2010-07-19: None Of Your Business


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Summary: Kenta tries to talk to James about what happened, James doesn't.

Date: July 19, 2010

Log Title: None Of Your Business

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Observation Deck

Glass windows surround the circular room giving a full view of the school grounds. Two telescopes sit in front of the window for students to looks at the stars. A few comfortable chairs and couches with a few tables are placed up here for students to relax. There's a door off to one of the sides that leads up to the attic above here.

After hearing that James was back from being possessed by Selene, he's decided to have the young Hyena meet him up in the observation deck to have a small conversation with him. Nothing bad but there are some things he wants to ask and such. He's sitting back on one of the couches wearing a pair of black jeans and a sleevless shirt with his hands behind his head as he waits paitently.

Having chosen to keep a low profile, James has been a rare site since he discovered what had gone on during the last month. Hes even missed his weekly DR session, instead using an excused absence to put a little distance between him and his fellow teammates. Today, however, is different. Having received a meeting request, the Hyena pads out of the attic at the appropriate time, to find Kenta one floor below. You wanted to see me? he asks?

Kenta nods and pats the seat of the couch next to him. "Yus I did James. Don't worry, it's not about missing the D.R. sessions, take as much time as you need, you've been through a bit." He says but at the same time there is gonna come a warning with that. "I was just wondering, how you holding up? And I don't want to hear some 'I'm fine' bs cause if you say I'm Fine, then you better be at the next session."

James takes a lean against some of the window glass, choosing to stand. Given the options in front of him, he chooses one not offered, saying, None of your business. He looks out the window, speaking clearly, Ill be back as soon as Ive had a chance to talk to Lucas. Ill do that when Im ready. He crosses his arms, a move representing his rather unyielding nature.

"Wow, none of my business, thanks James. Well I guess this meeting is over then." Kenta says with a bit of sarcasim. "Listen James…I had someone come to me, with an idea, to make a team, with you leading it. I gave an okay. I said I'd lead up that team, now..things have changed but I want to let you know, I still think you'd be a good leader. And I'd still give that okay. It sucks what happened, big time, James, but your are still my student and I still am going to try to help out if I can."

James gaze falls on Kenta, his face refusing to betray any emotion, Yes, and that someone is hanging out in the emergency Living Quarters. Maybe you should talk to her about the team that she tried to form, since the only leading I can do, Kenta, is leading others to their near-doom. He tries to cut that line of conversation shot, instead saying, Im going to talk to Addison next chance I get. Maybe he can keep that sort of thing from happening again.

Kenta walks over to James and puts a hand on his fur. "Oh I already talked to her, she's quite the bitch." But he was amused at the same time. "I don't care if it was -her- to tried to form it and I want you to look at me when I tell you this James." Kenta says looking the Hyena right up in his eyes. "You didn't lead -anyone- to their doom. She did. Not you. I'm sorry it had to be in your body but you didn't make any choices in the matter. If you did, it'd be different. Think about it this way, do you blame Lucas for the things he did when he was possessed by the demons? What about blaming those who were altered by Sinister, do you blame them?"

James raises a hand and moves to push Kentas arm away, giving him a rather rude dismissal, phhhhhts. Putting some distance between him and the teacher, he settles near the stairs. He avoids the topic of Lucas as he and his friend share a unique understanding of Inferno that neither of them speaks to others about. He looks his squad leader over, I never said they blamed me, or that I blamed myself did I?

"Not directly but you're acting like an asshole and you did said that -you- lead them to their near doom which basically is you blaming yourself since you didn't do that at all." Kenta says crossing his arms over his chest. "You're not fine James, that's obvious, but if you want me to leave you alone, say it an I will. I'm not going to press this on you. So just say the words and I'll leave you alone."

James shrugs, eyes narrowing. Hes a creature of opportunity, the type thatll take one even if he doesnt want it. So, when given on, he reaches right for it, Fine, leave me alone. He lets the quiet of the room act as an exclamation point. After a second, he starts right back in on business, Ill make an appointment with Kenta and see what the and Emma can do to keep this from happening a *third* time.

"See ya later James." Kenta says as he gets up and heads to the door and starts to walk out. "Good idea James, I'm sure they'll be able to help with that, but I'm gonna be going now." He says while his back is turned to James. He's respecting his students wish and leaving him alone. Kenta hits the button the elevator so he can head down stairs once it arrives. "If you need me for anything Paragons related, let me know."

James turns and starts walking up the stairs to the attic, Yeah, yeah, yeah, youll be the first to know. He waves a hand as if dismissing the idea, hand gripping the stair rail hand enough to leave claw marks. Later.

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