2011-06-30: No Wardrobe Malfunctions Allowed


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Summary: Ashley is called to the Headmistress' office for a late night surprise. And no, not that kind!

Date: June 30, 2011.

Log Title: No Wardrobe Malfunctions Allowed

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Emma Frost's Office

//Miss Frost's office is not as white as one would expect, however it does present an overall theme in the room. Using a classic den/office style structure from the building, the hardwood floor has been mostly covered from entry to desk with a white carpet that has been decorative bordered in an ivy-pattern, with the center having a delicately done floral arrangement. Two plush white leather chairs sit slightly staggered and angled facing a white marble topped desk of dark-stained oak, the Xavier Academy logo in front emblazoned in a polished steel. Atop the desk is materials for physical writing as well as a dual-monitor computer system that seems keyboardless, instead having a single mouse-like interface device. To the right are a pair of striated white marble book-cases filled from top to bottom, in the center of the pair a marble fireplace that burns sedately despite the time or season.

The left wall has a series of file cabinets sitting next to another computer desk, this one with a standard keyboard and mouse with the academy logo floating sedately on the screen. Next to those is a table where mail seems to be laid out next to a carafe of what is either coffee or tea, and a small pile of cookies, which seems to vary day by day. Behind the carafe is a small containers for sugar, fresh cream, and honey.

Behind the desk is a bank of windows facing northwards, running practically from wall to wall, bordered on both sides by silver-embroidered sheer silk cloth, so even when drawn you can make out details outside, and so long as day is present, line pours in to give the room a sense of warmth. For the times when more light is required, it comes from the vaulted office ceiling from a tasteful-looking light and fan combination. Just behind the desk and on the right side is a second door with a hand-print scanner.//

So as Ash has been summoned, so he appears, standing outside the door to the Miss Frost's office, rapping his knuckles on the wood to indicate his arrival.

As Ashley reaches up to knock on the door, it opens, the door turning away slowly while behind the desk in the palatial office is one Emma Frost, headmistress of the school, and immaculate as every detail in the room. Motioning with one hand to one of the two white leather chairs facing her desk, she says in a cool tone, "Please sit, Mister Moriarti… thank you for coming. I know this is late, but some things have arrived for you, and I'd wished to deliver them personally."

Alright, so the door opening automatically even before he knocked gave Ash some pause. No doubt he's heard rumors, but the youth still has little experience with other forms of mutant abilities outside of his own. He enters as he is motioned in, giving a quick glance around the room before spying the chair. The look of surprise crossing over his face is easy enough to read, and even without it, the surprise is evident across his mind. "..some things?" he asks. He wasn't expecting anything, and his attention turns towards Emma as he moves to sit, wonder clear in his mind as to what it is.

"Yes, actually… part of what we strive to do here with Xavier's is to ensure the comfort of our students, and to provide for those who require… additional assistance." Emma says softly, before she moves around the desk, moving like some kind of unearthly creature as she lifts a box into view, "You are a pyrokinetic… which can cause… ahh… complications with one's wardrobe, yes?" And once more, she motions with her eyes, and then one hand to one of the chairs.

Ash sits down in the offered chair, but not entirely. The posture of a child afraid of a scolding, mixed with that of the one that waits eagerly for Christmas morning. He watches the Headmistress move with a mix of trepidation and eagerness. His head bobs automatically with the announcement that he is a pyrokinetic, confirming what really doesn't need to be confirmed. "Kinda, yeah…" he says in agreement. Even if he doesn't hasn't really put his powers to much use since the incident in the gym. And he still hasn't the inkling as to what the 'things' could be.

Emma settles the box next to Ashley on the table between the two chairs, and then opens it, showing off several sets of white and black items. Taking one of them out, it looks like a sock, but made of a sheer material, and fits just around to the ankle, "This is made from unstable molecules… when in skin contact with you, your pyrokinetic effects will pass through it harmlessly. Your standard training uniform is made from this, but these are made specifically for you. T-shirts, underwear, and socks. Things to be worn under your normal… if… parochial clothing… so that should you require your powers to be used in public… it will not be as embarrassing."

From the look crossing his face, Ash disagrees with her assessment of his clothing. It is not parochial. He just doesn't dress for the weather. Hoodies and cargos do not a parochial outfit make. However, once the things are revealed, he leans forwards, folding his forearms across his knees. "So it doesn't burn?" he asks. Dumb question, but he hasn't snuck out to mess around with his training uniform. And his limited understanding of his abilities doesn't extend to thinking that they have to pass through his clothes. His clothes not catching on fire is something he can understand.

Sitting down next to him, Emma tilts her head to one side, some of her locks of hair spilling perfectly over one eye, only to be pushed back once more, "Here… take off a shoe and put the sock on… then… focus on it, and attempt to light it on fire." Smiling once before she adds with a slight chuckle, "Do not worry about accidentally damaging the decor… I already have that part covered."

"Ooookay.." Ash replies. He still doesn't believe in this 'unstable molecule' stuff, mostly because he hasn't seen it in action. He does scoot himself back into the chair, one foot coming up onto the knee of the other leg, fingers working to undo the converse hightop. The shoe is dropped to the floor, and the long white sock is pulled off, toes wriggling when they are freed. He rolls up that pantsleg to the knee, and then pulls the fireproof sock back onto his bare foot. Foot extending, he focuses his attention on his big toe. First comes the flicker of light as he focuses his ability in a different fashion, and then the flame. Like the flame from a candle, or a lighter, except instead of dancing on the end of a length of wax, it dances on the end of his toe. As his new 'sock' doesn't go up in flames.

The surprise is once more quite evident on Ash's face. From what he's seen of 'fireproof' material, its always a whole lot thicker than that.

Emma touches the young man's shoulder before he concentrates too much on it, and potentially hurts himself, saying into his ear, "Allright… stop now, please." Moving to stand up, she takes one of the t-shirts from the box, and holds it out, showing how sheer it is, "These are specially treated for heat resistance, the same as one Johnny Storm… the Human Torch of the Fantastic Four wore for a while. They will resist high temperatures applied directly to it, but there is still some thermal transferance. Which means… of course… if it is hot enough, your skin will still burn. It is not a perfect solution… it is something to prevent you from what we affectionately call… the power accident."

Ash feels skeptical at being burnt, but he's yet to really put that immunity to the test, and it does have its upper limits. Even if the shirt looks definately non-parochial. Not that he speaks it, but the youth has no concept of telepathic shielding. Instead he busies himself with peeling the unstable molecule sock from his foot and pulling the other back on, wriggling it into place and pulling his shoe back on. "..not that I really plan on going around usin' my powers…" he says as he finishes tying up his sneaker and turns his attention back to Emma, "..but yeah, stuff that doesn't burn is always good to have. Just in case.." and his mind casts back to that incident at the bank with Jem.

Sitting in the room with a telepath, such unguarded secrets are readily readable, and her brow just arches as the memory plays out. Emma then sighs once and then says, "That… is a problem. Yes, I am a telepath, and short of Mister Falk, the most powerful of the lot of us present. Your… friendship with Miss Savalion does have me somewhat concerned. I do not normally interfere with student relations… but she seems to be something of an influence upon you. I will actually be speaking to her privately later… but… that is neither here nor there… but I am also here if you have things you feel you cannot speak to your mentor about, or feel needs a more subtle touch."

Bugger… Ash just has no luck with telepaths, lately. His head bobs slightly, although concern does leak through at mention of a private discussion with Jem, whether or not it's here or there. To Jem's credit, is it a positive influence, in part. He's not as withdrawn as he was when he first arrived at the school. "..I guess I better sign up for those classes on shielding my thoughts…" he murmurs quietly to himself. However, aloud, he nods, his attention turning back to Emma, "Yes ma'am. Of course, ma'am. I'll keep that in mind."

"Anyways…" Emma says in a slightly cooler tone, "These are yours, gratis… of the school. If they ever are found to not fit well, please inform me, and I will have you resized and them replaced. These however have much stretch to them, and should go with most things." And with that, she moves up and around, back to her desk, "Is there anything you would like to know, since you are here, Mister Moriarti?"

Ash brings the box into his lap, nodding in understanding that they are his to keep. His fingers curl around the edges of the container. The teen remains silent for a time, his thoughts a jumble, but eventually he shakes his head, "No, not right now, ma'am. Just eager to get started once the summer is over with."

Emma motions with one hand graciously towards the door, which swings open again seemingly of it's own volition, and then says in a slightly more pleasant tone, "Then… I will not take any more of your time, Mister Moriarti. Please… enjoy your vacation. And try and stay to the campus or known areas for now."

Ash nods, lifting the box out of his lap as he stands. His head dips down as he lifts the box, a little bit of a bow as he says, "Thank you, Miss Frost, for the.. ahh.." the youth pauses, peering down at the box, pondering his words. Then "…clothes…" he finishes, for lack of a better word. Then he's heading towards the door.

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