2010-07-29: Non-Closeted Feelings


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Summary: Robyn and James speak plainly about their experiences.

Date: July 29, 2010.

Log Title: Non-Closeted Feelings

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - James' Room

This is James' room, and by his, we mean 'His.' From the looks of it, in the absence of a roommate, he's taken over the accommodations of two. In one corner of the room, two beds have been pushed together while the window itself has been covered by a few blankets and a large plank of wood (probably a desktop) to block out ambient light. But even with such personalization, there's still at least one desk and dresser left intact. With schoolbooks in one and clothes in the other (although not necessarily in the right order) the room obviously belongs to a student. But, with a lack severe of personal effects to describe what type, all that you have to go by is a large occurrence of gnaw marks distributed randomly across several items.

He doesn't know how to exactly break it to James but Robyn figures he'll tell him what Rashmi told him. It's been a few days but now Robyn's outside of James' door wearing a pair of black jeans and a black button up shirt. "James, it's Robyn, you around?" Even though he's been sleeping in there, he doesn't just barge in. He's a guest in James' room, that's how he views it right now.

"Yeah," James calls back from his closet. Bag in hand, he's shoving shirts and pants alike inside. He gives Robyn a nod before he drops the canvas contraption on the floor, "Wazzup?"

Robyn walks in the room and his face grows with worry as he's noticing James is packing. He freezes for a bit and then eventually chokes out the words. "Are you leaving too?" As he's afraid that James is running away or heading back home and leaving the school.

James shrugs and walks over to his desk to rummage for some random bit of something. His muscles tighten as Robyn's scent reaches him. His eye peering over his shoulder just enough to swatch the boy. It's not the kindness of looks, but it fades as he reconsiders his response, his memory recalling a quick, 'oh yeah…Jordan left too.' he shakes his head, "Not really? Just a camping trip up north. Want to get out of town long enough to forget all the stupid crap that's gone on the past few weeks."

Robyn sits down and lets out a relieved breath of air. "Sorry, just…thank god." He says as if James left, that'd be like a punch to the stomach for the teen. "Well I hope the camping trip is good for you, I've never been." He says giving a small smile. "I..I have something I need to tell you but if I tell you, you can't let it stop you from going on your camping trip, promise?"

James pushes a desk drawer shut with a thud, "No promises. You're already hinting that it would…so…out with it." He turns around and sets his butt on the desk as he pulls one leg over another, probably offering Robyn an accidental reminder of Not-James.

"Well Rashmi came to visit, we tried to find you but we couldn't and according to her, that guy who stabbed you…he wants me dead." Robyn tries to say it casually like it doesn't bother him but it's almost impossible for him to hide things from James. "I guess it has to do with something I do in the future, Chloe seems to think I build a 50-foot statue of Ahab being doodled by a whale." Hey he tries to bring her humour over.

In response, James offers a frown and a subtle eye tremor. Without a word, he walks back over to his closet and begins to unpack. With his back to Robyn, he flings the clothes back onto their shelves then, strangely, stops and started putting them back *properly* Going as far as to fold his BDUs. "If it's coming from Rashmi, it's credible. You tell anyone else yet?"

Robyn walks up and puts a hand on James' shoulder. "Please, don't pack because of me. Really. I'll be fine hiding out here. I don't want you to miss out on your camping trip I..I think you need to get away for a bit. I'll miss you but you should clear your head and then get back here to give me fireman carries okay?" He says joking around with James. "Also, Ms. Frost called me into her office. She didn't mention it but I dunno if she knows or not. I guess some Avenger came her with RAshmi."

James looks at the hand then at Robyn, "I'm not packing on your account, I'm unpacking. Difference is things come out of the bag…not go in." There 'might' be a hint of smart-ass in that. "Yeah…I heard someone 'big time' was visiting. I never saw who. If you wanna know, I'll find out. Let you know if he's cute or available." He smirks, the joke obviously one for the one having BF trouble.

Robyn goes to sit back down and pulls his knees up to his chest. "Nah, I don't need to know. I know you're joking around and stuff but…things will be okay between Jordan and I." Though they haven't talked since he left. "Ms. Frost…I don't know what to think of her. She needs some common sense. She asked me what I thought they needed to do to earn the students respect around here. Can you believe that? She's the teacher, she should know."

James continues to resort his clothes, "Place is fucked. I've come to realize that the good teachers disappear while all the bad ones ask questions like Frost did. Or, better yet, chase you down when you disagree with them. I mean, seriously, next one that comes running after me I'm gonna toss out a window and claim pre-emptive self defense." Given his run-ins a few months back, he might get away with it too. "So, Frost and Kenta actually had a tiff in front of me. Maybe it's my inner-Indiana…but I didn't think you were supposed to argue in front of the kids."

With a shrug, Robyn doesn't really know. "The only teacher I have a decent relationship with is Forge, I dunno, Jono did come to see me when I was injured but I swear it was mostly a 'I told you so' type of thing." There's an eyeroll at that as he feels Jono isn't the type of guy he can look up to like he once thought. "I pretty much told Emma she should be asking you or Jordan who left but she wanted to hear my opinion, really, mine doesn't matter."

"I hear rumors involving Magneto, glasshouses, and throwing stones. But the double standard is the only standard around here, so it's to be expected," James says with a shrug. Clothes placed correctly, the hyena closes the closet door and leans against it, "I dunno about Forge…I was banned from his workshop after the Toaster-Jacking incident. And I haven't seen him since. Speaking of…you still on your team? Mine got shifted around a bunch?"

"My team got shifted around too. Star is about the only person who was on it before now I have Kisha the mad scientist, Cloud..yay, and I can't remember the other. Jaidee? I don't think I've met him yet but I think that's his name." Robyn says with a shrug before nodding at James' first sentence. "And holy crap, did you know she was also a villain? She told me that after I mentioned Magneto being around and how some teachers are off taking lessons from him. It's just, they want to know what will help and I dunno, it's kind of bullshit to me."

"Yeah…and people think I'm a fucking idiot for suggesting that 'maybe' it's more than coincidental that all these villains just show up here whenever, eh?" James says with a hint of bitterness, "I don't buy what they're selling and he'd kill you quicker than help you from what I hear." On the team thing, James shrugs, "'Team Drama' gained Jinx. Lucas is probably leading it or something—at least I think that's what he's on about. So, we're living up to our name better than ever now."

"Coincidental my ass." Robyn mutters as he knows exactly why things keep happening here. "She pretty much told me that's they're scared to let us be kids and enjoy ourselves since they need to protect us here. If we go out there they can't protect us which is bullshit. It just…maybe when you go away I'll go home for a bit. It's like they don't realize we're teens and it's all too much."

There's a nod and a shrug from James, "I dunno what they're thinking…but if boobs were brains, Emma wouldn't need ask kids how to run a school." The hyena reaches out with a foot and gives Robyn a poke with it, "You ever wonder if Jordan had the right idea?"

"Yeah, I do, but at the same time, I'm worried. He didn't tell me where he was going just that he was going somewhere, where he can make a difference. I don't know if I have a good feeling about that." Robyn admits as he's worried about Jordan and what unknown thing he might be getting into. "They're fake. Emma's boobs, you can tell." Well he can he is gay even if he isn't holy crap flamboyant. "So, she'd have fake brains?"

James nods, listening to the thoughts on Jordan, "I just…dunno. So I'll leave it at that. But…I will say it's only going to take one disaster to see if Emma can do any better than the rest. Seriously…anyone allowed to walk around with a cast—or head trama—for more than two days is going to ruin any credibility she has in my book." He walks over to the beds and pulls them apart so that his extended-stay friend has room to rest, "I'm gonna get some sleep soon. Feel free to stay."

"Sleep sounds good and yeah…I mean it's like she's trying to hart to seem like a good person or something. She should be interviewing the teachers not us." Robyn says as he looks a the. "I'm gonna go get into some sleep clothes and I'll be back to crash in here. And I dunno, she didn't come down to see me until after the medbay exploded and Jinx was in bed too."

James nods and flops down on top of his bed, "Yeah…my point exactly. So my challenge stands. One disaster away and we'll know if it's about us or not." Putting his hands under his head he stares up at the ceiling, "You talk to her anymore, I wanna know. I'll tell you if I hear anything too."

Robyn stands up and heads for the door. "I'll definitely let you know, and if she talks to you, let me know." He says as he wants to be on the same page as his friend. "I'll be back in like ten minutes." Robyn says as he exits so he can get ready for bed and then head back to the room.

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