2010-03-14: Nor Iron Bars a Cage


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Summary: Dinner Theater: Jade is nice, Jono is Evil, James is a Dick

Date: March 14, 2010.

Log Title Nor Iron Bars a Cage

Rating: R [for Language]

Xavier Mansion - Holding Cells

Three cells line each wall each with an energy barrier that can be switched on and off with those with the security codes. The tech here is advanced and not something an average person can figure out. Inside the cells there are degrees of powers suppression, depending on who it's holding. There are cameras monitoring those held in here so there isn't much privacy. Each cell has a bed and a toilet in it and those held in here would be feed regularly. The door leading to the rest of the mansion is made of a thick, heavy steel, and is locked securely by advanced electronic means.

The sunday evening silence in the holding cells is broken by the *squeek*squeek*squeek* of wheels. In a moment, James comes into view, pushing a large cart in front of him. "Yeah..it's what goes on down here," he explains to Jade in mid sentence, "All the lame baddies get caught and shoved in the closet. They can't really help it. They just kinda suck at being villains." The hyena stops the cart, one with several doors and a box on top, in front of Jono's cell. He smiles, pushing his clawed hands through his head fur, "Which is what brings us to tonight's example." He adjusts his goggles, pulling them over his eyes as he picks through that cardboard box on the top of the cart, "Now where did I put that…Oh! Here!" James pulls out a blanket, makes a show of slowly unfolding it, and then with a flare of dramatics, spreads it out onto the floor.

Jade follows along. She has her cane hooked on her arm, good with following the squeaking on the cart and the scent of the big hulking monster known as James before her. "Ooh, villains," she murmurs, impressed. "I wish I could see them. I don't think I have ever met a villain before." She imagines them all with little mustaches and sneering grins, speaking aloof and disdainfully to those who would dare oppose them. Sorta like Scott with a mustache.

Inside of that cell is a filthy lump that looks like some homeless corpse that's been dragged through the woods a while. Not to mention some mud puddles.. then beaten to a bloody mess. While Jonothon has physically put himself back together, he's had no opportunity to clean up at all. Nor has there been any real desire to. No, he was tossed in here, and has slept more than a day now. Means that as voices can be heard, there's no immediate response from the figure curled on the bunk with his back to the door. The tears in his strange body suit give testament to just how much damage had to be done to subdue and get him here.

The noises do wake Jono though. The thin man, shifts slightly, and then lifts a hand to rub at his face. The face rubbing isn't seen, but it's easy to guess. Leaving that arm to rest over his head, it's not until after Jade has finished that it clicks in just what he's hearing. Arm moves away and a bleery-eyed look is cast over a shoulder as he lifts his head. Looking at you two a moment, he then slumps back down, «Christ.» The voice is so very quiet.

James nods at Jade, "Ehhh. You're not missing much. Really. Trust me. I know." He glances over at the door and shrugs, "Moving on!" That last part was overly cheerful. He leans over the cart and unlocks the door, sliding the metal grading up. And that's when it starts. The smells. Food. And lots of it. James begins to bring a catered lunch out of the trolley and onto the blanket. Yes…he's picnicking in the holding cells. Covered containers, foil wrapped items, beverages. More food than the two of them need. But that's not the point. He's here to eat it all. Right here. In front of the man Jame's HOPES recently learned what he has been missing in those last 8-or-so years since Jono became a mutant.

"I may not be missing much but it would still be neat to see. Maybe I should go see that creepy teacher guy who sleeps in the hangar that I have heard about. Maybe he can," she wiggles her fingers at her head. "Do something to my—" she pauses, hearing that voice which is not a voice at all. "Did you hear that?" The food smells great, scent rising up. "You brought hotwings? I was promised hotwings."

Unfortunately many of the alternations Sinister worked are already fading. Jonothon's face is whole, but that's the limit it of it. He can neither smell, nor eat. Of course none of this is obvious as yet. Not even as psy-fire begins to creep up and over a shoulder. It's a wan substance to boot. More like a bright honey color instead of the flickering fires that it's normally made up of. Doesn't even go far. «I thought there was to be no torture!» A quiet shout, for the cell dampens his powers so much he can't do more. And no, he wasn't promised anything, but he's protesting the picnic. A hand to head and he huddles in somewhat. Kind of like he were covering his ears, but not quite. «Kindergarden is over. Go home!»

James nods to Jade, "Yes. That's Jono—your squad leader. Well, was. Now he's this evil guy until we can fix him. Here, let me help you!" That last bit almost sounds satirical, as if someone in the room knows this is all a big show. He makes an attempt to help Jade sit on the blanket, "Some people help by fixing problem, some people help by eating a load of food in front of a holding cell. Today… I'm the ladder." He hmmms, searching through the cart, "Fish and chips…burgers, hot dogs…oh…wings." He looks over at the female, "Yeah, there's wings." he stares at the door, "Someone's waking up on the wrong side of the bed." Pouty voice!

Jade is a little nervous, glancing towards the sound of the voice and adjusting her glasses. "He doesn't sound very okay…" she ventures. She folds her legs beneath her and sits cross-legged on the picnic blanket. "He doesn't sound much like Mister Jonothon. He sounds kinda scary…" she glances towards where the door should be, her 'hair' slithering against her shoulders.

«Sod off.» Yes, his manners are about non existent at the moment. «Go wank somewhere else. I'm in no mood for hearing people snog.» Which probably means absolutely nothing to those raised in America. Jonothon just doesn't care. Fingers are run through hair, and in finding a wad of, er, something he can't quite identify, the man throws it at the door. «That's because I'm locked in a bloody cell, you twat. I'm a ruddy mess, and am now being tortured. You both can go fly.» And with that he motions at you with two fingers. So there. Neener.

James tsk-tsks, "And pay him no attention, Jade. He's not. It's not the person you were used to. Me…on the other hand, I've quite accustomed to the guy behind the door. Old friends now…practically." He finished the spread and sits down, "Alright. I'm starved. Lets eat!" He pulls out a pre-wrapped burger and goes to town, "Hope no one misses thi….errr…wow. Great food!"

"James, I think he called me a name," she exclaims softly at the profanity and funny British words coming from the room. "He can't be the same person. The real Mr. Jonothon let me touch his… face stuff." She reaches for a buffalo wing, regardless, and sinks a fang into the meat, ripping it free. "Mm. Woah… hot!" She fans her lips as her hair shivers in a reflection of emotion.

This is cruel and unusual! Jonothon wraps both arms around his head with a mental expression of utter disgust and just lays there for a moment. Then it all bursts out, «OF COURSE I CALLED YOU A NAME!» Someone's just not having a good day, is he? Surging up from the bed, he all but throws himself at the door, baring teeth at you both. Jono looks like he stepped right out of a horror film. Good thing Jade can't see this. There's blood all over him, and the front of his costume shows the hole in his chest. The psy-fire can't hide it as it would normally, so he's a pretty accurate zombie wannabe. «Fuck off. Maybe you'll get that one. Fuck. Off.» And yes, he's leaving smears all over the door. Ew.

Considering you could probably shove at least 3 burgers into that mouth of his, James finishes the wee bit of food and moves onto something else. He blinks at the small show going on behind the door, "Oh pipe down in there." He hmphs and stands, giving the man a look. Pretty fearless when he thinks that the door will hold. In a mocking tone, he waggles a sausage he just picked up at the man and states, "Core…I could murder a sausage, gov'na." It's a poor attempt at being British…but he's not going for accuracy. He gives it a quick snap with his jaws and makes "mmmmmmm" sounds, "Want one?" He pushes it to the window followed by his face and starts licking the displayed meat. "Laaa-Laaa-Laaaa….Tasty," he says with his head pressed to the glass, tongue licking it, the food, the glass, and everything else, "Laaa-Laaa-Laaaa….”

Jade jumps as there is a thud against the door. And then he is on about the fucking and insults. She gnaws on the bone and eyes the door sidelong. "Maybe we can share?" she asks gently of the big food-aggressive hyena. "Did you bring vinegar for the fish and chips? British people like that," she nods, as if she knows what she is talking about.

That snarl shifts to sheer disgust at James' display. Ew! Dark eyes have illuminated pupils though, and after disgust, Jonothon gives James a look that would murder if the cell didn't deny him his powers. So dead, Hyena. And yet, he can't do anything more than glare, so he removes himself from the door. Slumps down to the floor to one side of the portal. Still mostly seen, this allows him not to have to see either of you. Stretches one leg out beneath the bunk he was sitting on and leans against the wall. Shutting you out. LALALALA. Can't hear you!

James snorts on the glass, fogging it up a little, "Oh…he's got plenty of vinegar in there." He stares at the man, one eye a little over exaggerated as he's got the side of his head to the glass. He pulls back, admiring the grease stain he leaves behind, "Royal class act, 'e is. Sir Jono of Icant Standit." He stops short of calling more names or the like. He knows the score and he's not going to push his luck with the darker side. He flumps down on the floor, making his new seat right in front of the door. He ohhss, admiring Jade's stash of wings. He waves his hands a little and then….Snatches a Few.

Jade takes another wing, unknowing that James is stealing her meats. "Mmm…. this is kinda mean." She nibbles a little more and glances at the door. "So, what is the point to you tormenting him? Did he do something to you or something? Or is this your way of being a friend?"

Jonothon's hand makes another appearance, giving the two fingered salute once more. That sums up pretty much everything he's feeling here. There's a soft thump as hand hits door, and he holds it there far more than long enough for James to see it. Of course poor Jade is spared all this.

James shrugs, "He tried to kill me. A couple of times now. I spent most of last week recovering." Hyperbole. He knows it. Jono knows it. Jade doesn't know it. "And what do you mean, mean? I…eat down here all the time. He just happens to be in there." He smiles at Jade and changes the subject, "So…tell me…Seriously. What do you like about the non-Evil Jono? Really. I'll spill my guts if you will." Ahh, so there's the catch.

"He *did*??" Jade almost drops her wing, her fingers smeared with the sauce of goodness. She looks up at the sound of James' voice. "I don't believe you. Why would you eat down here all the time… and why would he kill you? Other than figuratively, which I am sure half the school wants to by now…" she slurps the meat of the bone, stripping it between her sharp spikey fangs. "Mr. Jonothan was really kind. I thought he was pretty handsome, too… not that I can see, but you feel these things sometimes."

«ARG!» Jonothon protests from inside his cell. «ENOUGH!» Not that he can do anything about this. The sound of his head being thunked against the wall can sure be heard. Make it stop.. make it stop.. make it stop..

James gives Jade a long look as Jono makes noises inside the cell, "Jade…you seem really nice—almost hippy like. And I don't mean to offend when I tell you this. But, as a hippy…yah. You're supposed to eat granola. Not smoke it." He crosses his arms, "Work with me here. We're in the school's prison. Your teacher is locked up. And for the last week I haven't been sneaking caffeine pills into your soda because I was MIA. So…maybe, just maybe I'm telling the truth." The male sighs, "But, that's getting off topic. Tell me more about Jono."

"I think we're hurting him," Jade glances towards the cell, and her hair rustles in a shiver. Guilt begins to creep into her persona and after fumbling for a beverage to take some of the heat from her mouth. As James insults her fine hippy upbringing, she sticks her tongue out at him. Surprisingly or not, the end is slightly forked. "James, you are an asshole. Mr. Jonothon wasn't… and isn't. If he is cussing at us, it's because we're doing something wrong. She begins to move to her feet, using the cart to drag herself upwards. "Maybe he wants a soda. We should be nice."

If Jade only knew what was going on inside of Jonothon's head, she wouldn't think James as cruel. Sure he's being something of a jerk, but that doesn't make him cruel. «Christ.» He protests far more quietly. Not that anything he's said has been loud even as he screamed it. The dampening affects of the cell are limiting his voice too. «I can't bloody well eat, you twat! Leave off!» For a very brief time he could, but that's gone now. Remembering it as the man pulling in his legs. Curling up smaller on that spot.

"Jade. I'm a Hyena. I'm part of an elite group of assholes. Seriously. Ask me, I'll tell you all about it." He watches her fumble around, "He's locked up. We can't get in, he can't get out. There's no soda getting, giving, or be-had-ding. He's under the control of some bad guy. Yes…X-man is an ex-Man. Null and void, expired. Nada. Nope. No Chili. He's not going anywhere until he's fixed. And he's hurting because the guy pulling the strings is a bigger asshole than me." He stands up, "Here." Gently he puts his arm around her, "He's right here." He guides her to the right spot, "And you are lucky—LUCKY you can't see this. Because I can. And it hurts worse than anything he did to me last week." Okay, a little over the top. But he's hoping Jono won't know.

She is dragged over, and becomes rapidly (though slowly) aware that she is a pawn in this design. She stares blindly into the glass, aware of the spot where a man who has been insulting her with probably good reason lurks. "I don't think this is my battle. Can I help here?" She looks up to the furry creature besides her. "I'm just one girl."

«Sod off.» The mess that was once Jonothon says angrily for James' words. Doesn't matter right now if it hurts. Later on it sure will though. «He's an idiot who's messing with your head, gel.» Doesn't even look over, for he doesn't have to. «There's nothing to help. Nothing to change. When I get out of here I'll kill you. That's all there is to it.» The words are ominous for how matter of fact they are.

James shrugs, "And I'm just one guy. But together, we're two. And with Rashmi and Robyn we're now 4. And…with the whole school…" He gives the smaller creature a look. It's not a kind one, and she's spared it. But it's a look nonetheless, a 'why do I need to explain this' sorta look. It sounds perfect in his head. Why can't anyone else see that? "Someone told me once, the best way to make sure someone knows you care is to make sure someone knows you care. So, Jade. So you care?" Maybe a little bit of aggression there, as the hyena redirects his eyes to the glass.

"Of course I care," she turns up to the fuzzy thing, indignant. "This isn't about caring or not.. but hey, why we're at it…" she pulls away, and her hair flares about her, as if it were hackles rising. "Since I have come here, I have been asked to care about people who frankly don't give a shit about me. They tell me to sleep in the stables, and they call me names. I hear all this talk about team and rah and all that and it only applies to a certain few. Or so it seems," She looks to the glass, and her eyes flash behind her glasses, a dull blue glow that superceded her frames. "Jonothon was the only person who treated me with any kind of welcome, and now he's sitting there calling me things and telling me to go fuck off. Tell me how any of this makes any sense at all? It sucks!"

And you know what? Jonothon opts to remain silence after that. He's done what he meant to with Jade, and it's paying off. Unseen, he grins a bit, head resting against the side wall. Good luck there, James.

James looks over at Jade, "I don't care about you." It's a quick dismissal of anything that might have been believed other wise, "To me, you're a tool. A play thing, and like all play things you server a purpose for my amusement Just like almost everyone else at this school." He never looks away from Jono, "But, even so, I'm being honest about that. So…you can either trust me on this and let me play my little game or you can walk out the room and forget, for just a moment you and I just shared a lunch that wasn't part of any facade." He glances down at her, "Yes. I'm an asshole. But, as an asshole I know how to undermine people. And right now I'm telling you the best way to undermine all this bad stuff going on is just to care for someone who rescued you from me because, out of all of us, he's the best meaning person we have."

Jade snorts dryly at the big hyena. "You have no CLUE who I am," she hisses, her hair climbing around her face in a mess of slithering rain, each blue-striped tail alive and active. Her lips press into a tight line. "And I do care about him," her hand flings to the glass. "And if I don't have him? I have no one. No one." The words choke in her throat, and she turns away. The glasses are ripped from her face, as she is in no mood to play the blind girl, her eyes casting a blue-white beam of light before her. She doesn't say goodbye as she trudges her hippy self away.

Jade has left.

There's a disgusted sound from the other side of the glass. Jonothon doesn't say anything, but he makes himself known. Poor, poor Jade. He's going to feel horribly guilty when this is all over. «Wanker.» Said to James after Jade trudges off. «Brilliant work there, mate.» Sarcasm at its best.

James stands still for quite awhile, unmoving. Then, after moving he looks around, "Didn't know she was a teleporter too." He shrugs looking back at the glass, ears sideways, " Well, I tried." He shrugs, looking at all the suddenly cold food, "Not my finest by any means, but, you know what. I 'am' trying. And it's because of you. 6 weeks ago, I'd have been back in my room. Instead, I'm down here 'trying.' Looks like you're pretty good at bringing out my best, eh Jono?"

«You're a bloody idiot.» Bringing out the best in you? Jonothon seems to disagree. «Not lik… ARRRGGGHHHH!» Suddenly he shrieks in agony. In spite of the cell's dampening, the man all but explodes with psy-fire. Unable to move from his spot on the floor, that fire rises to form the shape of a bird. It calls out, spreading magnificent wings, and then rises through the ceiling. Or so it appears anyway. Truth be told, the psy-fire mere disperses, leaving an unconscious Brit sprawled against a wall. The psy-fire was reacting, not truly becoming phoenix.

"Great Caesars Ghost!" James yells out. He dives fro the floor at it's worst, expecting to be immolated any second now. Head buried under his arms, the smell of burnt fur never catches his nose, so he pulls himself up, looking for injuries. Nothing. He peaks into the window, spies Jono and runs to get help.

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