait, we got three new cats now?" Shane says over the rim of her glass, brow furrowing. "An', what, they're all teleporters? Mutant *cats?* Cripes, good thing nobody in *there* found out about'm. That'd just be, Iunno… *wrong.*"

A bit of a dark look is shot at Shane, as Ahmed replies, "OH gee thanks. On behalf of all feline mutants, your disdain is noted." But the words a re a bit lighter in tone as he looks up and back at Christopher before saying, "I didn't know you were staying here… I guess it is worse than I thought."

Christopher shrugs to Shane. "I'm not sure, but it probably is good that they don't know about them. And Ahmed, I don't believe that Shane was showing a disdain in regards to cats, or feline mutants. I think it was more surprise at seeing a house cat with super powers rather than a person who mutated into a cat person with superpowers." He tries to explain rubbing the bridge of his nose a bit. "I haven't heard from my Boys at all, so I don't know if they're in the camp or safe at college and my husband is over seas working on a few things…I just didn't want to stay in my home alone. I'm also sure that if I was home alone, I would have been thrown in that camp as well."

Shane glares back at Ahmed, her nose wrinkling. "Ain't what I was talkin' 'bout at all, 'n you oughta be smart enough t'know that by now," she grumbles, shaking her head. Once Christopher mentions how lonely it was for him in the house, Shane frowns deeply. "…Well… Glad y'came here, Mr. Parker. 'N glad y'husband's outta this shit."

Ahmed eyerolls a moment, and huffs, "I was -teasing-… oh well… my humor's lost on this crowd anyways." And then he takes up his plate and moves it off towards the sink, rinsing it off before putting it in the smaller pile of dishes for dinner, "I've gotta raid to hit on WoW, and then I promised Nick we'd watch something in the rec room before lights out. I'll catch you guys later, allright?"

"I'm glad I came here too." Christopher says to Shane smiling. "Sorry Ahmed if I misinterpreted your humour. Anyway I should be going as well, I have to call Jeri before it's too late and get a few things taken care of so that I can get cat food and such for here tomorrow. It's not easy to go out if you're a mutant anymore. It was a pleasure meeting Amunet. Shane, we have a date on Sunday and Ahmed, let me know when you want to try your hand at shellfish. Good night!"

Amunet looks to Shane and says, "Oh no, Dex and Zero stay with Miss Rashmi… it's where he is more than likely if he's not here with Mr. Connor or Mr. Conner's coat." Not about to presume it's to see her but more the coat as she keeps petting the cat. "Thanks for talking with me and letting me eat in here with you Mr. Parker. It was nice meeting you too." And then smiles faintly and nods a bit to the two leaving before looking to the big cat, "You wanna come see my new room with me? I'll lay out the coat for you if you want it."

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