2009-04-03: Normal Friday


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Summary: Students and Staff gather together for a normal Friday afternoon at the Xavier Mansion

Date: April 3, 2009

Log Title: Normal Friday

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Kitchen

A nice, calm day at the Xavier Mansion. Things have been returning to normal since the invasion has ended and one student's certainly in high spirits. Eddie Parker-Mayfair, in jeans and a t-shirt showing a picture of the X-men, has ventured into the kitchen for something to eat now that he's finished classes for the day. As he works at making himself a sandwich, he's singing. "Rolling around at the speed of sound, got places to go, gotta follow my rainbow! Can't stick around, have to keep moving on. Guess what lies ahead? Only one way to find out! Must on moving ahead! No time for guessing, follow my plan instead! Trusting in what you can't see…Take my lead, I'll set you free!" he doesn't even seem to mind that someone might hear him. "Follow me! Set me free! Trust me and we will escape from the city! I'll make it through, follow me! Follow me! Set me free! Trust me and we will escape from the city! I'll make it through, prove it to you! Follow me!"

"That's good - I should really cover that on my next album. What's that from?" Alison slips into the kitchen in the middle of the chorus, in her riding gear minus leather jacket, and fishes a bottle of water out of the fridge. "Nice voice, too - you taking lessons here or something?"

Wandering into the kitchen wearing a pair of black jeans, a black button down shirt with a red tie and a few school books under one arm, is Robyn. He's definately got that 'emo' look down even if he isn't. He gives the blond woman and the singing teen a smile and wave as he goes to the fridge after Alison putting out a container of orange juice. "Where are the glasses kept in here?"

True to Eddie-form, he's startled by Alison's entrance. Squeaking, he tries to turn only to trip over his own feet and fall. THUD. The spoon he'd been using to spread some jelly on the PB&J he was making goes up into the air…then comes down. CLONK. A moment later, Eddie's climbing back onto his face with a bit of jelly smeared on his forehead. Blushing with embarrassment, the teen glances to Robyn and then just stares over at Alison. He tries to speak but just gets a few squeaks. Quickly wiping his forehead with a paper towel, the teen manages to get back to working order. "I umm…dunno where it's from but it's called 'City Escape'. A friend gave me the MP3 when I first got here…and umm…wow…thanks. I haven't taken any lessons for singing though…an umm…glasses are in the that cabinet there," he points up to the mentioned cabinet.

Alison watches the entire spectacle with an amused expression on her face. When Eddie finally manages to pull himself somewhat together, she looks over at Robyn. "He always like this?" She's practically giggling, mind you. Attention? Yay! She even indicates Eddie with her water bottle, turning -her- attention back to him. "Nice shirt."

Robyn watches Eddie with a curious sort of impressed horror. "I don't know, this is only my second day here, I don't know who he is." He doesn't mean it to sound rude but he's just being honest. "Thanks." He looks at Alison curiously. "You look familar." He says not putting two and two together that she's the singer Dazzler.

Eddie smiles, still blushing. "Thanks. The X-men are awesome…" he trails off. Blinking a few times, he realizes he's never met Robyn before. "Hi, I'm Eddie Parker-Mayfair," he says. "And umm…yes…I'm like this all the time," he murmurs. Then Robyn mentions Alison looking familiar. The scarred mutant clicks into 'fanboy mode', starting to explain who Alison is, her history with the X-men and other teams, comments on various costumes, explaining her powers, and talking about her musical career. As usual, he's got that scary level of detail. When he finishes, the teen's blushing again. "Sorry…fanboy…"

Will wonders never cease! Alison was all set to just say 'I'm Alison, nice to meet you!' … and … well. There's that. After a moment to let Robyn sort of maybe start trying to think of what to do with THAT infodump, Alison just grins. "Maybe I should have you ghost-write my book, Eddie. Nice t'meet you."

"I don't even think I know that much information about my parents." Robyn says obviously impressed that someone can know that much. "I'm surprised she doesn't press charges for you being a stalker. And okay…yeah…Dazzler..the singer. That's where I recognize you from." Of course he's embarassed to admit he has one of her cd's from when he was younger, not because she's there but more because it's so unlike his musical tastes now.

Eddie offers a sheepish smile. "I umm…I'm not a very good writer," he admits. Robyn brings another squeak out of Eddie and the power booster, frowns. "I'm not a stalker…" he trails off. "I just know a lot about superheroes and I like the music and…" he just shrugs, squirming on the spot.

"He's a -fan-," Alison says - beaming, of course. "And so are you!" to Robyn. "Fans are AWESOME. I LOVE fans! Especially young ones! Because that means that the critics can BITE ME, I AM relevant!"

Robyn looks down and doesn't want to say anything. He's not a fan, not since he was younger, and he doesn't want to hurt her feelings saying 'I think your music sucks now.' Ah teenagers. His cup of juice is really interesting right now. "Ah, I never learned that much about superheroes. They've fought way too many times on that damn bridge not to far from my apartment."

July arrives to the kitchen. The girl is still on a tour through the house, and boy, is she lost. "Hello?" she asks, looking around inside before actually stepping in. She notices a group of people talking and walks toward them, waving her hand a bit.

Eddie smiles again, nodding quickly. "Yep!" he says. He ofcourse has never seen what the critics say but he's not one to say someone's not relavant. "Really? Which bridge? Who did you see?" he asks Robyn, suddenly rather interested. When July enters, Eddie jumps but offers a wave. "Hi."

Alison waves to July as she comes in too, and shakes her head. "Brooklyn, most likely. Maybe the George Washington. I don't know. The Avengers fight waaay too many battles on bridges, that's for sure." Pushing off from her lean against the counter, "I'm gonna go wander around, guys, get acquainted with the place. Nice meeting you - see you around."

"Williamsburg Bridge into Brooklyn and who, I don't know. Just a couple of guys fighting, they were repairing it once for weeks. Lucky the subway was okay." Robyn really didn't pay much attention to superheroes and there were several attacks that happened over the years. He looks to Eddie and offer's a hand. "I'm sorry, you told me your name and I didn't say mine, I'm Robyn Larkin." July gets a smile and wave in return as July walks in.

July watches Alison walk past her as she heads to the group. "Hey." she says, smiling still. "I'm July. July Lanford. I'm new here." she says, and she rubs the back of her head a bit, "This place is /huge/." She chuckles a bit.

Eddie blinks as Alison leaves. "Bye, Ma'am…" he trails off. He then turns to Robyn for a quick handshake. "Nice to meet you," he says. He then blinks at July. "Oh…hey! I'm Eddie. You're the new student that's gonna be joining the squad I'm on!"

Robyn looks between the two and nods. He caustiously reaches out to give Eddie a hand shake and breaths a sigh of relief when he doesn't drain any of Eddie's mental energy like he did the last two kids whose hands he shook. "Sorry, I gotta get going, I still have some new stuff to do. Nice meeting you two!" He says with a wave before taking off.

July blinks softly at Robyn's departure, and waves to him as well, before looking back to Eddie. "I'm sorry… squad?" She asks, blinking again, confused. "I arrived here last night, and, um, all is just /too/ new here…"

Eddie blinks. "Bye, Robyn…" he trails off. Turning to July, he offers a smile and waves it off. "It's okay. We were all new here. Training squad. It's a school thing, I saw the notice last night cause I couldn't sleep," he chuckles.

July ah's and nods, "I didn't see it." she says, "I kind of went straight to sleep, and have been so far lost here." She chuckles, rubbing the back of her head, smiling a bit, embarrassed.

Eddie shrugs, sitting back down. "Yeah, this is a big place. You'll get used to it all though," he assures the girl. "And even if you get lost, someone'll eventually find ya."

July nods and sits down as well, "Yeah, I guess." she says, looking around the place. "I mean, I used to live in DC, my parent's house is big, I've been to some mansions, but, damn, this is HUGE! even still." she shakes her head softly, smiling a bit, "The owner must be bleeding money to get something this big!" And this girl hasn't even been to the lower levels. Heh. "Anyways, uh… I hope it's not a personal question, but, what brought you to this place?"

Eddie chuckles a little. "Professor Xavier is rich but the house is inherited," he remarks. He starts to open the can of Iced Tea he's got and then pauses. Sighing slightly, he takes a deep breath and decides to get it all out of the way at once. "Basically…my biological father and older brother beat the snot out of me and left me to die in a ditch on the street. I crawled my way to a doctor and then spent two years living in a box underground in Central Park. Mr. Parker-Mayfair found me and convinced me to come up to the school after finding out I was a mutant and then him and Dr. Parker-Mayfair adopted me after they got married. How about you?" he smiles as he speaks.

July blinks. And blinks again. And once again for good measure, remaining silent that whole time, until she speaks again, softly, "Oh, sorry. I… I didn't know." She rubs the back of her head, now truly, very embarrassed. "I.. just wanted to know what's your, um, mutation." She blushes a bit, feeling truly sorry for asking now.

Eddie blinks a few times then waves it off. "Don't worry about it. It's okay," he says. "I've got a weird one. I can boost people if I have faith in 'em. And when I do, I can mimic thier powers," he replies. "What's your power?"

July blinks softly, tilting her head softly, "Boost people? Isn't that what cheerleaders do?" she asks, picturing Eddie in a cheerleader girl outfit cheering for a football team. She quickly dismisses that idea, shaking her head quickly, "Anyways, uh… I can stretch my body, as if I'm made of taffy or something like that." she smiles a bit.

Eddie just stares for a few moments. "I…um…I don't cheerlead," he says. "I can make people stronger…make powers stronger too," he explains, his scars lighting up blue for a second. As July explains her powers, Eddie smiles once more. "That's cool! You've got powers like Mr. Fantastic!"

July rubs her head again as she thinks, "Mr. Fantastic… Mr. Fantastic…" She isn't great with names, it seems, or has a bad memory. "Ah, him! Yeah, I guess." she smiles, "Though it's hard for me to stay solid. Is it like that with him too? Hmm…" she thinks.

Eddie is stopped before launching into fanboy mode and nods. He looks up thoughtfully at the question. "I don't know. I suppose when he first got his powers it might have been and if you cause enough injury to him…"

July shrugs softly as she stands up and goes to the fridge to get a glass of water, "Well, I have to concentrate all the time to keep a solid shape. They tell me that, with time, it'll be just as hard as breathe, but, I don't know. It's really challenging now."

Eddie frowns for a moment. "Just got your powers?" he asks. "When mine first manifested I was glowing all the time…now it hardly ever happens when I don't want it to," he tries to be encouraging. "Don't worry. Here at Xavier's, you'll get plenty of training on how to do power stuff like that. Even more if you go see Addison and ask him for some help."

July chuckles, "I had them for a year or so, but, ever since they manifested, I stayed a sheltered life within my house. Couldn't leave or even go to the windows." she shakes her head, and sighs, "So I couldn't get much training with it." She says, but then she blinks and arches one eyebrow, "Who's Addison?"

Eddie offers a sympathetic look before smiling. "Addison's a member of X-force. He's helping out with powers training here at the school. Really nice guy. He helped me figure out how my power mimicking works and he helped my best friend Dai figure out flight."

July blinks softly, then she oh!'s softly, "Right, you can copy powers. How does that work?" She asks, smiling as she returns with her water, "I mean… do you have to be close to them, or need physical contact… how long to you keep the copied power? Does the person copied lose the power?" Apparently, the girl goes into full interview mode!

Eddie jumps and blinks, surprised by interview mode. He tries to say something but gets silence for the first few moments. "It'll be easier just to show you…" he eventually says. Taking a deep breath, Eddie activates his powers. His scars all light up bright blue and a power boost is applied to July. Her mutant powers as well as things like physical strength, speed, and natural healing increase by about half of her curren maximum. It also becomes slightly easier to maintain solid form. "And now," Eddie smiles a little and there's a slight flash of light. The scarred mutant's clothing transforms into a blue and white version of what July's currently wearing and Eddie opens his eyes. Holding up his hand, he lets his arm stretcha bit. "My powers are empathically linked…I just get a copy when I make someone stronger and it lasts as long as I continue to boost."

July gasps as she feels the power rush, and she keeps herself immobile. She isn't trusting herself to move and end up doing something with her powers she doesn't intentionally want, "Oh, uh.. that's cool and all, but… why did your clothes change? It's almost like… mine…" she says, staying still for now.

Eddie glances down and blushes slightly. "We umm…don't really know yet," he explains. "My clothes change to mimic whoever I'm mimicking…looks really cool when I'm in costume though."

July chuckles softly, smiling as she slowly walks to sit down again, acting carefully on her movements, "Don't ever copy a girl's powers when she's in a short skirt or wearing a bikini. Wouldn't look good, no." She giggle softly.

Eddie squeaks and blushes furiously. "Yeah…" he trails off. Letting the boost and mimicking end, the powers return to normal levels and Eddie's clothes shift back to jeans and an X-men t-shirt. "Yeah…a couple of the other students were teasing me and saying I should mimic Ms. Frost's powers…"

July tilts her head softly, "Ms. Frost? Who's her? Her powers are ice based?" She asks, smiling, figuring that's her field name instead of real name.

Eddie shakes his head. He clicks into 'fanboy mode'. Eddie quickly lists several things about Emma Frost aka the White Queen, listing her different powers, status as headmistress of the school, notable battles, different costumes, and history with X-related organizations. As usual, he's got that scary level of detail. "Err…sorry about that. I'm sorta a superhero fanboy…"

July blink-blinks as you almost even goes into some details of Scott Summers related to Emma Frost. "Wow. You're, like, this place's walking Wikipedia about the Xavier Mansion." she giggles softly, rubbing the back of her head.

Eddie chuckles. "Except I'm not easy to edit," he says. And to think, a month or two ago he would have responded with 'Wikiwhatnow?'.

July smiles and nods, "Yeah." she says softly, leaning against the table a bit, resting her arms on it, "So you know a lot about the superheros, hm?" she giggles softly, "Must have been a dream come true to come here, hm?" she asks, smiling. "I'm just happy to be able to see the sun again. I mean, live. Not from a picture or on a computer's screen."

Eddie chuckles. "Pretty much. I mean…my first day here I got to meet Iceman, Polaris, and Wolverine. I honestly thought I was dreaming it all for the first couple weeks. And getting to train to be a hero too…it's just great," he says, blushing again. "They wouldn't even let you have a skylight?"

July shakes her head softly, "My father's famous. There are people wanting to bring him down, and reporters are always looking for nasty stuff about people for tabloids." she says softly, sighing a bit, but then she looks out through the door she passed through when she arrived, "I haven't met any super-hero yet, though." but then she shrugs.

Eddie looks down quietly. "Oh…" he murmurs. When July mentions the lack of Superheros, Eddie blinks. "Well, you met Miss Blaire a few moments ago. She's a superhero. And umm…well, a lot of the teachers here are Superheroes too. And you'll get to meet Cannonball sometime soon."

July blinks again, "Really?" and then she whips her head toward the door again and then back to you. She rubs her head, and shrugs, "Well, I didn't recognize her. Who's her?" she asks, smiling abit.

Eddie nods quickly. "Dazzler. Turns sounds into light. She's a really awesome singer too."

July blinks softly again, then she slaps her own forehead, "Ugh, STUPID!" she groans to herself, shaking her head softly, "How /couldn't/ I recognize her!" she sighs, "I guess part of me just wouldn't believe I'd find Ms. Blaire here. I love her songs."

Eddie jumps slightly at the forehead slap, letting out a little squeak. "Well, she wasn't in costume or dressed for the stage…I think she did it specifically so she wouldn't be recognized. She's famous, ya know," he chimes in. "I like her songs too."

July grumbles and shakes her head, "Yeah, I know." she says, drinking the rest of her water and sighing, "Still, I'd have asked for an autograph. Dang it. Can't believe I had a chance and totally blew it." she then stretches her arm toward the sink, carrying her empty glass, and places the glass in the sink.

Eddie smiles. "I didn't get one either. There'll be another chance though," he chimes. "She's come back to the school now. Gonna be teaching maybe…or just joining the X-men."

July nods softly as she retracts her arm, "I wonder how long it'll take for me to see one of them heroes…" she thinks, rubbing her chin softly as she thinks.

Pallaton wanders in at this point. He nods to everyone on the room as he heads towards the refrigerator, taking out a large bottle of water and taking a swig. Only then does he speak. "Hey, Eddie. And… I don't think we've met have we?" He takes a few sniffs, taking in the scents, as if trying to see if July is good or bad…

Eddie shrugs. "Well, you have classes on Monday, right?" he asks. "Unless you see one in the hallways this weekend, you'll definetly meet one then," he points out. When Pallaton enters, Eddie gets up and moves to give the big wolf-mutant a hug. "Hey Pallaton. This is July, she's new here."

July blinks at Pallaton's appearance, a bit surprised, but not shocked or disgusted. "Oh, hi." she waves softly to him, before shaking her head quickly to bring herself back to reality. "Yeah, I'm July. Sorry for staring, it's just… new. I arrived here last night." She blushes a bit and rubs the back of her head.

Pallaton chuckles as Eddie hugs him, then nods to July, offering a clawed hand-paw to shake. "I'm Pallaton, or Talli if you want codenames. It's good to meet you. If you want any help settling in, I'd be glad to help out. I know how it feels being the new kid. Well, we all do, but it always seems worse in person, you know?" He smiles warmly, even though he does have a muzzle full of sharp teeth.

Eddie chuckles a little. "Think that's weird…watch this," he says. Closing his eyes, Eddie activates his powers and boosts Pallaton to two and a half times his maximum levels. With a flash of light, Eddie transforms into a six-foot tall wolf-man with white fur and a blue versions of the clothes Pallaton currently wears. "Don't worry about it though. You're get used to the weird."

July opens her eyes wide at Eddie's new form, shocked and blinking slowly, "… Wow." she says softly, and then reaches a hand to slowly shake Pallaton's 'hand'. "So, uh, yeah, nice meeting you too, Pallaton."

Pallaton chuckles as Eddie turns into Were-Eddie. "I'm beginning to think you want to be like that, Eddie." His handshake might seem a little firm, but for someone built like Pallaton, it's probably as gentle as can be.

Eddie laughs…or bark-laughs…hard to tell in the new form. "I don't mind being like this. It's kinda fun," he remarks. A moment later, he stops boosting and mimicking, returning to normal and falling a foot back to the group. He stumbles but catches himself. "Only downside of that form," he chuckles.

July blinks softly, "Downside?" the girl asks, and when Pallaton releases her hand she notices her hand has been crushed by his grip, and she sighs as she notices her hand's state. "Not again…" she grumbles. But bones weren't felt being crushed.

Pallaton tilts his head as July mentions something. His gaze falls to her hands and he looks shocked. "Oh! I-I'm sorry, I didn't mean to. We'd better get that checked for broken bones, I'm so sorry!" He looks generally panicked, but he seems to know what he's talking about.

Eddie nods. "I get taller. And then when I change back…I'm usually a foot off the ground," he explains. When Pallaton panics, Eddie squeaks and places a hand on the wolf-man's arm. "Pallaton, don't worry. July's a mutant too ya know."

July blinks what Pallaton panics, and she giggles, "Calm down, Pallaton." she hold her broken hand's wrist and sighs, her hand reshaping itself back to normal. "I got an elastic body, really, and I have to keep concentrated, focusing on keeping my body solid, but the shock right now at seeing Eddie was enough to let that control slip a bit. See? Good as new." she says, flexing her hand, now back to normal.

Pallaton blinks, pretty impressed by the level of control over her body. "That's… that's impressive. You can control your body's molecules on such a level to give it elasticity?" He seems to be curious and tests the theory, pinching the end of one of her fingers and giving it a light tug, seeing just how far it can stretch. If at all, that is.

Eddie smiles. "She's like Mr. Fantastic," he chimes in. When Pallaton starts his test, Eddie squeaks. "H-hey…"

July smiles, "In my case, I think it's controlling my body to give it solidness." she says, shaking her head softly, but then she blinks as Pallaton pinches her finger, "Hey?" she asks, blinking, as her finger starts stretching, more and more, her finger getting even two feet long, and more can be given.

Pallaton doesn't push it much further than that, though, blinking in disbelief a few times. Sure, Mr. Fantastic is out there, but he's not seen stretchy people in person before. "Oh, sorry. I, uuh, got carried away." He lets go of the finger and steps back. "Umm, yeah. I guess you've seen Eddie's powers, so I might as well describe mine. Other than this form, that is. Unlike Eddie, I'm stuck like this. I get enhanced senses, strength, speed and what-not, but I also know Terramancy. Or Earth magic, to put it simpler."

July pulls her finger back to normal once it's released, and then she flexes her hand a bit before shifting her attention to Pallaton again, "Really?" she asks, smiling, "All of those I've guessed you'd have, but not terramancy. What's that?" she asks, tilting her head softly.

Eddie frowns a little at Pallaton. "It's not nice to just grab and stretch people, Pallaton," he says, shaking his head. "Terramancy is earth based magic such as summoning rocks, dirt, sand and control of such elements," he explains.

Pallaton nods as Eddie explains it. "That's pretty much it. It's only basic, but it basically is control and creation of dirt, rock, sand, etcetera. With Eddie boosting me, I could probably shoot large rocks, but otherwise, it's just pebbles. Safely, anyway. I could push it, but I'd probably destroy the school or something." He scratches the back of his neck at that one.

July smiles to Eddie, "It's okay." she says, smiling, "No harm done." And then she looks to Pallaton. "Do you need to be on the ground, or can you summon rock out of nowhere, like, inside a house or something?"

Eddie squeaks. "Please don't destroy the school…or mess around too much with magic. I'm not ready to fight demons just yet," he says. He's theorized that his powers might actually hurt demons somehow but he's got nothing but wild guesses for that.

Pallaton shakes his head. "I can do it anywhere." And just to prove it, he holds out his clearly empty hand, closes it and mutters something in quiet growls, and when he opens his hand, there's a perfectly round pebble right there. "Nathaniel suggested I use it to make art, but I really need to work on actually controlling larger volumes first." He chuckles at Eddie, though. "Of course I won't, I owe a lot to this place."

July giggles softly at Eddie's squeak about destroying the school. "If you gotta do it, at least do it when no one's inside." she jokes, smiling, as she reaches to pick the pebble up from Pallaton's 'paw'. "May I?" she ask.

Eddie shakes his head. "The school gets damaged enough. Mr. Summers just got it all repaired from that thing in the Rec Room," he says. "And the…damage I accidentally did downstairs…" he murmurs.

Pallaton nods, letting July take the pebble. At the comment of Eddie's, though, Pallaton tilts his head. "Oh? I haven't heard of that. What happened?"

July blinks as she picks up the pebble. "Damage? Rec Room? What happened?" She asks, blinking again and tilting her head, looking at Eddie as she rolls the pebble between her hands.

Eddie sighs. "I was showing Mr. Summers my mimicking powers…and I mimicked him and…well, Optic Blasted a hole in the floor," he admits, blushing again. "There was a power accident in the Rec Room and it was damaged. Pallaton was there."

Pallaton nods. "Ah, right. And yeah, I got injured there. Owen, another new student, lost control and turned into some DarkForce bat thing. Got bitten twice and, apparently, he sucked some lifeforce out of me."

July rubs her head softly, "Wow. It's dangerous here." she chuckles softly, smiling, "I like it." She punctuates that with a big grin.

Eddie jumps slightly. "Pallaton, be careful around DarkForce. It's a powerful thing…" he trails off. "Is Owen okay atleast?" he asks, already knowing Pallaton is. "Wait till you see the Danger Room…"

Pallaton nods his head. "I know, but Owen's fine. He just needs to cool off every week, he said, at least until he can control it." He unscrews the lid on the bottle of water, taking another swig. "I think it'll be out of commission for a while, huh?"

July blinks gently, "Dark force? What's that?" she asks, rubbing the back of her head as she asks, confused and curious.

Eddie blinks. "The Danger Room's not out of commission. I was just in there last night. Tried the Omega Red simulation again," he sighs. "Didn't go well this time," the teen mutters. "Dark Force is a semisentient energy from another dimension that's used by various heroes and villains for a lot of different powers."

Pallaton nods, then listens to Eddie's explanation. "I see… I've never heard of it until coming here. I think you mentioned it first." He takes another swig of the bottle, more or less draining it. Looks like the wolfman was thirsty. Pallaton then heads over to the sink, re-filling the bottle and sticking it back into the refridgerator. "Right, well it was nice meeting you, July. I'd love to stick around and chat, but I've got some work that needs doing for class. I'll see you around, yeah? Take care. You too, Eddie." He gives the two a nod before heading off.

July waves to Pallaton as the wolf-man leaves, "A sentient energy…?" she blinks, wondering how is that possible. "How does that work? And people using it in their powers…?"

Eddie waves as Pallaton goes. "See ya later, Pallaton…" he trails off. He then turns to July and shrugs. "I'm not exactly sure but it's only semi-sentient because people aren't entirely sure about it yet. It's from another dimension…it's alive sorta…it's complicated. And We have two Dark Force users in the school. Owen and the music teacher, Mr. Gilpatrick."

July nods softly, rubbing the back of her head, "Weird." she says, before just shrugging softly, and smiles a bit, "Anyways, what can we do in this place in our free time, aside from hanging in the kitchen?"
Eddie wanders over to the sink to start washing the plate he'd used earlier. "Well, there's the Rec Room. There's also the gym downstairs, the weight room, the music and art rooms, the backyard's huge…there are horses to ride…a pool…" he pauses and shudders at the mention of the pool. "The Danger Room's fun but you need a teacher for it…umm…as long as it's before 11pm you can head out to the city or Salem Center…"

July giggles when you shiver, "Not fun of swimming?" she asks, and then she shakes her head, "I guess the weight lifting room is out of the question. The weights might squish me flat. Can't lift heavy stuff." she shrugs.

Eddie shakes his head. "Can't swim…I drown pretty good though," he sighs. "There's more than weights in there. Treadmills, other machines…punching bags…"

July giggles softly, "I guess I'll keep myself in just jogging and stuff. I wouldn't like to be squished flat." she says, smiling, "It's hard to exercise AND keep my concentration on being solid. I'd easy lose control."

Eddie nods, dressed in jeans and an X-men t-shirt this nice evening. Chatting in the kitchen with July, he's in a good mood. "I'm sure you'll get better at that. Definitely."

Walking back into the kitchen wearing the tight black jeans, black button down shirt and red tie is Robyn. His hands are a bit red and stained from the clay he was using before and his sleeves are pushed up showing off the two tattoos on his wrists. "Oh hi. July and Eddie right?" He says with a smile as he goes to the sink to wash his hands before finding dinner.

July chuckles softly, "Oh, I know I will. I just don't know if I'll ever get 'normal' in terms of controlling it, but I know I'll get better." she nods softly, and then she elongates an arm toward the fridge to open it just when Robyn arrives, "Oh, hi." she says, smiling, picking up a soda from within and then closing the fridge, her arm retracting and bringing the soda can to her, "Yes, I'm July."

"You can dance if you want to! You can leave your friends behind…but your friends don't dance and if they don't dance then they ain't no friends of mine!" A familiar voice can be heard singing loudly and in a fake British accent just outside the kitchen door. Noting the number of people gathered in the kitchen, Bobby Drake pops his head in the doorway with his usual huge grin. "Greetings and salutations fellow X-People! See, I'm being politically correct today because I really have nothing better to do. Oh wait! Yes I do! Hang on a sec." He pauses for a moment before ducking back out. A few moments later, he walks into the kitchen, whistling innocently, hands in his pockets as he heads to the fridge. "…hey, if someone happens to come in here saying their underwear is frozen, well…I'm not here. Kay?"

Eddie smiles slightly. "Normal is subjective," he says simply. "Welcome back, Robyn." he greets the new student. When he hears the singing, Eddie blinks and looks up. He grins when Bobby pops his head in and then glances to the others. "Hi, Bobby!" he says, happy to see his favorite X-person. "Sure thing!"

July blinks softly as Bobby arrives the way he arrives, her arm pausing in retracting for a moment as July blinks to him, trying to understand, then resuming pulling her arm back to normal, "Erm… what?" she blinks, tilting her head softly, the new girl not exactly recognizing Bobby as the Iceman X-men.

Robyn furries his brow at Bobby in confusion as he does his Bobby-thing. "Frozen underwear?" He asks sounding confused as he goes to the fridge to see what there is to eat, settling on a jell-o pudding cup. Yeah he's horrible when it comes to diet but he stays rail thin. "I don't think I want to know…."

Bobby opens the fridge and grabs a Mt Dew, before bumping it closed again with his hip. "Hey, kiddo," he replies with a smile to Eddie. "Dig the shirt." He glances to July and offers her a smile as well. "Oh, don't mind me really. I just sorta wander in and out of rooms randomly, offering up my sage advice before leaving everyone in said room a little bit wiser for it." He nods his head wisely, before grinning over at Robyn. "Yeah, it's probably best not to ask really. Anyway, for those of you who might be new…I'm Bobby. Or Mr Drake, depending on whether or not you're in any of my classes."

Eddie grins just a bit wider, Bobby probably one of the only people in the world other than his adopted parents that Eddie lets call him 'kiddo'. "Bobby's got awesome ice powers. One of the most powerful mutants there is," he explains for the new students.

July blinks again to Bobby. "Wiser… and with frozen underwear?" she asks, tilting her head softly, "Anyways, nice to meet you, uh, Mr. Drake." Better be polite if the man's into it. "I'm July. July Lanford. I was brought here last night." she says, still a bit confused about stuff as Eddie explains Bobby's powers to July.

Nodding, Robyn pushes his bangs to the side. "Just as long as you don't freeze my underwear, please. I'm Robyn." He looks to July and smiles. "Really? I just got here the other day myself." He figures he'll feel as at home as he can here in a month or so but right now he's still trying to get to know everyone and the way of life here.

Bobby laughs, "Nah I'm just kidding. Everyone calls me Bobby, July. I don't go for that whole formal thing." He nods his head in agreement with Eddie's analysis of his powers. "Yes, I have ice powers, and yes they are pretty awesome. Though I don't know about being one of the most POWERFUL…" he shrugs, with a little grin…"That's a matter of opinion. So how ya doing, Ed-meister?" Bobby glances back to the other two. "Welcome to the school by the way. I don't always hang around here so I may be a little out of the loop concerning new students…they come and go faster than my little brain can comprehend," he chuckles.

Eddie chuckles at Robyn's request and nods. "I'm doing great. Especially we beat the bad guys and ended the invasion," he says. "And since I got my new power."

July chuckles softly, "Things must never get boring around here, then?" she says, looking to Eddie, and then back to Bobby as he asks for no formalities, "Alright, Mr. Drake." she says, smiling to him. "You're one of the… X-men, right?" The girl asks, sipping at her soda. "what classes you teach?"

"My powers just came about last week and I was kind of in a coma for the end of that. I'm really glad it's over." Robyn says as he was just a 'civilian' for most of it. "New powers? You can get more powers than what just happens?" Says the bruenette who doesn't even know the extent of what he can do.

Bobby chuckles. "To say that things never get boring around here would be a massive understatement I think." He raises his eyebrows at Eddie's comment. "Really? So what new power would this be?" He leans against the counter and sips from his soda. "Just out of curiousity, of course." He glances back to July, "Eh, mostly the boring ones actually, it's kinda funny." He grins. "You wouldn't think that they'd be very interesting, but I make things fun. Or at least try to."

Eddie grins and hops to his feet. "It's easier to show," he explains, concentrating. His scars flare up as he boosts Bobby up to three-times max levels. Eddie's clothing transforms into a blue and white version of what Bobby's wearing and Eddie opens his eyes. "Check it out…" he pauses, transforming into an ice form. "Ice Eddie!" he declares happily. "Well…I could apparently do it all the time but never knew it, Robyn. But it's possible to get new powers…"

July watches Eddie as he transforms. She doesn't react so shocked this time, apparently getting used to Eddie's shows, and she smiles. She saw it thrice already, too. "That's cool." she nods, "As for me, I still have to see what I can do. I could never use my powers much back home so I barely scratch the surface. Or at least I hope so." she says, shrugging.

James enters the kitchen in search of dinner and looks around in shock at the number of people gathered there "Hello everyone."
Huh? Hmm? Bad player. No biscuit.

"Nice too meet you Mr. Drake." Robyn says as the Ice-man leaves. "Wow, Eddie, so you can copy peoples pwoers? And, I know what you mean July, just last night I found out I can posses people." Robyn says as there is still so much to his powers that he's not even sure of. "I just found out all about this last week when I passed out, well went into a coma for a few days, in German class." He gives a smile and wave as James comes in. "Hello James."

Eddie seems disappointed as Bobby goes, returning to normal. "It's umm…Empathic Mimicry," he states with a nod. "And don't worry, July. You'll get to use 'em a lot," he says. "Hey, James!"

July looks and waves to Bobby as he leaves, then she looks back to Robyn, "Possessing people? That's werid." she smiles, "Do you get their memories too?"

Robyn shakes his head. "Weird, you don't know the half of it, and no, I can't read anyone's memories. I just was in Wolf-Man's body last night by accident. It was weird cause all of a sudden I was fuzzy and, I don't know. Everything's just strange but I'm getting used to it."

James smiles and laughs lightly "So did everyone get the munchies en masse or are we having a party or something?"

Eddie blinks a few times and looks at RObyn. "You possessed Pallaton?" he asks. "You've got psionically based powers then…mine are empathic based. That's cool…" he trails off. "Naw, we're just hanging out for now, James," he replies. "And I'm sad to say I gotta get going. Got an appointment I gotta keep."

July oh's and she says, smiling, "Alright. I'm still trying to figure out all my body can do with my elasticity." she says, giggling a bit, "I might be like Mr. Fantastic."

Robyn gets a bit of an ebarassed expression. "Yeah, it was a complete accident. I was talking to him and then I was him…I've only done it once and yeah, my powers are psionic based. At least what they told me. I'm…also can absorb peoples psionic energy." He says not wanting to say the vampire word for fear of how the other students will react. "Mr. Fantastic? YOu can turn yourself to stone?" Wrong member of the Fantastic Four.

Stopping, Eddie blinks. "That's the Thing, Robyn. Mr. Fantastic has super stretching powers," he chimes. "See you guys later. I'm off to the Danger Room," he says with a grin.

James waves bye to eddie then sets about making himself a cheese, mayo and turkey sandwich

July giggles softly, "Yeah, I'm talking about the smart one. The one that stretches around." she nods, grinning, "Though I'm still getting used to it. HAve to concentrate to keep myself solid."

"Nice to meet you again Eddie." Robyn says as he nods. "Ah okay, Mr. Fantastic. I don't really remember who is who. So you can stretch?" He takes a deep breath and nods. "Yeah I'm still learning a lot of control too."

James nods as he turns back to the group "I'm foccusing more on filtering my sensory ability then control of my gravity manipulation ability but I know how you both feel."

July smiles and nods to Robyn, "Yah, I can stretch and stuff. Just… not know how to use it. I was told I could learn to use it here." She shrugs softly.

"I was told I could learn what I can do and how to control it once here too." Robyn says. "I don't know, I just don't know much about this at all. It's happening so fast. One day I'm in German class, then I'm in a coma and when I wake up I'm being sent to a new school after being told I'm a mutant."

July smiles, "One day I'm helping my father with his luggage, one of his cases falls onto my leg, crushes it flat, no pain, and then I'm having to stay at home at all times, not being able to even go to school." she shrugs, giggling.

James winces "I woke mine up by slipping and falling 5 stories. Used the Gravity manipulation to slow the fall."

"I sent a nurse into a coma but I didn't really have falls or leg crushes. I guess it's just a matter of getting used to things and all teenage mutants have weird stories on how their powers manifested." Robyn says with a grin. He's not one to play the 'my story is better than your story' game. "Well it's good you can't get a broken bone?"

July grins softly, "The crush didn't hurt me. It didn't break my leg. It was just squashed flat." she says, giggling softly, "But, boy, was I scared." she says, before looking to James, "You're a telekinetic?"
James shakes his head "No I can alter gravity around me though and I can sense objects in motion via the changes in gravity their motion creates. The range on that is determined by the object's mass."

"Wow, mine are just all mental based. Well it was nice meeting you two, I'm going to try giving my folks a call and see how that goes." Robyn says since his mutantion kicked in, it's been a bit awkward for his family. He gives James and July a smile and wave and heads out.

July nods softly and waves to Robyn, "Alright, Robyn. Nice meeting you." she says with a smile as she stands up, heading to the fridge, speaking to James now, "Gravity powers, hm? You can also make stuff heavier or lighter?"

James nods "That's what I did when I was falling actually. I made myself lighter so i didn't fall as fast."

July nodnods, smiling, "That must be a pretty useful power to have. You can go to the beach and pretend to the girls you're all strong and stuff by lifting weights." she grins.

James thinks it over for a second and then nods "I hadn't thought of that and I can't hold it for very long yet but once I get pratice yeah."

July grins, "You see those jocks lifting those weights, then you go there and lift it easily." she giggles softly, "Yeah, well, I guess that's why everyone's here. To know about their powers. I can't wait to get to train mine the right way, since I couldn't, back home."

James nods sadly "I don't have any family left so I actually prefer being here to being home."

July moves to hug you gently, "Sorry, I forgot about it." she says softly, apologetically, before releasing the hug.

James shakes his head "That's alright."

July smiles as she goes to pick up a soda for herself, "Can I get you something, James?" The girl asks with a smile, "And Eddie said that the danger room is off-limits without a teacher, right? What people do down there?"

James nods "Cherry cola if they have it, regular if they don't. I believe that the danger room is basically a livefire combat simulation."

July inspects inside the fridge, "Hmm… coke, coke, coke…" she mumbles as she searches, "Ah, here. Cherry coke." she picks up a can and gives it to you, stretching her arm toward you so you can take it, as she remains at the fridge, since she still needs to get something for herself.

James nods and says "Thank you." before opening the can and taking a sip "So how long have you been attending here anyway?"

July looks up to the wall clock as she picks up a can of normal coke and closes the fridge, "Exact nineteen hours in a few minutes." she says, smiling as she turns to look at you, "I arrived last night."

James nods and takes a second sip of his drink "I've been here a few weeks. Started school just in time to ignore the invasion lockdown. And so I'm stuck here for 5 more days now that it's over." he smiles wryly.

July blinks softly, "Invasion lockdown?" She asks, curious as she tilts her head, before opening her can and sipping a bit, "What happened?"

James stares at her in shock "We were invaded by another universe for a while they had Calafornia, Tennesee and Manhatten completely cut off from the outsode world and they raided the school once."

July blinks softly, "ah, that." she blushes, "Sorry, I couldn't leave the house for nothing and had little access to the outside world. I knew something big and bad was happening, but barely any knowledge of it."

James nods "Yeah I think the alien invasion in 2007 was worse though." He winces at that topic.

July chuckles softly, rubbing the back of her head, "I'd rather not dwell on those bad topics." she says, smiling a bit, before sipping at her soda again. "So, what are your plans in life?"

James shrugs "At this point I'm making it up as I go along so I really don't know."

July giggles and nods, "Alright. Anyways, since I'm starting classes on Monday… who's the best, and who's the worst teachers here, for you, so far?"

James nods "The goverment and drama teachers are the best I've met so far and the headmaster is considered the worse by a lot of th people I've met." He smiles at some memory.

July giggles softly, "Ain't headmasters always the worse?" she asks, smiling softly and sipping at her coke again, "So, Government and Drama teachers, hm? I wonder if I'll have those classes…"

James shrugs "I don't know. The young man finishes his soda "I need to get some sleep but I hope that I'll see you soon."

July nods, smiling, "Alright." she says, "Nice to meet you, man." but then she blinks, "Erm.. what's your name again, I'm sorry, I think I didn't get it."

James nods "James he says in reply."

July smiles and nods, "alright, James, nice to talk to you. See you around." seh waves to you.

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