2010-03-16: Nice To Meet You


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Summary: Theo discovers Xavier's mansion. Pietro is not impressed.

Date: March 16, 2010

Log Title Nice to meet you

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Front Gates

Large Iron gates standing twelve feet tall in front of you with an elaborate letter X designed on each of the gates. An Iron Gate stretches around both sides of the school. The gates are usually found closed and open to those who know the correct code to enter in the keypad on the left. Beyond the gates a large statue can be seen in a courtyard and a building in the shape of an X.

He's on foot. The teenage boy walks along in the afternoon sun, and is just finally coming upon the mansion His hands in his green hoody, the hood over his greasy unkempt hair. He stares at it for a moment, and sighs a little relief. He's got two black eyes, probably from a broken nose, given that there is dried blood on his face.
A couple miles back, if Pietro had been down that way, is an Audi, crashed into a tree. It looks like someone blasted the front half of it to pieces before the crash, though. Theo adjusts his weight, uncomfortably. The shoes on his feet are a little too big, and quite worn out. For that matter, everything he's wearing is a little too big. He begins his pace again, closing in on the front gate.

Audi having been found, and thoroughly looked over, the speedster than began a search of the surrounding area. Crashed cars out on private lanes means trouble. And as he finds 'trouble' Pietro seems to appear out of no where. There's no warning, no gust of air, just a man with stark white hair wearing a two tone blue, skin tight, costume. He's two different pieces of technology on him as well. A cell phone, and a far more powerful device at his eat. Some kind of communication device.
Tilting his head, and leaning down a little, the man peers at you. His eyes are intense things, taking in a great many details. "So, little man, are you out here for a reason?" Or has he stumbled over another Sinister minion. Doesn't look like a minion however. They dressed better. Marginally. Pietro has a slight European accent, but has nearly lost it.

Mauradars often don't jump in fear when superpowers are displayed before them, either. Theo looks remarkably shocked, his eyes widen. He looks around to see if there are more. "I- uh. I'm—-" he stutters, not having expected such sudden attention to his presence. He takes an instant to collect himself, and starts again. "I'm looking for Xavier's School for the Gifted." Closer, it's apparent that the boy probably hasn't showered in a couple of days either. "Please, I'm not trying to hurt nothin'." It's clear that he's not used to seeing the world's fastest man. Is he a superhero? Fancy outfit. Theo's own accent places him somewhere from the Virginias. He is clearly not prepared to fight, given that he keeps his hands in his hoody.

The frown doesn't seem to bother the boy nearly as much as the powers did, though he certainly doesn't look any happier. "Theodore's my name. I've been on the road for, well, I guess five days now. I'm not responsible for any car, and I think I broke my nose, but I'll live through it." He answers the questions with remarkable ease, almost as if he was filling in bubbles on a multiple choice test he didn't care about. His tone is dry, though it may be because he is slightly dehydrated and looks rather exhausted. "You're that Slicksilver guy, right? My little sister thinks you're really cool, one of those superheroes, right?" He didn't say anything of his own opinion, primarily because he doesn't pay attention to things like that.

The white head tilts to one side as an eyebrow arches for that tone. "Theodore, that must have been some rock you tripped over on your way here." Sarcasm, thick indeed, and for those black eyes. Not to mention the bloody nose. "My name is Quicksilver, or Pietro Maximoff. I'm one of the Avengers, out helping Xaviers at the moment. Is that official enough for you?" A bit of a sneer for it. Doesn't really care if that sister thinks he's cool. "Come along then." Having been in a similar condition, Pietro decides to take the risk. Letting a boy die out here is far worse an option than allowing a possible threat into the school. People will under stand. And with that he begins to walk towards the school. Yes, normal speed.

Theodore shrugs. He doesn't care whether something is official, he just wants a place where he can be safe. "You need to know about that car, though," he says as Pietro takes him toward the school's front gate. "This strange guy with a drag queen outfit and a diamond on his head blasted the car and grabbed some girl, and they like, disappeared. Right into thin air, like you just appeared. I know it's probably all those weird techno devices you guys have, but he sure wasn't friendly. A few fries short of a happy meal if you ask me. Was crazy strong too, just blasted the front of the car to hell and then ripped the door off like it was made of styrofoam."
The news has the man quiet. Waits until Theo is finished before saying anything. "That's part of why I'm playing guard dog here." Pietro admits with a smirk. "I'm going to let you in, but you have to be aware of the fact that the situation lately can be dangerous. Once inside you aren't to leave until we consider the danger over. Is this acceptable?" Stopping at the gates, he places a hand on a hip and waits for an answer. Took that news seriously, but it has little bearing on Theo currently.

Theo doesn't smile in response. "Well, you're doing a great job then," he says, his own sarcasm in response. Of course, he doesn't actually expect that Pietro could be everywhere at once, even being superfast, but he's tired and so his tongue is not carefully guarded, and it's been a really long week. "Yeah, I don't think I'll need to leave, long as nobody tries to pull nothin' on me." His left hand stays in his pocket as his right reaches behind him and tenderly scratches his back, giving indication that he might be injured there as well, but he makes no comment to it.

"Don't bit the hand that feeds you, boy." There's a warning tone in that. Pietro isn't one to take such flack. "I'm trying to help you." The least one can do is deal with a little sarcasm from him, right? "There are rules here. Let's hope you have enough of a brain between those ears to keep to most of them." Nope, doesn't think much of Theo at this time, and his disdain is clear. Yet he works the code to the gate to open it. The security here is far more than a mere code but it's not at all obvious. At least not to Pietro. Looking back as the gate rattles open, the man frowns again. "Perhaps you'll have more manners after a meal, a shower, and some sleep." Sadly, it never worked on Pietro.

Theo doesn't defend himself, instead, he spends his focus on the keypad. He wants to know the passcode himself. He plays the fool to his own ends. He doesn't want to be pegged as 'overly smart'. "The guy said his name was Skyler. The girl's name was Sophia, or Sophie, or something like that. I figure he was a mutant, he said he used to be here. I'm gonna take a leap here and guess this place ain't a regular school. Somethin' is different, right?" He leaves the blanks to be filled in, though it's clear he understands a bit of what the school is. It's also clear that he doesn't know EXACTLY what the school is. How'd he find out about it?
Knowing the code alone won't help, so Pietro doesn't bother hiding it. He motions for the teen to enter, and only follows if so. "Do you take me for stupid?" Asked as he walks towards down the drive. It's a fairly long one. "You purposely came here, then claim not to know anything about it? Boy, perhaps you should rethink this endeavor." Someone doesn't approve. Hands motion and he shakes his head, exasperated already. This doesn't get those questions answered though, does it? "How about instead you stop lying and tell me what is really going on? And I don't mean about the car." That part he believes.

Theo steps in, and pauses as Pietro calls him out. The boy doesn't seem to know how to respond. "I don't know! I just came 270 miles, and managed to get kidnapped along the way trying to find somewhere safe. You're a mutant, you're supposed to have a clue about these things. I don't have anywhere to go, I looked around the net, and I found some forum posts and IP addresses that made it seem like there was a mutant safehouse somewhere in Westchester. I got here, and this is the third place I've been, but it I'm in the wrong place, I wanna know now so I can figure out if I need to be moving along again." He figures that Pietro is a mutant, so he's probably not going to try to kill him for the fact, but his voice is raised with a great deal of anxiety.
He pulls his right hand from his hoody again, and runs it through his greasy hair, pulling the hood back. "I'm not tryin' to be trouble for you, mister, I'm just tryin' to look out for myself, I already got burned tryin' to do this once." The level in his voice cracks, and it sounds like he might cry, but he doesn't. He maintains his composure.

The protest has Pietro moving. He strides over, demeanor intimidating to many, and yet all he does is try to place a hand on Theo's shoulder. His hand feels like steel, for he does have some super strength. Yet, not trying to hurt at all. That isn't the goal. Leaning forward, the man is close. "Think, boy." Low and a warning tone. "An Avenger is on guard duty, and the gate has high class security. I'm suppose to believe you walked all those miles to a place you didn't know about?" After that though, he shifts and gives a little nudge towards the school. "Move. You need a shower, a meal, and some sleep. Then you can explain this foolishness to the head master. Maybe he'll buy this."

Theo doesn't know much about technology. Ironic, given his undiscovered power of technopathy. He shrugs the hand off his shoulder and walks toward the school. "Don't really care if you believe it, honestly, and I didn't say I walked. I just care about surviving." He does move, though, and walks up to the front door. He doesn't try to open it though, since it's not his home to just open up. His time of looking Pietro in the face, however, seems to be done, now just looking at the handle of the door intently.

Moving at speeds most can't dream of, the man seeks to catch that hood. And yes, with the goal of making Theo have to jerk to a stop. Pietro pulls on that hood, denying access to the door. "You're lucky you aren't my responsibility. I'd put you at those two hundred and seventy miles and make you walk it all over again." Even if you didn't the first time. There's a grin for it though. "Mind your tongue with me, boy. My patience is at it's end, and my kindness has limits. Another remark and I will move you back where you started." Ignoring the whole fact he doesn't know where that is. Three hundred miles is nothing to a man who can move at mach 10. And still, he does open the front door. Whether Theo gets to enter lays in what is said next though.

Theo doesn't say anything next. He just defiantly stands there, waiting for Quicksilver to let go of his hood. He would like give the man a good solid left cross, but he knows that wouldn't work out very well. His mind races with a dozen different ways that he could smart off to the hero beside him, but he holds his tongue. He just wants a hot meal and shower.

Pietro gives a short laugh and gently pushes at Theo. Inside. "Smart." For he would have done exactly what he warned. This man doesn't make idle threats. Once inside, he takes the teen to the guest quarters. Think nice hotel rooms, complete with showers. "For tonight, don't wander far. You'll set off the security. The kitchen is down that way, however, so take advantage of that. I'm going to inform someone of you being here." An npc teacher type will look in on Theo later, but for now Pietro isn't babysitting. Doesn't even say good-bye. The man is simply gone, as quickly as he appeared.

"Asshole," Theo mutters under his breath after Pietro leaves. He certainly hopes not everyone in New York is as hard to get along with.

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