2010-12-31: New Year's Eve

Players: Addison & Xorn

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Summary: Addison and Xorn discuss their similarities in the attic.

Date: December 31, 2010

Log Title: New Year's Eve

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Attic

Every wall is made of glass up to the domed ceiling. Storm has really done her work up here over time and turned it into quite the indoor garden. The room is separated into different parts for the different plants that are in there. There are flowers, vegetable plants, herbs, shrubs, small trees and much more. There are plants that shouldn't even be able to be found in this northern climate but they thrive up here. Anyone wanting to come up here for fresh herbs, fruit or vegetables are welcome to steal from the indoor garden. Depending on the time of year, various different species of flowers and different fruits and vegetables grow. In one area there are a few small fountains and a bench with some fresh dirt on the the ground with trees and plants all around. It seems like a good spot for meditation.

New Years Eve… and Addison is avoiding most people. Lately, with the Phoenix Force in residence, he's needed much peace and quiet. Today, he's chosen to take a little time to help tend Storm's garden. She's been away for a while, doing her own thing, so someone has to. He may not be a master gardener, but he can at least follow instructions left behind.

The final day of the year, December 31, 2010 has come upon the Xavier Institute’s halls. And while many of the students and staff are home for the holidays, Shen Xorn, dressed in Buddhist ceremonial white robes hovers in the air a few feet off the ground posed in a meditative yoga stance. He is at the opposite end of the attic garden when he comes out of his trance and turns to spot the Phoenix Force, “Addison?” Xorn’s disembodied voice rings out through the attic.

"Of course." The redhead states as he continues his business. He doesn't need to look to see who is around. Part of that natural ability, coupled with cosmic sentience. "It's quieter up here. I assume that's why you're up here?" He asks, arching an eyebrow as he pours water from a can onto a few pieces of greenery.

Nodding his head, “Yes, even though the mansion is quiet. I thought I would meditate on how the year has been and what the next will bring with it.” Standing up and landing on the ground, Xorn walks over towards the redhead, “Happy New Year, Addison. I hope 2011 brings you much happiness.”

"Happiness is a long way off, while I'm fighting with the desire to destroy." Addison states simply. "But I know I can triumph and proceed. I just hope I can keep it from doing anything during moments when I rest." That, to Addison, is the biggest worry. The Phoenix Force is too strong for many.

Pondering a moment, Xorn offers, “The burden of the Phoenix Force is tremendous. With the beauty of life also comes the destruction of death. However, in those moments where the task of being its avatar is too much, perhaps, meditation may be of some assistance. While I myself do not nearly carry as humungous a weight, I am all too familiar with destructive forces that one may carry. If you like, I may try to teach you relaxation and meditation tricks learned through the grace of Buddha that may alleviate some of the stress and pressure.” Xorn moves closer to his fellow X-Man and offers a friendly and supportive pat on his shoulder.

"Admittedly, I've already begun training in meditation. Danger Room training works quite well, if one knows what programs to search for. Once I regained the ability to properly shield, it was easier." Addison offers, not saying he won't accept, just admitting that he has begun. "I'm still searching for a way to release… as of yet, it has not been found."

“Well if I can search for some programs, I will be more than happy to assist you.” If Xorn’s metallic containment mask allowed for facial expression, a smile would appear. Xorn looks over the garden, “Ororo did a beautiful job turning a stuffy attic into a wondrous garden. It is a nice example of the lives we lead. At one point, we are all trapped in some stuffy spot and yet through life’s wonders we permeate with beauty and joy.” Looking down to touch one of the more exotic plants, he tilts his head towards it as if to smell and a sigh can be heard coming from within the mask.

"If anyone knows that, it's myself. Having come from a world enslaved, broken free, only to be enslaved again, and broken free again. Fortunately, my world is still free, but I chose to stay here instead. It's… easier for us all. There was no real version of myself here, so…" Addison shrugs. "He had existed in another form."

“I had heard of the pervious incarnation of the Grey King of this world. A simulacra of a renegade sentient Cerebro. And whether it be coincidence or fate, here you stand amongst the X-Men, which he and his horde sought to destroy and replace.” Xorn releases the flower and turns to face Addison,

“Funny two versions of essentially the same being. One evildoer, one a doer of good works.” Xorn tilts his head, “I had never realizes how much we had in common.” A chuckle is heard under the mask as the eyelets, nosepiece, and mouthpiece glow with a momentary spark of energy.

"Yes. And he… was also much older. Myself, I was a created being, but no less living." Addison explains, not hiding anything about himself. "A graft of multiple genetics implanted into a host that didn't realize she hadn't just gotten pregnant. I've never told her the truth… and wouldn't even if she were still alive. My biological mother knows, though."

“Fascinating. I was not familiar with that part of your history. There is much I do not know of our teammates and friends. When I first arrived some were hesitant to get to know me because of the resemblance to my twin brother in power and appearance. One of the reasons, I returned is to make up for what he did.” Xorn shrugs, “I have never been one to make a New Years resolution, but perhaps for the new year, I will resolve to get to know my teammates better and try to undo the rumor of myself being as some of the students put it, ‘spooky’”

"You should hear what they think about me." Addison can't help but laugh. "Even before I got the Phoenix within me. During the inferno… Shadow King had previously broken my ability to shield myself from other minds. But when I was trying to find captured students only to reach out into the mind of one to find him being…" Addison pauses, breathing deeply. "violated. My resolve and ability returned in full force. That was when people began to understand what I was capable of. I reached out and shielded all of the captured students from mental damage, from a distance. Then, I spent the remainder of the time in cerebra, working to prevent anyone else from mental harm. I was out of the fight, but my mind was keeping them sane."

“Goodness, that is quite the resolve and ability to continuing fight when not even physically present. You do much for the school, Addison. I heard you kept the school in order when many of the students and staff had disappeared a few months back, before I returned.” Xorn asks, “So, with all that is going on with you? I wonder how you, personally are doing? How is everything, Addison? I fear that, as mutants, X-Men, and teachers we are so preoccupied with students and the happenings of our kind in the world, that sometimes we neglect the simplicities and niceties of life.”

"I… don't know. I lack much in social graces. I am dating someone, but he's become exceptionally distant as of late. I do not know if he even comes to the school much anymore, so I don't know if the relationship even exists anymore. I spend so much time taking care of others, that myself… well… if it weren't for July and a few others making sure that I was eating during the last missing people episode, that I don't know what would have become of me." Addison says with a shrug. "I just… my own welfare isn't as important as theirs, to put it bluntly." He pauses his work, looking down. He's not sad for himself at all, just sad that he can't do more and see more.

Able to sense the emotion from him, Xorn suggests, “Well, even with the great Phoenix Force within you. You must take care of yourself. Please find the time to yourself. Even with your abilities, the school will stand if you take time out for yourself. Perhaps, I will speak to Scott or Emma regarding some sort of vacation for the senior team.”

"That could be interesting. There are people that could easily watch the school. Our psychiatrist or even some of the teachers that may not wish to go." Addison says with a firm nod. "I just… forget myself most of the time." He laughs. "I didn't sleep for a few weeks at one point. I know, legal insanity, but… I'm not insane, so it's ok."

Disembodied creepy laughter can be heard in the garden, Xorn will have to work hard to get rid of the spooky stigma, “I have found that we are all insane in some form or another. I never sleep either. With the blackhole for a head I don’t require it, but I do miss it. Dreaming is difficult without the sleep.” He hmmmmns, “I wonder if that makes me insane.” The laugh erupts again and then stops, “I think I need to work on my ability to joke.”

"Possibly, but it's not my forte, either." Addison grins sheepishly. "I never had time. I lived in a warzone from the time I was 13." He shrugs. "I deal with it, though. Often I understand theirs. That's the important part."

“A warzone since 13? Another similarity. Goodness, we are kindred spirits” Xorn shakes head, “And yes, you are right that is the important part.” He looks over the garden, “any resolutions for 2011! What do you think the new year will bring?”

A momentary lapse causes a deepened voice to intone eerily. "Death, pain and destruction…" It takes a second before Addison reigns it in and coughs. "No telling. Especially with wearing an X on the belt."
Xorn would blink if he had eyelids had any, however with no eyelids. His containment mask flares up as he just looks at Addison, “I see the Phoenix is sticking its head out from time to time.” Xorn adjusts the energy within himself and resumes the conversation, “Our lives, like the Phoenix Force are chaotic with momentary lapses of normalcy. Such is the life we took by wearing the X.”

"He does that sometimes. Or She. It's hard to tell." Addison explains. "I feel the other possessors within it as well." He nods softly considering that. "I have yet to see much normalcy, but I've heard it happens."

“Curious. It’s seems wielding the force is akin to Multiple Personality Disorder. Sensing and feeling different personalities. I wonder, are you able to sense Jean?” Xorn asks as he looks Addison over. He is curious about the young man.

"Which one? The one from this world or the one from mine? My mother is alive and well and hiding here in this world. The one from this world, unfortunately, has passed away completely. There is no longer any trace, save for the memory of her within the hearts and minds of the people and the Force." Addison explains. "Though, there is a part of her within my mother and within myself."

Rubbing the ‘chin’ of his metallic mask, Xorn nods his head, “I had never met the Jean of this universe and I still feel bad for what my brother did to her while he was on the team. I had heard such wonderful things about her and it would have been nice to meet her.” He shrugs, “So your mother is in this reality? I am sorry. I am not too familiar with your family history. May I ask why she is in hiding?”

"She hides to prevent confusion. She does not wish to confuse our Scott or others that were close to her of who she is. After all, it could be quite… daunting." Addison explains. "My mother is Jean Grey. My fathers are Erik Lensherr and Sebastian Shaw.

Again more surprise and scratching his ‘chin’, “Do Scott and Emma know your mother is in this reality? And are the Eriks aware their counterpart is your father?” Xorn seems to handle the reality counterpart thingy pretty well, what with two Erik’s having been in the mansion at one point. “Do you feel any sense of connection with them?”

Addison explains, “"Scott and Emma, yes. Magneto, unknown. I have not had the opportunity. Though, I'm sure he's learned. He is a crafty man. There is very little that he doesn't know. It was a requirement of all who chose to stay in this realm that we know they are here. Not what they are doing or where they go. Just that they are here."

Xorn hmmmmns and nods, “It was a requirement of whom?” Xorn ponders, “I have not had the pleasure of visiting other realities of even dimension hopping which seems to be a regular part of being an X-Man. I wonder how I would react if I ever met another version of myself. I would wonder if their lives were easier and happier than mine.”

"Those who allowed them to stay as interdimensional refugees." Addison offers. "From what I've learned, this world seems to have had the easiest life in general."

“Wow. I hope I am not the one who has had it the easiest. Being raised in solitary confinement in a Chinese prison with no contact was pretty rough.” Xorn shudders to think how worse it could have gotten.

"Many in my world were kept in pens from their youth, knowing nothing of the world outside of them. When freed, they were forced into freedom fighting, only to die young." Addison says with a shrug. It's the cold, hard truth. "Some of us lived. Many were altered. Emma Frost of my world is a quiet, shy woman who doesn't speak back to anyone. Demure. Silent. With no physical alterations."
Once he again he would blink as he ponders how Emma would be without the alterations and shy. “Well, Addison, I am sorry to hear about your world. You have given much to meditate on. I pray you have a wonderful new year.” In an odd demonstration of his usual self, Xorn hugs the young mutant and heads off.

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