2009-03-17: New Student and New Squads


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Summary: Daisuke, Eddie, Max and Jared chat for a bit in the locker room.

Date: March 17, 2009

Log Title New Student and New Squads

Rating: G

Xavier Mansion - Locker Room

Lockers line half of the room for students to store their gym clothes and uniforms in between training sessions. The room is divided in half, one side for girls and the other for boys. Both sides are identical and have individual showers for students to clean.

In the locker room is Daisuke and he's just getting ready for a long shower. His shirt is off showing his heavily scarred back and chest as he sits on the bench and instead of continuing getting dressed he's been looking through one of his few remaing positions, a box of pictures and letters and a few others things. He's just been feeling a bit off lately.

Jared has not actually mentioned to his step/adopted/half/whatever brother that he has already made his decision about joining the school…or that he happens to have the new student packet that Mister Summers gave him in his back pack at the moment. Along with his New Student packet the pack also contains his work out clothes and a few things he tends to never go anywhere without. "Cool, I need to work out some, streatch my muscles…I would go for a swim but I did not bring my swim suit."

Max himself wanted to get in some gym time, the lockdown is getting to the boy. He enters the locker room a short wait after the other two come in. A somewhat loud "Hey Eddie! Hey Daisuke! and guy I've never met." Rings out from the chiily mutants mouth. He had to get his gym clothes washed, so he's got the fresh ones in a bag at his side. Max joins the others on the boys side and gets his usual locker. "Hey, we're on the same squad, Eddie. Freaking awesome." The news about squads still very new to the student population.

Eddie gives a nervous little smile at the mention of swimming. "I'm umm…sure you could borrow a school swim-suit…just…on your own there," he says. "I can't swim…" the teen admits. He blinks when he sees Dai then smiles. Moving to put himself between his friend and half-brother so the scars can't be seen, Eddie walks over. "Hey, Dai!" he says with a grin. Then Max has him squeaking and jumping. "Max? Squad? What?" he asks. He's not gotten that news yet.

Daisuke blinks and looks up as all of a sudden there are people in the room. "Oh hey Eddie, Jared, Max. How's it going?" He asks running a hand through his hair. He closes the box and puts it down next to him. "Yeah, I'm on your Dad's squad Eddie, your Doctor dad." He says since one is Mr. Parker-Mayfair and the other is Dr. Parker-Mayfair. "Don't mind me, I was just about to take a shower since I kind of feel gross wearing the same clothes all the time." Eddie would know that Dai does love clothes.

Jared nods to Eddie and then stops blinking at the older yet smaller teen. "You…can't swim?" The idea is compleatly and totaly alien to Jared, born and raised in the sunny state of California. Jared jumps a little as Max sort of bursts into the room loud and excited before calming a little. "Um, Hi? Squads?" In confusion Jared reaches into his back pack and pulls out the packet of papers and things that Mister Summers handed him, "I did not see anything about squads mentioned in the New Students Packet…is it something new?"

The ice-mutant starts to change into his gym clothes while talking. "Yeah, we're on the same squad, with Cannonball, and me… and you, and umm… a guy named Leo, and someone named 'nuh-vee-ahh' Or however you say their name." Max's skin starting to make the room colder, he takes off his shirt and replaces it with an Xavier's school athletics shirt. "Umm, yeah it's new. They just put the note on the corkboard all ninja like. Real fast, but I saw 'em do it."

Eddie blinks several times, lost there. "Wait, wait, wait…squads? Like…training squads like I heard there used to be?" he asks. A shiver runs through him and he glances at Max. Just as he's about to say something else, he sees Jared's new student packet and jumps. "Dude!" he squeaks. "Why didn't you tell me you enrolled already?" he asks with a pout. Sitting down, he starts to take off his shoes. He blinks but leans over to Dai. "I'm gonna ask my Dads if you and me can head into the city for a bit later today to get some shopping in," he half-whispers.

Jared shrugs and sits down on the nearest bench and starts to pull off his shoes, leaving the packet of papers to his side. "Well it hadn't really come up in conversation, and well…it only happened recently. Jericho…dad took me to see Mister Summers. I felt like such an idiot when I saw him there wearing the visor…I mean you told me about the statue out front and I still did not realize the school's connection to the X-Men till I saw him…"

Daisuke doesn't bother putting his shirt on at the moment but looks up and shrugs. "I don't know how to swim either." He looks down and shrugs. "And like hell I'm letting anyone see me in swim shorts looking like this, but you did enroll Jared? That's great!" He says actually kind of looking forward to getting to know Eddie's half brother. "I'm on your Dad's squad Eddie, with a few others. And sure, going shopping later sounds great, wanna come to Jared?"

"Yeah, just like they used to have. It's real cool. Working in the Danger Room with Cannonball, that gotta be real fun!" Time for the shorts, they're slipped off without a rush, he's not shy. "Nice, man, welcome to the X-treme X-school!" That last bit is really exaggerated, he had more X-stuff to use, but he's getting impatient. Basketball shorts are put in place of his other shorts. "Yeah, this place is full of X-Men, normally, they're our teachers." After a second, the others talk about shopping. "Wait, you guys are going out of the school? LUCKY!" He's jealous of course, he hasn't left the school since the lockdown started.

Eddie blinks a few times. "Still would've been nice to tell me…so I didn't have to keep trying to get ya to enroll if ya already were," he says with a sigh. "Never learned…" he trails off in regards to swimming. Leaning against Dai for a moment, the booster smiles. "Too bad we're not on the same team though, Dai," he says. Turning to Max, Eddie nods and glances at Jared. "Yeah. 'Sides, once you say Mr. Wagner or Dr. McCoy or Mr. Worthington…things get pretty obvious," he shrugs. "Dai's old enough that he doesn't have to be locked down and I tend to go home with one of my Dads. Technically there's no lockdown there so as long as I get permission I can go out with people…" he trails off. "We could bring ya back something."

Jared shrugs as he starts pulling off the rest of his clothing. "Yeah well the school seemed interesting, I already know a few people here, and of course there is the chance they might help me learn to control my powers." The mention of how he looks from Daisuke causes Jared to actually give him a good look…and frown at the number of scars. A month ago Jared hardly knew anyone that did not have a good safe life, and now every other person he meets seems to be covered with scars which does nothing to lighten the healer's moods. "Sorry Eddie, not used to the whole sharing and telling thing. I would love to go, need more clothes since I only brought the ones I could shove in my pack, but I haven't got any money and sicne I just met Jeri…Dad I am not too comfortable asking him for a new wardrobe…."

Daisuke looks up at Jared and smiles. "Don't worry about it, I can help out if need be. I know we just met but your Eddie's brother so I don't mind." Daisuke's actually well off since when his father died he got everything. He finally reaches over and pulls a shirt on noticing Jared's frown. "Sorry." He says before looking up at Max. "I'm eighteen so the lock down doesn't really apply to me."

"And I'm fifteen, so I have to be good and stay here. It's cool, it's not like the lockdown is going to be up in a month… I hope." The cryokinetic replaces his basketball shoes and places all his other clothes in the locker. "Well you guys have fun. I'm gonna see if someone wants to shoot some hoops." Max waves to the others as he walks out of the locker room.

Eddie blushes as he quickly changes into his workout clothes. He then smiles to Jared. "Don't worry about it. The second Dads hear we're going shopping…well…let's just say it'll be easier to stop Juggernaut than to stop them from giving us money. Doctor Dad says he has fun spoiling us…" he trails off with a shrug. "Alright, Max. Have some fun out there. And later, you me and Leo should get together and talk about this squad stuff…and maybe try to find out who this other person is," he calls after the young cryokinetic. "We really gotta figure out how to get rid of all these someday, Dai," he says quietly, looking down at one of the scars on his arm.

Jared nods at Max and gives him a friendly grin, "Have fun." At least with B-ball if nothing else Max can go and just shoot hoops on his own. "Um…I guess that is nice…" Jared really has no idea what to think of the idea of someone wanting to spoil him. Sure his mom made sure he had everything he needs and most of what he wanted but it was all far from spoiling him. At the mention of the scars Jared just tightens his hands into fists for a second, almost sure with work he could help but not wanting to get hopes up in case it turns out a little beyond him. With a sigh Jared just keeps changing till he ends up in a tight black shirt, and pair of tight shorts.

At Eddie's words, Daisuke looks down at the burn scar on his chest that looks like it was from a clothing iron. "Yeah, I know. Only good thing is this is how I found out I had powers." He says before continuting to put his shirt on. Dai's a bit surprised by Jared's reaction and looks up at him. "Are you okay?"

Eddie takes a deep breath before giving Dai a quick side-hug. "Enjoy your shower, Dai. I'll catch up with ya after we're done workin' out, okay?" he asks. "Then I'll call one of our Dads and we'll all head out to get you guys some clothes," he states with a nod. A concerned look is given to Jared. "Jared?"

Jared looks at Daisuke for a long second before shaking his head. "No its…no nothing." Emotions, especially the ones that are not fluffy happy things are hard to share, especialy for someone that still feels more outsider and fish outa water than anything else. Jared sighs, sure of how unfair life is when he is impossible to scar and his two newest friends are covered in them. "Enjoy your shower Diasuke, I…I am gonna go ahead and go start my streatching routine…" That said Jared stands and nods at the others before heading out to the gym to find some mats and streatch, maybe do a little yoga and try to focus on something other than what he wants to do to people that would hurt nice guys like Eddie and Daisuke

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