2012-08-15: No Cookies For Kai


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Summary: Soleil is handling his 'groceries' and Kai is getting out and about and when they meet…Soleil ends up on his back and Kai gets no cookies.

Date: August 15, 2012

Log Title:No Cookies For Kai

Rating: PG-13 (Language)

NYC - Bryant Park

Located right behind the New York Public Library is the quaint Bryant Park. Looking over 42nd Street, chairs and tables have been set up all around the green, making it ideal for book readers, people to sit down and eat, or just relax with friends. Trees surround three out of four sides of the park, and in one of the corners sits a little stand called The witchcraft creamery which offers ice cream sandwiches, milkshakes, floats, and warmer beverages in the winter.

In the afternoon…is the perfect time to review what has been done during the day. Really. Soleil wears a pair of rainbow swirly rainboots with his black jeans tucked in them and the hoodie of the day is a cream color, worn over a black tank-top as he's settled down at a table with his duffle bag tucked under the table, his messenger bag and backpack tucked beside him and an open trash bag on his other side as he pulls things from the trash bag to place on the table. He wears a NY Giants baseball cap backwards, hair pulled out of his face with a tie as he uses a small flash light to examine the random discarded items he's salvaged, an unlit cigarette dangling from his lips. Item: A package of oreos.

Kai hasn't left Barnes in over two months and has been throwing himself completely into training, as such it's been 'suggested' that he spends some time outside of the base and reluctantly he has done so. He's dressed in grey jeans, blue converse and an ice-blue shirt, wandering into the park he's completely aware of the suit that's been following him since he left, guess they're not fully sure he's off HYDRA's radar just yet. Wandering down the path he's crossing not too far from where Soleil is laying.

Soleil rummages around in his backpack for a moment before he manages to pull out a pair of broken purple cateye shaped glasses with only one lens still in tact and no head band or..ear thingies to keep them in place if they are worn but he holds them like a magnifying glass of some sort over where he's examining the package for tears with the flash light, teeth worrying his bottom lip as he squints and then sighs, setting down his tools on the table and tapping a finger against his lips. It takes him a moment as he looks up and around and then when Kai is close enough…the little Frenchman is out of his seat and hurrying over with the package of cookies. "Monsieur…can you spare a moment, can you ah…see this expiration date, is a little smearing and I cannot tell." (Of Course the Date reads the date of the day before this day)

Kai catches someone running at him out of the cornerof his eye and as soon as Soleil is close enough Kai will try to swipe out his legs, knock him onto his back and then move into a contact stance. Realising what the french boy just said and noting that he doesn't appear to be a threat Kai felaxes his stance and offers a hand, "Sorry, i'm a little on edge, what is it you wanted?". A suit has made his way out of the van and half-way across the park and is now watching wearily."

Soleil oofs softly, taken off guard when his legs are swept out from under him and he falls back onto his back with a soft 'merde' and lands with a jinglejangle of pockets and the crunch of something possibly edible in his backpocket being smushed and he gasps softly, reflexively scooting back a little bit on his back and staring at Kai with wide eyes as he clutches the oreo package to his chest. "…mon dieu, are you fucked de crazy? Ow…" But he does shakily accept the hand up, blinking and just staring warily. "Non! I am wanting to know if the cookies can still be eaten and I was going to offer you one if it was good because you are cute and would be nice to me but oh no you are all Hee-Yaw like a karate kid…ow." He just looks wary. "No cookies for you." He turns up his nose and starts to make his way back to his table.

"Well… yeah i am crazy, feel free to hold it against me if you wish", Kai holds up his hands, "In my defence, you did come running at me and this is New York City, i can still check the date if you want? you don't have to give me a cookie", he ignores the cute comment as things like that still make him very uncomfortable.

Soleil stops for a moment as he considers what is being said, looking over his shoulder at Kai with a lift of an eyebrow before /sighing/ and turning to trudge back over to Kai with a shake of his head. "I am probably going to be having a bruise on my derrire and non, you cannot be kissing it better." He offers the package of cookies. "Here…is a bit smudged. I tink it is expired yesterday but the 3 might be an 8 or someting…"

Kai looks at the packet handed to him, "Hmmm, i think it did expire yesterday but i think you can still eat it, this is a sell by date and the use by date tends to be a couple of days later". Kai knows enough french to again be uncomfortable with what Soleil says.

Soleil hmms softly and peers at the packet before nodding. "Oui, I have perhaps another eeh…day or so before it is no good!" He smiles a bit. "Merci…it was a good choice then! I am not always lucky to get sweets when I offer to take the expired and damaged goods." He bows a bit before clasping his hands together. "Come, join me if you are not being too busy. I am sure I can find at least two more tings I can be using and you're welcome to them as well."

Kai doesn't have anything else to do but the other boy is rather strange, though it might look a little better for him if the suits see him safely interacting with someone outside the base, "Errm, ok i guess i can take a look at them, see if you're still good to eat them".

Soleil offers a hint of a smile. "Do not worry…I do not bite." A wink and he heads back to his table, whistling the tune of Gilligan's Island's theme song before settling down at the table once more and tugging a few more food items from the trash bag beside him and placing them on the table. "If it is okay…it goes here." He indicates a small pile of packaged food items and the like, carefully opening the bag of oreos and setting it in the center of the table as he selects one. "Help yourself. Ah…and if it is bad…" He gestures to another small pile on the table. "I am Soleil by the way." Then he's shoving the oreo into his mouth and clicking his flashlight on as he examines another package of food.

Kai sits down at the table and looks around the park, "I'm Kai", he frowns as he looks over at the bag and Soleil's pile of food, "Can i ask why you're in the park with a bag of food with iffy sell-by-dates?", well some people read, some jog, guess this guy sorts foodstuffs.

Soleil just arches an eyebrow as he takes time to look over the pack of fritos he's sorting out and then he sets the fritos in the 'good' pile before reading the back of a ramen package. "Pleasure to meeting you Kai." He holds up his glasses/magnifying glass to peer more closely at the package with a soft hmm. "Eh? Why? Oh…well I must eat non? It is very handy sometimes there are small stores that must get rid of things with the sell by dates expired. If packages still good, can usually eat."

Kai nods, "You don't have much money? well the sell-by-date issue makes sense then, if you give blood you can get money and the tend to give out cookies to up your blood sugar", he looks to see if the van's still there, "If you've got a can opener and somewhere to cook then cans are a good option, they last a good long while, freezing works too".

Soleil just snort-giggles at the question about money and gives a weary nod. "Someting like that, oui Monsieur Kai." He tosses the Ramen into the bad pile with a face before hmming softly at the suggestions. "Not always a place to cook but I like cans, they can just be a bit heavy to carry sometimes." He admits with a sigh.

Kai nods remembering that most people aren't as strong as he is, "Rather than carrying them around you could just hide them somewhere and come back and get them later, like with squirrils and acorns", New York is a big place, lots of space to hide things.

Soleil blinks and nods slowly. "Oui…that is a good way of…stockpiling things." He agrees with a slight bow of his head as he nibbles on his third oreo with a soft and contemplative nod. "But have to be very careful in choosing the places."

Kai shrugs, "There's a bunch of empty warehouses near the docks that you could hide things in, alot of them haven't been in use for ages, no one checks them anymore", well not since the Envy incident anyways."

Soleil hmms softly and gives a little nod as he oos softly and finds a couple of snickers bars and he offers them to Kai. "Maybe but…it is more lonely all
alone…in a Warehouse sometimes…but we shall see. Thank you….Merci Monsieur."

Kai nods, "Well enjoy organising your food but i've gotta head back home, i've got a few things to do", he gets to his feet and looks over at the van again, "Remember to be carefull who you run at, see you later", with that Kai heads off again.

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