2009-12-28: New Student Meet Up


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Summary: Aleksey and Leighton meet Dallas and July on their first day at Xavier's.

Date: December 28, 2009

Log Title New Student Meet Up

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Gymnasium

This big room with wooden floors is build with powered students in mind; the entire room is power proof. Blast the walls all you like, they are not breaking. The gym can either be one large room and it also has dividers to make it two smaller gyms. This large Gym has basketball nets, equipment to set up equipment badminton, volleyball, hockey, soccer, gymnastics, fencing, and everyone's favorite, dodge ball.

This time of early evening, most people have settled down for an evening of watching television or hanging out with friends. Dallas, on the other hand, has energy to burn and staying up late the last couple of nights trying to cram enough from textbooks to at least keep up when class starts again has made him restless and fidgety. The lights in the gym are dimmed so that each hoop and plexiglass backboard are in their own spotlight and the sides of the room are in shadow. The squeak and shriek of a single pair of high tops on the hardwood echoes back to make it sound almost as though there is more than one person and Dallas runs speed drills and the dribbling of the ball at speed is like the rapid heartbeat of some gigantic rabbit or a metronome gone wild. At the end of weaving trip from end to end of the court, Dallas hefts the ball and shoots …and misses as it bounces back from the rim of the net. He shakes his head and mutters, "Suck." He is apparently under the impression he's alone or he probabl

Dallas is apparently under the impression he's alone or he probably wouldn't be talking to himself.

Just earlier today, Aleksey arrived to the school and he's too excited and curious to go to sleep, even if the jet lag is gonna hit him quite hard tomorrow. He's downstairs looking around to see what they have to offer in the ways of sports and working out. He hasn't gotten to the weight room yet but he steps into the gym and looks around. He watches Dallas for a while as he plays, and then when Dallas says 'suck', Aleksey is confused. "How is shooting ball, suck?" He asks thinking it means the action of sucking on something in his mouth. Aleksey looks far from normal, he's wearing pants and jeans, but he appears to be made up of nothing but water.

Dallas retrieves the ball and pulls up when he hears the voice and then his eyebrows go up as he looks over Aleksey. "Wow." Probably not the most polite reaction but it has the virtue of being honest. Apparently a person made out of water is a new one on Dallas. After a moment he remembers not to stare and looks between the basketball he' nervously spinning in his hands and back to the hoop and then back to Alexsey. "Ah, it means 'not good'. As in 'I suck at basketball because I haven't practiced in a month'." He puts the ball under his hand and starts to stick his hand out, stops and then completes the motion, figuring it would be rude not to shake just because somebody isn't …. solid? He says, "Hi. Dallas. New."

"Ah, I be understanding that." Aleksey says in his thick Russian accent. "I be Aleksey, Dah, I new here." It doesn't seem to bother him, the 'wow', as he's been dealing with his mutation for over a year now. "I probably be sucking to at Skating soon if no practice be available to me." His English is all messed up but he's trying. He walks over and shakes Dallas's hand and it's be similar to shaking a hand with a water bed. It's not wet but it feels like there's liquid under a thin surface. After Aleksey goes to a bench and sit down for a bit and just look around the room. "How is school here?"

Dallas grins at Aleksey and says, "We're both new then. Cool. And you're, um, Russian?" At least he sounds like the Russian mobsters in bad movies sound, more or less. He asks, "You skate? Do you play hockey?" The handshake is odd but Dallas's grip is firm and steady, treating the new guy like anybody else, as best he can. "And I haven't started classes yet. But the class list is insane. And the reading is … well, I hope you came from a better school than me. The people, on the other hand, are awesome."

July comes to the gymnasium to play a bit with her powers, since the place has a lot of room, but she didn't expect to find two people already there, and one of them made of water, no less. "Oh, hello there." the girl says with a smile, waving her hand at them, "Hey Dallas. Who's your friend?" she asks gently, smiling at Aleksey. "Hi. I'm July."

"Dah, I be coming from Russia. And Dah, Ah do skate, not hockey. Dance…uhm…skating contest…on ice…" Aleskey says trying to find the right word for figure skating in English. "I go to school in Russia, I am not knowing if it is better or worse. I know my English needs to be bettering it." It's kind of obvious from the way he's talking. "I is not reading English well." He'll probably be in some English Second Language type class. "I be just meeting Dallas, we not be friends yet. I am Aleksey. I be new here." He says in response to July walking it.

Dallas kind of follows that first part and says, "Oh. Well, cool." His expression says it isn't as cool as hockey but he just shrugs. To each their own. "And your English is way better than my Russian. Especially since I don't speak any." He gives July a grin and says, "Somebody newer than me." He pauses and says, "Hey, July, if you have some time, I was thinking maybe we could try to start getting people from the squad together before our first official training sessions and kind of figure out what we all do and stuff. Get a jump on practicing together, that kind of thing."

July smiles to Aleksey, "Ah, nice to meet you, Aleksey. And welcome to America." she says with a light bow, "It's nice to meet new people, all with other fantastic powers." she nods softly, and then she looks at Dallas, "Well, we should speak to Eddie. He's been in the team the longest." she says softly and nods, "But an official meeting sounds nice, again." and then, once more, her eyes move to Aleksey, "So, you can control water, I take it?"

"What is this team…thing?" Aleksey asks as he did hear about squads breify but he was told once school starts and his placement testing is done, then it will be all figued out. "No, I do not contorl water, I am water. I can move round and do things with what I am being, but not contoling water that is not me." He says trying to explain it but it's not easy as he's never had to before. "I used to being only one with powers back in Russia."

Dallas listens to Aleksey's explanation of his mutation. "You can't, um, change back? If not, that must be rough." He considers the question and then says, "Squads are kind of like sports teams but more so. There's a school-wide competition that isn't just about using your powers or sports but also grades and other stuff. The idea is that everybody does better when they have to work for a group instead of just themselves and that different groups sharpen each other by competition." He laughs a little, adding, "Since I'm pretty much a sports freak, that totally works for me. I like seeing who is the best. Aaaand completely off topic but do you know Colossus? Since you're both Russian?"

July blinks gently at Aleksey's describes his powers, "Really!?" she asks, and grins widely at that, surprised. "Awesome! Our powers are very very similar!" she giggles softly. "Oh, the teams? Oh, well, there are so many students here to put in a single team, so they group the students in groups of five or six per team. The team is assigned an instructor, and that instructor coaches us in the training and learning of using our powers, and also teamwork." she nods.

"No, I not being able to change back. I am being stuck like this. It is not bad." Aleksey says with a smile and shrug. "I be like this over year now, it only rough when cold." Then Dallas says the magic word of Colossus and he breaks into a huge grin. "I never be meeting Colossus but I be hearing about him over in Russia. I think he is greatest hero. I would be loving to meet him some day." Colossus is his idol in some ways. He looks at July for a bit. "Powers similar? I am not seeing what is similar. Are you being made out of water also?" Aleksey nods at they talk about squads. "Ah so Squads are like teams that compete to be better? I like competetion but I used to being alone on a team."

Dallas tilts his head towards July and says, "She's kind of like rubber. So the two of you have that in common. Different bodies that is." He grins at Aleksey's obvious enthusiasm for Colossus and says, "I guess he lives here with the other X-Men when they are in town. I haven't seen him yet but I'm sure you'll get to meet him sooner or later." He pauses and then grins faintly, taking his life into his hands with the perhaps rabid fanboy as he says, "I've always been a fan of Cyclops myself. He's basically a quarterback with powers. That's pretty cool."

July chuckles gently at Aleksey's reaction. "Well, kind of like 'liquid rubber'." she says softly, nodding at Dallas' explanation. She then stretches an arm longer, twice it's length before retracting to normal. "And… I'm kind of liquidly too. Too hot, and I can melt. Can't keep myself solid. And during winter I can even freeze!" she rubs her arms a bit, "I have to keep focus every waking hour to keep myself solid." she nods.

"Cyclops is also quite good. He one of first X-Men and he be leader. I knowing what I found about Superheros back in Russia. I would being scared if I met Colossus but I am wanting to." Aleksey says with a big smile, he does love Superheroes, which might be part of the reason he's so comfortable with his mutation even though he looks so out of place. Also with the fact that he's learning that going to school here would give him a chance to meet his idle, he's going to tell his family over the phone about that tonight. "I am not rubber, I am being liquid but I flow like liquid. Liquid rubber? I am not understanding. Oh I see what like, I am freeze if cold. It is not fun. I am not able to be moving but still able to be thinking. I turn to ice. This form is no needing to think about, others is neededing thinking aobut it."

Coming out of the locker room is another new face. A girl with pink skin and purple hair. She's dressed in Xavier's Institute sweats, both top and bottom. The top, however, has a few holes cut out of the back where something's sticking out. As she walks, she doesn't seem to walk like most girls, tending to have a more… masculine gait to her steps. Looking around, Leigh blushes a bit, trying to sneak around people. One might even say… skulking away if she can.

Dallas nods at Aleksey's reasoning. "Yea, it will be pretty cool. Assuming I don't get so nervous I throw up on somebody's shoes or something. I actually did that at my confirmation." He adds with a sly grin, "But they were /really/ ugly shoes, so it probably improved them." He nods about the virtues of being solid state of one kind or another and then gives the stranger a nod and a friendly half-smile as she tries to slink past. He's not one to detain somebody who doesn't want to talk though, so he limits himself to that polite greeting. "So, any idea who you are rooming with, Aleksey? Hope for somebody cool. Well, in your case, maybe not cool. You'd end up with somebody who throws ice."

July smiles to Aleksey. "You don't have to focus to keep your current form? Lucky you." she giggles softly. "I have to focus to keep every single form I take, including this one." she nods, and then she notices a girl skulking around the gym. "Oh, hi there!" she grins, waving to the new girl. "Welcome! You're new here?"

Aleksey shakes his head at July. "No, this being easiest for me to do and not needing any thinking. It being most…" He pauses trying to look for the right word. "basic." He finally settles on when he's trying to look for natural. "I not rooming with anyone yet and rooming with ice not being good to me. Is there ice throwing person here?" He asks hoping that there isn't. He looks as the other two are waving at the girl and waves a watery hand a Leighton as well. "Hello."

Blinking, Leigh stops, sighing softly as she's noticed. "Yeah. Just got here tonight. Woman rescued me in Toronto and dropped me off here, because my body went crazy." She admits, looking around at the oddities. At least… she didn't feel so out of place with Aleksey around. He looks just as strange. Moving towards them carefully, those looking might notice that the growths from her back… are bones. (Much like those of Marrow, to those who know the character)

Dallas nods and says, "Well, if count the original X-Men, there is at least one full-time superhero and one ice-throwing student around. Though not around right now. He's on my squad, I just haven't met him yet." He gives Leigh a closer look and can't help but wince a little at those bone spikes. That just /looks/ painful.

July smiles softly, "I know two ice controllers… and two pyro controllers." she nods softly, "It's kind of a hard situation for me when one of those decide to use their powers around me. I can even melt!" she giggles softly, apparently not /too/ annoyed by that. But then she looks again to Leighton. "Hey. Welcome to the school!" she grins, and offers her hand to the girl in friendship. "Name's July. Rubber girl." she giggles again.

Aleksey breaks out into a big smile as Leigh mentions she's new. "I being new here as well. Plane just landed today. First day in America." He says in his thick Russian accent. It's kind of comforting to have someone starting the same day as him. He's never heard of Marrow as she's one of the superheroes there wasn't much information on back home in Russia. "I am hoping not to meet ice throwing student, well as long as he not throwing ice at me. And Iceman, I am thinking it would be fun to meet. He is orginal." He nods knowing Dallas already stated that. "I am already melted ice in way. I am always liquid. And I am Alexsey." He says introducting himself to Leighton. "It be nice meeting you."

Leighton accepts July's hand and gives it a light shake. Her shake… is also like a guy's. "Uhm… Leighton. I didn't have anything before today. Now I have bones coming out my back and face, pink skin, purple hair, and a pair of… something I never had before." She says, looking down at her chest. She scratches her head lightly.

Dallas blinks at that last statement from Leighton and decides he just doesn't want to know. Sometimes it might be better /not/ to ask what somebody's mutation might be. He says, "Well, welcome to you both, not that I've been here that much longer. But if you need help with anything, look me up." He clears his throat and hefts the basketball under one arm, transferring it to a two-handed grip. "I guess I should probably get back to studying so I'm not that far behind when classes start again. Later, guys." He gives the three of them a nod and starts to make his way towards the doors.

July blinks softly, "Huh?" she asks, looking at the girl's back, then to her chest, and giggles softly, "That's called puberty." she grins softly, but then she rubs her chin a bit as she looks to the ceiling, deep in thought, "But Leighton… that's such a male name. Doesn't match a girl, not at all…" she hmms, before shrugging lightly, "Oh well."

Aleksey doesn't know the word puberty in English so he's not sure what July is talking about. "I never hear of name Leighton before, it could be girl or boy." For all he knows, it could be but then in America Aleksey would probably sound more femine as well. "It be nice meeting you Dallas, I hope to be seeing you again. Good bye." He says giving him a wave before turning back to the two girls. He kind of looks away and thinks the basket ball hoop looks fasinating as they two start talking about the new…developments on Leighton. It's something he's not about to talk about.

"That's because I AM a guy. I'm supposed to be a guy. But technically, the name goes to either sex." Leighton says with a shrug. "Don't let… these fool you. Or anything else I may currently have. Or not have. I'm gonna get myself back to what I was." He… SHE says with a firm nod. She reaches back, scratching at one of the areas around a bone. It itches… VERY badly. She grips the bone itself and begins to pull.

July blinks softly as she hears the 'guy' part, and can't help but chuckle at that, and then giggle softly, "Oh, boy, another shapeshifter." she says, smiling and pat-patting Leighton's shoulder gently, "Well, welcome to the campus, anyone. I'm sure you'll be able to change back once you master… your… power…?" she blinks, watching Leighton start to pull on that bone.

Aleksey looks between the two with confusion. "Shapeshifting?" He's not quite sure what that means. "I must be on my own as well. My family must be waiting for me to be calling them when I am landing safely in America. I be nice meeting you but I be going now." He says giving a smile and nod to both July and Leighton not really sure what to do about the thing where she's supposed to be a boy. It's a bit above the water boy's head at the moment.

"And I think I should go meet my new roommate. I was just coming down here for… better fitting clothing." Leigh says with a nod. "I don't know this Skyler yet, but I'm sure I will, soon." She says with a bit of a sigh.

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