2012-September/October - News Reports

This page is for the various News Reports that have shown in the media. If you would like to have something written and posted here, or if you have any ideas for news posts in regards to the plot, we can work on something and have it posted here!

September 15, 2012

Last Night, September 15th, a peaceful Anti-Mutant rally was interrupted by several mutants. All 32 men and women who were injured and taken in custody last night have since been released. New York State has since issued warrents for the arrest of five Mutant Terrorists. (Pictured is Hilde, Sophie, Wildcard and A masked Connor). It is stated that the following mutants are extremely dangerous and one should exercise caution if scene. (The number of a hotline is provided for if someone spotsof any of these terrorists).

September 16, 2012

Today we bring you two stories in regards to Mutant Rights -

Today two states, Kansas and Arizona, have instated the Mutant Registration Act. After hearing about the latest mutant terrorists attacks in New York State, both have decided to take preventive measures in requiring any mutant to register. Failure to register is considered a crime and can result in up to 20 years in prison. Many other states, such as Oklahoma, Texas, Montana, North Carolina, Kentucky, North Dakota and New York State have expressed their support and are taking steps to rush the registration acts in their states as well.

In Salem Center New York, for the second time in less than a week mutant terrorists have decided to attack, this time it was at the local mall. A mutant identifying herself as Kiloton (along with a picture of Shane) attacked several civilians in what we can only assume is in retaliation for New York State considering their own mutant registration act. Several civilians were injured with only one fatality whose name has been withheld until the families are notified. Kiloton is considered extremely dangerous and to exercise caution if seen. (A hotline is included incase of any sightings)

September 18, 2012

A new video has been quietly making the rounds on uTube, slowly gaining notice.

The camera looks across the utilitarian office table at a worried-looking, redheaded Hindi girl. Behind her, what could be any office in almost any building in New York City, owing to the lack of visible windows. "My name is Rashmi Franklin," she begins, taking a deep breath, "and the news is wrong. They're not missing the whole story, they're not spin doctoring, they are simply flat-out being fed *lies.* The mutant terrorists you've been hearing about? That's crap. None of those people are terrorists. But what's *worse,* is why they're on TV at all. You may have been hearing a lot about the Church of Humanity, lately. They feel that God doesn't like mutants, and thinks they're a stain on the world. I don't agree, and likely neither do you, but people can believe what they want as long as it doesn't hurt anyone, right?"

"That's why I'm here. Because they're hurting people. Worse, they're *kidnapping* people. Three teenagers, so far, two of whom aren't even 18, and more plastered on the TV as mutant terrorists. Just for the simple crime of fighting back. But what they didn't show you is when they took Connor Blake, a grown adult, a mutant, and my roommate. Why? I don't know. But I saw it happen. And now? So will you."

She reaches toward the camera, touches something just beneath the screen, and the picture changes to a small apartment in the daytime, two young men to one side of the camera. One of them, seen accused of participating in the first Salem Center attack. There's a strange, watery light playing off the walls of the apartment, and the sound of gunshots and screams can be faintly heard, pounding footsteps drawing closer.

"My name is Rashmi Franklin," comes the voice of the Hindi girl, as alarms begin to wail and cats begin to mewl ofscreen, "and what you're watching is Church of Humanity terrorists breaking into our apartment to kidnap my roommate, Connor Blake. We're both mutants, and the possible excuse they *could* have is that Connor is a courier for the Genosha Embassy, here in New York City." The camera wobbles as the door is blasted it, but it steadies, and in full view is four men in the uniform of the Purifiers, two of which have rifles aimed through the door. The moment the dust settles, Connor turns to face the camera, then at someone next to it. "I'm sorry," he says, and the camera is suddenly picked up, its operator still clinging to it, and hurled back toward the source of the watery light. The last thing the samera sees, is the image of Connor turning and dropping to his knees in surrender.

The video returns to Rashmi, in the office room, hands folded on the table. "The only warning we had was what we knew before. That the Church of Humanity was kidnapping mutants, and they tried to get Connor, and failed once. That was the first Salem Center 'Mutant Terrorism Attack.' Worse, Connor has been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and his medicine will only last for a couple more days. Then life will start to get really, *really* hard for him."

Rashmi's eyes harden, her worry turning to quiet anger. "So I have to ask the Church of Humanity some very uncomfortable questions. Questions that I'd like you to ask as well. Why are you kidnapping children and disabled people, mutant or not? Why are you telling everyone that they're all terrorists? Why are you trying to make it so easy to push mutant registration laws through the country? If you hate mutants so much, then can we really trust *any* government agency that takes the names of every mutant in the country? What would they *do* with that information?"

"You have taken children and the disabled. You have taken them by force, unprovoked, and unlawfully. I demand that you return Connor Blake, Nicholas Gerhardt, Quenton Michaels, and Warlock Corvus. I *demand* that the Church of Humanity answer for these actions. The mutant population of America does not deserve to be stripped of their rights as citizens to a life of freedom and safety. The American People as a whole do not deserve to have the media that exists to inform then shovel lies down their throat. This outrage will not stand, and I will see that the American people know what you're *really* doing, in any way I can. I am just one mutant. But I am an American, and it's the duty of *every* American to fight for what is *right.*

"In closing… I ask the Church of Humanity again. Explain this. Tell us the truth. You are accountable for your actions, and you are being called to account. Thank you, and goodbye for now."

September 24, 2012

In response to a youtube video by Rashmi Franklin that has been gaining media attention Smox News has recently aired a special featuring crimes committed by mutants over the years. There’s focus on the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Magneto, Mystique, The Maruaders and other crimes caused by mutants in the last twenty years. It seems that they’re heavy in favour of mutant registration. Towards the end of the special, the youtube video is aired in selected clips and a ‘specialist’ by the name of Matthew Risman talks on it.

”It’s obvious that this video is doctored to show that these…mutant hunters are the bad guys. If you look they specifically dress them in costumes to mask their faces so we can’t identify them. Very similar to how those X-Men, calling themselves superheroes, hide their faces. Two people Ms. Franklin named, Nicholas Gerhardt and Quenton Michaels, both are wanted criminals. Gerhardt is wanted for three murders, including his parents. Michaels is wanted for the murder of three criminals. Yes they were criminals but what makes these Mutants decide they’re judge, jury and executioners just because they have powers. In the case of Michaels, he killed a teenage boy. So to try to tell us that this Church of Humanity, who are looking out for the safety of humans, the safety of American, are kidnapping innocent children is ridiculous, especially when they’re trying to paint these murderers as innocents.”

“We make people get licenses and register to own weapons; we should be enforcing this Mutant registration in the same way. I’m not saying we should make them all wear a giant “M” on their chest or throw them all in prison but we need to keep an eye on these walking weapons. What happens when they decide that they’re the top of the food chain, that we’re the ones who need to be ruled by them? We need to make sure that this doesn’t harm humanity.”

On the other side of the fence, News Reporter, Anderson Cooper has started reporting on his findings of the matter -

”These so called Mutant Terrorists, and this so called Doctored video, has anyone looked into these claims by Matthew Risman? Analyzing the video it’s hard to believe any claims of doctoring. Today I report to you from mutant town, right now I’m standing in the apartment of Connor Blake, who was claimed to have been abducted by this Church of Humanity. According to the superintendent, this floor has been taped off and no one has been up here since Blake was abducted from him home. Looking around the apartment you can see the door has been destroyed. (The video shows the door with a big hold around where the door knob was, the splintered wood and metal of several locks destroyed.) Just like in the video, there is no sign of any struggle here, and you can see everything left out the exact way it was.”
(The video flashes from Anderson back to the apartment showing how it seems like everything is still there, like the residents left in a rush, cat food still remains in one of the bowls, half packed boxes, toothbrushes and hygienic products still in the bathroom and Connor’s medication). If this was doctored and someone who has Autism Spectrum Disorder, why would they not take their medication with them?”


The two specials have caused mixed reactions across the nation, some believing the Church of Humanity, spurring protests and marches in their favour, and others are bringing to doubt their motives, leaving the country divided in their beliefs. For the most part though, it seems to be governments that are more outspoken against Mutants than the people themselves resulting in more states are starting to enforce the mutant registration act, Oklahoma, Kentucky, North Carolina and Indiana have all passed laws in favour of mutant registration. Final votes for these proposed bills in the states of New York, Texas, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Massachusettes, Connecticut, Tennessee, Mississippi, Iowa and Lousiana are scheduled for later this week.

September 24

*The following video has been posted to well over a dozen hosting sites and is quickly going Viral. It may or may not be picked up by the TV news or other media.*

The camera focuses after a moment to reveal Nigel sitting at a desk. While he talks he constantly moves a small blue coffee can into and out of frame. While this seems like random fidgeting it's actually an attempt to keep the video from being cut and edited.

"Hello out there on the internet, and mabye even on TV. My name is Nigel Beck and I am a mutant. I'm making this video to address some concerns about recent events and a few of the comments made by Matthew Risman on Smox News. First off alot of folk hide their faces to mask their identities. Due to the tactics used by groups like the Friends of Humanity or the Purifiers we have to hide ourselves or our friends or loved ones will be targeted to bring us out into the open or to manipulate us into doing what we don't want to to. Has this city forgotten the whole mess with those corrupt cops kidnapping that woman to try and force the Criminal Dingo to attack the city so they could start rounding up mutants so soon? Besides it's not just mutants hiding behind the masks. I don't here anyone calling out the mutant members of the Avengers to surrender for Registration."

"Now as for the two mutants named. Nicholas Gerhardt's Parents and other "victim" were executed by the Purifiers who then intimidated his neighbors into lying to cover up the truth. As for Quenton, I can only say he doesn't attack unless attacked first. I can't give any details because I don't know about the incidents in question. We may not be angels but we're sure as hell not the terrorist monsters they're painting us to be. Now on to the next part."

"Registering Mutants because you also have to register firearms. Now when the hell has that actually worked? When was the last time you heard of someone being shot by a legal firearm that was registered and owned legally? I'm not saying it doesn't happen but you're going to need to look long and hard to find those cases. The mutants that are going to commit crimes aren't going to register, the terrorists like the Brotherhood aren't going to register. The only mutants that are actually going to register are those just trying to live their lives in peace and frankly if they're going to do that why register them at all?"

"All the registration act does is create a nice handy list of who they are, where they are, and what they can do. A perfect tool for anyone that wants to kill mutants but doesn't want the hassle of actually trying to go find one. It lumps us in with convicted felons and sex offenders, opens us up to prejudice and persecution on a greater scale, and amounts to nothing more as guilt by birth. We might as well be Jews during the Nazi reign in Germany or the Japanese in the US rounded up into camps during World War 2."

Nigel pauses and coughs a moment "And and while we're talking about weapon registration someone might wanna ask the church and the Purifiers where the permits are for the weapons they're packing." He spits something into the coffee can with an audible *clank* and reaches in he pulls out a bullet. "7.62 millimeter AK-47 round.. I've been spitting these damn things out ever since the attack on Salem center." He then picks up something from the desk and holds it up to the camera, it looks like a tranquilizer dart. "And I'm fairly sure there were a few gun laws not to mention narcotics regulations broken when they developed these little buggers."

"So lets get down to the heart of the matter, why all this hate against Mutants? Is it because some of us look different? No. Is it because we have abilities the average person doesn't? Well partly but that isn't the whole reason. Let me toss out a scenario here. Your average Joe is sitting in his easy chair watching the news and he sees a story about a mutant that can throw fireballs. First thing that goes through his mind is 'Wow if I could do that I could finally get back at that damn boss of mine or deal with that neighbor that has his stereo cranked up at two in the morning. Though after a few minutes it sinks in that there are people out there that CAN do these things, and they're likely just a big a jerk as he is. Now THAT scares the crap out of him. So now we're dangerous and evil and must be controlled."

"The simple fact of the matter is humans fear mutants because the humans know that underneath it all you have the same urges and thoughts that we do.. you're just as screwed up as we are, have the same issues.. but we can do something you can't. That is the difference. Humans are more willing to beleve the worst about mutants becasue they've seen the worst of themselves. Smox news seems to have left out all the superhumans out there that do some good in the world. The Avengers, the Fantastic Four and so on. While they might not all be mutants, they have powers or weapons or something else that sets them apart from the average human. So it's the same principle."

Nigel sighs and his mood grows a bit more somber. "Now after spending all this talk on why we're not the monsters people say we are I didn't want to end this on anything that even sounded like a threat. But with recent events I feel I must say the following. I will bring up my last point on registration after this, I just want to avoid the media editing this video and removing what I've about to say without it being obvious."

"To any mutants that hear this, the church of humanity, the friends of Humanity and the Purifiers are rallied under the same banner. I saw the symbols for all of those groups during the attack on Salem Center, they all had weapons and they were all willing to use them. Do not register, do not trust anything any member of these groups or anyone who supports them tells you. Their goal is nothing short of the total extermination of Mutantkind. They will use your friends, your family, and anything else you hold dear against you. Run if you can, stand and fight if you must, but never EVER surrender. If it comes down to it I will fight to my last breath for my rights as an American citizen and the freedoms that entitles me to. I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees."

"In closing on this I give a call to all superhumans out there, whether you're mutant or something else. If they succeed in defeating us, you're next. Since these people like to claim their actions are blessed by god I will end on a bit of religion of my own. This statement was made by pastor Martin Niemller during World War 2 about the inactivity of German intellectuals during the Nazi roundup and extermination of the Jews. While I've changed some of it and am not quoting this line for line I feel it sums up what is to come if this is allowed to continue."

First them came for the Criminals,
and I didn't speak out because I was not a Criminal.
Then they came for the Non-Conformists,
and I didn't speak up becasue I had conformed.
Then they came for the rebels,
and I didn't speak up becasue I had not rebelled.

Then they came for me,
and there was no one left to speak for me.

"Now onto my last point on registration. While it seems the public is rather split on the subject I have to ask why the Government is forcing this through so hard and fast when usually these clowns can't agree on where to go for lunch much less something this important. Well for the possible answer to that I point you to a little history lesson. During World War 2 the American government attempted to create what they called a super soldier, the result and only success was the legendary Captain America. Now call it what you want, what they did was create a Mutant. He wasn't born that way but what they did was change him on a cellular level, they mutated his body. Even since then the government has wanted new super soldiers, of course it's quicker and easier just to find people that already have superpowers and use them. THAT is what registration is likely for."

"It gives them an inventory list of every mutant in the country that could be weaponized and used in combat. Why else would they keep referring to us as "Walking Weapons?" You get your own Magneto.. or your own X-men or whoever and you can take out an opposing army of mundane soldiers in a matter of days, where a contemporary force could be entrenched for months or even years. Take a good look at Canada's Alpha Flight Program, now think long and hard about what the American version would look like."

"We are your neighbors, we are your co-workers, in some cases we are your relatives. But first and foremost we are people. Wake up and don't let this happen."

September 24

"This is SMOX News coming to you with more coverage on the breaking story about mutant terrorism in America. I'm John Handley, coming to you from our newsroom with new facts about the truth of mutants in America."

The well-known conservative news host on the screen ruffles some papers and then waits a moment to let his words gain effect with the audience as he stares into the faces of the audience.

"Today, it was revealed that there is in fact what could be considered a terrorist training camp for mutants right here in America, right in our back yard in fact. The reason why the protest was taking place in Salem Center, New York was in fact because there is what calls itself a private school only two miles away from this formerly sleepy little town."

The images on the screen flash to website images of the Xavier Academy, it's logo, and some of the outer facade of the mansion itself.

"The Xavier Academy, founded by noted philanthropist and mutant rights activist Charles Xavier and rumored headquarters of the mutant terrorist organization that has in past been known as the X-men…" The image flashes to classic television images of Cyclops, Storm, Iceman, Beast, Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Colossus, and the deceased Jean Grey, all in costumes and doing some of their more spectacular stunts, with John's head to one side as he continues to talk, "…has fallen under much more intense scrutiny as the attacks by terrorists that have been claimed to be students at this school on the peaceful demonstration made by the Church of Humanity reveal much more of the true nature of this establishment."

Once more, John shifts his papers and looks at something, as the screen behind him changes to a court-room where Emma Frost and Henry McCoy sit next to Evangeline Whedon and two other well-dress individuals. There is no sound on the image, but the cameras show Miss Frost to be both serene and well-dressed.

"Current Headmistress Emma Frost was called to the New York Supreme Court on Monday to face allegations of kidnapping, discrimination, and aiding and abetting a terrorist group within the confines of United States soil. These charges came forward in the wake of the assault on several of the peaceful protestors from the streets of Salem Center lending courage to those who's voices had not yet been heard. Among these are parents who claim that their children were denied access to a school that claims to be able to teach mutants how to responsibly use their powers because these special abilities were not considered… as the witnesses have told it… what they were looking for."

"The Trial is expected to be a long one, as along with this first lawsuit, a second lawsuit has been levelled to have the supposed school's credentials revoked, citing that the children in attendance are not in fact receiving the education as required by New York state law, and the tests submitted for graduation and further accreditation were falsified to keep the government funding going to the campus intact."

John shifts in his chair a moment, and then takes a deep breath before looking someplace off camera, "So there you have it, folks… is this school a breeding ground for mutant terrorism to be used against the seat of our government? Or is it a program to help pick out the best and most destructive for federal control? Rumors have abounded about this school for years, and this reporter is glad to finally have some of this ugly truth on American Soil see the light of day."

"Next up is Lena LaMarr with today's fashion moment out from Californa… Lena?"

October 20th

Two big stories have been taking the media by storm since Saturday night –

Sunday morning the Mutant Registration and Relocation act has been put in place. Mutant Town in New York City has been sectioned off from the rest of the city with high chainlink fences and barbwire put around the two block area of Avenue A and Avenue B from 6th Ave to 8th Ave (which includes Thompson Square Park). From all over the country Mutants have been collected (forcibly) from their homes and relocated to the Mutant Camp. In the area any sewage grates and manholes have been welded shut. Where their powers aren’t being suppressed of taken away from, a number of Sentinels have been posted guard at any of the entrances/exits of Mutant Town. Thompson Square has been turned into a tent city as the area is quickly becoming too crowded for the number of mutants they are transporting there.

Many fights have and are breaking out over the relocation and there have currently been fifteen deaths, twelve mutants and three enforcers. Through out the week more and more round ups will be occurring and hopefully by the end of the week all mutants will be relocated. Any Mutant found that has failed to Register and Relocate will be under persecution.

Saturday October 20th During a live broadcast of a group of mutant terrorists being executed was interrupted by a group of mutants and mutant supporters. Before things got too out of control the life feed was cut. There haven’t been many details that have been released but the media has been having mixed reports on the matter.

SHMOX News is reporting that despite the execution being barbaric and out dated that it was completely legal and sanctioned by the US Government. “We need to let the terrorists know that they will not win and that we will be dealing with those that go against the laws of the United States of America will be punished! An example had to be made!” Was quoted by Father Matthew Risman. Further reports go on to talk about how the mutant Terrorists destroyed Giants Stadium and nineteen people were killed and dozens of others were injured, but expected to live. The Mutant Terrorist, known as Dingo, who has made his name in several other anti-human attacks over the last few years is currently presumed dead. The list of Mutant Terrorists grows and are believed to be part of the same terrorist organization. The names, accompanied with pictures, are shown –

Connor Blake – Extremely Dangerous
Liam Corvus – Well Known Musician, Dangerous
Warlock Corvus – Extremely Dangerous
Nicholas Gerhardt – Extremely Dangerous
Quenton Michaels – Extremely Dangerous
Cable – Known X-Man – Extremely Dangerous.
Crimson Dynamo – Known Russian Terrorist – Extremely Dangerous

(Pictures of Jill, Donna, Tabitha, Heather and Nigel (Wildcard) in costume are shown but with “Name Unknown” - considered dangerous, after their picutures.

Still At Large –

(Pictures of Shane, Hilde and Sophie are shown with the same message “Name Unknown” - considered dangerous)

On the other side of the media, Anderson Cooper and several other reporters have been raising questions and have seen to be quickly quieted with media reports cutting out their segments after only a few minutes or not airing them completely. Questions about the giant robot similar to those outside of Mutant Town, which hasn’t been mentioned in official news reports, have been raised. The legality of the Mutant Registration and Relocation Act and how it infringes our Constitutional and First Amendment Rights. And many other questions about the validity of the claims of the Government and the Church of Humanity have been raised.

SMOX news has been calling out for these reporters to be removed from their jobs and be labeled as threats to the US Government.

October 22

Another video file has been uploaded to uTube, from user PsyBowlr.


Rashmi holds the camera in her own hands, her face sad and worried. From the view behind her, she seems to be standing on the roof of an apartment block overlooking the gathering tent-city of Thompson Square Park. Glancing over her shoulder as a Sentinel shifts position, she looks back at the camera, and takes a deep breath.

"The Mutant Relocation and Registration Act has been passed into law. By now, most of you already know this. Some of you are even happy about this. I'm guessing that at least as many of you, who have a mutant in your family and got to see your son, your daughter, your mother or father or siblings torn away from your home, had a bag shoved over their heads, stuffed in a van with no windows, and driven to be dumped on the pavement in a place far away that they're told they can never go back to… don't feel so happy about it."

"This is what happens. I know, because I've spent most of today talking with my new neighbors and roommates, learning what happened to them, where they're from, and what they've been told. Our apartment isn't large, but we're hosting four families right now, and probably twice that many before this is over. …So sorry, Connor, Robyn… the place is gonna be kind of trashed when you get back."

The camera is turned out, panned across the strets below to show the ten-foot double walls of fence, topped with barbed wire. "Yesterday I saw these walls lowered into place. Yesterday, I stood in line to get registered at gunpoint, just in case I got any funny ideas when they asked what my powers are. Yesterday, I watched as fifty-foot tall robots put the Constitution to the torch. I watched as the Purifiers straightened the arms of the crooked cross, and dusted off its old, hateful practices for their own.

"What matters here is not my birth certificate, my ID, my voter's card, my school transcript… All that I am to these people is 'Limited Telekinetic, Cognitive Alteration, Potential Dissident.' If I have to be referred to by name, it is Detainee Franklin. I am almost never referred to by name. Few of us are, and I believe that we will be only when we are in deep trouble."

The camera is turned back around, Rashmi's face filling the frame, and her eyes begin to water. "I am a first-generation citizen of the United States of America, born of immigrant parents. My Mami and Papi grew up *cripplingly* poor, and in a part of the world where they were very likely never to be allowed to become much less poor."

"They believed in the American Dream, and they risked what very little they had to come here to begin their family. They believed in the Dream so hard, they adopted the name of Benjamin Franklin as their own, as a gesture of respect, and hope for my future. All my life, I have worked to be worthy of that risk, that sacrifice, and most of all that name. And I look now at what my fellow Americans have judged to be good and right, and I see the American Dream sicken and start to die.

"This cannot be allowed to stand. Reverend Risman… I told you, and your Church, that this would end badly. That your best hope was to recant, retract, and *do not do this.* You have ignored my warning. What is going to follow is going to be horrifying, and tragic, and the entire country will stagger from the ashes wondering why they didn't see it coming. And it will all be laid directly at the feet of the Church of Humanity, the Purifiers, and every human-supremacist group who sought to support you. But I will not be part of it."

"I am a law-abiding citizen, and I have registered. I have accepted my gold star, and I live in the ghetto you have marked out for me. All I can do, in this moment, is work as hard as I can to see that the men, women, and children you have uprooted aren't broken completely by your actions. And that is what I will do. If you have a shred of wisdom left, Reverend, you will sit back and allow me to perform this little kindness.

"To the rest of America, I *beg* you; stop this. You *can* end this. You *must.* Fear is what crippled the German citizens the last time a horror of this magnitude was done. *Don't let fear cripple you,* or our nation might not make it out of this alive."

The redheaded woman takes another deep breath, shuddering with unshed tears. "My name is Rashmi Franklin. I am an American Citizen, and I am terrified at how little that means anymore."

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