2009-03-23: Nightmares


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Summary: Jared wakes Daisuke up as he's having a nightmare.

Date: March 23, 2009

Log Title Nightmares

Rating: Log Rating. PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Daisuke and Jared's Room

The room is fairly neat with both beds usually made. Jared's side of the room is practically spotless and everything has it's place though it doesn't look like he has much in regards of dcor except for a yoga mat by his bed and a Wonder Man poster on the wall. Daisuke's side is a bit more cluttered but still neat as he has a few drawing pads piled up on his desk along with his art supplies along with a few pictures taped on the wall. A drum pad sits folded up at the end of his bed. The room looks lived in but not overly cluttered.

A small nightlight on Daisuke's side of the room casts a faint glow of light as he doesn't like to sleep in the dark. It's later in the night, probably an hour after midnight and Daisuke's in a deep sleep but it's obvious he's having a nightmare. He tosses and turns and occasionally mutters something in Japanese. He forgot to warn his roomate that he's prone to nightmares but it's not something you say easily to someone. Whatever he's dreaming about though he's definately afraid.

Its late at night, and Jared's sleeping, till he hears a lonesome call, while in his dreams he can feel waiting lips barly touching him at all. That is until Jared finds himself coming awake to the sounds of his room mate muttering in his sleep and making fearful noises. For a moment Jared is not sure where he is, then he remembers he is sleeping at the Xavier School. Quickly zeroing in on the source of the noise Jared slips out of his bed and moves over to where Dai is having a nightmare and gently puts a hand on his shoulder thinking maybe it will wake him out of it…and hoping it does not make the nightmare worse somehow.

As the hand touches Daisuke's shoulder he stops tossing and turning and freezes, then after a second his eyes shoot open with a fearful expression as he tries to get away. He doesn't make a sound once he's awake though and moves himself to the corner of the bed agaist the wall until he realizes where he is. At Xavier's, in a new room, and that's his roomate. He takes a few calming breaths and realizes that it was just a dream. After a while of silence he finally says something. "Sorry I woke you."

Daisuke nods slowly and actually seems to find some comfort in Jared being next to him. "I should have warned you, I have nightmares a lot." He says kind of embarassed to be woken up like that. He looks down as he brings his knees up. "I was dreaming…about when Mr. Sinister kidnapped me." He admits as he's not even sure if Jared knows who the supervillain is. "I'm really sorry, I should have told you." His nerves still on edge a bit.

Jared chews his lower lip for a second, and then moves just a tad closer and puts an arm around Daisuke. "Its ok, don't worry about it Dai." Jared is not really sure what else to say, he hates seeing people in any pain at all but does not know how to confort a person whose pain is not physical. "I…I think I heard that name before…is there anything I can do to help?"

Daisuke leans into the arm that's around him actually like being near someone, it always comforts him. "No…it was just a nightmare and Mr. Sinister, he's..one of the enimies of the X-Men, he kidnapped me and a few others for his experiments." He says with a shudder. "I just wish I wasn't so helpless all the time and I know it's over but I still have nightmares about him and about my father." He admits and he takes a deep breath. "I'm really sorry, you barely know me…"

Jared shakes his head at Daisuke as he appologizes to him. "No, no you have no reason to appologize. I…it does suck to feel helpless, but your not now. You know how to fight and and take care of yourself." Jared holds onto Dai still not sure what he can do to comfort the other boy besides hugging him and just being there to listen.

Daisuke leans against Jared and nods, the hugging does seem to help a bit as his breathing is back to normal. "Thanks. I just always seem to run into people who fight better than me or know that if I can't scream I can't really use my powers because having a super powered metabolism is such a great superpower against someone." He says shaking his head. "I just hope this isn't a regular occurance, me, waking you up in the middle of the night." He says looking at Jared with a small smile and lucky it's kind of dark since it's hard to see the blush.

Jared shrugs a little, "Like being able to heal the people your fighting is gonna be all that useful in a fight?" Jared grins a little and gives Dai's shoulder a small squeeze. "Its ok, I feel almost like i only sleep half as much as I used to anyway. I hope this does not become a regular thing too, but for totaly different reasons. I…I know we really hardly know each other but your Eddie's best friend and…and if there is ever anythign you need or want to talk about…."

Daisuke smiles and shakes his head. "Well you'd be useful if I'm around, I'm always getting injured some how. I just have bad luck." He admits with a sigh. "And thanks, if I ever need to talk, I will. Same goes for you, I know you just got here and stuff but I know it can be hard making friends and..I just think you seem really cool Jared." Daisuke admits biting his lip. "But, thanks, for the offer. And sorry if I seem like a headcase I just have issues I have to get over."

Jared gives a small laugh when he hears Daisuke mention how often he gets hurt. "Eddie says the same thing. The problem is that I can't control it, everyone gets healed good guys and bad. Its gonna make nocking any villians out of the game harder with me too close. Thank you, I knolw I can come talk to people….Just not quite ready to talk about some things yet…we all have issues. Apparently it is something that goes with being a mutant."

Daisuke chuckles and nods. "I know, there are just somethings you can't tell someone you've just met. I don't know, I think finding out I was a mutant was one of the better things that happened to me but I still end up getting beat up a lot." He shrugs as he's just happy over all life is better. "When you are ready to talk, I'll be here okay?"

Jared nods at Daisuke. "And somethings I am not ready to talk about at all. I…the day I found out I was a mutant was the worst in my life, and it had nothing to do with me being a mutant." Jared is silent for a moment before grinning at Daisuke and saying, "Well if you still get beat up a lot you need to learn more self defense. That or some psychology."

"Mine was one of the worst days of my life, that's how I got this scar on my chest." Daisuke says as he lifts up his shirt to show the iron shaped burn scar on his chest before lowing it back down. "I think the day my brother died though was the worst day my life though." Daisuke says as he leans against Jared. "But Eddie, him and I have are really close and he's helped me get over a lot of things and I'm really happy that he's my best friend." He says with a nod as he's quiet comfortable next to Jared. "And probably self defense, I use your Dad for the psychology stuff."

Jared nods at Dai, "Thats not exactly what I ment. Kinda happened on accident but I used psychology in a way to keep myself from getting beaten up in school. Heh, first day of highschool I got in a fight with one of the senior football players, biggest guy on the team, because of something he said about me and gymnasts. I … well I kinda lost control and next thing I knew it took four people to pull me off of him. Apparently I did enough damage people were too afraid to mess with me after that."

Daisuke chuckles and looks up at Jared. "I never had much trouble in school, I stuck to myself. I was always afraid what people would think when they found out things about me and just stuck to myself but here, I like having friends. And there's nothing wrong with male gymnasts, you and Leo are both awesome and the shape that you're in from gymnastics…well…." Daisuke trails off a bit with a blush as he thinks that they are in great physical shape.

Jared blushes a little at the comment about the awsome shape he is in, true though it may be. "Yeah, well not every neanderthal in the world thinks that way, or can accept someone that doesn't talk aobut girls like a pig…or even date them at alll…." Jared chews on his lower lip a moment before adding, "I always tended to just stick to myself in school cause I was used to it. Never really needed anyone other than Mom…"

"I know what you mean, I used to think I didn't need anyone other than Shuya….then…well…" Daisuke shifts so he can put his arm around Jared in turn as he can relate to that to a degree. "I'm really shy when it comes to relationships, I've never dated anyone. And there's nothing wrong with who you're interested in, at least you're away from jerks like that?"

Jared nods and hugs Dai a little putting his free hand on Daisuke's chest where the iron shaped scar is. "Yeah, at least I have not met any jerks like that around here. Its not really about who I am interested in just….that I never really cared about dating or any of that stuff until…until recently." Jared yawns a little and shakes his head. "Sorry, guesse I still need some sleep at least. Do you think you'll be ok to try and get some more sleep or…"

Daisuke tenses a bit as Jared puts his free hand on his chest and nods. "Yeah, I think I'll be okay, thanks. And I know what you mean about being interested in dating.." He only became interested in doing so a few months ago. He yawns and nods. "I think I can fall back asleep, thanks a lot Jared and again, I'm really sorry for waking you up." But he's not sorry for the conversation.

Jared shakes his head at Dai, "No don't be sorry. It happens, and, and it ment we got to have this talk. Now, we should go back to sleep, but if you need help or anything at all I will be over in my bed." Jared grins just a little, letting his hand linger on the scar while his fngers trace it a small amount before getting up and heading back to his bed. "Good night Daisuke, and sweet dreams this time."

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