2009-07-21: Night Life


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Summary: Just a random meeting of four random people in New York City going about their nights.

Date: July 21, 2009

Night Life

Rating: PG-13

NYC - Alphabet City

Alphabet City used to be the slums of New York City, but now it's a trendy part of the East Village. Its name comes from the Avenues having single letter names. Apartments have been renovated into nightclubs, restaurants, and retail-establishments. Even though this part of the city isn't home to as many of the low income and artists residents, it still holds a Bohemian feel.

It's already dark in the city and Siegfried is just used to the outdoors so he wasn't in the mood to be trapped in his small apartment tonight. In a small alley between two five story apartment buildings, Siegfried has used his enhanced aglity to climb up one of the fire escapes, slowly making his way to the roof with his duffle slung over his shoulder so it sits rests on his back. It's hard to tell if he's up to no good or not.

The darkness does not seem to deter one Victoria Routhe. She has a dark coat closed around her body and she walks along the sidewalk at a liesurely pace. Every now and then, her dead eyes gaze out to one side and then the other, scanning over the quiet night. The strange woman stops, and looks up. Her expression is one of quizzical curiosity.

Since a night out with his house-mate has been interrupted by the guy's jon, Tim Olsen's on his way home to wait. Dressed normally and humming a little tune, he's actually managing to not leave slime footprints today. Just the occasional drip from him. Of course, the bright red hair might stand out more than his clothing as he walks. The Irish teen's not too concenred when he sees Victoria up ahead. Just shrugging and making sure he's got a smile on for when he gets up there, Tim continues on.

Currently, Skyler has taken the likeness of one Dr. Rachael King, mutant abductor extraordinaire. She's a lithe, middle aged woman, who's showing a bit of age with the beginning of crows feet in her eyes. Skyler's dressed nicely, actually wearing a pair of nice slacks and a blouse, not something that's in Skyler's usual repertoire. This is because this is not her clothes, but the clothes of Dr. King, whose condo she managed to break into by impersonating her and, silly her, forgot her keys inside. She's looking at a notebook and muttering to herself. "This address can't be right…" She isn't prepared for the woman in front of her to stop suddenly, so she bumps into Victoria, and nearly knocks herself off of her feet. "Sorry," she says, apologizing.

Even when trying to be quite, it's hard when you're pulling yourself up and landing on metal. There's a loud sound of something hitting something metal from the alley and Siegfried just stays still, trying to crouch down a bit. Sure he's being sneaky but he just doesn't want to be seen at the moment. His eyes watch Skyler, Victoria and Tim as they're in the area, hoping that none of the three saw him.

Victoria is staring straight up at the building and utterly fails to notice Skyler's approach. The sudden collision surprises her and in reflex, several black blades lash out from her limbs and torso. Fortunately, none come near Skyler. Victoria looks down at herself in momentary disbelief, and gathering her wits dismisses the protruded obsdian. She tugs at the slashed clothing. It doesn't look long for this world. "Oh, I apologise. I did not see you."

Tim winces when he sees an impact ahead. Shaking his head and speeding up, he wants to make sure everyone's okay up there. Of course when it registers that Victoria seems to be attacking Skyler, Tim jumps and moves to a jog. It stops when he sees the blades all go away. Blushing and looking rather sheepish, he offers a wave as he approaches. "Sorry to interrupt, ladies," he says. "I saw the run-in, ya both okay?" he's got that bits of Irish accent to his voice and really sounds like he just wants to help. The sound from aboce makes Tim jump again and he looks up. "Oh…I do hope that's not one of those super villains I hear so much about," he mutters, not sure what made the noise.

"I'm fine," Skyler says, after jumping back from the spikes that suddenly appeared from the woman. "Though I don't think her clothes are going to survive."

Hearing Tim's suspision and seeing the blades from Victoria, Siegfried decides to jump off the fire escape and step out of the alley. He doesn't offer any explaination but tries to just walk past the three, but something catches his attention. A certain smell of eggs. He stops and sniffs and looks at Victoria. "Excuse me." He says in his thick German accent. "Have ve met before?"

Victoria looks annoyed at her shreds and quickly turns a glossy black. "I am… unhurt. I cannot say the same for my clothing." She turns around to see Siegfried. "Yes, I believe we have." She glances upward. "May I ask what you were doing clambering atop the buildings in the dark?"

Tim blinks a few times and has the decency to not look at the woman who's falling out of her clothing. "I can offer some assitance in that if you're willing to put up with something a bit weird," he offers, holding up his hand and letting a ball of yellow slime build up. "You can spread this stuff on the clothes and it'll hold it all together long enough for you to get it repaired," he offers. He jumps nagain when Seigfried appears, watching him carefully. "Hello, sir," he offers a friendly greeting even if he doesn't look that much younger than Siegfried.

Skyler blinks at Tim, and then at Siegfried and just shakes her head. "You can't walk a mile in New York without bumping into somebody who's go powers," she mutters to herself.

Siegfried looks a bit sheepish as Victoria asks him what he was doing. "I vas just trying to relax in a place more quiet." Siegfried says. "I did not mean to seem like someone who is…." He stops to think of what's the English phrasing for what he wants to say. "Up to no good? I vas hoping it vas more quiet up high." Also Siegfried just likes heights. "And please, I am not sir, just Siegfried." He says to Tim.

Victoria lifts a hand and looks at the bladed fingers. She shakes her head to Tim. "No, thank you. I am fine." Her eyes linger on that slime for a few moments. To Skyler, she replies, "It is very late. In a city full of people with powers, would you expect to see many normal citizens out on the street at this hour?"

Tim chuckles slightly and tilts his head to Skyler. "I wouldn't call this a power, Ma'am. More like mess with some utility," he says. "Sorry, S-…Siegfried. Bad habit of mine. I can reccomend a nice quiet place if you'd like one," he's trying to be helpful all around. "Alright, Ma'am," he says to Victoria, tossing the ball of yellow slime into the alley where the sticky glob will be out of the way until it breaks down and fades away. "I was just on my way home."

Skyler chuckles at Victoria, looking between everybody here. "Statistically speaking, it's rather unlikely, actually," she says with a chuckle. That's one of the problems when she copies smart people. She's actually able to figure out things like this.

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