2009-04-11: No Cartoons


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Summary: Two mutants that just can't sleep have a chat.

Date: April 11, 2009

Log Title: No Cartoons

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Hallway

//The hallway is decorated in the same fashion as the Lobby with a wooden bench on each side of the room that blends in to the walls. There is a plaque on the wall indicating students who helped defend the school. Four doorways lead off this room and an Elevator designed to blend with the decor of the room can be seen a the far end of the hallway. //

Coming out of the Rec Room is what might be called a strange sight. Owen Folger, in his non-fuzzy form, appears to be wearing nothing but a bedsheet. It's tied around him as if it were some kind of toga but he still has to hold the one side to keep it from slipping open. "Man…gotta work on the sleep teleportin'," he mutters quietly, walking down the hallway slowly.

Going to the rec room, is everyone's favorite ice weilder. Max! The hyperactive fourteen year old is going to watch some cartoons on the television. Seems like he couldn't sleep again. He's just dressed in some PJ's and socks. His hair relaxed after taking a shower, he didn't go home for easter, he would normally go home for something like that.

Owen pauses and blinks when he hears someone coming. Turning around, he spots Max easily as his mutation allows for natural nightvision. "Howdy, Lil' Snow Cone," he greets. "What's got ya up so late?"

Max is a little startled at the voice. "Who's ther… Oh hey Owen." He says, his head goes down again after seeing the not-so dressed Owen. "I can't really sleep, I don't know why." He says, now looking back up at Owen. "What's with the dress?" the ice mutant asks his friend.

Owen blinks as he watches Max look down, shrugging a bit. "Well…Ah know how ya feel with not bein' able tah sleep…" he trails off. A face is made about the question. "It's not a dress. Its the sheet from mah bed. Ah teleported out here in mah sleep and Ah ain' got anythin' on under this."

Max gives a slightly questioning look to Owen. "You've got noth….OH." He says, finally getting it. "Doesanything help you sleep?" The young mutant asks, the whole not being able to sleep normal hours is starting to get to him.

Owen smirks slightly. "Yeah. Under this little get up, Ah'm all naked," he clarifies. "Well…" he looks up thoughtfully. "There's somethin' ya'll are not old enough for. Then there's sittin' down with a decent book and readin' till Ah fall asleep. Some soft music while gettin' a nice workout sometimes tires me out enough tah sleep too. Powers workout…not jus' physical."

Looking a little confused at the first option, Max just shrugs it off. "Well, I can try the workout thing, I guess." He says. "I was about to watch cartoons, or something." THe whole reading thing looks to be passed up. The boy does have problems sitting still of course.

Owen stretches his free arm a bit. "Might wanna find another place tah watch cartoons if that's what you're lookin' for. Robyn's asleep on the couch in there," he says, jerking a thumb over his shoulder. "Ah used tah head out tah the woods behind mah house and jus' run and jump around in the DarkForce till Ah was so tired Ah had tah drag mahself beck tah mah bed. Worked every time."

"He is…. dangit." He says, peeking in and seeing an unconscious teen on the couch. "I guess I'll go to the gym then." He says, wishing he put on some shoes. Max soon starts to make his way over to the elevator, before looking up at Owen again. "I know ya want to get back to the dorms." He says.

Owen looks up thoughtfully. "Ya know there's a television in the Livin' Room…" he trails off. "Well…" he follows after Max. "Ah was jus' goin' tah get clothes. Not gonna be able tah sleep for awhile…so maybe Ah'll join ya down in the gym and jus' borrow some of the school clothes down there."

"Yeah, that'd be cool." Max chimes, his mood a little elevated now. "I dunno what I'm gonna do down there, but I guess I'll figure it out along the way."

Owen leans against the inside of the elevator. "Well…ice up and skate around, try makin' slides like the Ice-Fella the kids were talkin' 'bout," he suggests.

Max gives a nod. "I'll give it a try I guess." He says, moving over to the elevator and pressing the call button, waiting for the elevator.

Owen nods and then yawns. "Right. You do that…Ah'll work on bllastin' stuff," he declares. Waiting for the elevstor, he just hopes that atleast one of them gets the intended effect.

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