Niall Warren
Portrayed By Max Thieriot
Gender Male
Date of Birth 10/09
Age 16
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Aliases Púca
Place of Birth Louisiana
Current Location New York
Occupation ??
Known Relatives Warren Witches
Significant Other ???
Identity Hell, he doesn't even know
Known Abilities Fae magic/Witchcraft
First Appearance ???

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In this world of mutants, scientifically enhanced humans and machines there still exists a force as old as the Earth itself, magic. Many magic practitioners gained their powers from years of training, mystical artifacts, splitting their soul or simply stealing them but some are born with with a natural aptitude for magic, the important ones in this story are natural born Witches and the Fae.

Dating back as far as the 17th century the Warren line (and Coven) has produced generations of natural born Witches and was one of the few covens that came together to hide actual practicing witches during the Salem Witch Trials. But family history aside we're focusing on a Warren witch living in Louisiana called Tara who after a romance on a trip to Ireland to see family returned to Louisiana pregnant.

When Tara returned home to Louisiana and told her family the news they were thrilled but disappointed that she refused to talk about the father not even saying as much as whether it was someone in town or not. She also got to give her two year old son Coop the news he'd be getting a little brother or sister pleasing the little boy, he had after all missed his mother while she was away (he'd been with his father) and not only was she back he was also getting a brother, it was explained to him that it might be a girl but the Coop was adamant and said he'd already seen the baby and he was right, the baby was a boy. Beyond that it was a completely normal pregnancy other than the usual rituals when one is hopefully expecting a witch child, and it seemed the baby while not having a witch father was inherently magical as the boy was glowing with a bright light as he was born. The boy was named Niall Warren and at six months the matriarch of the coven gathered the other members to perform a ritual called a wiccaning (also known as a saining or paganing) which is a spiritual ceremony much like a christening but used by practitioners of magic.

When Niall was two Tara took a job in San Francisco and obviously took her two little boys with her, the transition from the small town in the south with the animals, plant life and lakes so near to the big city of concrete, large groups of people and SO much noise was hard for the young Niall and he was five before he'd go outside in the city without kicking and screaming, honestly no one really knows how much longer it would take if it hadn't been for Coop helping him though those issues. While eventually he adapted he never liked the city and spent most of his time waiting for their trips back to his grandparents.

Other than Niall's little issue with living in the city he did grow up like a normal little boy, a friendly and bright boy he also had something of reputation with his teachers and friends as a trickster, all harmless stuff but done often enough that when asked about the boy it was mentioned. While he seemed fine developmentally Tara was concerned with one issue, while some witches bloom late he had been learning about magic since he was little and he had yet to show any signs of developing his magic while Coop had been actively learning to control his powers for a couple of years by that point. However by the time he was ten years old Niall had begun making people feel uneasy, people got the feeling that the boy almost seemed to know too much about those around him but no matter how many ways Tara tested she couldn't find any evidence that Niall was invoking witchcraft, she tried to ignore the talking and the feeling of unease she felt herself but felt she had to finally confront the secret she'd been keeping for the last eleven years.

The man Niall was named for, his father, was a faerie. During her time visiting family all those years ago she'd met the charming faerie just outside the town and had spent nearly the whole trip with the man only finally finding out the man's secret on the last night she was there but before she could really process it they had to say their goodbyes as Witch and Fae unions are unheard of however Niall leaves her with a talisman should see ever need to find him again. She had always seen so much of the faerie in her son but now seeing just how much he may be like his father she decided it was time to visit their relatives again soon.

Two months later Niall and his mother (having left Coop with his grandparent's in Louisiana) were standing in the spot where she first met his father ten years previously, both nervous and afraid for different reasons. Tara was worried what this might mean for her son, has there been a hybrid before? and is it dangerous going to the fae for help? Niall is afraid, he was a freak before but now he's a freak to the other freaks? Why does his mom look so worried? And what about his dad? Will he like him?

Tara handed the talisman to Niall and told him to pour his will into it like she told him to do with a spell but the boy was frozen in place, Tara took his hand and reassured him that everything would be OK and that no matter what he is she'll keep him safe. Trembling he took several steps forward and held his hands with the talisman out in front of him and did as he was told pouring his will into it, as the talisman started to glow a figure stepped out of nowhere, the faerie Niall.

It was obvious on sight that the Faerie was Niall's father as any of the young boy's features that didn't come from the Warren line clearly came from the Fae Niall. Greeting his son with a ruffle of his hair and a smile he and Tara walked a few feet away to talk. After a few hours talking several things were confirmed, the young Niall was faerie as were the powers he'd been exhibiting and that while he had begun developing his powers later than others due to his hybrid nature they would begin to increase rapidly from this point onward and without the proper training could be dangerous for him. So as much as it pained her to give up her son Tara agreed to let Niall take the young Niall with him to learn about his powers with the other fae truly believing that it was what's best for her son. This moment was one of two of the most traumatic events in young Niall's life, as much as it can be explained to a child that they have to go for their own good it doesn't mean they'll understand which it why the faerie Niall had to pretty much drag his son across the veil kicking and screaming as he had to leave his mother, his brother, family, friends, his whole world behind.

The following years were a real adjustment period for Niall having to grow used to a whole other world, family and society. Along with his dad Niall also got a full blooded fae older brother Finn, an aunt Lily in the older Niall's younger sister and a grandmother Laylana an elder of their tribe. It was a while before Niall could really socialize outside of his family as the other fae in the tribe were naturally weary of this outsider who wasn't even full fae, he may have been born into their tribe but a hybrid was unknown and they were unsure of the dangers he presented. As for his training for the first couple of years his father taught him about his powers but when Niall was twelve more and more of his training was being taken on by Finn and Lily as his father was chosen to take steps to become an elder.

Over the next four years Niall found himself becoming more excepted by the tribe of Fae he belonged to, partly due to the influence of his brother and aunt both being closer to his age allowing his to meet some of the younger Faeries and partly due to him gaining increasing control over his Fae magic. Still while life was good Niall still felt that sense of loss for his old life and family, having a bag full of letters to his mother and brother with no way of sending them. One night not long after Niall turned sixteen the Elders and his father were away from the tribe to partake in a ceremony needed for Niall Sr. to ascend to the rank of Elder, they should've realized this was a bad idea, that someone or something had been watching though the veil waiting for the tribe to be at it's weakest. He/It broke though the veil and attacked the Faeries left behind managing to destroy and absorb the magic from half a dozen Fae even with the tribe fighting back with their magic, Finn and Lily hid Niall despite his protests using their magic to keep him safe not realizing that he'd learnt more Fae magic than they knew and was able to break though their bonding magic to join the battle outside just in time to see Finn take a blast from the one attacking the village. Thinking he'd lost another brother unlocked real rage that Niall had never felt before and along with it his magic as a Witch, feeling this new magic beginning to flow though him he had a sudden memory of a spell he'd read years ago in one of the books his mother had forbade him and Chris from looking at:

In this place and in this hour,
I call upon the ancient power.
Open a door though time and space,
Banish mine enemy unto the dark place.

The spell had the desired effect of trapping the being attacking the tribe and pulling him/it into a dimension of torment but while Niall is part of a long line of natural Witches and is well trained in Fae magic, this was his his first spell tapping into his magic as a Witch and without enough power to back it up a spell like the one he used comes with consequences. Even veteran Witches can have trouble keeping this spell in check so Niall had no chance, the consequence in this instance was he too being drawn into the very place he'd banished the being into, in an attempt to save himself Niall tried to tap into his Fae magic to save himself and it did again with a price. Vanishing across the veil he finds himself appearing in New York City in a swirl of lights, alone and with no prior memories his only clues to who he was is the bag he is carrying filled with letters to a 'Coop' and 'Mom' and the name 'Niall' stitched into the corner of the bag.


Niall is kind and humorous, although somewhat neurotic. Since Niall grew up feeling somewhat alone disconnected, he became quite secretive and much of a loner and occasionally makes decisions that can result in more harm than good, but also independent, stubborn, and smart. He has abandonment issues concerning from his mother leaving him with the Fae (though he tells himself he knows it was for the best), then from his father spending less and less time with him due to training to become an elder. Even though he is not quite as experienced as a witch, he possesses extensive knowledge of magic, his birthright of witchcraft, and the usage of his own powers.

He can come across as an obviously manipulative, shady guy though his motives are good, but people find him to be a hard-working, overprotective friend as his secrets are slowly revealed; showing him to be the kind of person who'll do anything to find a way to help and protect those close to him, though he retains some issues to the point that he believes the ends justify the means.

Much like his mother and brother Coop, Niall is very smart and careful with whom he trusts, and shows a stubborn side which is commented by his mother about inheriting it from his father. He is also very headstrong, and a quick learner, which is shown when he adapts to his magics when he first taps into them. At first, he tends to keep everything to himself, because of his lifetime of keeping secrets that drove him to be independent.

Both losing his memories and his out of control empathy has made Niall in his current state much more timid than he was, some of his previous boldness and self assurance currently lost, he can be somewhat erratic and moody while acting on the whims of the emotions of others. While he's kept his neurotic tendencies he's kept some of his previous humor and is still hard-working, smart and kind. His tendency to keep things to himself and manipulate things to what he sees as a right path seems to temporarily be gone along with the memories behind them. His only defense mechanism to cope with the loss of who he is is to work on fighting the side effects of his powers and learning to survive, starting to dwell on whats missing even for a moment will be when he finally breaks down.


Niall is a hybrid of Witch and Faerie meaning he can inherit traits from both species as well as unique hybrid traits.

A union between a Witch and a Faerie is very rare, possibly to the extent that Niall could be the first so it's not clear how powerful he'll grow to be or how his powers will advance.



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