2010-01-12: New Words


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Summary: Leighton meets the other boys in the pool. He teaches Mikhail a new word.

Date: January 12, 2010

New Words

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Pool

A large Olympic size pool sits outside at the edge of the property over looking Breakstone Lake. The pool, always heated to the right temperature, starts at a depth of 4 feet at the shallowest end, and gradually reaches a depth of 20ft. A diving board sits at the far end of the pool. Off to the side of the shallow end, a hot tub is built into the ground for those wanting to relax. Pool chairs and tables sit along the side of the pool for those just wanting to enjoy the sunshine.

With lunch break going on, Leighton's chosen to take his lunch outdoors. Sure, it's cold, but he wants to swim. Clad in just a pair of swimming trunks, he's in the water, enjoying himself. He still looks like he did before, just in a masculine form, with several bones sticking out of his back. He's actually doing laps at the moment, just to keep himself going. Occasionally, he'll pause to just breathe a bit. He seems a lot happier than before, when he was skulking.

Mikhail jumps into the pool area from his prefured way of traveling around the school, the roof, hes dressed in a black t-shirt, a black pair of shorts and is a little muddy, when he spots Leighton he stares at him with his animal-like black eyes for a few seconds trying to figure out if he recognises him, eventully he regesters his scent as that of the girl he met in the kitchin the other week, "Heya, you were a girl", he has very little in the way of social skills.

Much deeper voiced, Leighton looks around before chuckling. "Yes. I was. But now I'm back to what I'm supposed to be." He says with a grin. "My powers changed me. But now, they changed me back. It's good." He says with a nod. "That asshole been giving you anymore problems?" He asks, swimming over to the edge where Mik is, to lean over the edge.

Mikhail stares at Leighton in confusion, hes never heard that word before, "asshole?" he says this in Leighton's voice.

"It means…. someone who does things JUST to make you mad. Lucas?" Leighton says with a tilt of his head. "It's not generally a nice thing to say. But, I bet it'd really bug him." He nods succinctly. The speaking in his voice doesn't bother Leighton at all. He thinks it's a neat trick.

Mikhail growls without thinking, "Lucas asshole", hes happy to finaly have an English word to call Lucas, wether its nice or not, he likes the idea of bugging Lucas.

Leighton chuckles. "Exactly. I can only imagine what he's gonna think when he sees me as a guy." He says with a shrug. "How are YOU doing?" He asks. Obviously, Leighton is much better, because of things.

Mikhail thinks trying to decide if hes ok or not, "Mikhail good", he sit down next to the pool.

"That's good. If I didn't tell you before, I'm Leighton." He explains, extending a hand. There are a few small bone growths coming out of the top of it. "So, you've been here a little bit then?"

Mikhail shakes Leighton's hand making sure not to cut him with his nails, "You didnt, Mikhail", he punches his chest when he says his name, he thinks for a second counting the sunrises and sunsets since he got there, "Fourteen suns".

Thinking for a few minutes, Leighton ohs suddenly. "Ah, you came about the time I did. I've been here for about Oh. Fifteen days. So you came the day after I did." He says with a grin. "I'm assuming… suns for days, right?" He doesn't really know Mik, so isn't for sure that's what he means, but it makes sense in his mind.

Mikhail nods, "sun is for days", he says it in Leighton's voice again, he thinks thats obvious but his mind does take some working out.

Leighton chuckles. "Ok, that's just neat." He says with a grin, letting his back and legs float up to the top of the water. Yay, for boniness. "Do you like it here, so far? Except for… asshole?" he asks.

Mikhail nods smileing, reveling his fangs, "Very much, everyone nice", of course he could be being bitten by hundreds of hungry spiders right now and still prefur the school to where hes from.

"That's good, then. I've been… well, I was just lurking for the longest. Then, after getting back to guy… I've been getting out and talking to people." Leighton says with a nod. "I still don't feel quite right, but, close enough."

Zack decides to head into the pool! He decided he could use a swim and didn't think anyone would actually be here, giving a tiny little bit of a sigh, he managed to find a suit, or rather, Trey found him a suit, one that fits, trunks, he insisted upon, even though the speedo might have been interesting. Finding a giant towel he walks to the edge…and sees people! Oh noes!

Mikhail nods at Leighton glad he feeling better, when he catches he scent of someone else entering the pool area he spins round to see the giant mutant that is Zack, reacting to his instincts he jumps backwards, forgetting that the pool is behind him.

Leighton looks towards where Mik does and smiles. "Hey, Zack. How are ya?" He calls out before Mikhail jumps back. Into the water. Oops. Splashy McSplashpants. He sighs, ducking under the water. "Ok now, he's big, but he's just a big teddy bear!" He says with a chuckle. At least, from what he's learned of Zack, this is true.

Zack acks as Mikhail jumps back into the water, the large teen moves forward just a tiny bit, "Ah, sorry, sorry I dind't mean to scar you I was just…I just wantd to come in for a swim, I didn't think there would be people here…sorry!" he says as he will wring his hands a little again.

Mikhail surfaces and shakes his head to get his hair out of his eyes, "No worry, just you big", hes not being rude he just doesnt understand tact.

Zack nods his head al ittle bit again, "Ya I know I'm big, it's hard I understand" he sighs a tiny bit again, shifting back and forth looking down at his feet and he rubs his hand a tiny bit again, "Well uh…least the water is warm right? it's nice?"

Mikhail nods treading water, "yes warm, nice", hes never been in a pool before but hes decided he likes it.

"We'll have to get you some Swimming stuff, Mikhail." Leighton chuckles, watching the animal-like teenager in the water. "And teach you how to swim. It can be fun. And keep you in shape." He nods sagely.

Zack gives a litle bit of a gulp again, "Well I suppose siwmming would be good right? Well…let's go for a swim…" he says as he'll move down over to settle into the water and he'll just drop gently, very gentle…into the water.

Mikhail pulls himself out of the water with one arm, and then procides to shake to try and get the water of him in a similar fashion to a dog.

"AUGH!" Leighton laughs as Mik shakes the water off. "We have towels for that, dude." He says, but he is smiling the whole time.

Zack ahs as he gets splatered a little with water and he bobs in it, and does a ittle b it of a backstroke, "So what are you guys doing, just hanging out here in the pool?"

Mikhail smiles when he sees Leighton laughing then begins shivering slightly from the cold air on this wet clothes, "Relax an' han' out" he says in Owen's accent.

"Exactly. It's between periods for me, so…" Leighton says with a shrug. He's got a fairly light class load, primarily focussing on control for him. He was fairly well advanced in his classes back home, so…

Zack nods a little bit again and he looks at Mikhail again, "you do that…" he sas finally picking up on it, 'Changing voices, is that…somthing you do, do you mimic, like uh…like Leighton?" he says as he keeps floating, water over his various muscles as he bobs in the pool.

Mikhail jumps to the otherside of the pool where Zack is, "Basic feral package, mimic neat trick", he says basic feral package in Jared's voice and neat trick ing Dallas', hes not trying to show off, it just how he learns and explains things.

Leighton swims over towards Zack for a second before chuckling. "I'll never get over all the different voices. Mine are the same, just… depends on girl's voice or guy's." He says with a shrug.

Zack nods his head a bit, "I gess so! Well, my voice probabl won't be good for anything, but that's a neat thing to know then" he head bobs once more as he stretchs and keeps floating in the water.

"At least you're comfortable in your body, though, even if you don't care for your voice." Leighton grins up at Zack with a chuckle before ducking under and coming back up with his hair wet.

Mikhail is still shivering so he pulls off his t-shirt reveling the tribal tattoos covering his colar, shoulders and back, he then takes several steps backwards and takes a running jump into the pool.

Leighton sees the run coming and tries to get away, laughing the whole time. "Ok, now, this is something I've missed. Just being able to be myself. At least, since I turned pink."

Zack is still floating and he actually gets water up his nose so he's left suddenly sputtering and coughing a tiny bit, "Ah! ACK! Water! Bleh!" he shakes his head a bit sand spits it out.

Mikhail surfaces laughing like the teenager he should have been, "Sorry", he looks at what Leighton and Zack are wearing and rips his shorts to the length of their swimming shorts, he throws the ripped fabric out of the pool, "Swimming stuff", he says in Leighton's voice.

"Well, that works, I suppose." Leighton chuckles, looking over Mik's tattoos. He shakes his head. He knows Mik is young, like he is. So… it probably wasn't by choice. "I don't think they're regulation, but they'll do."

Zack blinks a little bit at the tats too, 'wow you got inked?" he asks as he bobs in the water now and seeing him rip the clothig down to "swiming stuff" moving over to the edge of the pool and he rests his big arms against the edge of it.

Mikhail stares at Zack in confusion, "inked?", he says it in Zack's voice, he hasn't come across that term before.

"He means the marks. Was it by choice?" Leighton's worried about that part. After all, he's heard of abuse. "They look neat." He admits.

Zack nods his head, "Ya, inks, tattoos…" he says with a motion of his hands, "Or did it mutate like that…that would be interesting if your body mutated into that pattern, like, woah"

Mikhail shakes his head, "No choice, make beast more like beast", people tend to ask about the tattoos but Mikhail can't understand what they find so interesting.

"You're not a beast." Leighton says sighing softly. "You're a man. Just like we are." He grumbles. This is one of the moments that another part of him begins to growl, somewhere deep. An aspect of his personality that came from somewhere else. "Damn pretty pretty people thinking they can turn what they don't like into something else."

Zack nods a little bit at the man, well both teenagers, who are we kidding, everyone here at the pool isn't outta high school yet. Staring a little bit at Leighton, and he kinda wilts, and pushes away from the edge of the pool, "Sorry," he mummers and goes back to swimming laps.

Mikhail nods, "Man", he then kicks down to touch the bottom of the pool.

Catching himself, Leighton looks around, breathing deeply. "I'm sorry. I don't know where that came from." Especially since, without the bones, Leigh is rather nice looking himself.

Mikhail kicks up grinning, he finds this swimming thing to be quite enjoyable, also Mik is pretty good-looking too, other than to blue hair, fangs and black eyes.

Huh? Hmm? Bad player. No biscuit.

Zack keeps swimming a little bit, "Well sorry then, that was a little weird…" he says as he keeps swimming, musclebound teen just gently loppin arond the pool.

"It's… I don't know where this came from." Leighton says, looking around and shivering slightly. "Anyway…" He scratches his head. "So… yeah. Shutting up."

Mikhail shakes his head, "No shutting up, always say your truth", he splashes water at Leighton.

Zack nods a little bit again, "well come on into the pool then, enjoy July in Janurary, why the hell not right?"

"We're all in the pool." Leighton says, sticking his tongue out at Zack as he moves along, looking between the boys with a shrug. "Though, I'm starting to get hungry, so I may go in in a moment."

Zack nods his head, "Going to go out and eat huh? You hitting the cafeteria or somewhere else?" he asks as he keeps floating, looking up at the sky as the sun is setting.

"Probably here. I just called my parents last night, so… they're setting things up for me. Right now, I'm broke." Leighton coughs slightly.

Zack nods his head, "Oh…ya I eneed to find a job you know." he thiks a moment, "Do they have a special kinda thing, I mean…" he thinks, "Do they have student jobs around here for a little bit of money?" he asks with a little rock back and forth.

"No idea, really. I haven't asked." Leigh says, thinking about it. "Maybe ask one of the teachers?"

Zack nods and thinks "Ya that slunds good, so you wanna go and ah…get somthing to ea then, I am kinda hungry too…" he thinks, "I eat…uh…a lot" he blushes, "I'm hungry a lot too"

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