Nikki Lee "Nik/Rave" Shivan
Nik Shivan
Portrayed By Jared Padalecki
Gender Male
Date of Birth 05/14/74
Age 35
Zodiac Sign Aries
Aliases Rave
Place of Birth Lexington, KY
Current Location NYC, NY
Occupation Bar Owner/Bartender
Known Relatives Too many to list
Significant Other None
Identity Public
Known Abilities Teleportals, Ice Cold Body
First Appearance ???

You never know when a Rave is going to pop up.


Some families are meant to have children, some give them up. For the first year, Nik had both parents. David and Lita Shivan. However, their marriage was doomed from the beginning, neither one being truly in love with the other. After their son's first birthday, their divorce was finalized. David went into the military and Lita moved to California with her new husband.

David only saw Nik on occasions, due to his consistently being shipped away. Both remarried… and once again the marriages were doomed to failure. After his younger brother, Brian Christopher, was born, Nik and his mother made a visit home to Kentucky to see her mother. While visiting, Nik asked if he could stay longer with his grandmother, because things were good there. Food was plentiful, life was easy, and his grandmother had time to focus on him, something that his mother never had.

After four years, entering school, and becoming social, Lita came back to try to take Nik back. However, Frances (his grandmother) and Nik didn't want to separate. A custody battle ensued and custody was granted in a unique fashion. Through the school year, Nik would spend alternating weeks with maternal and paternal grandparents. Summer vacation (unless schooling was needed) would be split between the parents.

Despite being an odd situation, it really worked well for Nik. His grandmother, Frances, was a teacher and his grandfather was an electrician. His paternal grandparents were both farmers. Thus, Nik had a little bit of all walks of life. The only thing that was pressured perhaps TOO much were his grades. His grandmother knew his potential and pushed him… hard. He made straight A's until he graduated high school. With that, his SAT and ACT scores, and his personality, he was accepted into a high profile college.

During that first year of college, Nik made many discoveries about himself, including his sexuality. He tried to keep it a secret and succeeded for the most part… until he came home for summer after the first year. He came home one evening from attending a conference for the deaf at a local church (having deaf family members and working with the school for the deaf in his college town, he loved being involved in the community), he found his grandmother sitting on her chair at home, rage written on her face. Angrily, she threw a letter at him, yelling "Straighten up or get out."

For most, mutation hits when puberty sets in, but almost always in regards to stress. Nik was a late bloomer anyway, having only started shaving a few weeks prior to this. Sure he was tall and had most of his characteristics, but his change wasn't complete. This… was the trigger. Picking up the letter, he found a bracelet inside it, along with the note. It was from his boyfriend at the time. He had never even seen the letter. Energy flooded his body.

"Fine. If that's what you want. I'll leave." He never even noticed that his hair had changed, nor his eyes. All he knew is that he walked forward into a ring of blue energy, and came out in an entirely different place. Oddly enough, he was halfway across the USA, in New Orleans. He was young, he was cute, so he was able to find someone to take pity and take him in. They even got him a job waiting tables at a local bar. In private, he researched his body, learning as much as he could about the new things his body could do and take. The biggest issue, and the biggest dead giveaway that prevented most relationships was the fact that his body had become naturally cold. Very cold.

It wasn't school and it wasn't the profession that he wanted originally, but Nik loved it. Wearing sunglasses, nobody could see his eyes. The blue hair? It was passed off as dye, since it was hardly uncommon in the french quarter. He went back to school, taking a couple of day classes at a time and shifting to a managerial course of study, so that he could have all he needed to know to run his own bar in the future, or even a couple of them.

He stayed in New Orleans for ten years before he met with a few investors in New York. After seeing him in action, they decided to work with him and invest in a bar that would be his and his alone… after he paid them back with interest. If the first bar was successful, they would see through to help him open a second. Now, he's in New York, running his first bar. He's not yet contacted his family again, though he's sure it'll happen eventually. He quit going by Nikki years ago, preferring just Nik. He even had it legally changed, but someday, some family member will find and/or contact him. Who knows what will happen then?



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June 15, 2009 Nik is one of many with the Watcher's eye upon him. Everyday Life
June 26, 2009 Nik runs into Hilary again after avoiding him since power return. Chilling Admissions


  • "I said it!"


  • Amazing thing!
  • Amazing thing!
  • Amazing thing!
  • Amazing thing!


Nik is bound to a dimension of pure Ionic energy, much like the energy that Simon Williams is made of/uses. While he doesn't control the energy, he does have a limitless amount of space within it. The pocket dimension itself is just under our own dimension, and is as cold as his body, meaning anything stored in it needs to be able to be in cold for long periods of time. There is air, just no real ground or water or anything else necessary for life.


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