2011-04-25: No Going Half Tilt


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Summary: Giea has to explain what Twitter and Social Networking are to Aiden.

Date: April 25, 2011

Log Title: No Going Half Tilt

Rating: PG

NYC - Greenwich Village

The lower West Side of Manhattan is known as the Bohemian Greenwich Village or just The Village. Unlike most of Manhattan, the streets here are not in the usual gird that the rest of the island is. Most the streets here are named rather than numbered as well. The buildings here aren't as tall as high rises of Manhattan as they are the 19th century row houses and occasional one-family walk up apartments.

It's evening, but still warm and sunny out, and Giea takes advantage of it by skipping out on wearing her jacket. She instead wears a nice purple sweater and jeans. It's hard to see her eyes behind the dark glasses she wears, but it's not particularly important, since one can tell where she's looking by observing the movements of her cane. She slides it back and forth in narrow sweeps across the concrete in front of herself. On her face, there is a crooked smile: she's pretty happy just to be out on a walk.

Another person enjoying the weather is Aiden, he's wearing a sleeveless shirt so all the 'tattoos' that go from his neck to chest to his arms can be seen and his wings are tucked up behind him. He's getting a few weird looks because of the markings, the wings, and his over all appearance but he doesn't care. It's his first time in Greenwich village and he's just taking in everything with a smile. "Hey watch it you winged freak!" Someone yells at him as he's not exactly watching where he's going.

Giea's facial expression changes when she overhears the call made towards Aiden, though it couldn't be called 'upset'. She doesn't know what's happening, but she approaches the source of the voice, gathering her nerve. "Excuse me sir, but you shouldn't be calling anyone a winged freak," she says calmly, "Maybe this person bumped into you and isn't watching where he or she is going. That doesn't give you the right to call them or /anybody/ a freak." She pulls her cane closer to herself and smiles slightly, "A simple 'watch it buddy' would have done."

"Excuse me Sir." Aiden says with a head nod before he leans in to talk to Giea. "Thanks but don't worry about it, I'm used to it." He says sounding like he's not bothered. "It comes with the risks of me opening being a mutant some people dig it, other's don't. Though I appreciated you sticking up for a stranger.

Giea seems confused for a moment as she reorients towards the other voice, and smiles, "Well, I think we should stick up for anyone who's insulted like that, just to make it clear that it's not okay." She chuckles softly and says, "So I'm guessing your mutation involves having wings? I mean, if you don't mind me asking, but given they're visible I kind of assumed. Can you fly with them?"

"Yup, I've got a huge pair of feathery wings on my back and yes I can fly with them. I try to keep them tucked in but sometimes it's like they have a mind of their own and they like to stretch out. They get cramped having them tight against me." Aiden says looking at her curiously. "Sorry for me being blunt but are you blind?" He asks.

"Yep. Completely blind. I don't go at this half-tilt!" says Giea, smiling for a moment before she notes, "Which is not to say that others who are legally blind aren't trying hard enough. They do pretty well at the blind thing, too." She leans slightly on her cane and adds, "I think even if I had wings, I'd stay ground bound. I like knowing what's under my feet! But I'm sure it's fun to fly?"

There's a laugh from Aiden as she talks about being blind. "Well that's good to know you put in a full effort for things. Go big or go home right?" He jokes back. "Oh I love to fly I don't know what I'd do if I lost that ability. It's really fun to fly. But then I guess I live dangerously in a sense so flying is up my alley."

Giea tilts her head slightly, "Oh, I guess you must be kind of a thrill seeker, then? Do you do a lot of extreme sports and… and… I don't really know what thrill seekers do. My idea of a thrilling afternoon is people replying to my Twitter posts. So how do you live dangerously?"

"Actually I don't really know if thrill seeker is the right term cause I don't really go for skydiving and riding on the outside of trains." Aiden says. "I work for a Freakshow swallowing swords and breathing fire." He explains. "So that's how I live dangerously I guess. And what's Twitter?"

"It's a social networking site. To say things so people from all over can reply. It's kind of silly, but I tend to stick with mediums that are popular, since I get more people reading my writing that way," says Giea, shrugging at that, "And wow. I've heard that swallowing swords is pretty dangerous! You must be very skilled."

"It is really dangerous so it's something I take very seriously. I'm pretty good, I've been studying it for almost ten years. And, Social Networking?" Aiden asks sounding confused as his knowledge of anything computer related is extremely limited. "I'm really lost so people get together at this social networking site? Then they share writings..like letters so people can reply. Is the site like a camping site or a designated site that people gather at?"

"Well, no, everyone gets their own page, and they can post their thoughts on the page, and other people can also post thoughts on their page. Twitter only lets you enter a limited number of letters, though, so I use it mostly to refer to my blogs, which are online journals that people can read and comment on," explains Giea, eyebrows furrowed slightly as she tries to think. "I'm guessing you don't much use computers?"

A confused winged Aiden looks completely confused as he talks with the blind Giea. He's wearing a sleeveless shirt that shows off the fact that he has tattoo like markings that are a light green at the moment. Tucked against his back are a pair of blue feathered wings. "Oh, I had no idea what you were talking about and no, I don't use computers much at all. I just figured out the internet a few months ago. I'm really quite computer literate at all. Or technology literate."

Giea nods and says, "Oh, that's neat. I guess I grew up using technology. My parents are pretty well off, and always wanted me to have the best access to equipment that would compensate for my blindness." She smiles and notes, "If you ever need help figuring out social networking, though, I'm the one to talk to!"

Holding a map in his hands, Kieran looks quite the tourist as he tries to figure out exactly where he is. This is his first time actually in the city of New York itself. He takes a slow breath as he glances towards the street sign and then back on the map,"So that's there, which means I'm about…. here." He says almost dropping the map in the process.

"I only use the computer to try to see if I can find any word of my family that I got separated from." Aiden says. "Well they're my old troupe basically. I haven't been in touch with my real family in years." It doesn't bother him though. "I grew up as part of a traveling Mutant Freakshow and something happened and we got seperated and I've been told if I"m going to hear from them the internet is my best bet." He says as he spots Kieran looking over the map and trying to find his way around. He looks over and offers a smile. "Need help with anything?"

Giea nods at Aidan and says, "Well, I hope that you can get in contact with your old troupe. You have no idea where they might be? That… doesn't sounds very good…" She brushes some of her hair aside, and when Aiden addresses Kieran she asks, "What's happening?"

As he hears Aiden speak, Kieran looks up from his map blushing a little bit,"Ummm… Not really. I was just sort of looking about. First time here in New York and I wanted to check it out. Just got bit turned around is all." The teen says as he begins rubbing the back of his head a little bit and shifting his weight slightly to his right foot.

"Well welcome to New York City then. I'm still kinda new here myself but I might be able to help you." Aiden says looking at the map. "Where are you trying to go?" The tattoos on Aiden seem to fade a bit to a blueish green colour before he nods to Giea. "Yeah, it's…kind of complicated. And I don't really have a clue, I'd say it's like a needle in a haystack but I have yet to find the haystack first."

Giea nods at Aiden and says, "Well, I hope you the best in your search." She gives an encouraging smile (or a normal smile that's /meant/ to be encouraging, at least). She turns slightly towards Kieran and adds, "This place can be pretty hard to navigate sometimes, I know that prettywell."

"Well I am really just kind of wandering with no real destination. Just trying to figure out where exactly I ended up." Kieran says laughing a little bit at the whole thing,"The city is setup I think to confuse people so that only the people who live here really understand it." He says before glancing up again,"It's really odd."

"All I can tell you is the higher the number you're going North if it's a street and the higher the number on an Avenue you're going West. That's how I've learned it." Aiden says as New York City is pretty much a grid. "Though a birds eye view of the city helps to learn it a bit too."

"I can imagine that would help!" notes Giea, "I still have a really hard time navigating in places that I'm not really familiar with." She smiles and shrugs, though. "The block around my house, though, I'm an expert on that!"

"This city is just humongous though. I am from Cincinnati, I think Manhattan is bigger than where I'm from." Kieran says laughing a little bit, his eyes glittering slightly,"I mean the city is kind of cool and all, it's just HUGE and complicated. Then those sort of go together, don't they?"

"I'm originally from a small town in Nova Scotia, Canada. Then for the last fourteen or fifteen years or so I've just traveled around the country so even Cincinnati is bigger then I'm used to." Aiden says. "I'm an expert on Mutant Town where I live. And New York is huge I was kinda surpised when I first got here too. You get used to it, well some things, after a while."

"I grew up here, so I'm used to the bigness of it, even if I don't really understand the scope," says Giea. She smiles and says, "Because I only go to a select few places, it feels kind of small sometimes, even though I know there's a whole world of things I've never come across." She fiddles with her cane idly as she speaks.

"Yes even in Cincinnati though I lived in suburbs where our neighbors were a bit away from each other." Kieran says shrugging a little bit,"Now I attend a school just a bit away from here. It's a big campus to me as well. Totally cool place though."

"I've been all over the country, both the United States and Canada, when I used to travel with the Freakshow. We preformed at faires and anywhere that'd hire us. So at six months this is the longest I've lived anywhere since I was twelve." Aiden explains. "Well do you ever consider branching out and discovering something you've never come across to ad it to the select places you go to?" He asks Giea before nodding to Kieran. "That's cool, don't know much about school anymore though."

Giea nods at Aiden and says, "Well, I've considered it, but there's kind of a limited amount of tactile novelty in new places. Sometimes my caretaker will take me to new places. And my boyfriend takes me to new places sometimes, too." She turns towards Kieran and asks, "Oh, are you going to NYU as well?"

"Not yet." Kieran says laughing a bit,"Bit further away. I go to Xavier's School out in Westchester." He says smiling a little bit,"Do I look like I could be going to college yet? If so that's freaking awesome."

"Yeeeees?" Aiden offers to Kieran closing one eye and raising the drawn on eyebrow of his other eye in a look of 'I'm really not sure'. "Umm…study hard, do well in school and all that stuff?" He offers. "Well I have to go. I work at a Bistro in Mutant Town waiting tables and my shift starts in a bit. It was nice meeting you….I didn't get your name." He says. "I'm Aiden by the way."

"I have no idea if you look like you're going to college yet," notes Giea, chuckling softly. She taps her white cane against the ground a couple of times demonstratively. "And I'm hard-of-hearing, so it's hard to tell the quality of your voice, too." To Aiden, she offers, "I'm Giea Parkin, it was nice meeting you, Aiden."

"Well I'm fifteen so not going to college for a couple more years." Kieran says laughing softly, before shrugging a bit," I'm Kieran O'Toole." He says smiling a little bit at the both of them. "I should probably get to heading home. I have an hour long trip back to the school."

"It was a pleasure Giea. And it was a pleasure meeting you as well Kieran. Safe travels to you both." Aiden says with a slight head bow before he stretches out his wings carefully and takes to the skies to fly towards Mutant Town.

Giea nods and says, waving her hand at nobody in particular, "You two take care, and have yourselves a good day." She takes a few steps away and then returns to following the path she was on previously.

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