Nigel Beck (Wildcard)
Portrayed By Robin Williams
Gender Male
Date of Birth December 5th, 1992
Age 18
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Aliases Wildcard
Place of Birth Pittsburgh, PA
Current Location Xavier's Institute
Occupation Student
Known Relatives Daniel Beck (Father), Gladis Beck (Mother)
Known Abilities Living Cartoon
Alignment Chaotic Good-ish
Affiliation Xavier's School
First Appearance


NARRATOR: A wise man once said, some men are born great while others have greatness thrust upon them. Then there is the story of Nigel Beck, a young man who's life would take a turn that seemed more out of a science fiction novel than the story of a great hero.

Wildcard: *Taps the Narrator on the shoulder* Ummmm ok who the heck are you?

NARRATOR: I'm the Narrator, I'm telling the tale of your origin.

Wildcard: Ok, well do you have to make it sound so damn dreary? I mean this isn't Shakespeare for cripes sake. *Turns and looks at the Reader* Ok you out there sitting at your computer reading this crap. Let me translate for captain monotone here. For every Iron Man and Captain America and Thor there are at least a dozen lesser heroes. For every 50 or so of those guys there's one of me. The schmuck that rips the term "Hero" to pieces and probably only exists to prove that the universe has a sick sense of humor. *He looks back to the Narrator* Ok pal, your turn.

NARRATOR: An unfortunate product of the times in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, young Nigel spent most of his youth without the company of her parents. Instead finding his escape from the harshness of life in the vices of the media. His days filled watching the lives of fictional people, and thinking of what might have been. His days at school were little respite from his empty home life. Low on the social ladder he was often the target of the privileged or the more physically capable. Disregarded by the girls and finding solace in his studies, more specifically in the arts as he put the world in his mind onto paper and put his thoughts in vibrant color on the page.

Wildcard: *Looks over at the Narrator* You could make reading playboy depressing couldn't you? This is a superhero origin story not march of the freakin' penguins! *sighs* Ok, what Morgan Freeman here is trying to say is both my folks worked. Dad was a worker at a steel mill pulling 3rd shift and Mom was a substitute teacher. I wasn't a neglected kid by any means my folks did what they could but food had to be put on the table you know? So yeah I was a geek, I spent my days after school watching the Boob tube, playing Playstation and chatting online. I wasn't mister popular at school. I got picked on by the jocks, by the rich kids. I was a geek, heck I still am. But I wasn't some tortured soul hunted and tormented. Ok Ben stein you wanna move onto the next part and try not to make it sound like an obituary?

NARRATOR: As he grew older and began to experience the changes that come to reaching the age of maturity he began to show the first signs that he may be something more than just another young boy, that he may be something more, something greater than human. At the same time his creativity began to flourish and he started sharing his talents with the world on the new stage of all media, the internet.

Wildcard: *shakes his head* So many puberty jokes, so little time. Yeah about 13 or so my powers started to manifest, it was gradual at first not that I had any real say in the matter. About once a month or so I'd have an "episode" You ever have that dream where you're flying? Well when I had it I woke up on the roof of my house. Some seriously strange stuff was going down but no one every took it seriously. My folks thought I was just acting out, I stopped going to the school councilor after she had me see a Shrink. So it just kinda became a part of life. Around age 15 or so I learned enough about html code to start my own webcomic. "The looking Glass is cracked." Is what I called it, basing the main character loosely around myself and making the page an outlet for all the weirdness in my life. It never truly took off, but it was mine and I was happy with it. Ok now back to Kid Charisma over there.

NARRATOR: As time past and the manifestations of his abilities increased the day came for his graduation from the public education system. At the insistence of his parents that he take part in the social aspects of the school he attended the school prom, though he did so on his own. It was at that school on that night that a series of events would lead to a release of what had been building up for years. That night he would find his destiny.

Wildcard: Oh give me a break. *Pulling a large cartoon Mallet from one pocket he drags the narrator behind a curtain where a heavy thud is heard. He walks back up with the head of the mallet hanging off the handle by a few bits of wood.* Ok that's enough of that. So yeah, graduation came around and my folks made me go stag to the friggin prom. Said the interaction would be "Good for me". They might as well have sent me into an attack dog academy in a Lady Gaga meat dress. So about a half hour before the thing ends and I think I'm gonna get out of there with all my teeth this meatwall lunkhead named Brad Wilkins and his Mongoloid football cronies drag me into the bathroom and beat the living daylights out of me for "Ruining their evening" by coming to the prom. So after making sure all my body parts are still attached to the right spots I decide it's time to get a little payback.

When they call him and his bubblehead cheerleader girlfriend up to crown them king and queen of the prom I sneak up behind him and yank his pants down in front of everyone. Obviously I hadn't thought this through as he turns a shade of red I didn't think could exist in nature and two of his goons grab my arms. Turns out Brad is packing! I mean who carrys a gun to prom this was Pittsburgh not flippin' New Jersey. So he spouts off about how nobody messes with him and asks if I got any last words. Well the principle went to call the cops but nobody was coming to bail me outta this so I said the first thing that came to mind. The catch-phrase that I ended most of my webcomics with. "Badda-Bing, Badda-Bang, Badda-Boom." Turns out my powers picked just that time to fully manifest and I transformed for the first time. My memory of the rest of the night is a little fuzzy, but witness testimony during the court hearing says that I hog-tied Brad's goons with their own underwear before giving Brad a Melvin, two wet willies, and a concussion. Then I tongue-kissed his girlfriend before pulling a Bazooka out of my pants and nuking the refreshments table.

Best. Prom. Ever.

NARRATOR: *Groans and staggers from behind the curtain* In the aftermath of what was called a violent rampage Nigel was taken into custody. However not having turned 18 yet he was charged as a minor and given a few months in a detention hall, released only after being mandated by the court system to go into a facility that could properly handle one with his abilities. So ended the first chapter in his life, but so began the next part as he entered the Xavier's Institute for Gifted Children.

Wildcard: Obviously I didn't hit you hard enough. So yeah the cops showed up and I blacked out. I got a few months for assault and because the bazooka wasn't registered before they kicked me out and sent me to New York. From one school into another, oh Joy. Well I got a lot better grip on this mutant stuff now, so this place better get ready cause Wildcard is hitting the scene!


** Schooling -** A High school graduate near the top of his class Nigel understands up to beginning calculus and basic level college science. He took a language course and can speak Russian well enough to hold a basic conversation and read a book or magazine written in that language. He is a skilled artist with both digital and normal media focusing on painting and drawing. He is competent with a computer and has a working knowledge of all common media programs and html code for website design.

** Hobbies -** An avid Online Gamer, an on a less useful note he's also a walking encyclopedia of useless pop-culture knowledge.


This is Wildcard's one and only power, anything he can do stems from this power and how it affects him and allows him to affect his environment. The power itself allows for the creation and manipulation of any non-living matter on a truly large scale. However the manner in which it was first activated have placed severe limits on how it works and broken it's potential down into a number of "Stunts"


Magic - As an energy not bound by normal physics magic can affect Wildcard Normally, he takes damage from magical attacks and can be manipulated/controlled by spells as easily as anyone else.

Cosmic Energy - With the ability to create and destroy Cosmic energy is Wildcard's worst nightmare. It can damage him and even kill him, damage inflicted by cosmic energy to his Toon state will require 6 hours to recover from (If he loses an arm in his Toon state, he still has it in his normal state, but if he changes again the arm will still be missing until he's had 6 hours of rest to regain it)

Negative Energy - Negative energy causes his body to weaken, cutting his power in half until he gets away from the source. If he should ever be in the Negative zone his transformed state will not cause the instability field, meaning he cannot teleport himself, and is limited to melee combat as ranged projectiles will fizzle the moment they're fired. It also cuts the amount of time he can stay transformed in half.

Radiation - Heavy doses or radiation disrupt his molecular bonds and force him to return to normal. He cannot transform in an irradiated area. The amount of radiation required would be enough to begin to cause radiation sickness in normal humans. A blast from a radiation-based weapon will weaken him significantly. As a Side note pure Gamma radiation has the opposite affect, it's mutating qualities in both organic and inorganic matter boost his powers to double their strength as long as he's exposed to them. Wildcard's powers have no affect on matter carrying a strong radioactive charge.


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