2009-05-17: No One Suspects The Butterfly


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Summary: There's a lot of pink and a guy named Steve.

Date: May 17, 2009

Log Title: No One Suspects the Butteryfly

Rating: PG-13

Prospect Park

Even in New York City, there are still some things that are strange to see. It was a nice, quiet evening in Prospect Park, a few people flying kites and fishing in those hours before heading home before the 'nightlife' came out to play. The weather's warm and sky clear. But as par for the course in New York City, the peace does not last.
%"All bow before the mighty Queen Butterfly! Ohhohohohohohohohohohohohohoho!"

"Now…that's just…well that's a lot of pink," Eddie Parker-Mayfair says quietly, staring at the sight down by the docks. A young woman about twenty years of age and relatively good looking is floating in the air. She's got on a metallic pink tube top and matching boots and bell-bottoms. Blonde hair is tied back in a pony-tail and a large, butterfly shaped mask with an odd pink gem covers his face. With her are three men in black bodysuits, butterfly masks and bright pink wings on them as well. "Seriously…" Eddie trails off, hitting the panick button on his phone simply because he doesn't want to have to fight four people at once regardless of how strange they appear.

July was with Eddie, just enjoying some timeout from the school, "Does that happen every time we take a timeout from the institute, Eddie?" The rubbergirl asks, jerking a thumb toward the 'Queen Butterfly'. "Who is that nutty?" She thinks about pressing the panic button, but Eddie beats her to the action.

Eddie shakes his head slowly, letting out a breath. "No…just every time Dai or I go out," he tells his teammate. "Sorry. Well…she seems to be Queen Butterfly and she is kinda creepy. School'll be sending someone soon but…" he offers a sheepish smile and tugs his shirt a bit to show he has the New Mutants uniform on underneath. "I'm gonna join in. Back in a minute!" he says, jogging towards the public restrooms and ducking into the Mens' room to get changed.

Meanwhile, Queen Butterfly floats into the air and grins. "Butterfly Sparkle Blast!" she cries, gem on her forehead unleashing a blast of energy that destroys an abandoned hot dog cart. "Look at that, boys! That's how the Queen gets things done! Ohhohohohoh!" she laughs, the men clapping and cheering. It's probably forced.

July watches as Eddie goes to change, and she decides to do so, but then she hears Queen Butterfly's attack and freezes, looking at her, "'Butterfly Sparkle Blast'!?" She asks herself in disbelief, "Where does she think she is? In a magical girl shoujo anime?" She shakes her head softly, and then she dashes to the ladies' room!

Laura responded to the call of the panic button with her usual. "I bet its just another bizarre freak, attacking someone else for some bizarre reason." she murmurs to herself. Regardless, Laura wastes no time in responding. As jaded as she may be, there was the potential that it was life-threatening or something. While Erik might have drawn the proverbial short straw, Laura actually volunteered for this one. "Gets me out of the mansion." she confides to Erik, her companion of the moment, on the drive there. And of course they arrive with screeching tires and everything, Laura opening the door to leap out unto the asphalt, turn to face the mighty foe… … "…" she 'says'. "…is this serious?" she asks.

The roar of an engine, purring low and fast…gives way to the reality of a Honda motherfucking Civic pulling up in to thge lot and screeching to a stop. Out pours Laura and Erik as they come up upon the scene to look for the panic button. Some people don't have uniforms, just a bitchin sense of style. Erik shows up in a dark suit, his jacket lining and tie both purple silk over the almost rabbinic black coat, pants and shirt. "What…the hell."

And from within the Mens Room comes none other than Mr. Faith. He's not Captain America but it's all you're gettin' for now! Besides…like Cap's dramatic entrance would be stumbling out of a bathroom. Anyway, with his uniform on, goggles over his eyes, and X-bandana hiding the lower half of his face, Mr. Faith is running toward the assembled villains. "Hey! Queenie! Heads up!" he calls, lobbing a smoke bomb.

Queen Butterfly looks up at the call and scowls. The gem flashes before a blast of energy blows the smoke bomb out of the air and brings more clapping from the men. "And just who are you, you little brat? Such rudeness in the presence of the Queen!" she folds her arms over her rather…oversized assets. "Umm…boss…your majesty…we might have trouble," one of the men whispers after spotting Laura and Erik.

And so a girl dressed in the usual white-and-blue uniform of the New Mutants shows up. But not from the ladies' room, no. But perched on a tree branch near Eddie, "Ok, so now what?" Elastica asks Mr. Faith. "We wait for the others to arrive, or act now?"

Laura steps forward, looking quite cross. Curling her fingers into tight fists, she doesn't bother to unsheathe the claws. "You want the crazy one, Leif?" she asks, glancing from Queen to… minions. With a little grunt, she doesn't leap into action, more straighten up, and start to move towards them with a terrible purpose in mind, her green eyes level and steady upon the minions.

Erik shakes his head as he moves forward. "You do find the most /interesting/ fights, Mr. Faith." Erik says dryly as he takes a coil of piano wire out of his jacket pocket and straightens it out idly. "Remember to take them alive, please. Surrender now and you can avoid all of the upcoming /unpleasantries/." He says calmly to the crazy butterfly woman.

Mr. Faith blinks a few times, staring at the spot where the smoke bomb had been and then looking up at Elastica. "Well. Now we fight them. Ya know…punch, kick, it's all in the mind?" he offers. Someone's been around a Playstation it seems. He gets into the standard stance learned in Xavier School self-defense courses and prepares to move into the fray. That is until Gauss speaks up, causing the teen to jump. "Mr. An- Gauss-sir! Sorry, I tend to attract them!" he calls, smiling behind that bandana.

Queen Butterfly looks over with a half-scowl and half-pout. "Oh for the love of me!" she huffs, stomping her foot on the air. "Bubbles! Melody! Steve! Remove them all from my sight!" she commands. The minions all sigh and step forward. It's not noticed they have nametags. The big, muscle-bound one is Bubbles and he runs right for Mr. Faith. This of course causes the teen to squeak, turn and run into the bushes. Bubbles follows with a laugh, both vanishing from sight. This leaves Steve walking towards Elastica's tree and Melody, the one with flaming red hair, idly dancing his way towards X-23 and Gauss. "There's no surrender for this group."

Elastica blinks as she looks at Gauss. "Wasn't that a tad bit too cold?" She whispers to Mr. Faith, while keeping her eyes on Gauss, before looking back at the butterfly. Elastica then hops down to the ground to stand next to her teammate, while waiting for the Queen's reply to the surrender offer.

"You'd best breathe fire or something." Laura warns the dancing Melody. Squaring her shoulders, she levels her gaze upon the man, and pauses. Finally leaping, she hopes to take him down with an absurdly simple flying kick aimed at the dancing man's head. It would be terribly easy to dodge, but Laura wasn't really taking this seriously.

Erik shakes his head. "No, it was /instructional/." Erik says simply as he finishes uncoiling the piano wire. Immediately it flies out of his hand and launches toward the Queen Butterfly as if fired from a rail gun. Instead of going to impale her, however, it is apprently trying to wrap her up and entangle her, as Erik calmly draws a small plastic bag from his other pocket. "Also…Bubbles, Melody and /Steve/?"

"YesbutI'mrunningnowsoit'llhavetodo!" Mr. Faith calls back to Elastica, running as Bubbles chases him with a laugh. "Whahaha!"

Steve just sighs as he hears Gauss. "Its not my fault she sucks at codenames and couldn't come up with one for me," he mutters. The man, skinny guy, looks at Elastica and sighs. "Lets do this," he suggests, skin suddenly taking on a stoney appearance. "Sorry but you gotta go!" he yells, running at Elastica and throwing a punch.

Melody wags a finger. "Not quite, Honey," he says, winking at X-23. When she takes her leap, he evades and laughs. "Ooh, jumpy! My turn!" he laughs. Taking a deep breath, the man lets loose a sonic blast at X-23. It's focused, a beam of force with a nasty screech as it cuts through the air.

Queen Butterfly growls, glowing pink barrier springing up around her and blasting the wire away. "Too weak for the Butterfly Wonder Shield! Sparkle Blast!" she cries, launching an energy blast at Gauss.

Elastica blinks as apparently Mr. Faith has his hands full with Bubbles. Whatever that means. But that keeps her distracted long enough for the stone guy to hit her with a punch. Luckily, physical attacks like a punch don't hurt her, "Ooff." she says as she's taken by surprise by the punch, but she quickly recovers, and wraps herself some around Steve's arm, and around the tree, and then uses the tree to attempt to toss Steve fast toward Queen Butterfly.

Sonic weapons. Those weren't Laura's favorite. The sonic blast threatens to burst her oversensitive eardrums, the girl knocked out of the air, and sent flipping to the ground. And unlike most flips Laura does, she doesn't land well with this one, hitting the ground on her front. A line of blood leaving her ears, and she looks back up towards 'Melody', glaring now. Moving a fair bit more cautiously against the man, she, still wobbly on her feet from the blast. She was getting better… just… a few minutes.

A trash can leaps out of the air to intercept the blast from the Queen Butterfly and is promptly blasted to pieces…pieces of flying metal, which is exactly what Erik was going to do anyway. "You are pathetic." He says simply, sending the sharp shards of metal flying in a vortex around the 'wonder shield', trying to wear it down without slitting her throat. "This is your last chance to surrender, Steve. You can't want to end up with these people, and you are hurting the people I'm here to protect. My next trick involves filling the air with razor blades…you can't want to be in the middle of that."

Steve is rather surprised as he's grabbed. "What the?" he yelps, not expecting a rubber-girl. He's launched several feet, too heavy to make it all the way to the Queen. Getting up from the ground, he glances at Gauss. "Razorblades won't hurt me," he shoots back before charging at Elastica with intent to run her over.

Melody laughs, dancing on the spot there. "Oh, did you get hurt, Honey?" he taunts X-23. "Let's play another game," he remarks, a dull humm coming from his throat. A few seconds later and a glowing white sword appears in his hand. Sonic construct. He rushes forward, slashing at X-23 with the weapon.

Queen Butterfly looks around and grins. "You'll never get through my shield! Ohhohohohohohho!" she seems confident of this. "Beauty Kick!" the girl in far too much pick rockets towards Gauss suddenly. The heels on her boots look rather sharp so not getting stabbed by them would be a good thing.

And in the background, Mr. Faith dashes by. "Good thing… I'm so good…at running!" he talks to himself. Meanwhile, Bubbles continues to chase. "Whahahaha!"

July curses herself under her breath as she sees Steve falling not where she wants, and then widens her eyes as the stone guy now starts rampaging toward her, "Oh, crud!" She says, but then she decides to do the slingshot maneuver. She covers her face with her arms, while watching him run toward her. AT the last moment, she opens her arms and stretches them fast, to wrap them around two nearby trees, and then she lets Steve run into her, and drag her away, while she tenses up her arms, hoping to be strong enough to be able to slingshot the guy back the way he came from.

Still wobbly on her feet as her eardrums do the regrowing thing, Laura leans forward a bit, her expression harsh. The sword comes down, and in spite how wobbly Laura felt, she wasn't wobbly enough to miss dodging that. Grunting some, she brings up her foot, hoping to trip Melody with a severe kick to the lower shin.

Erik shakes his head at the woman launching himself at him. He takes a quick sidestep…and two park benches launch themselves at the woman, trying to crack the shield and capture the psycho woman within. "I am quickly becoming less enamored of my non lethal solution." He comments sourly.

"On no," can probably only be heard by Elastica. Steve does indeed run into her, dragging for awhile. When he realizes what's about to happen, the two words are prompted. BOING! Steve goes flying! SPLASH! Right into the water. Siking like a stone.

"C'mon, Honey! Get a little cut up!" Melody implores as he slashes. When the attack is missed, he frowns. And then there's a kick. The man wobbles for a moment before falling forward. CRASH. He hits face first, twitching a few times but not getting up. Looks like that was all it took to knock him out.

Queen Butterfly's laugh is cut off as Gauss sidesteps. While the benches don't do much to crack the shield, bouncing right off it, the woman connects with the concrete. Her heels pierce it…and get stuck. They promtly snap, the woman falling back and smacking her head into the concrete. Looks like she's out cold too.

From somewhere in the bushes, Bubbles' laugh can be heard. "Whahaha!" Followed by the crackle of electricity and a flash of light. THUD. After a moment or two, Mr. Faith steps out of the bushes, dusting off his uniform. "Bubbles," he says in a deadpan tone.

In spite of the fact that her opponent was out, Laura did not take to sonic business lightly. Nudging him unto his back with the toe of her boot, she kneels down to deliver a sharp punch to his throat - not enough to collapse it, but definitely give him a hoarse voice for a few hours.

July winces as Steve lands belly-first on the water, and then she scratches her chest a bit, as if feeling his pain. She then looks around, finally finding her teammate, and hurrying toward him, "Oh, wow, you're alright, Ed- Mr. Faith?"

Erik shakes his head. "That was…retarded." He says simply as he sighs, recalling his piano wire and using it to wrap butterfly girl up, and then removing her jewel and mask, and pocketing it.

Mr. Faith just sighs. "I'm okay, Elastica. He…literally blew bubbles at me," he says, embarassed for even running in the first place.

Melody may be out cold but he still lets out a "HRK!" when struck. Well, atleast he's definitely out cold.

The gem is rather warm to the touch and once removed from the Queeen…she changes. She goes from a buxom blonde…to a rather frumpy
looking little brunette. Still out cold though. And no sooner does the mask settle in Gauss' pocket does it start to vibrate. And then…the buzzing gem busts right through the side of his pocket and rockets off into the sky. Leaving a gem-sized hole in the fabric, the gem vanishes with a little twinkle of light. Huh.

Elastica blinks as she listens to the description of Bubbles' attack. "Bubbles? So what did those bubbles do? Poisonous? Do they explode?" The rubber girl just can't wrap her mind that they were just normal bubbles. But then she notices the gem flying away, and blinks, "Does that mean she'll return?"

Standing up again, Laura leans her head to the left, giving the right side of her head a sharp whack with the heel of her hand. Blinking up towards Elastica, she calls across the way, "…what?"

Erik screws up his face when the gem rockets out of his pocket, and looks down at the hole. "This was a very expensive jacket." Erik says simply. "Somedays I wish we could just shoot them in the head. Shall we then, before the crazy bitch wakes up? We can call the cops from the car."

Mr. Faith shrugs, wiping what looks like a soapy spot off his costume. "They were soap. And they popped," he says simply. He watches the gem go. "They…always do…" he trails off. Of course, Gauss gets a positively horrified look from Mr. Faith at his wish. "We'll be right there," he says, heading for the public bathroom his street clothes are stashed in. "C'mon, Elastica!"

Elastica erm's a bit at Erik's idea, "That… wouldn't help us very much…" she says, before she's called by Mr. Faith. "Oh right! Coming!" The girl hurries, to pick up her clothes and put them on again, inside the ladies' room. Couple minutes later, July comes out of the room wearing her normal attire, and then hurries toward Erik's car.

Drawing near to Leif, Laura speaks up, "…what was that you were saying about getting hitched?" she asks, her voice sounding enormously confused. Regardless, she piles into the car herself, using a finger to scrape more of the blood out of her ears. "…anyone have a tissue?"

Erik raises an eyebrow. "Getting hitched?" He asks curiously as he does get a tissue out and hand it over to Laura as he slides in to the car, and looks over to Eddie. "Kidding, I promise." He says, about the murderous comment.

Eddie's the last to pile up into the car. "Alright, good to go!" he says. Erik gets a frown from the teen but an eventual nod. "Atleast today wasn't boring!" he offers.

Meanwhile, somewhere off is space, there is a room. In this room, a single pink candle with a matching flame suddenly goes out.

Dun dun duuuunnnnnn!

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