Nicholas "Nick/Totem" Hunter
Nicholas Hunter
Portrayed By Jensen Ackles
Gender Male
Date of Birth 12/10/1987
Age 21
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Aliases Totem, Nick, Nicky
Place of Birth Northern California
Current Location New York City, NY
Occupation Police Officer
Known Relatives Parents
Significant Other None
Identity Public
Known Abilities Totemic Transmutation
First Appearance ???

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Nick Hunter’s life was pretty average. Living in Northern California, Nick lived with his parents. Scott Mercer worked as a weatherman and his wife Linda taught at the local elementary school. And only child, Nick was a little spoiled but had a relatively normal childhood. Every summer he’d get sent to a summer camp for two months though. It was thanks to this that he developed a love of the outdoors as well as sports, specifically archery. Even while younger, Nick was pretty good and usually came home with a trophy or two.

When high school rolled around, Nick started to get bullied and ended up getting into fights. It was eventually suggested that Nick try out for some sport instead of getting into the fights so he went out for track and field. He made the team and did pretty well. He was no star but he was well liked. He still went to camp in the summers but had graduated from camper to councilor, supervising the younger kids and continuing to show off his archery skills and athleticism. There was talk of trying to get him to go to competition but Nick was a bit to focused on other things.

Talks of a professional archery career ended one day when a bit of a life-changing event occurred. Nick became a hostage when a bank he’d been in was robbed. Stuck with a few other hostages and three armed criminals for three hours, he was rather amazed when the SWAT team busted in to save them all. It began Nick’s goal of one day wanting to be a cop himself.

Shortly afterwards, Nick’s parents decided they should move somewhere safer. New York was decided on, reasoning that all those superheroes would make things safer. They’d be moving at the end of the summer, leaving just enough time for Nick to have one last session at camp.

It was there that something amazing happened. During a windstorm, Nick had to haul some of the trash from after the kids’ arts and crafts time out. He was just lifting the lid off one can when he heard something above. Looking up, Nick saw a branch falling and brought the arm with the lid up and suddenly…WHOOSH. The lid became a glowing blue shield in the teen’s hand. It didn’t keep him completely unharmed but it saved him from serious hurt. Mystified by this new ability, Nick began trying to get it to happen again the following day while the kids were distracted with a movie. He wasn’t able to do it again until after donating some blood at the Red Cross wagon that came by. They were giving out key chains to everyone that gave blood. Nick put his on and went to play around out by the archery targets while the others gave blood. After a few shots, he broke the old beat up bow he was using. Grumbling, he started to wish he didn’t have to go all the way to the supply shed to pick up another bow when…WHOOSH. Keychain became a bow and arrow. He tried a shot and knocked the legs right off the target. It was a startling development and something that boggled the guy for a few days before he started practicing in private more and more.

Eventually, College rolled around after the move to NYC.. Aside from an incident involving a burnt down dorm due to electrical issues, it was uneventful. Nick was able to practice and study to his heart’s content, becoming quite adept at his powers. Once he graduated, Nick went to the police academy. He made sure to tell them he was a mutant and was willing to use his powers to help out. While in the academy, he heard stories about the Special Unit and the mutant already on the force and decided he wanted to meet the guy once he graduated. Having recently finished the academy, Nick’s on his was to a spot on that special unit and is rather happy to finally be a cop.


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