2009-06-27: Nightmare Alarm Clock


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Summary: Eddie's nightmare wakes Ricky up. Ricky knows just what to do.

Date: June 27, 2009

Nightmare Alarm Clock

Rating: R

Parker-Mayfair Home

It's early morning in the Parker-Mayfair house this fine Saturday, and most people might still be asleep. They may wake up after a quick slamming of something coming from the room Eddie shares with Ricky. The scarred teen, dressed in little more than a pair of Hawkeye boxers and an expression that says something is bothering him, shifts from foot to foot at the lockable drawer on his desk before quickly moving back to bed. He climbs in and snuggles in close to Ricky, breathing a bit heavily.

There's a snort as Ricky wakes up a little bit, looking to the other side of the bed. "Wha's wrong?" He asks, sheepishly. He yawns a bit, starting to sit up to wrap his arms around Eddie lightly. "You ok? Bad Dream?" He asks, scratching the back of his head.

Eddie takes several deep breaths and looks up at Ricky. He shakes his head and then squeezes Ricky tighter. "Very bad dream…very…" he trails off.

"Anything I can do about it, babe? What was it?" Ricky asks, softly stroking Eddie's hair. Dreams are more one of Eddie's Dads' things than his. But, he can at least try. One never knows what they can do.

Eddie sniffles slightly and nuzzles his face against Ricky. "Hold me?" he asks. "Bad dream…was…well…in the middle of the city but it was all broken and on fire and destroyed. And Dr. Doom and Ultron and Loki and Baron Mordo were there and so was this…Goblin. Like the Hobgoblin but blue and…" he shudders. "There were a bunch of heroes on the ground…Avengers…X-men…everyone from school. And when the Goblin guy took his mask off…" he sniffs a few times. "It was me…"

There's a moment when Ricky just wants to laugh, because of how absurdly impossible that would be, but he doesn't do it. "Sweetheart, you know you'd never do that unless you were mind controlled. Not to mention, there has been a GOOD Goblin, too." He says, brushing the hair again. "But, just to be safe, we could go for a walk, and… well… things can go away if you're scared of them. Just don't act like him."

Eddie whimpers slightly. "I know there was a good goblin but he was green and hasn't been seen in years," he mumbles.
"Still…really…really bad," he says. "I locked the gauntlets up and," he pauses. "A walk? Sure…we can go for a walk. I'l get dressed…"

"Eddie, do you wanna… take them with us?" Ricky asks. "Fight your fears?" He asks, rising as he goes to pull on a pair of shorts. Rather short shorts, but he doesn't care. He doesn't bother with a shirt. It's warm. Sandals, though, he does pull on. "We could go down by the Reservoir…"

Eddie lets out a litle squeak, pulling on baggy shorts and a loose IronMan t-shirt. "I…I don't wanna look at them for awhile," he says. "Just wanna keep them locked up and forget they're there…" he says, putting sandals of his own on. "The reservoir sounds nice though…"

"I know you don't wanna look at'em for a while. But… that doesn't mean you shouldn't. Sometimes, the only way to get over a fear is to just let it go. In your head. And to let it go in your head, you have to have it where you can see it. Or at least, that's something I heard your Doctor Dad saying." Ricky offers, waiting for Eddie to get finished getting ready. "Well, come on. We can go out there."

Eddie finishes gettin dressed and squirms. "I know but…but…" he trails off, looking towards his desk. "Right now…" he just shakes his head and moves to hug Ricky. Apparently that dream freaked him out more than he's letting on. "Where are we gonna go?" he asks, smiling up at the other teen.

"Would you like me to put them in a box and we can take them somewhere that they'll be safe?" Ricky asks, "So that way they're not going to bother your dreams from here? We can do that. I can fly really fast right now." He chuckles. "I absorbed Human Torch and Wonder Man a while ago, and have been careful not to absorb anything else. Ionic Body." He grins brightly. Energy Bodies can fly. "Uhm, by the water?"

Eddie blinks a few times then pouts. "Oh man! You got to meet Johnny Storm -and- Simon Williams?" he pouts. He then glances at the desk again. "Just …going to give them to Mr. Summers. He'll know what to do with them," he says quietly. "Maybe drop them off a the SHIELD building in the city…"

"Yeah. While you were trapped in time and so many heroes were power-swapped, I got out there and did some fighting. I ran into each one at a different spot. One was a burning building, and that's when Mr. Storm came around, so I borrowed his flame to be able to deal with the heat. Then, a huge fight in the sky, and Mr. Williams landed hard. I extended my hand to help him up and got his as well. Can you imagine the surprise on his face when I suddenly looked like him and went to helping him?" Ricky snickers, opening the doors quietly.

Eddie pouts again, following after Ricky. He offers a quick wave as Nova looks up from his food bowl and gives a bark. "Bye Nova," he whispers as the dog goes back to eating. "Lucky. I've always wanted to meet Mr. Storm and Jared's a really big Wonder Man fan…" he says.

"What would happen if I touched you now?" he asks curiously, wondering what kind of power would result. "Sorry…I wasn't around to help you fight."

"I'm getting better at holding it off. It's just that FIRST touch, I automatically absorb it. Like my body's reading a new genetic bank of information and has to absorb it. After that first time, I can choose to absorb it or not." Ricky explains, grinning. "and I don't know. Ionic Manipulation, or Faith Body? That'd be weird."

Eddie nods, following along close to Ricky. "That would be really weird…faith body," he says, trying to picture it. "I like your body now though," he says with a small smile. "I wonder what'd happen if you absorbed Mr. Wagner's powers…if you'd turn all fuzzy and get a tail or something."

"It depends on what it'd combine with, I think." Ricky says as they begin walking their way towards the reservoir. "Would you like to fly there instead?" He asks, tilting his head lightly with a grin.

Eddie blinks a few times then grins. "Yes please!" he says quickly. "Want to carry me or should I mimic you?" he asks, silently hoping for the carrying option.

"I… don't know how your powers would work with mine now. I don't think you'd get my cloned abilities, just my ability to recombine. Not to mention, you wouldn't be as fast." Ricky chuckles, body turning purple and energetic as he holds his arms out for Eddie.

Eddie tilts his head to the side. "I dunno how my powers work too much either. I mean…I got both dad's powers when they shared them," he says. "Find out later though," he says with a smile. He moves closer to take the offered arms.

"Yeah, but theirs is an actual genetic change. Considering how my genes fluctuate on their own, I wouldn't want you to be stuck with that if it stayed. Mystics, Genetics, and everything else… according to the doctor, if everyone had left me alone, I woulda woken up with a mutation at some point, too. So, I've been everything." He says, lifting Eddie and carrying him into the sky towards the reservoir. He does leave a little trail of energy behind himself.

Eddie shrugs. "I dunno. We both have weird powers," he says quietly. He closes his eyes and leans against Ricky, smiling slightly. "I've been thinking I should change my codename," he admits as they go.

"What to, though?" Ricky asks, softly as he brings them down to land on the ground near the reservoir. "After all, Faith still fits you. Your powers are based on your faith of others."

Eddie shrugs slightly. "Back in time, I was thinking. Maybe…Paladin. You know…defender of the faith. But then I remembered someone's already using it. I dunno…Faith seems…girly. And no one ever remembers the 'mister'," he says. "And I saw a girl in one of Max's comic books that has Faith for a codename," he blushes when he says this. "Thanks for flying me."

"I like Faith better than Mister Faith. It just… it's too much." Ricky says with a shrug. "And it's not girly. Of course, there's also Zealot. The overly faithful." He snickers softly, moving to sit by the water's edge, patting the ground next to himself softly.

Eddie makes a face. "Some freaky guy is already using Zealot. I say his picture in the school files. He's nasty looking," he says, shivering. The scarred teen moves to sit next to Ricky and lean against him. "Do you like swimming?" he asks softly.

"I'm ok with it. It's not really my big thing." Ricky shrugs softly. "I'd rather be in the hot tub if I'm going to be wet." He chuckles, brushing a hand through Eddie's hair as the ions fade out of his body, returning him to normal human appearance.

Eddie nods, eyes closing a moment. "So…wanna take a dip in the hot tub when we get home?" he suggests. "Just you and me…no swimsuits?"

"Isn't that how we always go?" Ricky chuckles as he rests happily by the water's edge.

Eddie chuckles as well, blushing. He leans up to kiss Ricky and nods. "Almost always. I keep my suit on sometimes when it's just me or if Dai comes over," he says. There's another pause and Eddie snuggles in even closer. "I missed you …while I was in the past. Missed you a lot, Ricky…" he says.

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